Chapter 101 Confidant

The third “lady” on the team – Yu Xinran naturally dressed similar to her two “adoptive mothers”. A small baseball cap on her head, dark sunglasses covering her eyes along with a large white mask. It was worth mentioning that masks were part of the standard uniform for the Otaku squad while they were out on a mission. Covered from head to toe and all in gender neutral clothing. The two women also wore it while buying food for lunch.

The two ladies dressed very low key, from afar, one could not tell there were two women. As for Yu Xinran, her clothing made it seem like she was a young boy. Of course, there were still a few girls that wore skirts from time to time.

After waiting for a full three hours, Luo Xun got up and drove the car back into base.

“There are a lot more people on the streets today.”

It seemed that all the refugees arrived at the southwest base at around the same time. The numbers were all concentrated in the past few days.

Luo Xun involuntarily sighed and looked around at the other vehicles that had passed the waiting period. Although he remembered who was on the truck, he could not recall the identity or appearance of those who had abandoned the two cars.

Those people had come together from various places, but the people who could sit in front had capital. Either you had a car, an ability or useful skills. Along with some men and women who held onto their thighs…

Yan Fei glanced at the cars on the street. “There a quite a lot of people who have recently escaped to base. I will reinforce our home again tomorrow morning.” He had not forgotten what Luo Xun had said, he would strengthen the house to prevent any surprises.

Luo Xun paused, then smiled at Yan Fei. “Also don’t know how our home is, hopefully nothing happened…” After the incident with the thieves, they were worried about leaving their home unattended.

Yan Fei, seeing that Luo Xun’s expression had returned to normal, smiled provokingly. “Only another metal user could cause trouble, otherwise nothing should have happened.” He had recently turned the doors, windows and walls of their home into metal.

A few temporary shelters at the gate were completely full, some people were moving things from the car. Others who had arrived on base earlier were carrying things from the shelter – the base had assigned them a house.

Luo Xun looked at the people and wondered if there was anyone being allocated a basement – which were almost always the last to be distributed. Because of the zombie virus spreading through base, most of the people that arrived on base before chose to move outside. These new people would be assigned to base.

“What are you looking at?” Yan Fei was puzzled, he walked over to see what Luo Xun was looking at.

“Nothing, just looking.” Luo Xun shook his head and quickly grabbed a package of books before locking the car. Yan Fei floated some metal as they went upstairs.

Fortunately, this time no one was trying to steal from the team. Maybe someone had peeped, but two days was too short, no one had the ability to smash down the door and steal things from the metal shelves.

When they came back and confirmed that both iron gates, windows and doors were intact – it was time to go home and rest!

The puppy stood behind the door and wagged her tail. Before Luo Xun went to work, he would let her out to play with Yu Xinran for the afternoon before going home. But it had been two days without a chance to go outside!

The puppy who was used to playing with the little girl everyday felt a little lonely. If not for the quails in the habitats to relieve boredom, the slippers in the house would have all been chewed!

The little puppy was only appeased after excessive face licks and belly scratches. Luo Xun could then relax, change his clothes and get comfortable at home.

As Luo Xun was about to take a shower, he saw Yan Fei sitting on the sofa, looking at him. Yan Fei reached out and patted the sofa.

Luo Xun suddenly remembered what he had promised before and lowered his head. A short while later, he sighed and sat down beside Yan Fei. Luo Xun basically laid in the other’s arms.

Yan Fei did not say anything, but he started petting like he did to the puppy. Puppy found that her masters were sitting on the sofa and jumped to sit beside Luo Xun. The puppy ended up between the two men with room to spare.

The two had long considered their dog as a child and did not notice anything wrong with the puppy crowding together on the sofa. Luo Xun closed his eyes as he laid against Yan Fei’s leg and felt the warmth on his cheek and neck.

Luo Xun’s uneasy feelings gradually died down and he whispered, “I don’t know how to explain…I knew about post-apocalyptic events. I knew a few years before the apocalypse started.”

Yan Fei was not surprised, he had doubts from the beginning. Otherwise, how could Luo Xun have prepared his home so well? All sorts of things like seeds, pots and distillers? Yan Fei was surprised to note that Luo Xun’s home had a lot of soil for planting.

Other things were acceptable, could be considered his hobbies or habits, but that amount of soil at home…There was so much food that could not be eaten in a year or two. It would have all expired!

Right now, those expired instant noodles at home could be exchanged. As for the rest…was it not evident? In addition to having a stable job on base, the Otaku squad lived relatively good days without needing to leave base. Did these things not relay on Luo Xun’s preparations?

He did not provide the materials for Li Tie and the others, but he had knowledge and methods for everyone to improve their quality of life. He also told the team how to more efficiently kill zombies and collect crystal nuclei.

In thought, Yan Fei paused his petting and asked. “Foresight?”

Luo Xun looked up and shook his head. “No…I had a dream about the apocalypse and the zombies…”

It was more reasonable to say that, better than thinking it was some kind of ability. Luo Xun was an ordinary person, whether in this life or the previous. His rebirth had not allowed him to say anything, his second chance mainly improved his living conditions and got him a lover who was also a powerful ability user.

“The dream was too real, so I…” Luo Xun pursed his lips. He wanted to continue but noticed Yan Fei had a smile on his face.

“Did you dream of me?”

“Huh?” Luo Xun froze and then shook his head.

He had never seen Yan Fei in his previous life, never heard of such a person on base before. He had also never seen any metal users in his past life, despite the fact that the metal walls were made by ability users.

After receiving an answer, Yan Fei’s heart became warmer. He was not sure if what Luo Xun said was true, but he was willing to believe since there was no other reasonable explanation. Of course, the thought of “rebirth” had crossed his mind, but that was in novels. In reality, no one would pretend to be a prophet, since people would quickly think that the other party had been reborn.

But all that preparation just from a dream? What if the dream did not come true? What would have happened after he spent so much money on these things? Perhaps the dream was so vivid that anyone who saw it would believe.

Yan Fei pinched Luo Xun’s chin and gently placed a kiss on his cheek. “You dreamed that the team we met would pass there?”

Luo Xun shook his head, his eyes flashed with melancholy. “No, my dreams…I stayed at my old home until the apocalypse. I hid inside while the world ended and escaped with the people still living in the area. We ran to M-city base nearby, later the base had an accident. I remember it clearly happened on June 8th but things after that were not clear. As for that day in the city…” Luo Xun helplessly smiled. “I did not think of the two cars until today. I remembered that I had been with that group, in the dream, we had passed that road.”

He had just arrived on base after six months outside, though it was just following a team north of the city. He never walked that road again, he only remembered after entering again. After all, when he had escaped M-city, the people in front already knew the roads, Luo Xun simply followed behind.

Yan Fei understood the source of his emotions today, there was an explanation for Luo Xun’s mood at the start of June. In his “dream” he had fled all the way to the city. Thinking of Luo Xun facing the situation with the two cars as an ordinary person, Yan Fei felt some anxiety.

If not for their team passing by, he was afraid that the few people in the car would not survive to reach A-city base.

Suddenly Yan Fei also realized that without Luo Xun’s “dream” he would not have lived either. It would have been impossible for Luo Xun to be in A-city otherwise.

Then he remembered Luo Xun’s guilty expression in the waiting area. Yan Fei skipped his worries and asked, “What did you dream of after reaching Southwest base?”

Luo Xun paused, his expression became dignified. He looked up and hesitantly said, “The eastern base…will be overcome.”

“Eastern base?!” Even the ever calm Yan Fei widened his eyes. “Do you know the reason?”

This was big news since many bases in A-city were now destroyed. C-city had a base but it was not large, the size of two neighborhoods with 20,000 to 30,000 people.

But the eastern base? It was similar in size to the southwest base! There were at least a few hundred thousand people in the base!

Luo Xun grimaced, “Zombies sieged the city…” He continued, “There are probably other reasons, but I am not sure. I know that after the eastern base was destroyed, the southwest base also experienced a zombie siege but it survived.”

Yan Fei’s heart was heavy, no wonder Luo Xun had said to strengthen the house after the incident. He might need to be cautious about air strikes in the future.

“Do you know the exact time?”

“I only know that the eastern base accident was early August, less than half a month is when we…” Luo Xun’s expression was not good. “At the start of next month, I am afraid that there will be trouble for zombie hunting missions. Generally zombie numbers will soar before a siege. At the start of August, there will a large number of zombies outside the gate…”

Yan Fei furrowed his brow in realization. “The military just bombed the southern part of the city and killed a lot of zombies. Some smaller bases near the city were destroyed. In August, two city bases would be sieged…is there any connection between them?”

Luo Xun was stunned and his eyes widened. “You mean…the zombies…retalitated?!”

Yan Feo shook his head with a sigh. “Did you dream about the details? Or was there any analysis on base?”

Luo Xun wryly smiled. “Even if I remembered all the dreams…those small things were all related to me. I am an ordinary person, unable to hear some news that even ability users were privy to. Although I had a base in the dream, there were a lot of zombies that people like me would not be able to deal with. I also worked on a construction site for a while…”

He realized that he was adding too much detail and glossed over the rest. “After the zombie siege, there will be a zombie surge. Those who encountered that would perish unless there were strong ability users on the team. Also…there will be mutant animals starting next year. They are more lethal than before, but their meat can be eaten!”

The couple could only rely on the occasional canteen meal ticket to get some bacon, sausage, chicken or duck to supplement their diet. They had not eaten stir-fry with fresh or stewed meat for a long time. Upon mentioning the mutant animals, Luo Xun’s eyes were shining and he was salivating.

Yan Fei’s mouth twitched…he was stunned.

Luo Xun’s memory about his previous life was not too specific but he remembered several important events that could prevent disaster – such as the zombie siege that the base encountered.

At other times, Luo Xun was generally farming on base, so there was not much to know. When asked, he would respond with “Dreams are not too specific.”

Both of them had a headache about the destruction of the eastern base in a month and the zombie siege half a month after that. But as Luo Xun had worried about before – a “prophecy” without support of an ability had no way of convincing people/

Even if they told people and it came true, it would prove the accuracy but what if someone locked him up for “prophecies”? Even if Yan Fei was a strong ability user, it would be impossible to protect Luo Xun in something related to the “future of humankind”. Plus, Luo Xun was not a true prophet, if someone wanted him to see the future?

He was a regular person who had dreamed only about his own future for the next decade. He did not know how the weapons used to deal with zombies in the future were made. He was also unclear about abilities that would be powerful enough in the future to fight against the zombies for the survival of humanity.

“This matter is not urgent, no need to worry.” Yan Fei made a declaration.

It was certain that the military could propose any action. They were beyond the reach of the eastern base, even if they were warned, destiny would likely not be changed. Luo Xun only knew that the Eastern base would break, what what was broken? He had no idea. The two of them did not know the specifics inside the base, for example wall construction, or the virus had spread inside.

Even the reasons were not clear. Being told the future would only add to the chaos in the eastern base. It would not achieve anything other than “people disrupting the peace and spreading malicious rumors.”

But they could think of methods for the southwest base – of course it would be a safe method.

These things were not going to dealt with right away, it would useless to be anxious.

Yan Fei carefully asked, “There is something else I need to know.”

“Eh? What other thing?” Luo Xun looked at him confused.

Yan Fei raised his eyebrow and smiled. “You know, did you see yourself with someone in the future?”

“Huh?” Luo Xun paused, then his face turned bright red as he turned away. “No…”

“No?” Yan Fei pressed down and his eyes darkened. “No one that tempted you? I remember you told me early on that you liked men. It is not easy to find a girlfriend during the apocalypse but boyfriends…”

Yan Fei immediately guessed why Luo Xun had a guilty expression in the waiting area. Among the people he had met, or those met in the past was someone who had a closer relationship.

Luo Xun grit his teeth, face flushed and looked to the side. “Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me. Anyway I had always been single in my dreams!”

He was single but wanted to share his life with someone. The one who had originally talked about the matter did not know him at all, so there would never be a relationship. Therefore there was no reason for Yan Fei to act like he was drinking vinegar.

Wait, vinegar?

Luo Xun squinted with a trace of surprise. “You…are you jealous right now?”

He always thought that having such an attractive boyfriend would cause all sorts of people to chase after Yan Fei, which would lead to him feeling jealous. But now…he was actually jealous in relation to him?!

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow, Luo Xun’s reaction made him not want to continue with this matter. Maybe Luo Xun had not had a great life during the dream, but now…

Yan Fei ground his teeth and narrowed his eyes. “Who am I to you? What kind of person do you think I am? Why wouldn’t I be jealous at someone else possibly being with my lover?”

Luo Xun had no confidence, did he not realize how much Yan Fei loved him?! How could he not be jealous!!

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