Jump 4 – Undertale

Trying to Stay on the Sidelines

Well, I went from human to Pokémon and now I am in between. Kurama might be happy, we could pass off as siblings possibly. My face is human but with twin tails from my ears (which resemble a hat). The flowy robes look like a Delphox’s fur but with purple coloring instead of red. I now have a fluffy tail and a staff, just give me pointed hat and I could easily pass for a witch.

I ended up in Hotland without falling into the magma lake. It was not as hot as I had expected which was great since I sort of had fur. I wandered around until I met a nice girl named Fuku who pointed me towards MTT resort.

I was new and did need a place to stay, I just hope the rooms were not too expensive. She even gave me some gold just in case. The resort was similar to what I vaguely remembered with that statue of Mettaton as a fountain.

That night I laid in the bed and stared at the ceiling. It was five years before the events of the game would start…what was I going to do?  Well, other than tracking down the rest of my friends throughout the underground. I hope none of them are in the Ruins since I have no way in there.

All I can really do at this point is practice my magic and hope I do not end up derailing the plot. I assume at this point that Flowey has control over the timeline. However, I do not think I have ever seen him in Hotland so I should be okay for the moment.

Guess I should get settled in the Underground, figure out a way to get gold or maybe just find an uninhabited area to set up a portal to the warehouse.

I played around with my magic for a while. The bullets were in the shape of butterflies which was sort of ominous for my goals of being on the sidelines. I also accidentally scorched the edge of the blanket. The perk I got did increase my raw magic power, which meant I needed to fine tune my control, again.

So I had a plan…find a spot to set up, hunt down the rest of the team and get their memories back and hunker down until the game events were over. Wonder if I would notice any Loads or Resets? It would be useful but at the same time…would it count towards the ten years?

If not…I was going to be here for longer than first expected. That’s not even going into all the potential endings from the game. At least this was the original universe…right?

Good news, this is the original world. Bad news, it’s larger than I thought. It took me a solid week to scour most of Hotland (while trying to avoid main characters for the moment). I did not manage to find an optimal spot to set up the portal entrance but at least found Kurama and Lily.

I re-introduced myself to them and over the course of a few weeks befriended them. They regained their memories after I cooked them some food.

“Claire, is that you? You look different.” Kurama circled around while poking me.

I swatted her hands away. “Of course, I’m going by Relevart here. How’s it going?”

“Fine, though it is a bit odd to have additional memories.” Lily responded.

The two of them were roommates in New Home, made sense, I think the city had a higher concentration of citizens. Luckily I came across them while they were out.

“You’re the first two I’ve found so far, have you met any of the others?”

Turned out that Violet was part of the guard in New Home but they had not seen any of the others in the city. That meant I would have to travel to the other areas, thankfully I did not need to worry about housing while I was moving around.

For the next while I stayed with Kurama and Lily while working on getting Violet’s memories to return. I hit two birds with one stone by asking to train with her. My magic control improved in leaps and bounds, I could now skillfully cook with fire magic. My green healing magic was also usable though I still needed to work on efficiency.

The green flowers usually overhealed the target with wasted magic. I got more practice by patching up the guard after training.

So after three months, I had established myself in the world, found three of my seven companions and was decent with my magic. After discussing with the others it was decided I would travel to the other areas to find the rest alone since Violet could not leave her post and the other two had things to do as well.

On an unrelated note, their monster forms were essentially their pokemon forms with having magic instead of moves. Since I had not imported them, they did not gain any new abilities and had the basic white magic. If pressed, they could pull of their moves but that needed more energy than usual.

It was likely that everyone would just continue on as they were with me dropping in occasionally along with the rare get together. I guess I’ll just end up commuting between the areas while waiting for the jump to finish.

So long as I do not end up interacting too much with any main characters I should be fine. The butterfly effect will not come into play. Shoot…did I just jinx myself?

I did not think I would end up traversing the Underground backwards. Waterfall was the next destination and I was so glad I bought some rain boots before going. The sound of the waterfalls was soothing and the echo flowers were interesting.

I admit I did have some fun whispering to the plants. In this area I found Sans and Aqua which suited them, considering one was a water type and the other was known as ‘guardian of the sea’.

I found the legendary napping in a cave, it surprisingly took a short while to jog his memory. Aqua was playing around with a shy monster who had a nice voice. It took a couple of weeks before we were close enough for her memories to return.

Aqua decided to stay with Lily and Kurama in their apartment. With a wave she headed towards the resort. I gave her some supplies and warned her about the magma lake. Sans decided he would chill where he was, I promised to visit and give snacks and food.

Who was left? Kyo and Luke? I suppose they would be in Snowdin town. If they were in the Ruins I hoped they would leave eventually.

I took my time exploring the area afterwards and made sure to check on the others once in a while. Everyone had each other’s phone numbers to contact and the Underground was not enormous. I was doing well, half a year had passed and I had reunited with most of my companions.

Did not meet too many monsters in Waterfall but that would change in Snowdin. I was kind of worried since the town was not large but so far I had not met any main characters. Best to not tempt fate though…

I was so glad I had fire magic to keep myself warm and magic was the only explanation for how there was snow and a forest under a mountain. On the other hand, I could drink hot chocolate with the wintery weather…

“I could have sworn I was following the only path here…” I mumbled trudging through a snowdrift. Everything was starting to look the same and there were no helpful signs around.

A compass would not help even if I had one, I was officially lost. I had underestimated the route to the snowy town.


I spun towards the voice. A skeleton with a red scarf was standing before me. Drat…just be normal.

“Um yes. Who are you?”


“I see, could you point me in the direction of Snowdin?”

With that I was escorted to my destination, turns out I had been walking sort of parallel to the town instead of towards. My sense of direction was still quite bad at this time.

We chatted, or I listened as Papyrus talked about his dream of getting into the guard to be popular. He was as energetic as I remembered, kind of overwhelming but not annoying (at least in smaller doses?). I was offered spaghetti which I hesitantly agreed since I was not sure what he would put in it but also did not want to get too deeply involved with main characters.

The game had resolved itself okay (at least in the true ending from what I remembered) and I really did not want to wreck that. Plus I don’t think I would be much help anyway.

For the next three months I stayed at the inn in town. Somehow I had enough money for room and I had food in my warehouse.

Like Violet, Kyo was also part of the guard (he probably meshed well with Undyne). Luke was an aspiring explorer in town, which was strange since he was an explorer. Without his memories of me, it seemed like he had reverted to his pre-guild personality.

I spent more time with Luke since Kyo’s memories were more easily jogged via multiple sparring matches. I planned an expedition to waterfall where we visited the dump and found some interesting items.

After a while, Luke’s memories also returned. The two guys decided that Kyo would move in with Luke and stay in Snowdin. The place was sort of far from New Home and Kyo had his guard job to consider.

Like in New Home I practiced my magic with the guard, though it turned into petting and fetch sessions since they were mostly dogs. They were so soft, fluffy and adorable despite wearing armor.

I also learned that if I whistled a certain tune, Annoying Dog would spontaneously appear. I did so while watching some guard members spar, Annoying Dog ended up playing keep away with their weapons before leaving.

Thankfully, the captain was not around when I visited. Though seeing a fight between Kyo and Undyne was tempting, I did not want to get dragged in as well.

I was making good time, it had only been a year in the jump and I had reunited with all my companions. Four more years to go before the barrier is potentially gone and nine more until the jump is completed.

“Why is this so hard? Just stick the letter in the mailbox and leave. It’s nothing weird and completely normal to give thank you notes.” I gave myself a pep talk.

This was probably the one of the first times I had written a letter, it had gone out of style with the internet and phone. I had asked the innkeeper for directions to Papyrus’s house. It had been weeks since he had helped me when I had gotten lost and I finally convinced myself to do this.

The house itself was nice, and there were two mailboxes clearly labeled with the inhabitants names. I belatedly remembered that I had named one of Pokémon companions after his brother and wanted to face palm.

For whatever reason, one was filled with mail and the other was empty. Did skeleton Sans never check his mailbox, I knew I was guilty of that as well. Then again all I ever got were useless ads and things not actually for me since I had been renting a place in my home world.

But what if this had a chain effect? The game never mentioned anything like this, then again the game did not cover everything. Either way I wanted to thank the taller skeleton for helping me out.

Should I have added a gift? Maybe I should put this off until I find something…

“hey, who are you?”

Crap, had I been standing there for too long? When I turned around I mentally cursed. It was Sans, in the months while in Snowdin we had not crossed paths.

“My name is Relevart. I’m staying with a friend here.”

He looked at me, maybe checking my stats? I did not have any LV or EXP, that would have been hard to explain.

My stats were relatively high since I had trained in the previous world and my magic was magnified.

“i haven’t seen you around.”

I had avoided Grillby`s since he showed up often. I had passed by some guard posts but he had been on break.

“so what are you doing?”

“Nothing, I’ll be going now.” Abort mission and retreat.

I turned to leave (read: flee) but the envelope glowed blue. I tightened my grip.

We had an awkward standoff but I was standing suspiciously outside his house.

“We’ve started off on the wrong foot. I wanted to give Papyrus a letter, that’s all.”

Sans raised a brow bone. I scratched my cheek in embarrassment.

“A while ago he helped when I got lost on the way to Snowdin from Waterfall. I wanted to give him a thank you note.”

Not seeing Undyne also meant missing Papyrus, who I think was getting cooking lessons?

With that I swiftly placed the envelope in the mailbox. Luck was not on my side as Papyrus appeared from somewhere.


I opened my mouth to disagree but was interrupted. “yeah she didn’t want to pasta-p the chance to try your spaghetti.”


“sorry bro, that’s impastable.”


I giggled the two of them were funny to watch. Then froze at Sans’s words.

“Wait-” Papyrus happily dragged the two of us inside.

While Papyrus busied himself in the kitchen, I looked at Sans with a flat expression. I knew he was protective but this seemed a tad off.

Apparently he had heard of me at the bar but had never seen me. I guess Luke and Kyo had not met him either.

So far it seemed only I had met some main characters. Hope this trend did not continue…

Papyrus’s spaghetti was like nothing I had ever tasted before and I said as much to him. Fortunately he took it as a compliment, I have no idea how he managed to char the noodles but the dish ended up soggy.

“Thanks for the food Papyrus. It was nice to spend time with you and your brother.”

It had been nice but I had resolved to avoid inflicting the butterfly effect. Benefactor will just have to deal with a more slice of life jump again.

On the bright side I think the two skeletons had good impressions of me. I could send them some homemade pasta sauce and ketchup for Gyftmas through the mail.

Better head back now, I still had to prepare dinner for Kyo and Luke. We also ended up exchanging phone numbers though I told them I was prone to forgetting that I had a cellphone.

I might have made friends with the two skeletons but that did not mean I would end up meeting the rest of the well-known monsters. I have not derailed canon yet.

I tried my best and I hope that canon has not died a dusty death at this point. Then again, maybe everything had already changed when my seven companions were added to the Underground with their own lives.

There’s only a little bit of time until the events of the game occur and the barrier should be broken. Now is the time for a short recap.

The only main character monsters I had not met were the royal couple. The king was busy with his royal duties in New Home and I had no reason to visit. The queen was living in the Ruins behind a magic proof door that only opened from one side.

So at the least, the start would be unchanged, it was just the middle part that could be jumbled. Though it could be a case of “the more things change the more they stay the same” the addition of me and my seven companions may have added some cosmetic changes but the underlying reality was the same.

The monsters only needed one more human soul to break the barrier. Flowey was likely still plotting to gain ultimate power. The characters were pretty much the same and it would take a pretty big event (aka the Fallen Child) to shake things up.

I suppose that the most striking change would be more boss-esque battles if there was a genocide run. I doubt any of my companions would let themselves be defeated without a fight. Fortunately even if they were defeated they would respawn back in the warehouse but need a day of rest.

Me on the other hand, I would lose the jump and be booted back to my home universe with the powers I had gotten from the previous three jumps. In the worst case scenario I would change back to my human form if monsters were susceptible to physical attacks.

Out of curiosity I asked Luke to show me my soul since I could not do that myself while human. My heart was coloured green for kindness with two patches, one yellow and the other purple from the perks I had purchased prior to the jump.

It looked a tad odd, since in the game each heart had only been one color. Wonder if they needed one of each or the other children who fell down just happened to all have different traits?

During the years we did manage to figure out if we would notice any timeline disturbances. The answer: sort of, depending on circumstances. My companions would only notice if the load/reset occurred while they were in the warehouse (likely since it was in a separate space?). However the memories would be very vague, like a sense of deja-vu, which was on par with various other monsters from the game.

I could more accurately tell, maybe from a combination of being a drop in (quasi anomaly) and having the perk that would let me notice time travellers through their behaviour. I had met Flowey a few times (mostly just seeing the plant). Or Benefactor fiddled around because of the potential drama of remembering timeline shenanigans.

He reset relatively sparingly, which was nice but I also had no frame of reference so there was that. There was speculation that he had gotten bored after watching so many repeats, so maybe our presence had shifted things enough to keep it interesting?

At least he has not learned anything too much (otherwise I am sure he would have done something at least). So for the moment everything is fine, well except that one time I had to redo baking those cookies around a dozen times for some reason.

Anyway, Luke and Kyo befriended the skeleton brothers and Undyne since they lived in the same area. Sans always a had a pun in hand which Luke enjoyed somewhat. Kyo was happy that he had another sparring partner in Papyrus though I did reassure Sans that he would not be in danger and I would heal any bumps.

Grillby’s food was delicious despite the price tag so the burgers and fries were occasional treats. On the other hand, Papyrus was still in training but I like to think that all the Snowdin royal guard were stronger than in the game.

Sans was my ketchup taste tester. I made way too much ketchup, I set up a tomato plant in Luke’s house to provide the ingredients and luckily no one asked where I got the spices to try. There was a supermarket but my warehouse provided enough food for my needs.

Papyrus still had an extreme cooking style but at least I ensured that all the ingredients added were edible (for humans at least) so no more cardboard boxes in the noodles. There were no other added weird steps (I vetoed aging the noodles in a cask like wine) so it was better than the first time I had tried his spaghetti.

I cannot remember how but Lily became friends with Alphys and she visited the other in her lab. After a while Kurama joined the party for anime nights (I think Undyne was there too?). Her stutter lessened as we got closer so that was a plus, but it came back with a vengeance when faced with strangers.

As for Mettaton, I met him once but otherwise he was busy with his entertainment career. He was shooting a movie scene and needed snow fluttering down like flower petals. Why? His last movie had already used rose petals so he needed something new.

I was just passing by and I somehow got roped into making the snow effect by changing my usual white magic into snowflakes. It probably only worked because I had a clear image in my mind and the conduit powers from my human form bled over.

I had to admit, his shows were not bad, but there was a limit of how much Mettaton I could stomach at once. He really needed to include more actors but that happened on the surface. Plus none of the other monsters were complaining so…

Soon, the child will arrive in the Underground. Who knows how this will turn out. I only hope that it will be a true pacifist run from the start or…things could be dicey. My companions would not stand for their friends getting dusted.

As for me…monsters might be made of love and compassion but I was at my core a human. Should the child choose genocide…well I would think that I had more determination than a child at least along with some extra durability and a healing factor.

Mercy would be offered once and only once. After all, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. But when all was said and done, would I have an effect on the ending? Or did everything hinge on the protagonist?


The world kept stuttering as I rushed towards Snowdin. What bad timing, I was in New Home preparing for the game but ended up being late.

So many loads in a short period of time…not a good sign. Were Luke and Kyo fighting? I doubt is was any of the other monsters. Papyrus could stop mid-attack while fighting in the game and Sans would only battle under specific conditions in the Judgement Hall.

The town was silent and deserted from a distance. I hoped that everyone had evacuated and not….

A small figure was dashing around against two other taller shapes flinging attacks. I made sure to approach without distracting Luke and Kyo.

The child was wearing a blue and purple striped sweater and brandishing a knife. The article of clothing had traces of dust. Their face was completely blank.

When they stopped, there seemed to be two humanoid shapes floating behind them. There were also faint box outlines, the options from the game?

One was another child instead wearing a green and yellow striped sweater with rosy cheeks and red eyes. The other was a ghostly human silhouette without a face. The second figure pointed at something then the fight movements restarted.

Upon a closer look, the fallen child was biting their lip and trembling. Little clues banded together and smacked me in the face with the conclusion (must be the perks).

Who I assumed was named Frisk was not totally in control, it was the figure fiddling with invisible (to me) buttons. The other child was giving commentary.

How I knew that? A text box literally appeared above their head. Benefactor had evidently messed with something.

[Kyo: LV 1 EXP 0 HP 78 ATK 57 DEF 95    Itching for a fight]

[Luke: LV 1 EXP 0 HP 54 ATK 65 DEF 84    Protecting the people of Snowdin]

Huh, those were really high for them not being actual boss monsters. Guess all that leveling in Pokemon had benefits. Wonder what my stats are like?

A shining star object was to the side. Had that save point always been there? Did they only activate with humans? So many questions, so little time.

Luke or Kyo would land a finishing blow on the child but they would just respawn. Lasting longer and longer since I managed to get closer and closer to the town. I could tell I had taken those last ten steps a number of times but Luke and Kyo only had a faint feeling of not letting the child get past them.

Though they were stronger than the average monster, they could not go on forever. The child would eventually find some sort of pattern to their attacks and whittle them down.

What had happened before I arrived? I glanced around for clues and magically received an answer. The child had shown up in Snowdin with dust on their sweater and started swinging the knife around.

It was assumed that any monster who had crossed paths with them before had been dusted. Their LV was at 8 but their stats were not impressive. The player was on fighting with Kyo and Luke and had not noticed me.

If this was the game Undertale for them, then…what would happen if they gave up thinking something was bugged? They seemed to be rather impatient, the silhouette seemed to more and more agitated as time went on. There had not been a boss battle since Toriel which lowered their guard.

I prepared a portal to my warehouse, I might be able to keep myself from having to run here again. If I applied some movie logic, since I was not on the screen at this point and the player did know of me, I could be anywhere else (sort of).

[Relevart LV 1 EXP 0 HP 89 ATK 41 DEF 95    Has a plan but…brace yourself]

Seems Chara had noticed me, but not the others. Then again it did take a turn in the game to check one’s stats.

For the plan to work I needed to anchor my position nearby but out of sight. Undertale might not have additional monsters appearing mid battle but this was a jump, not the game. I waited for the Player to choose their next action then OHKO the child with fire magic.

I stuck myself in the warehouse and waited for the load. After a minute the child appeared next to the star. If this plan did not work I would try and break the star next. Kyo and Luke had changed places and were approaching.

Just as the fight started I threw a spear of fire. The Player went to the fight screen then immediately cut to the Game Over screen. This happened three more times until the child did not respawn again.

“Luke, Kyo. A reset should be starting since I made the player think there was a glitch. Hopefully someone else will be next.”

The world reset back to when the fallen child arrived in the Underground.


The next player was someone else. I am so glad I could talk about timeline and load issues with my companions. Pretty sure Sans has caught on about the anomaly but has not said anything.

I was not part of this run and got highlights from the others via texts and calls. Probably because the player bypasses most of New Home when going to Asgore.

Papyrus told me about his date with the child. How their feelings were too passionate for him. He also mentioned that they also enjoyed his spaghetti and Annoying Dog stole on of his bones. Kyo mentioned how they were decent at dodging while Luke had been on a trip in the forest.

By the time I visited Snowdin, Undyne was there was well since her house was burned down. She talked about how they became besties with a cooking lesson. However, there was no mention of any letter deliveries so…

Kurama said she saw Sans at the child have food together at the hotel. She only saw from afar and did not know what they talked about, only that the temperature in the room dropped for a few seconds.

I returned to New Home and watched Mettaton’s special broadcast. Baking a cake, defusing bombs and the opera bit with tile puzzle…there was a large variety. The fight went as usual, Mettaton ran out of batteries and received so many calls from his adoring fans.

That meant they were on their way to the judgement hall and Sans. I waited until all the explosions and cackling were done for a while before entering the throne room. The king’s cloak and trident were on the ground. A slashed yellow flower was a few steps away.

I walked towards Sans. “So the child has left the Underground?”

“yeah, the souls and the king are gone. at least the weed’s gone too, for now.”

Toriel was reinstated as queen. She and Sans met face to face and continued with their pun jokes. Papyrus finally achieved became an official part of the royal guard, though he only had to take care of the garden.

Undyne became Alphys’s lab assistant, but Lily was worried since the latter has become more reclusive of late.

As a final thing, Sans phoned the player one last time, the others (except Toriel who was busy) also joined in. Though Undyne stressed that they live life to the fullest since it took a lot for them to escape the Underground. When the batteries ran low, Sans ended the call.

I watched from the side along with my companions since we had not befriended the human child due to a mixture of bad timing and other factors.

Unfortunately since Flowey was killed, he did not tell this player about the true ending that could be achieved. I assume they felt they were done and left.

Well third time’s the charm. On the bright side, it seems like it does not take a lot of time for a player to finish a run. Possibly reliving a month is better than redoing several.

True Pacifist

Well, this is something new. I decided to see if I could find the child before they met Sans for the first time. It was not that I took a wrong turn while walking around.

The door opened and the child in a sweater walked out with only the other striped child following. Where was the player silhouette? They marched forward with determination, armed with a stick and bandage.

“Aren’t you cold in just a sweater little one?” I stepped out from the treeline towards them.

The child shook their head. That sweater must be warmer than I first thought. I was only wearing a robe but I also had fire magic to help.

“What’s your name?” Could they speak?

I guess not since they used their finger to trace letters on my hand. “Frisk?”

They nodded in agreement then pointed at me. “I am Relevart, nice to meet you.”

I could tell that they were familiar with the Underground (or at least this area). Made sense, all the humans in the Underground seemed to aware of timelines since they could save and load. Must have been frightening not being in control of one’s own body.

I do not think we had ever met face to face before, so I was something new. Hopefully Frisk would complete the true ending so that time could continue forward. The resets had barely reached the double digits and I was already getting tired of this.

Together we walked down the path towards the bridge and guard station. I got to watch the whoopee cushion prank in person as well as the scene with Papyrus and hiding behind the conveniently shaped lamp.

I waved goodbye as they continued forward, leaving me and Sans.

“so, what do you think?”

“Something is different this time. I’ll be following along too.”

Sans shrugged and took one of his shortcuts. Maybe Frisk would make friends with the rest of my companions, but I had to make sure that they did not die. Who knows when another player would show. It usually only happened after an actual reset but I was not taking chances.

I had stocked up on monster food so everything should be okay.

Frisk was definitely a pacifist and Chara was emulating the other while narrating. It was adorable despite the fighting/dodging.

Long story short, Frisk followed the game events without any problems. They befriended everyone and delivered the letter to Alphys, which turned into a date that got Undyne and the scientist together.

I stayed hidden but left food out when needed. Not sure if Frisk noticed me but it was not important. I could not go with them into the true lab and instead waited nearby.

Passed New Home, got judged by Sans and saved one last time. The battle against Asgore gets interrupted by Toriel as the other main character monsters all show up, called by Papyrus. I and my companions stood to one side, Frisk had managed to meet all of them over the course of their journey.

Flowey showed up and absorbs the human souls and those of monsters in the underground. We did not get affected likely since we were not fully human or monster. It was a tad awkward for a final boss battle to start while we there just standing around.

We helped as support, I mainly threw healing magic like crazy. Frisk’s determination was strong but healing would be helpful. A long standoff later with Asriel realizing that Frisk was not Chara.

With his current power, Asriel shattered the barrier before turning back to Flowey. While the others were making one last lap of the Underground, I returned to the patch of flowers in the Ruins to find Flowey.

Ignoring any protests I planted him in a flowerpot and carried him along. I handed the pot to Frisk who beamed. As an aside I told Sans he could torment the plant with puns if he wanted to.

Frisk (with Chara following) became the ambassador of monsters and was adopted by Toriel. She got to open up the school she wanted with Asgore helping out. Their relationship was still rocky but that was to be expected.

Papyrus bought a red sports car to feel the wind whip through his hair. Mettaton quickly became an internet star with new and old fans.

There were troubles, but those were smoothed over with monsters bringing gold and having versatile magic. Haters existed but the majority were ambivalent if not welcoming.

After four years the jump ended, the resets did end up counting towards the decade but the had not been that many resets. Nothing too interesting happened, monsters got used to living on the surface, people got used to the presence of monsters.

My companions and I bought a house to live together. We also made sure to keep in touch with the others just in case. There was a going away party where we told them about jumpers and related information.

Like how I appeared in the Underground, we disappeared when the jump was over.

“So how was the first jump as a companion?”

Everyone only had positive things to say about the experience. At this point, the memories given by the jump had been set aside, accessible but would not affect them as much. I do not think that they were that affected to begin with though…

My next jump did not have an official import option and I did not have enough points left over. Everyone except Luke would have to stay out of sight. They could watch my actions from the television and do whatever they wanted with the free time.

The complex had a gym, library, stores and entertainment so they should not get bored.

Nothing else to do except prepare for the next jump. Might take a few days to laze and play some video games too.

Next Jump – The Great Detective

Previous Jump – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Jump #4 – Undertale                Document
Name: Relevart
Location:  Hotland (CORE, MTT Resort, lake of magma)
Initial Age: 23

Origin: Drop-In (appear out of nowhere)
Race: Monster (would look like a fox girl? Shiny Delphox gijinka?)

Summon Annoying Dog: Free perk that summons a dog that will cause chaos
Justice: free with origin (able to read LV and EXP which is interesting)
Perseverance: learning something from each failure and not giving up
Guessing Games: can now read people very well and recognize time travellers
Megalovania: infuse magical attacks with KARMA (poisons to high LOVE), could be useful in later jumps with the right perks
Spare: can hold back fatal blows no matter what

Bullet Pattern: white magic released in patterns according to appearance/personality
Magnifying Magic: doubles magic potency/abilities (also applies to other types of magic)
Healing Magic: green magic, restore target health but not able to use on self
Fire Magic: versatile with multiple uses, but does not affect living things?

Gear: nothing bought

Flaws: Lost Souls (companions strewn across Underground without memories of jumper)

Plan: Jump starts five years before events of the game. Establish self in underground somehow, maybe buy a house or just stay in warehouse. Also need to track down all my companions and get back their memories. Not sure what to do when the game events come around…unsure how loads would react with memory and knowledge of the potential time travel (hope would be aware). I guess avoid Flowey and aim for the Pacifist ending?



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