Chapter 61 Lieutenant Ding

Wang Duo and Zhang Yi had not been acquainted for a long time, not too many exchanges but he was really attracted to the man’s appearance. Before he did not know why even though he was very good looking, Wang Duo did not feel any envy. Every day that he saw Zhang Yi, he wanted to see more times and say a few words.

Until that night, when he leaned against the gate and with a smiling face provoked Yan Fei and Luo Xun. That boneless appearance and laughing face had unexpectedly caused his heart to pound. At night, Zhang Yi occupied all his thoughts.

Even during the start of puberty, Wang Duo had never been so moved by a woman. Perhaps Zhang Yi was too tempting and he was confounded by his appearance, but last night…although he had been startled and his mental state had some bad…he had been sincere…

But now…staring blankly at the bedroom door – he let him go.

“Ouch? Back?”

“Hey? You look okay? Is your waist okay? Everything okay back there? Still walking?”

“Don’t be embarrassed, how did you feel last night? Are you moving in with Zhang Yi?”

“What are doing with a paint bucket?”

“Wang Duo, Wang Duo?” Li Tie and the others joked with Wang Duo but it was if he had not heard a thing. He took the paint bucket and a roll brush and started on the wall in a kind of trance, with a crazy and frightening appearance.

“Wang, Wang…Duo?” Han Li pulled his shoulder but his good roommate who had a thick spirit and skin, his eyes were unexpectedly red!

“…What’s wrong?” Wu Xin whispered.

“…He told me to leave…” Wang Duo hung his head and numbly continued brushing the next wall with tears streaming down his cheeks.

He was deeply in love but just found himself liking a man. Then he spent a night with the man he like and then – was dumped. The funny things was that the person he liked seemed to have forgotten about last night’s activities.

If there had been another man standing at the door last night, would he have been dragged instead? Would something similar happen today as well?

It was only at noon that Luo Xun realized the 16th floor atmosphere was strange.

Li Tie and the others had dark faces with unpleasant moods. Wang Duo did not say a word with a lowered head. Zhang Yi’s home door had been closed, not like usual when all the doors were half open.

Rubbing his sort waist, Luo Xun glanced at Yan Fei and slightly guessed at the current situation. Zhang Yi’s mental state had been problematic but he pulled Wang Duo who was not the kind of person to casually bed another.

Perhaps it would have been better it was someone else, it had at most a one night stand. However these five student’s characters were not bad – they would not do this sort of thing, even if the other party was a man.

Luo Xun explained that Yan Fei could wait at home for the paint to dry while he went to install floorboards. Did not ask Wang Duo what had happened, the two simply exited 1601.

Luo Xun walked out then stood still while quietly looking at the door of 1602. He knew he did not need to meddle with today’s situation. Something yesterday night caused Zhang Yi to go out of control, otherwise he would not break the harmony and calm between neighbors – like himself at this point.

Yan Fei went to the 1602 door and turned to Luo Xun. “Go in and see?”

“What?” Luo Xun froze and looked in confusion.

Yan Fei smiled at him, lifted his finger and melted a hole into Zhang Yi’s house door!

…Using a metal ability to break in was too easy!

Luo Xun’s mouth twitched twice but he still walked in behind Yan Fei. The door was forcibly opened, not going in to look would be inappropriate.

Although they were just neighbors, did not want to interfere in the situation and had not spent too much time with them…but he really liked being part of the group. Li Tie and company were passionate about doing small things within their power and Zhang Yi was able to drive away troublemakers with his ability and ruthless attitude, he had apocalypse knowledge and Yan Fei also helped with abilities.

Although this harmonious relation was small, it was something he dared not think of but did not want to lose once gotten. Just like he did not want to lose his relationship with Yan Fei.

At this time Zhang Yi was sitting in front of the living room window staring at the blue sky. He lightly sneered as he turned to see two people but did not stand up. “This is my home.”

“My house is also next door.” Yan Fei with his hands in his pockets ambled over to the living room, no self-awareness of trespassing. With a have of his hand the broken metal sandbags surged back into their original appearance.

Zhang Yi smiled then turned to look out the window. “What?”

Luo Xun watched him sit. “You don’t want company?” Zhang Yi stayed silent but his eyes sharpened. “Wang Duo is not bad.”

Hearing Luo Xun, Zhang Yi turned around, blank eyes with a careless smile. “I know, they are some of the few good people. But…” He paused to look straight at them. “By now they should know what kind of person I am, he and I do not match.”

Luo Xun waved his hands. “But you slept with him, shouldn’t you take responsibility?”

Zhang Yi’s eyebrow rose and he smiled strangely. “Please, last night he slept with me and I did not even ask for an overnight fee.”

Yan Fei chuckled and sat down beside Luo Xun. “I thought my neighbor did not sell his body for a living.”

Zhang Yi gave him a look. “I didn’t really do anything to him? Maybe he slept with me and found it inappropriate?”

“You were just looking to spend the night with someone then throw them out like a tool without electricity.” Luo Xun ignored his excuses and found the root of the matter.

Zhang Yi was quiet for a while before gently sighing. “What kind of person I am, they cannot fathom. They can go out and ask around about what happened on base last night. If they don’t mind, I would not refuse getting a boyfriend back.” After he smiled with bent peach blossom eyes and provoking eyebrows. “Someone offered to clean up the house, rub shoulders, cook, wash clothes. I came to late.”

Luo Xun quietly looked at him for a moment before pulling Yan Fei and leaving the apartment.

The two people did not go through Zhang Yi’s door again. Instead they directly opened an entrance to the door of 1601.

Li Tie opened the door, seeing Luo Xun and Yan Fei was a little confused. “How? Did you forget something?”

Luo Xun waited for all five people to come over before speaking. “We just talked to Zhang Yi, he said he did something on base last night. Everyone can easily find out the details.” After that he looked at Wang Duo. “He said that if you accepted this, he would not mind trying a relationship.”

Wang Duo froze and stared with big eyes at Luo Xun.

Li Tie and the others were also confused. They knew that Wang Duo had been dumped by Zhang Yi but did not the reasons or motivations behind the act.

Wu Xin hurriedly asked. “What happened last night?”

“What’s the matter? How is it connected to relations?”

“Right, just as you say. Wang Duo?”

Luo Xun interrupted the group’s words, his expression was very solemn. “I did not ask him for specifics about last night but it was definitely not trivial.”

His words calmed down Li Tie and friends, because of their friendship they had not cross examined last night’s details. Zhang Yi had left Wang Duo, they wanted to wait until the latter was in a better state before asking questions. Which was why they had not gone to find Zhang Yi early in the morning.

They could tell the Wang Duo was serious this time, so after hearing Luo Xun’s words they encouraged him to not give up. The two of them had slept together, perhaps they would end up together? Now was the apocalypse, no one would laugh or discourage him from homosexuality. Being like Luo Xun and Yan Fei was also very good?

But, Luo Xun had said that what happened last night was definitely not a trivial matter…now was the apocalypse, they had heard many situations in the base barracks. Last night, what had happened to Zhang Yi?

When he came back and dragged Wang Duo away…was he harassed by a pervert last night? *Cough* Got stimulated and needed to someone to vent?

Thinking, involuntarily looked worriedly at Wang Duo’s body.

Wang Duo did not pay attention to that and instead cross examined. “He said he would like to be with me?!”

Luo Xun blinked and felt a little guilty, in fact…

Yan Fei suddenly stepped forward. “He said that having someone to clean up the house, rub shoulders, cook and laundry as a boyfriend was also good.” But he added with a smile. “It’s better if you find out what happened on base yesterday. From what I can tell, he came back last night after killing someone.”

“Kill…” Li Tie’s voice was stuck in his throat, silent for a while before stuttering.

Yan Fei smiled and nodded. “I am afraid more than one, the scent of blood last night was very strong.” He slowly swept over the five shocked people. “I suggest you inquire about this situation but no matter what, don’t mention this to outsiders let alone telling others what he did.”

Li Tie and the others all paled, standing frozen, did not know what to say.

After saying these words, Yan Fei took Luo Xun’s shoulder to lead him out. Let them figure it out for themselves, Luo Xun could do nothing more than say these few words.

Last night Yan Fei had sensed blood on Zhang Yi, but felt no need to speak out, also did not stop him when he dragged Wang Duo to bed.

Today the base was not calm, not just Luo Xun, Yan Fei could also find darkness and evil hidden under the calm surface of the base. Sometimes when they drove through some places there were some vague traces of blood on the corners. Did not know if they were from the start of the apocalypse or more recently.

They had seen some people on corners do some under the table things. Of course, since they were usually driving back and forth they would deliberately avoid those sort of paths or else they would see more of these things.

Li Tie and company were pure – this was one of the reasons Luo Xun was willing to get along with them. But pure did not mean brave, if they could not accept the dark side of the current world, what about Yan Fei?

Their group also had Zhang Yi – it was clear that mixing two extremes together would only end up hurting each other. It would have been better to say this at the beginning so that if it did not work out, they would separate so that everyone would not be miserable.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei did not wait until Li Tie and friends went out to learn what happened outside last night because – Lieutenant Ding had come to the door.

Hearing sounds from the gate, all the 16th floor tenants came to see. Li Tie and the others were going to eat lunch before going out but did not expect someone to come now.

“Lieutenant Ding?” Seeing the person at the door, Li Tie said in surprise. “Today is new year’s eve! Why are you working today?”

Lieutenant Ding wryly smiled. “Not wrong, something big happened on base.”

Li Tie and company looked at each in surprise, suddenly thought of what Luo Xun had said – go out and ask about what happened last night…was it…Zhang Yi!

Yan Fei and Luo Xun also came to open the door for the lieutenant. Seeing him alone, the two had a guess – regardless of what Zhang Yi had done last night, since the messenger was only a lieutenant, the base did not want to make a big deal at present.

Zhang Yi also came out hearing the sound. Seeing Lieutenant Ding’s disturbed and tense mood, a coquettish smile instantly bloomed on his face. “…Come in before talking.”

Lieutenant Ding saw the smile and his uneasiness grew, he just knew.

The crowd hurried past, considering that 1601 did not smell very good since it had been brushed and Luo Xun’s room had been done yesterday…Zhang Yi said. “Come to my home, though there are no chairs.” After that he turned and walked in.

Lieutenant Ding had no choice but to bite the bullet and enter, fortunately Luo Xun and all the others also followed. Yan Fei came in last and sealed the door as well.

The group did not pay attention to seating, directly sat on the living room ground and all turned to look at Lieutenant Ding.

Lieutenant Ding coughed, his face was not good. “Last night, something terrible occurred on base. Homicide cases.” He felt unease as Zhang Yi looked back with crescent shaped eyes.

Li Tie and company stared wide eyed – homicide case, sure enough Zhang Yi had killed last night?!

Seeing no one speak aloud, Lieutenant Ding could only continue on since he was already here, with a deep breath he explained the details. “Last night a group of 11 people in the new 13th neighborhood gate, cut to death with wind power. After we checked, all the people had died of blood loss, their flesh was mangled prior to death. None of the large veins were cut until they were dead…” Really was suffering until death.

People who knew about the strong but mad wind ability user on base were the first to guess who the culprit was. But they also knew the ability user was powerful and that his neighbor had an equally powerful metal user and a crossbow user. Although not sure those two people would assist him, the wind user was a very skilled surgeon and important base personnel.

Plus those killed did not have very strong backers, there were no witnesses last night and the base had a current personnel shortage. Strong ability users were scarce, the higher ups were all in power competition and so on, therefore no one wanted to send people to arrest directly. After all, in the face of such a powerful wind user, no one was certain of capturing him without casualties.

And were the people around him also related? Why would Zhang Yi do such a thing? In the absence of a foolproof plan, they could only contact Lieutenant Ding who was responsible for security issues to inquire about the situation.

This was the basis for plans to seize a suspect but more difficult than dealing with zombies outside, because the suspects had an ability that could kill a lot of people in the aftermath of a fight against others.

Zhang Yi had the same casual smile, his right index finger tapped as he tilted his head. The messenger’s scalp tingled.

With a deep breath, Lieutenant Ding stared and asked. “Where were you around 12 o’clock last night?”

Zhang Yi raised an eyebrow, pale pink lips opened but before making a sound, a livid Wang Duo suddenly stood and exclaimed. “He was with me last night! We, we…did it! So it was definitely not him!”

Lieutenant Ding stared at with wide eyes.

Li Tie and others also looked at Wang Duo. Luo Xun and Yan Fei were also surprised to hear him – impulse of the devil? Did he not hear what Lieutenant Ding had just said? Zhang Yi had cut more than 10  people to death, murder not hits!

Everyone in the room was shocked into silence, Zhang Yi suddenly laughed and Wang Duo suddenly lost all strength in his body – he had never had so much courage in his life!

Even facing zombies for the first time after the apocalypse started, there was no such impulse when he aimed for the zombie’s head the first time! He summoned a half life’s worth of courage to loudly exclaim to the soldier.

What did Zhang Yi do last night? Even if there had been reminder from Luo Xun and Yan Fei, they knew that the wind that easily killed a dozen people would be associated with Zhang Yi – powerful wind user with blood thirst.

Just like the first time they met outside the base, a thin figure standing in a group of zombies. A mad hurricane with him at the center facing a bunch of zombies…strong yet fragile.

Wang Duo wanted to protect him, in his own way, even though he no skill at all.

Zhang Yi trembled from laughter, his peach blossom like face had a gorgeous countenance. Luo Xun felt it was more pleasing to the eye because the smile lacked its usual oppressive madness.

All the people in the room looked at him silently, praying that Lieutenant Ding would leave out the door with a smile – Wang Duo was even willing to commit perjury, just needed to see if the lieutenant would accept it.

After a hearty laugh, Zhang Yi wiped tears from his eyes and joked in stark contrast to Wang Duo. “Last night I did not finish surgery until 11:20. The car had not even come at midnight, do you think of the higher ups on base are fools?”

Lieutenant Ding, who had been accused of being one of the fools, mouth twitched.

“But…” Wang Duo wanted to say something but seeing the twinkling Zhang Yi ignited a burning fire.

Li Tie and the others could not bear to look straight – inflamed! Poor man! That was the face of their classmate!

Zhang Yi with tangled hair, propped his chin with one hand and turned to Lieutenant Ding. “I killed those people, so what?”

…So what? He killed people so forcefully, yet there was no motive?!

Thinking of the higher ups who had not given him any helpers, how on this day he requested to be at home for the holiday but had to come over for this. Lieutenant Ding really wanted to vomit blood, but he took a deep breath and asked. “Reason.”

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