Chapter 56 Shampoo, Haircut and Blowdry

Due to changes in the fence perimeter, when the car drove past the area where brick walls were being built, the number of earth ability users was significantly higher, almost one per section. When they built a wall, although they also needed a lot of raw materials, such as concrete and other things but with the blessing of crystal nuclei and a large number of people, could cover a lot of land in one short morning.

And that was before the walls being pulled together, at this time people only left a small part responsible for handling the heavy, physical work. The remainder were inside the outer wall, working with the soldiers to clean up buildings and debris for the safety of people after the wall was done.

There was a lot of land space between the outer and inner wall, which would inevitably have zombies that had been missed. The main goal was to collect nuclei from the zombies and scavenge other resources.

In addition, there may not be enough housing so these people had to participate in residential housing construction. There was always work to do.

The two people’s harvest today was good, they were happier than usual on the way home. Yan Fei consumed less nuclei than anyone else, some of the extra crystals were stockpiled and the rest were absorbed on weekdays. Yan Fei tried to elevate his abilities as quickly as possible.

His ability was better than others right now but if he stagnated while others struggled, his advantage would be gone.

Yan Fei knew this better than anyone, it had been taught to him from childhood. If one did not want to be a loser or bullied, they had to stay on top all the time, even if on the surface he was at ease, as if everything was done casually.

Wanted to install force, just needed desperate people vomiting blood in realization. One would gently offer their hand, the collective would bend the knee. No pains, reaping what one had sown or resting on laurels, that would lead to being a joke.

So in spite of not being able to eat Luo Xun’s tofu at home this evening because he would be tired/exhausted. He also had to empty his spiritual energy before going to bed.

It was the end of the world and he wanted to protect this unexpected home which let him feel incomparable happiness. He must to his best to keep the peace and his loved ones protected. In the event of an unexpected circumstances his strength needed to be enough to have the last laugh.

Luo Xun was driving slowly through downtown towards their neighborhood. He saw people selling things at random on the roadside while passing, suddenly he felt a hand at his head. Luo Xun turned to see Yan Fei in the back seat holding his hair.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing, your hair is a bit long. Do you want to tie it up when we get back?” Yan Fei asked lazily.

Luo Xun’s expression twisted as he shook his head. “No, help me cut it back home.”

Tie it up? He was not a woman, not mainstream, definitely not an art director, did not need a ponytail!

“Me? Cut your hair? Are you sure?” Yan Fei involuntarily stared wide eyed. He had learned to cut cloth but hair…other than that time in primary school where he used craft scissors to cut a girl’s pigtail, he had never dealt with another’s hair. Luo Xun was not afraid to go out the door with a bad haircut?

“No problem, if I did it myself it would be worse.” Luo Xun added brightly. “I can also help you cut at home!” He regretted in his past that life he had no place to use his washing and cutting skills!

There were barbers after the apocalypse but the job had no future. Technology was good enough that once the base people had money, men and women seeking beauty would look for more technical hairdressers. However if the technology was not good, one could earn some chips or cookies from a day of work.

So the vast majority of people either kept their hair long without care, looking like an American homeless or trimmed hair themself. Though cutting one’s own hair was only words, long hair was okay, could forget even if not neatly combed. But short hair…the back was really difficult to deal with, could barely reach and the position was contrary to the human body.

So finding a good friend and helping each other with a haircut was something that Luo Xun had thought was a little romantic. Unfortunately he had not had that sort of person in his last life though he had one now! He did not care if his hair was cut like a messy dog, interacting with Yan Fei would be nice!

Yan Fei, facing Luo Xun’s excited eyes could only reluctantly nod with a genial smile. His mind wondered – Zhang Yi was said to be an excellent surgeon, certainly could use a scalpel, could he pass as a barber? As long as the guy did not take the opportunity to give him brain surgery, Yan Fei could just endure the other’s personality.

However if he got someone else to cut his hair, his lover would be unhappy…Would he sacrifice his head for a night of sexual bliss? Or sacrifice his lover’s happiness for his appearance?

Yan Fei still had not made up his mind when the two had climbed back to the 16th floor. But seeing Luo Xun excitedly change clothes and head to the second floor to take out a set of barber tools from the bedroom closet, he was forced to make a choice. Forget it, there was a hat at home anyways! It was not a big deal to wear a hat for while, if it was uneven, he would simply grow it out! Better than not going out to see people.

Puppy tilted her head and watched the two people sitting in the middle of the room in a chair. One stood behind the other the other was sitting covered with a big white thing.

To prevent the dog from getting fur all over the rooms, Yan Fei deliberately blocked the puppy from the balcony – taking advantage of his abilities. Do not think Yan Fei was tired from using up his energy every afternoon, he felt his physical stats had increased, his strength was more than usual. So he was more willing to polish his abilities to the utmost.

A plume of black fell to the ground accompanied by the sound of snipping.

It was the most stressful time of his life, even though he had never been nervous while negotiating million dollar projects at work.

He dared not cut too much at once, every time cut a little bit. Finely cut hair fluttered from Luo Xun’s head. Luo Xun had of course, imparted his experience to Yan Fei before cutting. It was a pity that he had a wilder method, Yan Fei who often went to high-end hairdressers did not listen to what sounded like very unreliable advice. Could only trim a bit at a time, slowly cutting while learning from the mirror.

Fortunately, prudence had its advantages, after he had finished Luo Xun’s head was not very strange, he could smoothly go out tomorrow!

Luo Xun hurriedly took the mirror and looked from side to side once his hair had been cut. After looking around he said. “You are quite skillful.”

Yan Fei let loose a breath, did not lose face or cause his lover any regret. Then he heard Luo Xun say. “Should I just cut down to an inch for when the days heat up? That would be more convenient…”

“No need for that!” Yan Fei stopped him, goodness an inch long? He was not even that good with the scissors. If his hand shook, one’s head could end up bald!

“But it’s cooler…” Luo Xun was conflicted, summer was hot. Everyone had electricity available even after the apocalypse but an excellent air conditioning unit…there was a fear that thieves would target their home.

“No big deal, I’ll cut your hair every few days?” Yan Fei bent down with a provoking smile and sexily hoarse voice.

Luo Xun’s face turned red, uncomfortably moved his line of sight while coughing. “That…well…”

Very good, temptation successful, prevented the possibility of a monk head style!

Yan Fei just breathed a sigh of relief and started to pack up the tools. His heart stopped as he heard Luo Xun said after a few moments. “I’ll give you a cut!”

Yan Fei sat stiffly in the chair that Luo Xun had just sat. Feeling lumps of his hair falling down, he despaired and remembered that the second floor bedroom had a few wool caps. He would figure out tomorrow which one was most pleasing to wear. Which one would completely cover his head and hide all his hair?

After 15 minutes, Luo Xun had circled around Yan Fei’s head three or four times and finally finished. He had the nerve to hesitantly scratch his cheek. “Done cutting…but the result may not be very good…”

Yan Fei smiled stiffly, made up his mind that no matter what he saw in the mirror, could not directly look at his lover’s face. If it was that bad he also wear a hat at home!

He walked stiffly into the bathroom – he did not take the small mirror.

The big mirror reflected a familiar face – Yan Fei was relieved that he could fortunately still see his hair. No, it was actually okay, a little short but not ugly.

In fact, Luo Xun had trimmed according to Yan Fei’s original haircut. But in the spirit of practicality Luo Xun also went for convenience and did fewer cuts. It was also for speed purposes, when busy having short hair was more efficient.

So now Yan Fei looked a little different but it was fine, short hair was not bad. After a few days it would be more pleasing to the eye.

The two washed away all the cut hair and cleaned out the living room. They did not when the puppy had gotten out from the balcony.

“Hey? Lost a leaf?” Luo Xun found a small torn off leaf on the ground. It was fresh and green as if dragged down instead of falling off due to malnutrition.

The puppy went straight to her cage, used her paws as a pillow and closed her eyes. However her mouth seemed to be moving.

“Maybe it accidentally fell down.” Yan Fei did not mind the small leaves and used the broom to sweep them clean.

“Let me see….ah, laying eggs today again!” Luo Xun pointed at the quail nest and used a flashlight to swiftly check the eggs inside.

The day before yesterday, the number of fertilized eggs reached five so Luo Xun opened the incubator box in the nursery. He put a few eggs in to artificially hatch.

The rest of quails had sufficient light to start laying eggs each day. So long as the fertilized eggs were added into the incubator box, the rest would be used as food reserves.

Six female quails could lay eggs almost every day. Days of eating delicious quail meat were waving at the couple.

Luo Xun put three fertilized eggs in the incubator, the other three in the basket and then began the daily routine inspection of plants. As well as other chores such as house cleaning and renovation.

The sky was completely dark when faint sounds came from upstairs. Waited a while to hear the iron chain, Luo Xun got up and opened the door – Li Tie and the others were back.

“Did you come back together?” Luo Xun asked in confusion upon seeing Zhang Yi with them.

Zhang Yi waved. “Met at the community gate.” His hospital was also in the barracks but the location was away from Li Tie and difficult to contact. Most days were back to back and Zhang Yi’s work times were uncertain. Sometimes he encountered a number of major surgeries, it was very possible he would come back after three in the morning.

“What? Was there a lot of surgery today?” Luo Xun asked upon seeing Zhang Yi’s ravaged appearance.

Zhang Yi hummed. “Today there were several people who had been wounded by zombies. During surgery one transformed but I was prepared. Just as they changed I cut off his head. Only a few of the nurse’s voices were too sharp so now I have a headache.”

No words, no one who saw the scene could maintain a normal heart. Luo Xun serious suspected that the reason was bloodlust. Seeing blood was an occupational disease – not letting going to the hospital might be more dangerous, it was better to let him go to work every day. Had not seen since he started work? Yan Fei would cut an iron bag before going to bed at night.

They walked past the iron gate and Wang Duo opened 1601 door. Zhang Yi hooked a finger at Yan Fei. “Come over, I need something.” He opened the door and motioned in.

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow, patted Luo Xun’s shoulder to let him wait outside. Luo Xun wondered and thought maybe the big iron sandbags had been thoroughly cut up?  After he talked with Li Tie and company about their day to exchange intelligence.

After Yan Fei followed Zhang Yi into the room, he turned on the light – it was base-powered. Yan Fei glanced at the metal sandbag prototypes and asked. “What happened?” It seemed like he was not here to fix the sandbags.

“I met some people at the hospital today.” Zhang Yi casually threw his coat into a kitchen corner and exchanged the half full bucket with an empty one.

Yan Fei did not respond, only raised his eyebrows.

“A woman, more than 50 years old, seemed rather tall.” Zhang Yi said with a pair of provoking peach eyes and a meaningful smile. “Cut her little finger and went to the army hospital for stitches.”

Yan Fei huffed in disdain. “There was enough wound to sew stitches?”

Zhang Yi shrugged. “I said the sewing needles were disinfected but may leave scars. She repeatedly confirmed as to not be infected with the zombie virus.”

“So?” Zhang Yi would have not called him over if there was no issue. Yan Fei already guessed who the woman was from what he heard – except her, who would be so dramatic and run to the army hospital and ask a surgeon to disinfect such a small wound?

“That woman looked a little familiar.” His eyes narrowed like a fox. “I chatted with her for a few days. Later two men came in to take her back, one of them was wearing military uniforms. She suddenly remembered something and told them she and her husband did not know if their son was still alive and to check out the people on the base.”

Yan Fei sneered and leaned against the door frame with crossed arms.

Zhang Yi sighed. “Her son is pitiful.” He looked jokingly at Yan Fei. “They were rescued by the military from the north base a week ago. She has a relationship with someone and has been living in the better barrack rooms. It was only now that she remembers that she has a son.”

Yan Fei coldly smiled but there were no traces of anger. “It is to be expected, the year before the apocalypse I only saw her once, did not exchange more than 20 sentences, half of which were identical to previous years.”

Zhang Yi watched the other’s expression, the smile slipped off his face. “You knew she came to base?”

“I saw her the first day they got to base.” Yan Fei did not conceal meaning of his words. Family was not just blood, in his case, there was nothing to return to.

“They?” Zhang Yi noticed the inflection and raised his brows again.

“Yes, they were all sitting in a business car that my father used to sit in before the end of the world started.”

Zhang Yi sighed and shook his head. He saw the woman from today and found that she and Yan Fei were related. A good appearance, together with a man, the best quality before the apocalypse. The difference was that he had high quality lovers while Yan Fei had quality blood relatives. In a way, Yan Fei was worse off since he had never met a good man.

Zhang Yi suddenly laughed again. “If you did not have your little lover, I would want to hook up with you.”

Yan Fei’s expression distorted as he frowned. He looked Zhang Yi up and down as if there were disgusting insects. “Sorry, I am really not interested.”

Zhang Yi raised his eyebrows and with a smile more beautiful than spring suddenly moved forward, their faces almost touching. “So, you are only bent for you little lover? Don’t say, he’s not bad…how unfortunate.”

The door suddenly opened when he was done speaking. He Qiankun called. “Right, Yan Fei, gold…gold…that gold…” He halted halfway, Wang Duo and the others all saw into the room where two people were in an ambiguous position.

Yan Fei saw Luo Xun standing slightly behind, who was staring the two people.

Suddenly, Zhang Yi bonelessly draped himself over Yan Fei. “Ah, your legs are soft~”

With that sentence Yan Fei’s face turned black and raised a hand to push. Without a sound, Zhang Yi flew out and squarely hit the iron gate there…

It should be said that in addition to having a powerful ability, his physical fitness had also improved a lot?

Anyway the crowd helped Zhang Yi up in shock. There were no back wounds, even his arm injury had not been torn.

“If you are busy, I can help you open a few more wounds. You are a surgeon, giving themselves stitches is considered exercising their professional skills.” Yan Fei stood straight, a few pieces of metal flew from the iron sandbags and changed into a few sharp knives.

Zhang Yi did not bat an eye at Yan Fei. “No need to be so rough.” With a laugh, his eyes drifted towards Luo Xun. “Little lover, if he is violent to you at home, come sleep with me at night~”

Luo Xun: oh no

Wang Duo covered his nose and twisted away. “It’s…it’s too bewitching…” It was the first time he ever had a nosebleed for man in his life!

Li Tie and several others also hand flushed hands and feet, did not know where to put them. They knew Zhang Yi for a while but they had never seen him teasing with a sultry posture and eyes.

Of course, it had to do with the fact that they looked clean and upright. However today, purely to implicate Yan Fei…They realized for the first time that this guy was really…attractive?

The pure and innocent group did not know how to act. Yan Fei did not answer Zhang Yi and turned to the door. With a disturbed heart he took Luo Xun’s hand, fortunately he did not shake it off and walked with him back home.

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