Chapter 46 Responsible

Yan Fei stood beside Luo Xun, he was satisfied by these things? Luo Xun’s eyes were happy and full of satisfaction at the covered quail nest and metal dome. Even without the peace and quiet of life before the apocalypse, without an ability, he could feel fulfillment from the current busy life?

Although he felt Luo Xun’s goals were too small, Yan Fei felt his mouth involuntarily curl into a smile.

He had to admit, did not need a big villa/mansion, did not need a peerless beauty as a partner, did not need to spend a lot of money, did not need high grade, luxury brand goods. All he needed was a home, warm, self-sufficient, arranged by their own means. The happiest thing was enjoying peace and happiness together with a person he got along with well.

Yan Fei raise his arm to Luo Xun’s shoulder. “Finished? Time to go upstairs for a rest, we get up early tomorrow.”

Luo Xun stiffened a bit then immediately nodded and the two went to the second floor together.

Luo Xun felt a little uneasy with the arm on his shoulder. He decided he would confront the other, since he would not be able to stand this every day! This evening, if his dream was colorful again…He would wake up late tomorrow morning again!

“That…” At the side of the bed, Luo Xun did not directly sit down and instead stared at the nearby cabinet.

“What’s the matter?” Yan Fei took off his coat and changed into his pajamas.

“I…there’s something I haven’t told you…” This was the first time Luo Xun had confessed his sexuality in front of others.

During the end of the world there was no need to admit anything. Three years after the doomsday there were few women who dared to go out alone. All those who wanted to sate their *cough* needs would end up with same sex even if they paid money. No one would say anything about it.

Although a lot of people were not homosexual, the situation became more common in the absence of women. People could only sigh and lament the chance of finding a wife or something.

Luo Xun had always felt that if this went on, then the ratio of men of women would be unequal, no offspring produced which would lead to the end of humanity.

But not now, especially in front of the goods…what if Yan Fei thought Luo Xun was coming onto him if he said so?!

Luo Xun unconsciously looked at the room and all the metal related things, he realized, would he not see the sun tomorrow if he spoke up?

“What’s the matter? Lie down and talk.” Yan Fei naturally lifted his half of the bed’s quilt.

Luo Xun looked at Yan Fei’s appearance on the bed and his heart involuntarily vomited blood-why did such a normal action suddenly seem so sultry?! Maybe…he should say nothing?

The house next door was being renovated and they would soon separate…Wait the two bedrooms next door, one was arranged as a spare bedroom, the other was for sundries! If the landlord came back and drove him away…Would he end up sleeping in the living room?

No, no, no, having a place to sleep was enough. Being allowed into the house was already benevolence. If he felt that he had been pretending to be an ordinary person to deceive and take advantage of words…Would Li Tie and the others have an extra place to sleep?

“What’s wrong with you?”

The voice sounded in front, Luo Xun was startled and looked up. Seeing the beauty, he subconsciously confided with the start of tears in his eyes. “That…I, I…actually like men. Don’t worry, I’ll never take advantage of you! Just looking…won’t go further….No fraternization.”

Luo Xun’s voice went quieter and at the end he could not lift his head. In fact even if not saying anything had no result, it would be worse if something bad happened as a result? But when it came out…

His heart involuntarily drifted into pessimism. He feared he had become too accustomed to the intimate contact between the two. Even if his heart silently expected a bad end, he wanted to give his explanation.

But he thought the disclosure would have a negative impact- previously happy to help people would push him away. Such a headache again-sure enough, looked like better not to say it…

But if one day in the future, he did not want the person to slip, found a suitable person to live with who did not know? What would he think of the time they had spent together?

Yan Fei looked at him with a hint of astonishment. Luo Xun unexpectedly had the courage to admit it?

Although he saw some of the signs, he doubted it until it was acknowledged. With the current situation…he guessed it was about being molested over the past few days.

Yan Fei’s mind irresponsibly skipped that and suddenly asked. “Fraternization?”

Luo Xun paused, did not think Yan Fei’s brain would skip over to the last thing. “Yes fraternization!” He was gay okay? Was it okay for men to kiss? Yan Fei’s gestures were too much for him!

“Why can I not fraternize with you if you like men?” Yan Fei raised an eyebrow and asked in a puzzled way.

Luo Xun choked. “Men don’t usually act like this! When you fraternize I think that you are interested in me?” After the retort Luo Xun wanted to smack the ground. Did he just blurt out his feelings?! Ah, his innocence!?

Yan Fei suddenly smiled but Luo Xun did not respond at all, still in a state of remorse he laid down in the bed.

Luo Xun paused as he got comfortable, suddenly Yan Fei rolled over and covered the other. Closer and closer until their lips touched and the two tightly hugged. A soft tongue pried open lips and probed in.

His brain froze, Luo Xun felt blank and subconsciously closed his eyes. He was held tightly, reassuring hands attached to his shoulders and back. This feeling of being hugged was so wonderful and supportive…it seemed it was a good idea to say it…


Luo Xun depserately pulled Yan Fei’s arm from inside his clothes, he did not say anything when they suddenly kissed. But he no idea when Yan Fei got inside his clothes after refocusing.

Although…the atmosphere was really good, but what kind of relationship did they have? And even if was lover, one did not sleep together the first time. Would not think only with their lower half?

He wanted to eat his tofu before clearing up the situation!?

Luo Xun pulled for a while but could not move Yan Fei’s hand, just realized his strength could not compare. Hurriedly stared at Yan Fei after looking at the wandering hand.

Yan Fei raised his eyebrows and smiled at him. “Like it when I hold you here?” His hand pinched a little as he spoke.

Luo Xun’s face flushed, something seemed wrong about his current situation. He was not a women yet he got pinched by a handsome man?!

“You, you speak clearly!”

“Ah.” Yan Fei nodded, he could eat meat after clarifying.

Luo Xun did not realize his mistake and vigorously stared. He did not know his lips were red, his eyes glazed because of the steaming kiss. Yan Fei was in high spirits, ready to pounce on his prey.

Luo Xun coughed and looked away from the handsome man. “That…I, you…” He opened his mouth and suddenly realized he had intended to draw a gap between the two of them to keep a normal distance. Not overly close, but…did he just come over? Would he be responsible for what he said?

Yan Fei used the hand originally inside Luo Xun’s collar to pinch his chin. He brought their faces close together and kissed. “Be with me.”

Luo Xun froze for a while, only to feel his face burn up though he still had doubts. “You…are not gay…”

It did not feel like it, although Luo Xun was not clear why. From his point of view he felt Yan Fei was absolutely not like him, he should be interested in women.

He was not clear on this kind of intuition, even less knew it was actually a sixth sense amongst comrades. Before the end of the world, there were some who could tell who was similar, who was not.

“No.” Yan Fei nodded his head. If he imagined himself with any of the guys in 1601; hold hand, kiss, pinch he felt the desire to kill.

“That…” Why would a good looking, straight man want to kiss him?!

With his stature, appearance, powers, he could easily find a woman.

Yan Fei suddenly shifted and something touched Luo Xun’s thigh. Luo Xun face turned reddish purple. “But I have a reaction to you. You are responsible.”

“……..” Suddenly speechless, Luo Xun silently twisted his head to the side, too lazy to ignore him.

Just now he wanted to tell Yan Fei that if he did not mind, he would be responsible for him and so on, but with the words out of his mouth…Why did it feel like he was an unscrupulous ruffian bullying a woman? He was definitely not a woman! And, who was responsible for this?

The hand is in his clothes was there again, Luo Xun hurriedly grabbed it. “No, no, this can’t…it’s not right to sleep together without being in love?”

Yan Fei raised a surprised eyebrow. “I thought we were in love before.”

Luo Xun paused for a moment then ground his teeth. “Yesterday outside? You intentionally took my arm?”

Yan Fei nodded.

“Then every morning when we wake up…that was you?!”

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow along with his default smile.

“….When I was at home, you touched my shoulder, patted my back and sometimes spoke to me while standing behind me…All that was intentional?!”

Yan Fei’s smile deepened.


If both parties were gay, then everything done to him could be called sexual harassment! Just because he first thought Yan Fei was a straight male. The two of them would get along without thinking of being together.

However…”If you don’t say anything how can you call it love?!” It was clear that the rogue was crafty.

Yan Fei just smiled. “You know what the highest realm of bullying is?”

Luo Xun silently shook his head.


Luo Xun lifted his arm to elbow the other, with a grunt he climbed into his sleeping position. He tightly wrapped himself up in the quilt like silkworm chrysalis. The usual pattern became different after he told him.

Yan Fei did not stop him, got up to turn off the bedside lamp, then he directly put his arms around the giant chrysalis. His face close to Luo Xun’s neck, the faint shampoo fragrance filled his nose.

For a long time the two people were silent but both knew they were not asleep.

In the dark, Luo Xun suddenly asked. “What are you going to do?”

Since he had been blatantly taking advantage, it seemed he was interested. But Luo Xun did not know if Yan Fei was just trying out a relationship between men? Or if he was in his heart?

Yan Fei chuckled, the vibrations made Luo Xun’s neck itch. “We are together.”

Luo Xun was silent for a while. “I like men and never thought of marrying or having children. Not delay other’s lives, but you are not the same.”

Of course Yan Fei was different: such good appearance, such a powerful ability, plus his usual gestures pointed at a very good upbringing. He must have been from a wealthy family before the apocalypse. He was left to learn, he was not an ordinary person. Just with these, countless women outside would take the initiative to pursue.

Yan Fei laughed again. “With the outside world now, what use is worrying about marriage?” He spoke to Luo Xun inside the quilt. “I just want to be together with you. Living, grow vegetables, raise the dog and quails.”

Luo Xun’s heart was moved and could not help turning around. His senses were lessened in the dark but his eyes were bright and clear. “Why?”

“…When I am with you, it feels like a real home.” Yan Fei was silent for a moment, entrenched in his mind. “Together with you I feel at ease.”

Subconsciously licking his lips, Luo Xun nervously said. “I…although it would not be the exact same as a husband and wife, I want to find someone to live a happy life. Even if we quarrel, there would be no break up because of a lapse in emotion…no separation because of differences. You should think clearly about it.”

Having someone like Yan Fei show goodwill on their own initiative. Luo Xun, with his rebirth could not believe at the moment since the feeling left a bit disturbed.

Yan Fei laughed lowly, gently kissed his lips and touched noses. “I know, I do not intend to engage in one night stands. I said that with you there was a feeling of home. I want to be a family with you, until we are old and dead.”

The thought had been in Yan Fei’s heart for a long time. As someone had once said: some people were only suitable for lovers, some who may not have an outstanding appearance but let a person have a true reassuring feeling, such as person was a true spouse.

Yan Fei had been previously ignorant until the apocalypse arrived. When he met Luo Xun, he understood what he had been pursuing all along – a real home.

The whispers of the night were very beautiful, let Luo Xun ignore the fact that Yan Fei’s peach blossom face might bring trouble. Yan Fei gently pulled the quilt.

They hugged each other tightly but did not do anything else. Just holding each other for warmth and support. When Luo Xun woke up the sun had risen.

Morning came late in winter, he woke up at seven or eight o’clock.

He lifted his head to look at Yan Fei and felt uncomfortable looking away. Yan Fei on the other hand naturally moved to send a good morning kiss on Luo Xun’s lips. “Awake? Sleep in?”

Luo Xun hurriedly shook his head. “Wake up, we still do not know when they arrive.”

The military would bring survivors to the floor. They had to move the metal plate in advance so that people could enter.

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