Jump 5 – The Great Detective

Consultant of Chicago

Welcome to Chicago, a windy city somewhere in the United States. My goal is to be a “great detective” by the end of a decade. I will simply interpret that as solving numerous cases without dying.

Offices are not cheap, thank goodness everyone had some gold left on them after leaving Undertale. I converted the gold and bought a nice office space on a relatively busy street next to a cafe. The drinks were great, especially the flavored hot chocolates.

Luke helps out as an assistant when needed and the others help out behind the scenes. Again, people would likely panic if real life pokemon appeared out of nowhere.

Nothing too interesting happened. Though some cases took longer than usual because certain crime scenes. The perks from this jump will bo so useful in the future, especially the mind palace and I am now immune to manipulation.

Mostly mental boosts this time, but my current state should be enough to survive. Just need to be careful not to reveal that I have a healing factor.

I spent much of my free time reading whatever books I could get my hands on and summarizing them for my library. I had gained an ability that would impart this knowledge more smoothly so long as I was the writer.

I even got a nice hat and even better, an unending notebook. It was the perfect size with a beautiful navy cover and pen loop. My notes were all organized automatically in the index and all the pages were numbered. I would never need to buy another notebook again, everything I needed was right here, plus it would never get damaged or lost.

I even tried deep-dish pizza with the rest of the team. There was a conveniently placed famous pizzeria in the area along with a bunch of other restaurants. We made a list of food that we had to try before leaving the jump.

So, in the end we spent a decade living in a city while solving regular, run of the mill cases.

Case #8: The Missing Dog (and Necklace and Husband)

The client (named Mrs. Smith) had come into the office in order to find her missing dog. He was named Chiffon, a golden retriever. Had last been seen a week ago in her backyard.

“I left him in the yard to play around. When I came back later, he was gone! I later found a hole under the fence that he must have gone through! Please find my baby!”

She paid the consulting fee upfront and said she would give a bonus upon completion. Mrs. Smith then tearfully left the office. Luke did not have a chance to provide refreshments, which was unfortunate.

“Well Luke, we have a case to solve.”

I looked with some confusion as Luke sighed. “What’s wrong, it’s just a missing pet case? Did you want something more interesting?”

He looked with a deadpan expression, I raised an eyebrow. “What, we might as well be in a detective novel. These sorts of cases are totally normal.”

FIrst we visited the client’s backyard to see if there were any clues. Unluckily, any traces had been washed away with the rain and some people’s footsteps. Must have been those vigilantes that I had heard someone in the cafe complaining about.

No matter, there should still less obvious clues around in the nearby forest. Indeed, some plants nearby had signs of being trampled and had trace amounts of fur. Thank goodness for mental enhancing perks, I do not think I could do this job without them.

Luke and I walked in the general direction, finding more evidence of an animal going through.

“Luke, come here. Do these look like footprints to you?”

“Kind of? If they are this might be more complicated than before.”

We continued looking around and eventually found an abandoned cabin. What was this doing here? I was pretty sure people had to drive a couple hours to reach cabin/cottage areas. The inside was obviously empty…but the place was decently clean.

Someone had been here recently, though there was nothing in fridge, I found some cans in the cupboards. Was I actually trespassing? Nevermind, I was investigating so I should be clear in this jump.

Whoever was here was most likely a man based on the shoeprint. There were also a couple cheap dog toys and treats to the side. Must have lured Chiffon to this location for some reason.

“It’s getting late, let’s come back here to tomorrow.” I called to Luke while jotting down notes in my new notebook. Too bad it did not come with a pen so I bought a fountain pen and some black-blue ink.

Back at the office, we outlined our next steps. Still had to check around that empty cabin for more clues and potentially ask around for dog sightings. Some quick research should reveal who owned the place.

“Found something, the cabin apparently belongs to Mr. Ben Rogers. His address is a distance away but still in the city. If we don’t find the dog near the cabin we should go ask them about the case.”

“Got the hair identified, it is golden retriever fur, should be Chiffon and not another canine.” Luke passed over some test results.

“Clare, Luke do not forget about dinner. It’s already six in the evening.” Kurama called from the portal entrance.

The next day I returned to the cabin but the only new clue found was an article snippet. The top half had been torn off but it seemed to be about valuable gems? This is somehow related to the case but what did a dog have to do with precious stones?

“Luke, you find anything? If not let’s go visit Mr. Rogers now.”

With that, we set out in a car to a normal house. I knocked against the door and heard the sounds of footsteps. A middle aged woman opened the door.

“Hello, may we speak with Mr. Ben Rogers?”

“I am sorry, my husband has not been at home for the past few days. Who are you?”

“I am Clare Gold, consultant and my assistant Luke. Could we come in and ask a few quick questions?”

She warily allowed us entrance. We sat down at the dining table. I dove right in, no time to waste. “Do you know about a cabin in the woods in the area?”

As she nodded, I continued. “Have you rented out the place or did your husband visit recently?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“We are searching for a lost dog and the trail lead to Mr. Rogers cabin. There were signs of someone living there recently and we suspect that person had contact with the missing pet.”

I asked a few more questions but found nothing concrete. The husband had been missing for a few days, causing the wife to alternate between worry and wondering if he had gone to do something and simply forgotten to tell her. Whoever had been in the cabin had not been renting the place, so it was likely had been a temporary abode.

“Have you talked to the police about your husband?”

She had and the police were investigating. With that, Luke and I left and returned to the office.

“So, that was pretty much a dead end. I doubt they have gotten too far since we did not seen any vehicle tracks in the woods…”

With some help I found the full article of the snippet in the cabin. The local museum was having an exhibit on historical jewellery and some locals had donated pieces for display. The crown jewel was a necklace with a large diamond in the centre. It had been in some family’s line for generations and so on.

Since the investigation occured over a period of around a week, and all the minute details would be rather boring. Here are the more important events, the details can be up to one’s imagination. (I do not care that this sounds unprofessional, the reports were originally for The Benefactor but then I remembered they could probably watch all of it live)

I ended up cooperating with the police since the missing Mr. Rogers was actually related to the missing golden retriever Chiffon. Those two events also ended up connected to the jewelry exhibit in the city.

The investigation unearthed details for a convoluted chain at first glance. In the end the case was resolved, Chiffon was returned to her ecstatic owner and Mr. Rogers was found too. The museum exhibit continued without a hitch despite a few close calls.

These things were all connected since the perpetrator was the same person. Terry Volen wanted to steal the most valuable necklace from the museum exhibit but the security was too tight.

He came up with a plan to disguise himself as one of the people who donated jewelry to the displays. Turned out Mrs. Rogers had let the museum borrow a set of her family’s pearls. So while Mr. Rogers went out one day, he was kidnapped and locked in an abandoned building.

Chiffon was a spur of the moment thing as Terry was walking by when the dog escaped the backyard. He figured the pet could act as a distraction of some sort. The dog was lured away to the nearby cabin so he could put a leash on more easily.

Sounds strange? Just roll with it, pretend it’s an entertaining television episode.

We figured all that out over the course of the investigation and captured the thief in the act with a fake necklace as bait. I am honestly not sure how this guy had not been caught before if he used such elaborate plots where one thing going wrong could cause everything to fail.

That was not even the end of it. The supposed thief was caught but then someone realized that the original valuable necklace on display was actually a forgery. Since the police and I were already there we also ended up investigating that problem.

Nothing too dramatic, just that there had been a mix up during transport. The place where the jewelry had been shipped also dealt with cheaper costume jewelry. Someone likely simply put the wrong thing in the box before delivery.

So a thief was arrested, Mr. Rogers and Chiffon were safe and found (her owner gave us a bonus which was nice) and the museum continued with their seasonal exhibit.

“Finally back, I can’t believe that Chicago had so many missing people/items cases to investigate…” I flopped into a chair and grabbed a drink.

“I thought it was entertaining to watch.” Benefactor stood nearby.

“That’s only because you were probably laughing at all the times I almost tripped over something but caught myself in time or something similar.”

Benefactor shrugged. “Bottom line you did what was expected. Here’s the next jump, have fun!”

I glanced at the title. “Well, this will be a change of pace at least. Wait, if it’s this series…does that mean…? Oh boy.”

The next world involved ridiculous martial arts, cursed springs and various other comedic hi-jinks. I hope I did not get the urge to bang my head against a wall while there (one can only hope).

Next Jump – Ranma 1/2

Previous Jump – Undertale

Jump #5 – The Great Detective             Document
Name: Clare Gold
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Initial Age: 28
Gender: Female

Origin: Consultant (attracts weirdos with tall tales and problems to solve)

Got it Memorized: able to memorize something after one look. Supplements Savant by increasing storage and adding option to delete data
Mental Palaces: never need to worry about memory again (can also pull people inside head for a day)
Blunt Object: immune to seduction, manipulation and trickery (also get harder head and mental defenses)
You Know My Methods: can write books, place them in the library in order to train companions
Fancy Book Learning: obtain odd, foreign and secret information somehow?

Detective Notebook: never gets lost, runs out of pages or disorganized
The Hat: stylish piece of headwear that makes one feel quick witted

Drawback: Vigilantes (people that lack training mess up crime scenes)

Plan: Stay in the city and solve cases for a decade. Vigilantes should not be hard to deal with (police could do something and I have perks that should help investigations despite setbacks). Use left over gold from Undertale in warehouse to open an office. Luke can be an assistant with the others doing behind the scenes work.



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