Chapter 45 Not Pro

Luo Xun’s heart stuttered, when they went downstairs they only looked at the elevator before dealing with the situation. Assured that nothing was wrong downstairs but forgot that inside their building there were two elevators and staircases!

The officer reluctantly shook his head and said, “Wasn’t there an empty room? These days a lot of people came to base ready for rehousing. People had to arrange to go elsewhere because of the layer upstairs.”

Li Tie and the others breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts and gave pleasant smiles. “That, we have a lot of things in the corridor piled up, in fear we temporarily plugged up security. When you have people come just knock on the door! We’ll be at home every day!”

Wang Duo smiled. “Could you arrange for some women to live in?”

The petty officer gave a one eyed stare. “The ones to live in today were all girls, quite beautiful. Originally thought to place young people together to talk, too late! Next time, there are only men left.”

Wang Duo’s face instantly turned into a bitter gourd and looked with resentment at the two people in the car. Yan Fei had no expression of sympathy. Luo Xun gave him a side glance – want a girlfriend? Go out and hook up.

Li Tie did not care whether live with men or women. “If the number is less, not too much trouble would be good…”

“Alright, don’t worry, it’s all arranged.” The officer continued. “We’ll go around 8-9 tomorrow morning. By the way, don’t go out to wander the next few days. The base is not too safe at the moment and don’t forget your work quota, make sure you report your 35 days.”

“Yes! Resolutely obey the orders of superiors!” Hearing they could work to earn points, Li Tie and the others hurriedly did a nondescript military salute with shiny eyes.

After the officer left, they waltzed back downstairs.

“Alas…we just missed…ladies.”

“Come on, don’t worry about women or ladies.” Han Li patted him on the back of his head.

Wu Xin hurriedly nodded. “They said that people will come tomorrow morning. Best we tidy up the corridor?”

At this time Luo Xun had parked the car at the backdoor. “Should tidy up, first move the small, lighter stuff into either apartment. Leave the really big, heavy stuff in the corridor.”

What was the specific situation of the new tenants? Wait until tomorrow to assess the situation, to see the character of the people who had just arrived on base.

On the other hand, the officer who had just spoken to Luo Xun went to give a report to his superior concerning Li Tie and company.

“So they should have at least one ability user,” The man stated.

Heard that the door block was indeed metal and the one who had made it did not care. Since they had not previously registered in the household survey, it was either did not want to expose themself in fear of danger or did not know at the time.

This was a normal situation, many of the ability users did not know they had powers at first. However a lot of people also feared the powers would bring their doom and dared not tell the military.

“It is quite possible that I have told them we will arrange for people to live in 1602 tomorrow morning.”

“…Well, if they have an ability user, we can arrange for another one to live there.” The officer’s eyes brightened in thought.

“You mean…”

“Right! The doctor! Let him live there!”

The petty officer secretly sweat and hurriedly nodded. “His wound is almost healed, should arrange housing.”

Obviously a doctor but not an angel in white. Injured three people during light hospital treatment, put him in a single room in time and sent the best tempered nurse to care. God knows if there would be a disaster at the hospital again?

As for who would send people tomorrow…*cough* dead friends do not die on the road, rushed loss of friends. Who made his work so busy? As for Wang Duo’s ladies? This! Who told him no to be at home today? Otherwise they would neighbors with women!

On a floor Yan Fei pulled open the container door. The steel plate condensed together and then a large lump of metal was pulled out.

Although he knew he could lift the big thing upstairs, Yan Fei helped pretend to carry the other end of the load into the corridor with Luo Xun.

To the first corner, the length of the plate was longer than the limit but then it twisted like a limp noodle! Behind, Li Tie and the others’ jaws dropped. “Really cheat, ah really cheat.”

“I could not cheat and ask you to help me move.” Yan Fei smiled while turning his head, the five shook their heads leaving afterimages.

Climbed the stairs floor by floor, they came back at a bad time, the elevator was out. It would not be easy to ascend 16 floors so easily without the ability to manipulate metal.

Arrived at the 16th floor in one trip, the seven person group felt physically better then three days ago. Anyway they were upstairs with energy to spare, except for He Qiankun who looked desperate.

There was nothing on the big iron plate at the end of the staircase, did the military not have paper? Of course, it was possible that they posted the notice on the pieces on iron on the back of the elevator door.

Yan Fei used one hand to ‘lift’ the iron plate, the other hand raised to open up a part leading to the corridor. Enough space for the people to walk through.

Put the things down then plugged back the metal plate. Luo Xun  saw Yan Fei wipe sweat from his forehead. Sure enough he was tired from floating the pieces of metal for so long.

“Let’s take a break after lunch and get things in the corridor.” Luo Xu suggested while Li Tie and the others cheered. They had spent half day in the street, they were somewhat tired and needed a burst of rest.

The two went into the empty house and then through the closed metal door back home. Yan Fei sat down on the sofa, all strength focused on relaxing.

“Do you want to take a shower first?” Luo Xun asked while washing his hands for lunch.

“No, I have to move things in the afternoon.”

The puppy saw Yan Fei lying around and ran over. Looked around then grabbed onto his calf and climbed up to his belly to lay down.

Face to dog face, they stared into each other’s eyes.

Luo Xun took a bowl from the kitchen and could not help laughing upon seeing the scene. The man and puppy turned at the same time to look.

“You just let her lie on your stomach?” Who said that the little puppy has no discipline? He said himself and never really had any control over her. Looking at the two of them now, the puppy had always been independent.

Yan Fei gave a side glance, with a lazy hand poked the puppy’s head. The little one tilted her head but also opened her mouth to pretend to bite. “I now have no strength, a moment to throw down.”

Luo Xun put the little puppy and the chopsticks down then walked back to the kitchen to get the rest of the stuff.

Returned to the living room where he saw Yan Fei continue to poke her head with his finger. One side pawing the other moving but she was not on the floor but Yan Fei’s belly! A person’s stomach was round with a grunt, rolled to the back of the sofa.

She struggled heavily stuck between the sofa and Yan Fei’s body. She resembled a sprawled little turtle with disorderly kicking.

Yan Fei tightly closed his mouth to block muffled laughter. He never seen such a silly dog, clearly was a clever chow chow yet also like this?

Luo Xun also could not help  but laugh, it was no wonder that despite there being two people’s slippers, only Yan Fei’s were targeted. His own slippers and shoes were never touched. God knew how Yan Fei bullied the puppy at home while he worked at the wall.

After eating enough, Yan Fei leaned back on the sofa to restore mental energy. Seeing his appearance, Luo Xun sighed after picking up chopsticks. “Natural recovery is slow? If only we could get some crystal nuclei now.”

Yan Fei suddenly opened his eyes and looked at him. “What do you think the use of the zombie head crystals other than restoring psychic power?”

Luo Xun did not ponder and subconsciously replied. “Can let ability upgrade?”

Using the crystals to upgrade during the apocalypse, everyone knew this common sense. With more and more low level nucleation, which had low ability to upgrade high powers it instead became popular on base. Eventually even replaced the base currency trend.

The trend was because the base had not advocated the use of crystal nulcei as exchange materials, the base still circulated points. The crystal nucleus was hard currency like gold before the end of the world. It was popular with those who needed a different kind of point currency per base.

Even for ordinary people, though the nuclei did not have substantial effect. The crystals were stronger than points and would depreciate, could be exchanged for food, clothing, cloth and other things.     

Yan Fei nodded and narrowed his eyes in thought, spoke after a while. “The crystal nucleus came out of only a few bodies, if we do not leave base we cannot get any.”

Luo Xun shrugged. “Back here we pay attention to points. Here there is no one to sell those. If there are we could trade with some other things.”

Yan Fei stood up to stretch, his black sweater hugged his body. Luo Xun involuntarily moved his line of sight, dared not look straight at the other.

“Let’s go, I reckon they should have finished their meal so let’s classify the aisles.” Yan Fei went to Luo Xun’s side and took the chance to rub his head. Luo Xun froze and took some time before returning to himself.

Waiting for Yan Fei’s response from next door after Luo Xun returned to himself. He had an unceasingly flushed face – this guy had more and more tricks these days!

Clap a shoulder, pulled an arm, touched around the waist, all these he had become accustomed to, now unexpectedly he dared to move onto his hair? Would he end up getting kissed by the guy?!

Once again in hindsight he felt not revealing his sexuality in advance was a wrong decision. Luo Xun’s heart was beating, should he take the chance to clear the air so that he will not get touched again?

But when the idea popped in, Yan Fei had gone out into the hallway and wa chatting with teh five person group also ready to move things.

These renovation materials had been roughly divided into two, now all they had to do was move back the smaller items into the rooms. Now it was not too much of a hindrance – there was at least an empty aisle set aside as walking space for the people who would move in tomorrow.

*Ding ling*splinters* There was bound to be noise handling from the 16th floor. Thankfully most of the people who lived in the upper floors were from the early apocalypse who had been recently called out to go participate in construction work to earn points and rations. So no one was home during the day, otherwise someone would have come upstairs to protest the noise.

Moving things was more labor efficient than using Yan Fei’s abilities. Other jobs were nothing to him, other than handling the huge lump of steel he had just brought back today.

It was hard work and the five students were tired. The day of vacation had turned into a workday, let people really feel miserable.

After moving the things, they had no strength to chat so they waved and each went back to their homes.

After having a good bath, Luo Xun checked the two water tanks on the roof. Recently the water was used faster because every day they did manual work. He considered waiting for spring, but also had to prepare for large scale crop planting. Luo Xun decided to take another set of water purification device to accelerate water storage.

No other way, who let him take care of a house? The house next door and so on had a lot of space to grow vegetables but every day would need a lot of water for irrigation!

Yan Fei came out from the bathroom to see Luo Xun busy rummaging. He wiped his hair and asked. “What are you looking for?”

“Water purifier…looking for it!” Turned out a set of last minute standby devices. Luo Xun held them and set up in the kitchen and the second floor bathroom.

Seeing Luo Xun place the water filter and went over things, Yan Fei  had not said anything when Luo Xun had taken out two lamps, wires and other materials. “What is this going to do?”

“To transform the quail nest.” Luo Xun referred to the large glass container on the balcony. Thinking, he turned to Yan Fei and said. “Help me change the location of the glass container, do not put on the balcony.”

“How?” Yan Fei left the half dry towel and got up.

“The temperature of quail eggs if higher than now and the light time needs to be increased otherwise they won’t lay eggs in the winter.” Luo Xun pointed somewhere the whole quail’s nest would be illuminated by daylight. “If you have the energy tomorrow, add a few plates here and use it separate the light at night.”

Now the base would be regularly powered but not solar technology. So Luo Xun would turn off the lights on the first floor at ten o’clock to avoid being suspected by others.

But quails needed light every day and evening so they could only rely on the metal plate to block out light leakage.

“Do it now, sleep at night to get it back.” In accordance with Luo Xun’s guidance to make a portable iron dome, also found a piece of black cloth to hand on the side. This way no one from the outside could see the light from their balcony.

“You are quite knowledgeable.” Yan Fei casually said. “Vegetables, quail, home renovation all these kinds of things…” Things that were completely unnecessary and not useful in modern society.

Luo Xun was wiring two lamps and laughed. “I wanted to eat my own home gardening. You know, outside things are not safe. God knows how much pesticide is in vegetables, what profiteers get.”

Yan Fei gave a slight nod and squinted. “Oh.”

Luo Xun set a timer switch to determine there were no problems with the lamp or electricity. He stood in relief after knowing that there would no outside leaks.

The eggs in the house had been consumed since a few days ago. If the quails started laying eggs, every female quail could lay an egg every day which meant seven eggs a day! If the quails did not die of old age.

As long as the fertilized eggs hatched, the remaining eggs were enough for two men to consume every day. Quail eggs could also be used to generate income after their numbers increased. There was also enough quail meat for the both of them even if they did not go out to hunt or buy meat in the future.

Luo Xun stood straight up and looked at the quails nestled in the glass dome, a feeling of happiness rose in his heart. His life experience in the last apocalypse had become a boon because of his rebirth.

When next door is thoroughly renovated, if no one claimed the house, the room could be used specifically for growing. On the balcony they could grow some fruit and other good things!

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  1. [Clap a shoulder, pulled an arm, touched around the waist, all these he had become accustomed to, now unexpectedly he dared to move onto his hair? Would he end up getting kissed by the guy?!]

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