Chapter 19 Home Inspection

Looking at Luo Xun’s tender expression of happiness, Yan Fei felt his heart tighten…he was not as good as a dog? He did not have any intentions or ideas towards Luo Xun but could not stop himself from choking.

It seemed that Luo Xun had not given him any goodwill from the start. He seemed inferior to the dog held in Luo Xun’s arms!

He never entertained expectations of love from his parents and the family elders treated him as the quality results of marriage between two houses. He was fed up with the farce of one played father, mother and grandfather – he played the role of son/grandson.

When they needed to come out it was like a movie family reunion but once the scene was over, each returned home to their own life without even the common greeting, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

Yan Fei was composed and sensible growing up, he never thought of following his heart, of marrying a woman he could be of one body, mind and soul because his marriage would not be one of love. So while he still had freedom he lived his life, enjoyed what he wanted but never expected friendship or love…

That day, world order suddenly fell apart, it was the end of the world for others but an opportunity for him…a chance to change his future.

Although he had unluckily met a group of people that night, got injured and fainted. However he later met Luo Xun and lived in his home which had a relaxing atmosphere otherwise he would not have been able to sleep so soundly after falling into a coma.

Now the man was telling him: you need to go, it is for your own good.

“I don’t want the benefits.”

From an early age, he had received too many ‘benefits’ from blood-related relatives, so long as his actions and manners conformed to his role along with an obligation to fulfill said role, he got whatever he desired. But his only hope, deeply concealed in his heart had never been granted.

Now was the apocalypse, he could truly walk his own path.

“Ah?” Luo Xun tilted his head, ‘benefit’? What benefit? Did he not have a chest injury? Why was he speaking nonsense now? He did have a small cut on his head that day, did he have a concussion?

Yan Fei pushed himself up and stubbornly stated, “I hate trouble and right now one can’t be sure if there is someone experimenting on ability users. I have no backers in the army and I refuse to become cannon fodder.”

Who said he did not have any military backing? Just not in this zone…

Luo Xun suddenly realized that even in his past life he was unsure if some ability users were secretly experimented on. After all that sort of thing had not applied to him, not to mention Yan Fei’s ability was rare.

The doorbell suddenly rang, breaking the current tension.

“Maybe it’s the army men, I’ll go and see.” Luo Xun turned to leave.

Yan Fei opened his mouth, “Don’t say I have any powers…”

Luo Xun’s footsteps paused and turned around with a smile, “I know, I won’t say a thing, don’t worry.”

Yan Fei stared speechless at the empty doorway and after a while whispered to himself, “Don’t worry…”

The doorbell rang again while Luo Xun trotted over to the door. A few soldiers were standing in the hallway, the doors of several nearby rooms were opened, including the one where Luo Xun had helped Yan Fei.

Rooms that did not have any fabric ribbons denoting human presence were forcibly breached by the army to ensure zero dead bodies or zombies.

The soldiers grasped their guns when they saw Luo Xun open the door.

“The house has two survivors? Has anyone been scratched or bitten by a zombie?”

Luo Xun hurriedly shook his head, “No, the house only has me and my cousin. We found out afterwards and whenever we went out we covered up.”

“Where is your cousin?”

In addition to dealing with zombies and corpses, the soldiers also had to collect demographic statistics. It had been clear that the urban area could not be regained within a short time period.

Each city had been divided into points of each military region with plans to establish safe areas and rescue survivors as soon as possible. The population density of the southwest was relatively small and close to two troop bases so there was an early division of safety zones.

“My cousin wanted to go out and find some water one day, he was mistaken for a zombie and attacked! His chest was injured and he spat out blood. We dared not go out to find a doctor so he took some anti-inflammatory drugs at home and rested…”

Luo Xun explained while verifying the two were actual soldiers. The two men were civilian officers responsible for collecting statistical survivor data.

“Oh? Vomiting blood?” The officer guiltily looked at the ground. “We will take note of the situation but all the army doctors are on the front lines at the moment…”

“He has no fever now but I am afraid that his ribs fractured. Can you help see if he is out of danger?”

Most of the army soldiers were capable of checking if there were any fractures. Only the doctors were too busy, could not guarantee one would come if the situation was serious. The two officers nodded in agreement since Luo Xun’s request was reasonable.

“Ah, your house has quite a few things.” The two saw into the living room with big and small boxes. The balcony had a curtain to block out sunlight.

This was the result of Luo Xun’s earlier preparations, why he ordered so many boxes from the internet and saved water. All to prevent people at the door from seeing too much stuff.

He laughed, “My cousin and I deliveries, this is the latest goods shipment. Didn’t think going out would meet zombies! We deal with perishable goods, if we had known earlier it would have been better to sell grain and oil products!”

The officer solemnly nodded, “You’re lucky the both of you are all right. Just now in the building there was a family’s son who woke up a zombie! The old couple were in despair…shut in the house not willing to kill but dare not let out…alas we were stuck at the door.”

They talked all the way upstairs into the bedroom.

Yan Fei could only hear people coming upstairs, but did not know why so he was a bit anxious. However he thought carefully, the military was here to make sure the survivors had no issues, not turn into zombie, this slightly relaxed his mood.

“Cousin, the two officers are here to check for fractures. I asked them to come check up on your ribs.” Luo Xun feared a misunderstanding and loudly shouted at the door.

Yan Fei was pale but otherwise fine, no sign of zombie infection so the officer approached. He was startled in the face of Yan Fei’s inhuman beauty. When he somewhat timidly checked the chest and ribs…there was a sense of guilt?

Confirmed the chest injury, head injury was not from a bite, the two were relieved. While one checked the rib injury the other sighed at Luo Xun.

“Your cousin has quite the bad luck, mistaken for a zombie and attacked? Was the attacker blind?”

Luo Xun sighed as well, “Our area still has limited power. We live high up and could only head down using the stairs. My cousin went downstairs to bring back some water, some person was somewhere nearby and pushed him! I was behind and did not see. Whoever it was fled when I shouted.”

“Ah, it’s a small community, not afraid of being recognized?”

“Don’t you know? These days a few dozen people fled here and a few days ago I heard cars in the night. Those people we did not know.”

The officer had finished checking the bone and straightened Yan Fei’s clothes.

“Lucky, ribs folded but no dislocation and fortunately did not poke other organs. With limited medical supplies best he stay in bed until healed. Rib fractures are quite common so long as there is no dislocation the problem is not severe. If there is a situation we will get back to you. When the area is cleaned up it be temporarily classified as a security base under management. You can find soldiers on patrol checks if needed.”

“Has the security zone been set?” Luo Xun hurriedly inquired.

“For the time being, it is from south of Lui to the troops there. The area should stay the same, the specific details not known at this time. No matter you have this place, just follow the situation regulations.”

The two officers took out the register and asked Luo Xun to fill in their information. The list was very simple: ID number, name, gender, address, preliminary statistics. Luo Xun mentioned that 1603 next door was his cousin’s home but had no time to finish before the apocalypse Successfully cheated ownership of an apartment.

While filling out the form he reached a section titled ‘having an ability’. After filling in the basics, Luo Xun innocently asked, “What’s with an ‘ability’? I was some troops before who could throw a fireball from their hands, like that?”

“Yes.” The shorter officer nodded. “Some people became stronger, their hearing sharper and each has some kind of power like from a movie. If you feel your body has changed, it might be an ability.”

“What if you suddenly discover you have an ability later?”

“There should be a special registration point or you could ask the soldiers on patrol.”  

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  1. Caught up finally ^___^ I love it when the ML falls in love first. Luo Xun’s a sweetheart so he’ll treat his heart will. Thank you for the chapters!


  2. Yan Fei comparing himself to Puppy is so funny, HAHAHAHA! Hm… Introducing Yan Fei as his cousin might bite them back in the future. They can’t act lovey-dovey in public, KAHAHAHAHA! It’s very nice that they acquired the ownership of Apartment 1603. They can merge it with Luo Xun’s. I thank thee for the chapter. ❤

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