Chapter 18 Retirement

Luo Xun woke to his noisy watch alarm, he reached for it but his hand was grasped. He confusedly turned to see his hand being held then looked up to see a pair of sleepy eyes obscured with fog. The natural morning reaction became more noticeable, there was a small tent pitched in the duvet.

Luo Xun twitched and grabbed his hand back. He subconsciously shrunk back and with a crash…fell from the bed. Downstairs, the puppy barked a few times in response to the noise.

The previously sleepy Yan Fei was now fully awake. He looked at Luo Xun’s red, flustered face avoiding eye contact. When Luo Xun finally looked up, the quilt had fallen down a bit, he hurriedly grabbed the nearest clothes and fled the room.

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow and smiled crookedly. He remembered last night when Luo Xun had blushed a bit but was still clearly dangerous. However just now, would a normal man, even a thin skinned one blush like that in response to a handsome man?

Yan Fei lifted his left hand to his face and laughed. Due to his wounds the laughs turned into coughs before he depressingly smiled. Although it had been an unexpected possibility, but with Luo Xun’s overreaction he seemed like an innocent boy who lived alone for a long time afraid of losing face.

Yan Fei from a young age had been the target of many people’s pursuit due to his excellent looks. Amongst them, there were both men and women. Less men pursued him, though it was not zero but he had little interest. More importantly, all were attracted to his appearance first!

Even if he was occasionally curious, even when Yan Fei had a whim to try and be with a man, he would not accept being the bottom in the relationship. Thus when Yan Fei found out that the delicate man he had pursued for two months wanted to top, he did not hesitate to boot him out the door. He turned and made eyes with a beautiful lady at a bar dance floor.

However even though Luo Xun’s reaction was somewhat excessive, Yan Fei did not dare confirm his suspicions. Even if he was right, the other did not say anything and he did not need to stay on guard.

Luo Xun’s thin body…he would not be able to beat Yan Fei even in his current injured state. What did he have to lose?

After a while, Luo Xun returned to find clothes and change in the closet. Not long after he brought two bowls of congee and hot water.

If Yan Fei had encountered Luo Xun during peacetime with his soft comely appearance and easily flustered, he would have teased him. However now in the apocalypse his life was precarious and precious, he could not afford to play around in case he crossed a line.

Now Yan Fei was living, eating and drinking with Luo Xun, he did not want to provoke his temporary meal ticket. He did not want to get thrown back next door!

Yan Fei swallowed the medicine, drank water and ate the porridge in silence. Luo Xun quickly returned to normal and thought – what man did not have a normal morning reaction? Was there no shame when he was in school living with a roommate?

He had lost some cohabitation common sense from living a life during doomsday! The calm reaction of the two men was as if last night’s warmth had been nothing but a dream.

Luo Xun exited the bedroom and closed the door then opened the puppy’s cage. He mechanically filled the empty pet bowl, placed it down then propped himself against the counter.

He still had to find a way to throw him back next door!

This time Luo Xun was very determined, the reason was twofold – Yan Fei had seen his shameful appearance in the morning and his eyes had a suspicious gleam. Luo Xun could not directly berid of him since Yan Fei had use, thus he could only hurriedly send the man away from his boudoir….ah no the bedroom! It would be the most sensible choice.

Yan Fei had been in a coma for two days, even if he was not fully dressed, no one would see in the early morning. He felt like he had an overly long hangover.

Luo Xun stopped to pet Puppy who had just left her cage, cleaned up the tableware and began his daily routine. He pruned branches and sifted through the vegetable boxes to find signs of plant mutation.

Luo Xun’s mood was restored to normal, only needed to avoid going upstairs to impulsively blow up the other guy.

Puppy felt her owner’s mood this morning was strange, so she obediently followed by Luo Xun’s side as he moved around instead of rolling on the ground. Luo Xun busied himself, when he turned around Puppy was standing with her tongue out.

He laughed, squatted and picked her up. “The house should be big enough for you, how would I take you out for a walk in these conditions?”

The puppy whined while wagging her tail. She was now at least two or three times bigger than when first bought, Luo Xun’s arms were now full.

He kissed the puppy’s forehead and was given a slobbery lick in return. Suddenly a horn sounded from the direction of the balcony, Luo Xun held the dog and walked over. An army car was parked in the neighborhood and a team of armed soldiers jumped off the small military truck.

The first day the army was in the area, they got rid of all the wandering zombies. Today the army came to clean the building of any remaining zombies. In order to avoid accidental injuries, the military asked residents to tie a ribbon in the window to indicate whether there was anyone in the house.

Luo Xun stuck two pieces of fabric on the window, denoting two people in the home. He looked around through the telescope and was shocked that some windows had fabric strips. He had seriously suspected that all the people had escaped the area and there would be no signs in the windows.

The people investigated each building, floor and room. Luo Xun hugged the puppy and headed upstairs, paused before the bedroom then pushed.

“The army car is in the area investigating the zombies. Since you are injured, should I tell them so you can get medical attention?”

“Get medical help from the army?” Yan Fei only heard the last part since the bedroom was soundproofed and missed the details.

“Yeah, the army should have medical equipment.”

“But right now there would be a bunch of other injured people and I’m just a normal person.” Yan Fei shrugged and naively smiled at Luo Xun.

Luo Xun looked quietly while still holding the puppy. Yan Fei’s ability was indeed powerful and in demand but he would not report behind his back. Even if he hoped to cooperate with the military, he would be able to purchase ammunition from Yan Fei with their current relationship.

Luo Xun woud discuss with Yan Fei to stay cordial. “You are an ability user and the power is rare and special. The military would pay attention if they knew. These days I have seen multiple soldiers with fire, ice and thunder abilities. Your metal power would not attract trouble.”

Yan Fei was surprised for a moment, he did not think Luo Xun would say that. Yes, his abilities were good and he would get attention if the army wanted to mould metal but…

“What about your weapons?”

Luo Xun laughed, “Wait until your healed, you can come and trade with me if you have time off from the army. I could trade food, drink or other things. If I didn’t meet you I could supply myself but it would be more convenient with your ability.”

Yes, Luo Xun had known from the start that an ordinary person could not hold onto a strong ability user like Yan Fei.

He just wanted to take the opportunity to see if he could establish a good relationship, to secure a future source of weapons and ammunition. Even if that did not work, doing some extra work was no problem.

Now there was an opportunity to help Yan Fei get better living conditions and have a higher position on base in the future. If he was comfortable, maybe future cooperation would be improved? Should be better than him becoming a super strong next door neighbor.

Yan Fei was stunned, it was true that going to the army would be the most secure action however he felt like a nuisance that Luo Xun was impatient to send away.

Luo Xun finished and bent to pet the puppy in his arms. Puppy raised her head with her tongue out and tail wagging.

One person and one dog were immersed in their private world of happiness, causing other’s hearts to itch.

“What about you?” Yan Fei’s voice was a little cold.

“Me?” Luo Xun paused then smiled. “I am an ordinary person, it would be best for the army to come and regulate. I’m sure I’ll find a form of livelihood. If not, sooner or later there will be safe areas, shelters and other places for people to live, then follow the army for protection.”

“…Just you?”

Luo Xun used the puppy’s paw to wave at Yan Fei in surprise. “How could it just be me? I have Puppy with me. She’ll always be there for me right?”

Puppy was too young to completely understand but knew Luo Xun was speaking to her. She lifted her head and barked in agreement.

Luo Xun smiled and gazed tenderly at the puppy. She was not a bad purchase, the puppy was his companion for at least 10 years without any mutation! By then, he would have hopefully found a partner…

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  5. Wihihihihi! Looks like Yan Fei is very reluctant to leave Luo Xun’s house, kyahahaha! Even though once he joins the army, his living conditions will certainly improve, he’s still hesitant. It also seems like Yan Fei is already drinking vinegar! Luo Xun and Puppy’s interaction is so cute! I want one too~ Thank you for the lovely chapter! ORZ

    —…crash… Fell… Insert “he” before “fell”.
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