After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Extra Chapter 112

The semi-paralyzed white tiger was lying on the floor with all four limbs in the air, and a chubby Mingyou wearing a high-tech, leak-proof diaper was rolling around on his belly. The chubby baby Mingyou was now weak, and it was very difficult for him to even crawl.

But it didn’t matter, even if the limbs were weak, it couldn’t stop Mingyou’s excessive energy. Although baby Mingyou’s immature head did not understand what it meant to go back to the past, the excitement gushing from his heart makes Mingyou appear much more lively than other babies of the same age.

Arthur was still just a little black cat, too small to cooperate with Mingyou’s mess, so the white tiger, who was unable to move, became Mingyou’s playground. The big tiger was like a blanket. Baby Mingyou rolled over, gasped, and continued to roll over, from the white tiger’s chin to the backside, paused and then back again. Next to them, the little black cat puffed up, applauding Mingyou.

The silly white bear scratched his ears: “Your Highness, is this the child of His Highness Anthony and Marshal Zong?”

The white tiger roared: “It’s not mine! I don’t have such a bear child  in my family!”

Arthur the cat licked his paws, jumped onto the tiger’s belly, and was hugged by baby Mingyou and rubbed back and forth.

He proudly said: “This is my child bride. His name is Mingyou.”

The polar bear said honestly: “Your Highness, child brides break the law, it’s not good, I don’t want to go to prison to give you lunch.”

Arthur: “…You shut up.” Although the current one was just a simple bear, he already possessed the characteristics of Herman choking people to death with words.

“Da, Dabai!” Baby Mingyou held the cat firmly with one chubby hand, and waved the other chubby hand vigorously at the polar bear.

The white tiger, who was used as a soft cushion for the two children to play, said angrily, “When you see a white spirit beast, just call it Dabai. You will have so many Dabai.”

Although the white tiger spoke sharply, his two front paws were like railings protecting the fragile human baby and an overly strong little cub.

Now the white tiger didn’t say that Arthur was a house cat who was picked up. If Arthur the cat was picked up as a house cat, what would he have lost to?

The white tiger refused to admit that he was half paralyzed, and naturally he also did not want to admit that Arthur was bullying the old, weak, sick and the disabled. Therefore, Arthur was so powerful that he could defeat him, the king of tigers!

“Wow.” Baby Mingyou rolled to the white tiger’s back again, picked up his long tail that had no place to rest, and bit down.

“Aww!!!!” The white tiger was fluffy all over, “Let go, let go!”

Arthur’s claw patted Baby Mingyou’s forehead, and he said calmly: “Mingyou has only two small teeth, how could it hurt you? Mingyou, let go, it’s dirty.”

The white tiger roared: “The tail is bitten, it has nothing to do with pain or not!”

Arthur said contemptuously: “Don’t be so sensitive… Aww meow!” Before the Arthur cat finished despising, baby Mingyou spat out the white tiger’s tail, pulled the little black cat’s tail, bit it, and grind his teeth.

“Mingyou! Let go of my tail!” Arthur the cat yelled angrily.

Baby Mingyou continued to chew on the little black cat’s tail, his big eyes were full of innocence. His teeth were itching, wanting to bite something.

The polar bear jumped up from the ground, trying to cover his short tail with his claws, but they were too short to cover it at all. Ouch, it looked so painful, this bear didn’t want to be bitten, should he find an excuse to escape?

“Maybe he is teething, and his gums are itchy.” Xiaotian jumped out at the right time, “It’s time to prepare a molar stick for Mingyou.”

Arthur finally snatched his tail back from baby Mingyou’s mouth. He touched his tail which was wet with saliva distressingly, and said, “I’ll prepare a teething stick for you right away, don’t grind your teeth on my tail!”

The big white tiger was angry: “Mingyou only has two small teeth, how could it hurt you?”

Arthur: “… Mingyou, before the teething stick is delivered, you can grind your teeth with Uncle White Tiger’s tail.”

Baby Mingyou, with his belly up, nodded his head, then rolled towards the white tiger’s behind, trying to grab the tail.

“Don’t move my tail!” The white tiger got angry and tried to shake the monster Mingyou and Arthur off his stomach.

“What’s the matter?” His Majesty the golden lion finished his work and hurried back to see the child, when he saw the angry look of the white tiger uncle.

After learning that Mingyou had itchy teeth and was grinding with a cat’s tail, His Majesty the Golden Lion waved his lion tail and curiously approached baby Mingyou.

“Come on, Mingyou, jump.” His Majesty the lion was like teasing a cat, the tail with a fluffy ball on the tip dangled in front of baby Mingyou’s forehead.

Baby Mingyou ⊙_⊙.

Baby Mingyou ︶︹︺.

Eyeroll  ←_←.

His Majesty the Great Golden Lion Σ(°△°|||)︴.

“Wait, Mingyou, what’s the matter with your expression?” His Majesty the Golden Lion immediately grabbed his long tail and leaned in front of Baby Mingyou, “What’s wrong with my tail? Doesn’t my tail look good?”

Eyeroll →_→.

His Majesty the Great Golden Lion was petrified. He shook his head, with a solemn expression, and continued to put his tail in front of Baby Mingyou.

“Look, there are furballs. I have a furball on my tail that none of their tails have.”

“How beautiful the golden color is, right? Doesn’t it look like sunlight? It’s warm and shiny.”

“Just take a bite, just one bite, my tail definitely tastes better than theirs!”

Arthur was squeezed from the white tiger’s belly by His Majesty the golden lion. He squatted in front of the white tiger’s head with a blank face: “What are you doing, big brother?”

The white tiger said blankly: “Sell his own tail as a molar stick to the brat.”

Arthur: “…Why?”

White Tiger: “Perhaps after being rejected by the brat, his self-esteem was damaged?”

The polar bear’s back kept moving slightly towards the corner. Was His Majesty’s character a bit broken? Would he be silenced?

The polar bear who had read too many dark novels in his youth, his mind was full of killing the bear. Tomorrow, the cushion on His Majesty the Golden Lion’s throne would become bear skin. For every cushion made, a great bear was slaughtered. Cherish the bears and reject bearskin cushions.

Bears trembling.jpg.

Baby Mingyou was annoyed by the golden furball tail. He tried his best to push away the golden lion’s tail. But Mingyou, who was only three months old, couldn’t do such a difficult thing at all.

So baby Mingyou was like a little turtle turning his belly over, moving his limbs on the tiger’s  belly, bouncing vigorously, and spitting: “Bah!”

The saliva sprayed on the lion’s tail, His Majesty was sluggish.

Arthur hurriedly rushed over to stop Mingyou, who was constantly spitting: “Stupid Mingyou! Don’t spit! You haven’t become an alpaca yet, how did you learn their bad habits? A good boy can’t spit , a good alpaca can’t spit, you know!”

Baby Mingyou sniffed aggrievedly: “Mao… Mao… Bah… Bah…”

Arthur’s paws opened baby Mingyou’s mouth, and pulled out a few golden hairs from his mouth. He turned his head to his brother and said angrily: “Why are you still losing your hair?! Are you still a spirit beast? If the hair of a spirit beast does not undergo special treatment, it will automatically disappear soon after it falls off!”

The golden lion was very wronged. You also said “very soon”, didn’t I just drop it?

Baby Mingyou waved his small fist: “Bah! Bah!”

The golden lion silently moved to the corner, grabbed the ground with his head, and shrunk into a big fluffy ball. Why? Wasn’t his majestic golden lion mighty? Wasn’t it good looking? Look at his gorgeous fur, wasn’t it attractive? Why did Mingyou treat him so badly?

Arthur tried to appease the angry baby Mingyou, constantly slandering him. Why did Mingyou have a bad attitude towards the golden lion? Wasn’t because the elder brother in his previous life was more able to eat as he got older.

As a spirit beast master, Mingyou took care of the health of the spirit beasts in his family. No matter how much he loved his family and spirit beasts, when he encountered a stubborn “patient” like the Golden Lion, he would inevitably run out of patience and have a bad temper.

For such a lively and magnanimous person like Mingyou, all the roars in the rest of his life were given to his elder brother, so even if he had not recovered his original memory, wasn’t it only natural that he had a bad attitude towards his elder brother?

Arthur’s little paw held Mingyou’s head in his arms with difficulty. Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, there is a sister-in-law in this life, we don’t have to worry about the big orange cat anymore, coaxing, not angry not angry.

Baby Mingyou leaned against the little cat’s soft belly, and finally let go of his tightly clenched fists, but his little mouth was still in a pout, showing a look of lingering anger. He gurgled and made a sound from his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but because of the restriction of his vocal cords, he couldn’t speak.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, you will be able to talk in a few months, and then you can scold big brother well.” Arthur’s head kept rubbing Mingyou’s soft and chubby cheeks, “Good boy, Mingyou be good, when my sister-in-law comes back, I will file a complaint for you, and let the elder brother sleep in the living room without giving him a pillow or a blanket.”

Baby Mingyou finally uttered a single syllable: “Good!”

His Majesty the Golden Lion who was scrambling for the ground in the corner turned into His Majesty the Gray Lion, and even the walls and carpet around him turned into gray shadows. What did he do wrong? Why are they doing this to him?

The white tiger sneered: “You deserve it, who made you bully a baby.”

His Majesty the Golden Lion raised one of his front paws, head full of question marks. Ah, no, uncle, don’t you hate Mingyou and Arthur very much? Why did you suddenly stand by Xiaoyou and Arthur and say that I deserve it? Where did I deserve it? How did I bully the little baby? The lion was wronged, the lion is sad, and the lion is silent!

The bear continued to move towards the wall. Oh my god, why was he here to present His Royal Highness Arthur’s latest best-selling music album? Will he really be silenced by His Majesty the Golden Lion? Was it too late to ask his sister for help now?

The polar bear quietly sent a message to Jane who was far away at the junction of the chaotic star area and the autonomous star area.

“Sister! Come back quickly! Save me!”

Jane looked at the news in the light brain and was very puzzled. What was he doing? Could it be that he was caught and spanked by his second brother for skipping class to play music?


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  1. Thanks for the hard work~

    Lol the big orange kitty isn’t self aware enough to know what he did wrong and now his alternative overeating self has blame piled up on him too

    Hopefully he’ll get more chances to redeem himself and be majestic in this life


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