Chapter 3 Hoarding

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With a new mobile phone, Internet access and a balance of 325,700 yuan, Luo Xun drove his newly acquired 9000 yuan second-hand car to the largest hardware store in the southwest area of the city.

He bought a full toolset, a variety of other tools, a set of solar charging equipment and some rolls of privacy window film. Afterwards he drove to a nearby farmer’s market to buy seeds and water purification filters.

What should be prioritized during the Apocalypse? Luo Xun firmly believed first-clean water, second- enough calories from food and third-weapons and clothing.

Water sources became contaminated shortly after the Apocalypse began. Luo Xun was cautious after fleeing M-city and noticed the base encouraged water purification by freely distributing filters. He used knowledge from his schooling to build a homemade distillation system. It was more time and resource intensive but Luo Xun needed to ensure his safety no matter the cost. In addition, the distilled water was boiled for a while and sanitized before consumption.

Many people felt that was too troublesome and only boiled without any distillation. Then M-city base collapsed after a sudden zombie outbreak inside the base. In fact, many established doomsday bases collapsed from internal issues such as food and water pollution.

At the start, the zombies were sluggish and plants/animals were still normal. Therefore multiple bases were swiftly established since there were army troops in every province. As long as the army reacted in a timely manner, they could easily rescue civilians and set up strongholds.

Even better, due to their constitutions, many soldiers acquired abilities of varying types, resulting in an improved defensive force. This is one of the reasons Luo Xun moved to the southwest in advance.

Along with drinking water, food also became a problem. Even though the Apocalypse started in winter, most people survived off storage. They did not notice crop mutation until spring and summer when survivors went out collecting supplies.

Who knew if the mutant crops were edible? Would there be any adverse side effects? Famine was a pressing issue until the following year when researchers discovered edible breeds of mutated plants.

Luo Xun’s past life was harsh; he had experienced two cities being overrun. Then he joined a search team in A-city but could not handle evolved zombies as an ordinary person. Coupled with the fact he had never handled a gun before, no team would accept a useless team member.

Instead he grew shade tolerant/loving crops in his home. When a crop is sold, he immediately replanted and continued the cycle. From that point on, his life began to improve. He did regret having no access to sunlight, missing out on planting numerous types of high-yield crops.

Luo Xun reminisced as he drove back home and moved his purchase bit by bit into the elevator. His home on the 16th floor is quite high up; fortunately there was still some power even during the Apocalypse. Everyday the elevator ran between 7-9 in the morning and 5-7 in the evening. Although he had previously lived in the basement, he needed to keep these times in mind when he had to buy electricity.

Once everything was brought in, Luo Xun took his cellphone and connected online while eyeing the empty home. Online shopping is best when one has many things to buy but little time for shopping.

Luo Xun had bought the phone not just for convenient online shopping, phones could still be used after the Apocalypse. Once the base was established, researchers developed a new mobile phone card that could be used inside. Higher ups could send out messages to placate the public. Of course the radio also broadcasted around the clock news like the discovery of a new crops, confirmed edible animals and other generic base news.

He electronically filled basket after basket, Luo Xun had left his hometown before thinking of buying anything in advance with the wide availability of Internet. In most cases, as long as he does not need an installer he just needed a location and address for the other party to deliver the goods.

He shopped through the night, the next morning Luo Xun rolled up his sleeves and started his tasks. The window film was cut to size and using a folding ladder, stuck to the window wetted with a watering can. He covered all the terrace windows with the film and the first living room windows too for good measure. The work is tedious and slightly complicated but very useful. After the apocalypse, if your balconies are covered with plants anyone who says there is no problem is a liar!

In a zombie laden post-apocalyptic world, everyone relied on processed food or raw rice and flour. A house with fresh fruits, vegetables and home cooked meals is prime target for thieves and looters.

Thus Luo Xun’s first priority was to secure his personal well-being. Once the film was in place he set up two large solar panels on the patio window to charge. He only bought one set since the panels were so expensive and there were other things he needed to buy. If his current funds were not sufficient then he could drive over and loot the hardware store during the Apocalypse.

After all, at the start of the Apocalypse, the zombies were very slow and unintelligent. Those who dared to go out gained more resources. The remaining film was packed away in storage after covering the windows of Luo Xun’s used car as well. He had been working away for almost the entire day indoors, so Luo Xun tidied up and drove out to a specific location.

He had lived in the southwestern base for eight years but it had already gone though post disaster reconstruction. Some residential areas had collapsed, others were newly built and public buildings had changed appearances. When doomsday arrived, come supermarkets were completely wrecked.

He needed to familiarize himself with the locations of nearby supermarkets and other stores instead of just ordering online. Although the southwest is somewhat distant, its prosperity may be higher than average. The city was only a metro ride away so many office workers would choose this remote, lowered price residential area. Due to that, there are all kinds of facilities. Luo Xun was surprised to find local supermarkets every couple intersections along the main road. There were also three national chain supermarkets along with a number of convenience stores.

Luo Xun marked all the important places on a city map and planned to do the same to a digital map as backup. He turned and stopped in a large supermarket’s parking lot. With credit card in hand, Luo Xun familiarized himself with the store layout while pushing a cart.

Today he had spent 30,000 yuan at the hardware store and farmer’s market. Then he spent 7888 yuan during last night’s online shopping spree leaving 200,000 yuan. Luo Xun estimated spending 1000 yuan at the supermarket.

He marched forward and grabbed oil, rice, noodles, instant noodles and other food products. As he passed the household goods isle Luo Xun realized his had forgotten to buy bedding and a change of clothes.

He looked at the price tags and compared to those online. He will buy online since it is cheaper and has home delivery, which is more convenient not to mention his cart is already full. He finished by adding various cooking utensils.

Luo Xun refused to apply for a membership card and pushed the cart into the parking lot for loading. After he had put all the purchases in the house, Luo collapsed on the floor and lamented.

“My strength is so pitiful…”

His current strength is hovering at average values. Even compared to his past life’s bad living conditions, his current student body lacks strength.

But how could he exercise now? In the future if he world hard and stays diligent, his strength will steadily grow.


He closed his eyes in reflection then added some last minute purchases on his phone before heading to the second floor. He made a makeshift nest of thick clothing and fell asleep.

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25 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Hoarding

  1. When doomsday arrived, come supermarkets were completely wrecked.
    come > some
    In the future if he world hard and stays diligent, his strength will steadily grow.
    world > work


  2. Did I stop reading to look up a home purification system and to see how to distill water DIY style… yes. I mean the most basic necessities are food water and shelter. Also I mean emotionally community and love but…. Internet is still available so yay.


  3. “When doomsday arrived, come supermarkets were completely wrecked.” I think this is supposed to be “arrived, some supermarkets” .


  4. “The city was only a metro ride away so many office workers would choose this remote, lowered price residential area.” I don’t think you need the “ed” at the end of “lowered” in this sentence.


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