Chapter 52 Good Neighborly Relations

“Are these cars supposed to be coming back from the other bases? I don’t know what is going on out there.” Luo Xun said with worry. “The perimeter fence has not been built yet.”

Yan Fei helped tidy up Luo Xun’s hat. “It’s too big, you should also wear a mask.”

There has been a lot of snow recently and the heavy vehicles have been driving all the way up and down. Almost impossible to see across the road.

Seeing Yan Fei take out a spare mask from a pocket, Luo Xun asked. “Are these the ones I gave you two days ago?”

“Right.” Yan Fei smiled, he wore the expression well.

On the big street, who would help themselves to wear masks and hats? But Luo Xun did not evade despite internal protest – having words would only make it more conspicuous. He did not have a hobby of people watching.

Therefore after the car passed the two people held hands and walked home. On the way back they passed some bustling stalls near tents and saw a lot of people to the east, with gossipers on the west watching the situation.

Survivors from the other bases had finally arrived but they had not yet entered the inner city and were housed in temporary waiting areas outside the base.

The people on the streets were flocking together like chickens. There were less serious business people, most of them looking at each with muddled heads.

With how many people came this time, would there be enough food on base? There were a lot of zombies outside the base, many people had died outside the walls while some saw certain country leaders sitting in cars and so on.

Luo Xun knew more than those people but that was a result of his last life. He knew many leaders had survived the end of the world but that was from seeing them on television before. After the apocalypse the real leaders were mostly in the eastern base, though some were at the southwest base. Most were not familiar with the ordinary people before the end of the world.

The two hurried back to their apartment passing through the gossip enthusiastic people. The community was still the same and not changed due to the addition of vehicles. At least half of the residents in the building were involved in the outer wall construction so the area was exceptionally quiet during the day.

The two people climbed up to the 16th floor. Luo Xun felt good but Yan Fei felt some fatigue while climbing after using a lot of spiritual energy. While opening the lock the sound alerted Zhang Yi who came out and smiled. “You’re back now?”

“Well, we only spend half a day.” Luo Xun opened the door. “Nothing happened this morning?”

“It was fine, after you left in the morning, someone came upstairs and tried to pry the door. I sent them flying.” Zhang Yi leaned against the door frame with a smiling expression, a pair of peach blossom eyes curved into a crescent shape. He seemed very satisfied with his morning activities.

“Lift, flying?!” Luo Xun’s hand shook, the iron chain from the door fell to the ground.

Yan Fei opened the door and pulled a slightly sluggish Luo Xun through.

“Yes.” He pointed at a door. “I was going to throw them straight out the stairwell window if it was not for the wind.”

Luo Xun turned to look behind him at the large staircase windows. He looked at Zhang Yi with regret. “Zhang Yi, this is the 16th floor…”

Zhang Yi took a step forward with a meaningful smile, almost touching Luo Xun. Yan Fei suddenly raised a hand to push away the annoying face.

Zhang Yi was not provoked by Yan Fei’s action, he still stared at Luo Xun after getting pushed away. “You afraid I killed someone?”

Luo Xun very honestly shook his head. “Not afraid. I am worried that the death of people who fall from here is too gruesome and would trouble the military people.”

Now at least, the military was still in charge, there were rules. He was not afraid of Zhang Yi who would kill those who tried to break in their floor. If it was him, if someone dared to break into his hamster nest, trying to steal his hard earned possession…he would absolutely shoot them with a crossbow without mercy!

Could will would kill, but throwing out the body when finished, what appearance would the dead person have from the 16th floor? One could only imagine!

What was more, Zhang Yi was working with the military, if this matter was found…did not want to think of trouble that others would bring to the door!

Zhang Yi was taken aback, his eyebrows rose as he looked jokingly at Yan Fei. “You are afraid of someone hunting me down? I can’t believe you cared so much about me~”

Luo Xun’s face turned green and his mouth twitched. “Rest assured I was not worried for you. I’m just afraid of trouble and changing neighbors.”

“Afraid…changing neighbors?” Zhang Yi was puzzled, he was a good neighbor?

Did they not see that the soldiers who had sent him did not do so out of goodwill? Luo Xun was not like Li Tie, naive university students. Zhang Yi could feel that Luo Xun and Yan Fei had blood on their hands, certainly not people with mercy.

Luo Xun referred to the depths of their home. “We have just given you window protection. You are a person who usually does not go out other than for a stable job on base. I do not want you to go. I do not know how many people live here and do not understand their temperaments!” He was simply wary – he could cope with known temperament even if in exchange some trouble would follow.

Zhang Yi’s expression shifted as he asked. “Are you sure that my temperament is suitable as a neighbor? With the two of you, I believe that they people who came here can handle the trouble.”

Luo Xun could not help but give a supercilious look. “Even with trouble you are only one person. I think the military would certainly not dare to arrange people to live together with you. Between a murderer and ten people, I’d rather be neighbors with the murderer!”

…Wait, did he just say Zhang Yi was a murderer?

Returning to attention Zhang Yi opened his mouth while Yan Fei stepped forward between him and Luo Xun. “We should go back to rest.”

Zhang Yi was cut off and could not respond so he said provocatively to Yan Fei. “I said you don’t need to guard him. I’m not going to hook him up.”

Yan Fei’s eyes flashed, with slanted eyes he stared at Zhang Yi. “I fear that your peach blossoms are flying everywhere like an infection.”

“Tut.” Zhang Yi smiled, shook his head and whispered. “I said, you have not taken action yet? Hurry up. I do not intend to hook him but who’s to say another man will show up?” After speaking he turned around and left the two people.

Luo Xun successfully opened their doors – in order to prevent Yan Fei from using up too much of his energy. Before leaving today the door had a new lock added but it now seemed that Yan Fei still had enough strength after coming back. They could leave the door completely sealed tomorrow.

The two men returned directly to 1604. Took of coats and changed shoes after entering the living room. The puppy, who had already heard them was shaking her tail and jumping around. While trying to catch her tail, she made a circular turn and it was not long before the dog bumped into the corner of the cupboard.

“I’ll open the window and door for ventilation.” Luo Xun put down his bag and went straight to the iron gate between the two rooms, opening the door next room to air out the house.

Yan Fei took off his coat and sat down on the couch, he was tired even though he did not completely use up all his spiritual energy. Using his ability for a morning was like moving bricks for more than half a day but he was not exhausted like light people – just a bit suppressed.

Luo Xun returned to the room and opened the window. “This is pretty good, only need to spend a half day out. The rest of the time at home to do whatever, even if I want to increase the number of plants we will not be delayed!”

Luo Xun felt life was very regular and comfortable now. He felt very satisfied even if the time spent at home was spent farming, it was the same as other work.

“Ah…” Yan Fei responded carelessly, when Luo Xun passed the couch, the former raised his hand and pulled the latter down.

Luo Xun, who did not notice, fell into Yan Fei’s bosom. He looked up, startled and before he could speak Yan Fei rolled and kissed him.

Puppy was noisily torturing Yan Fei’s slippers at the side of the couch. The small pet stared at the two people affixed together on the sofa for a while, only to wag her tail twice then continue to seriously chew the slipper while lying around.

The little one had seen this sort of thing many times in recent days. At first she had wondered at what they were playing at. Now after seeing it so many times she ignored the sight.

Luo Xun was dizzy, it took a while for him to return to the present. Seeing Yan Fei with a smile and propped arm, he angrily pushed at the other’s chest. “You’re not afraid of me hitting you?”

“Afraid of what? How much do you weigh?” He did not mind his wife wanting to fracture himself against him. Besides his present physical fitness was far from the that of an average person.

Luo Xun was indignant, how much he weighed? He was a man more than 100 pounds okay? After his rebirth he also exercised a lot so he had muscles! He was not a three year old kid!

Yan Fei suddenly leaned down, his head buried in Luo Xun’s neck to smell his throat. “Let me hug. This morning I did use much but still feel a bit uncomfortable.”

Luo Xun did not move, rubbed Yan Fei’s back. Not long he felt sleepy, his eyes gradually closed wrapped in Yan Fei’s warm embrace.

A good afternoon, a time to deal with small and large things in the home, was spent asleep instead.

Fortunately, the greenhouse effect was strong and the two people did not feel cold even without covers. When they woke, the sky had already dimmed.

He internally complained that Yan Fei was too warm to make him fall asleep unconsciously. Luo Xun stood up ready for afternoon activity.

Luo Xun paced a bit then suddenly asked. “Hungry?”

Yan Fei shook his head. They had eaten lunch before coming back, had a nap as soon as they came home, when was there time to be hungry? Luo Xun saw him shaking his head and rolled up his sleeves. “I’ll get the shelves first.”

It may take some time for the house next door to be used, but some things could now be prepared.

For example, planting with PVC pipes in order to make soil grown crop boxes.

Luo Xun had collected a large number of boxes, containers, baskets and plates, large and small before the end of the world. He had done so in the spirit of preparation, which he could now use. What to do when these things were damaged and needed replacement? He could rely on income from the base to buy. Secondly…his home had a metal ability user who could treat metal like rubber dough. If he had trouble buying things he could let Yan Fei do it, metal was heavier than plastic.

As for the two people breaking up and so on. Lovers would not think in this pessimistic direction, Luo Xun left this possibility in the clouds.

Yan Fei also got up and followed Luo Xun to the second floor. On the terrace, there were some completely unused hydroponic shelves wrapped in plastic sheeting that were could be brought next door. In fact, compared to pots, the box grew things better, this kind of shelf also saved space, easy to handle, Some plants could not use this kind of shelf, still had to transplant into soil pots and pans.

Luo Xun looked at the number of these shelves and went back to the small bedroom on the second floor.

There were many PVC pipes remaining, as well as large and small vacuum sealed packages of grain, seeds and other things that were organized and labeled. Luo Xun took some tubes ready for tomorrow next door.

Yan Fei helped him carry the pile of pipes downstairs. The two put the big and small boxes together to the right side on the first floor.

After all this, Luo Xun went to check the home grown crops again. Crop variability was relatively high during the germination period but the growth process but not mutation free. Luo Xun felt the mutation rate of his crops was not very high, it was at least much better than when he was growing crops in the basement during his last life. Though there was little sunlight for the basement plants, perhaps the sun had an inhibitory effect on crop mutation?

But that was what he heard from other people’s homes. Even if there was good lighting, the rate of variation was generally more than half, was it because of the apocalypse?

Checking out the circle of home crops, also focused a bit on the balcony with some mutated plants. They looked ready to cultivate, after checking to make sure nothing was wrong, Luo Xun wandered back to the nursery room on the first floor.

There was not much in the nursery room, the bean sprouts and other things had been eaten, so there was only a large box of bread worms and some mushroom wood…once in a while there would be a few smooth mushrooms but only a few had a normal appearance. The others were flashing with bright red light, or exuding gray mist. Luo Xun did not dare leave those alone.

He was about to turn and leave, but saw something from the corner of his eye. The lemon was sprouting! Luo Xun paused then looked into the box with water. Yan Fei also came in and gathered around.

Sure enough, the small yellow seed had cracked, revealing a bud on the inside. It seemed it had only germinated for less than a day.

A lemon only had a few seeds inside, Luo Xun only got three in addition to two watermelon seeds. Watermelons needed long periods of sunshine so he was not ready to plant them now. He needed to wait until the weather was warmer.

They could not see much with only small shoots, did not see any type of infection or mutation. If the plants grew smoothly, then Luo Xun would not have to worry about their lack of vitamin C!

“We’ll look at the situation tomorrow morning, it’s too early to plant yet.” Luo Xun laughed with satisfaction after carefuly observing. He ushered Yan Fei out after confirming there was nothing else to take care of in the room.

The house next door was not ready for a nursery at present, if there were no accidents then Luo Xun was prepared to use this side specifically as  nursery with the one next door used for planting only.

The two were preparing to cook late when they heard sounds from the corridor. Opened the door to see Li Tie and the others were back. Zhang Yi heard and also opened a door but not his main one.

Han Li held up a lunchbox with a brilliant smile. “Zhang Yi, we brought you dinner!”

Seeing Luo Xun and Yan Fei he also added. “We also brought some extra braised eggs, here’s your share!”

Luo Xun froze. “Braised eggs? What canteen were you in? We only had a spot of meat at lunch.”

“In the third canteen…Luo Xun were you there?” Someone asked curiously as another opened the door.

“I went with Yan Fei in the morning, an ability user using too much power would not have strength. I followed along to take care of him, no points but got a meal.” Luo Xun explained then asked. “Is the third canteen in the barracks? We ate in the fifth canteen at noon.”

“Yes, it’s inside but heard that the first and second canteen food is better. We only had two dishes per meal, one with meat another with eggs. I heard that in the first and second canteens there were several vegetables to choose from and separate meat dishes!” He Qiankun rubbed his stomach and licked his lips. “But the third canteen food has been very good.”

Was it better to rely on the canteen food on base? They did eat their fill at the canteen at least.

They asked about Li Tie and company’s situation and learned that they were busy all day. The layout of the machine room took a full day and did not have time to start the computer processing software.

Li Tie and the others went straight to Zhang Yi’s home.

Zhang Yi: …Well since they brought back some food for me, I will not drive them out.

“When we went at noon we saw a lot of military vehicles from the barracks inside, you heard the news?” Luo Xun knew Li Tie and company were in the barracks, the news must be more accurate than the gossip on the street.

Sure enough, once Luo Xun mentioned this Wang Duo immediately lit up. “I know! One of the technicians knew about the new arrivals today! People came from the north base. Heard that a lot of people outside the base came from the western base and north base followed! People from the northeast base went towards the east base!”

Luo Xun hurriedly asked. “How many people? Can the base hold them?”

“How could it? I heard that a few waiting areas outside are full of people and deliberately expanded a large chunk. It is said that those people are temporarily not allowed to enter the base.” Wu Xin added.

Wang Duo continued. “Not many people live inside here. Heard that a few days ago the people who entered the base were not willing to go out and repair the fence. But after the rescue a lot of zombies came over, if the outer wall construction was not good even inside it would be dangerous. The base seems ready to let people outside enter so long as they take part in outer wall construction!”

It was unsure about the other bases but the western base was definitely the result of the survivors not willing to participate in the most basic wall building work.

If the military did not take measures, there would be big problems in the future.

The original southwest base people participated in the work with enthusiasm, were willing to use labor in exchange for food, supplies, bedding and other things. But them people with nothing came with a “others word I eat” mentality.

The people who came after had some materials on hand, were more unwilling to work in exchange for comfort on base. So these days, the base atmosphere was particularly bad, the streets were filled with people playing cards, chatting and selling things.

When the base discovered this situation, they drew their hands back as they naturally refused to raise lazy people. Luo Xun was afraid new regulation measures would be introduced overnight.

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