Chapter 2 The Best Refuge for the Apocalypse

*Oz’s Corner has graciously allowed me to help translate the project, they translated the first chapter (link in table of contents)*

Translator notes: I don’t use footnotes (though I will if need be). Not sure how good this is but it’s more readable then pure MTL at least.

The agent exited and escorted Luo Xun to a nearby apartment building.
“Brand new neighbourhood in the southwest area, some of the building have not been completed yet. The home is well placed, newly renovated with a great view and little noise. There may be only a few people here now but that will change once the new supermarket is built.”

Luo Xun kept quiet, nodding while listening to the sales pitch. He already knew that only two floors of that building had been built, the new supermarket remained just a rumour. However this place would become a golden downtown area since the army and another regiment were nearby. Both conveniently in the southwest area.

In the future two bases were established at the beginning get of the Apocalypse and subsequent zombie outbreak. One was the rapidly cleared southwest base under the protection of two army regiments, the other was the eastern base.

A year after M-city was overcome, Luo Xun fled north to the southwest base and the eastern base the following year. Not long after he fled to A-city zombies and mutant animals appeared at the same time. Luo Xun remembered the basement of eastern Building 3, his previous home of 8 years during the Apocalypse. Since he now has an alternative, he naturally will no return to that basement. Not to mention that basements are currently on rented out for storage purposes.

In the corridor someone had written a string of phone numbers in oil pen and pasted small advertisements for renovating or installing air conditioning and plumbing. Even the elevator door was not left untouched, when the two entered inside the elevator,  the walls were covered in posters.

Luo Xun glanced around while the agent awkwardly smiled.
“People came in advance since there isn’t any surveillance and this is not considered private residential property yet.”
“As usual then.” Luo Xun looked at the graffiti in the corridor.
By the time he had arrived, the walls had long since become unspeakably filthy. Any trace of wall postings had been covered with the blood and brain matter of deceased zombies.
They stopped at the 16th floor, the agent unlocked the apartment with the key and described the home.

“The first floor has a living room, balcony, kitchen, bathroom and storage room. The second for has a terrace, 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms one large and two small. Have a look inside.”
The agent continued, “The house is fully furnished and comes with a secure door. A family had planned to move in but got a work transfer. The new workplace was too far from here, hence the need to rent out. Though the appliances have not arrived yet.”
Luo Xun dipped his head, knowing there was more to the situation. The home had been set up for an elderly person because of the location and terrace, therefore there was not an urgent need for appliances. However the elderly person had passed away from illness so the home was now empty.

The agent had been deliberately vague, possibly afraid the Luo Xun would not rent if he knew all the details. Luo Xun was satisfied with the sunlight streaming through the large windows at the back. When they went upstairs, Luo Xun bypassed the empty bedrooms and headed to the terrace. It was sealed with glass for safety reasons and the roof was too windy.
Even better (for Luo Xun) it was tempered glass. With this, he felt the 3500 monthly rent was a good value, considering the cost of living in urban areas.

“Okay the house is good.”
“Then you…?”
“I will rent, when can the landlord come and sign the contract?”

The agent grinned and called the landlord. The monthly rent was 3500 with a deposit of three months worth of rent upfront and a 3500 agent fee. The two parties signed the agreement on the morning of October 1 and Luo Xun received the key to his dream house.

In his past life he had admired this house. When he reached A – city southwest base, home planting techniques and simple water purification had already been implemented amongst others. Various explorer teams had gathered mutated crop seeds from nearby farmland. After analysis and observation by the research department some crops were discovered to have high yields and short planting times. Thus crops that provided basic energy needs were popularized.

At that time, Luo Xun only had a basement room under 10 square meters, with barely a breeze and a trickle of sunlight from being blocked by other buildings. Unlike earlier residents who could set up solar panels on their patch of roof, Luo Xun had to buy electricity at exorbitant prices from others.

Even so, he planted a number of crops that did not need sunlight in is small basement such as beans sprouts, chives, garlic and some other non-mutated crops. He also had some large yield mutated crops that grew in shade. This decision helped him save a lot of money. In Luo Xun’s mind, his practical skills are quite strong. Even in poor conditions he would find a way to survive, even better now that he e turned to the past.

Only eight buildings had been built, when a portion of North central area returned to the city, six buildings were ready for sale. This area had been established three knows ago, the new home had Ben renovated under a month ago.

When the Apocalypse struck, four buildings had been finished, two had been outfitted and the last two did not have any doors or windows installed. Two of the houses were completed under the supervision of the army to provide a safe area. They did not deal with already completed homes.
The original owners were left out by survivors once the Apocalypse began in earnest. In his past life, a family of three had rented the place out half a month before the start of the Apocalypse. This was since there weren’t any appliances despite having good furnishings. Most migrant office workers in the city would choose somewhere else, otherwise how much would they need to spend to buy appliances?

Luo Xun knew the house was excellent. Later on, he could buy solar panels from the military and take advantage of the window space. Useful if one cannot or does not want to buy electricity. Mrs. Wu had a hard personality and loved to be frugal. Usually with multiple purchases there would be concessions, however Luo Xun never got any discounts. So he went and bought himself a rechargeable battery to become self sufficient.

The two sides almost came to blows but the family of three with thick waistlines had to swallow their words when they descended from the 16th floor. The family relied on the fortuitous location of their home to sell electricity as their livelihood, unlike others who grew crops at home. In addition, the son had never been outside the secured areas since the mother could not bare if her child got killed out on an expedition.

The landlord was missing after the start of doomsday and did not return to the southwest base. Luo Xun was not sure but they had likely died during the disaster. Even if they had returned, they would not get their original home back since housing was allocated according to base regulations.

Luo Xun was not a saint, since he was an ordinary person he never entertained thoughts of heroism. With the house, he now had a dwelling which he wanted to turn into a fortress to improve his life (in comparison to his past life). A place he can spend the long and terrible apocalypse in relative relief and peace.

There are now 57 days until the end of the world. 

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    Translation is very nice, and the story is really interesting so far!


  2. Practical normal guy, let’s see how he manages, unlike other novels where the MC was really rich and just hoarded with their money.


  3. 2 months for the apocalypse, return on September 8 and now is October 1 and says that there are 57 days left is the end of the world, the months how long they last in this world


  4. This seems interesting, finally getting around to reading it been on my to read list for awhile
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  5. I now want tempered glass all over my house. Um, solar panels, crops, also wow totally nice digs and for one person at that.


  6. “Not to mention that basements are currently on rented out for storage purposes.” I think you might have mint “currently only rented”.


  7. “The second for has a terrace, 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms one large and two small.” This I think was supposed to be “ second floor has” .


  8. “possibly afraid the Luo Xun would not rent if he knew all the details.” I believe this is supposed to be “afraid that Luo Xun” .


  9. “Even so, he planted a number of crops that did not need sunlight in is small basement such as beans sprouts, chives, garlic and some other non-mutated crops.” I think this is supposed to be “sunlight in his small basement” .


  10. “even better now that he e turned to the past.” this was was probably supposed to be “he returned to” .


  11. Go job translating …..please forgive all the comments my grandma was an English teacher somethings became a habit before I knew it. What is really scary is her favorite comment about my writing assignments was to call them “creative spelling assignments” .


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    If you uploaded it there yourself or gave your consent, please ignore me xD
    But if not, now you know. And it requires real money to read locked chapters there.


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