After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 76

Arthur squatted beside the mirror and looked at his reflection with a bleak expression. He was still fluffy, but his big eyes seemed to be painted with flesh-colored eyeshadow, which looked very funny.

    “It’s easy for this to happen with cats.” Mingyou tried to comfort Arthur with pictures of other domestic cats.

    Arthur glanced at pictures of other cats. It was true that most of the other cats were bald near their eyelids and brow bone, but they were bald, what did it have to do with him? They don’t compare to him.

    Mingyu had no choice. It seemed that if Dahei wants to recover his spirit, he could only wait for the end of the molting period.

    Fortunately, Arthur shut himself in the bathroom and turned back into a humanoid to observe, and found that his human form had no problem with hair all over his body, especially his eyebrows, and eyelashes were still very dense. He decided to not change back before his molting season was done.

    “That’s not possible, you have to change back at least once a day, let me comb and massage your hair to speed up the removal of dead hair.” Mingyou said.

    Arthur pursed his lips, nodding unhappily. The little man in Mingyou’s heart clutched his chest. The human Arthur was really too good-looking, and now this kind of moody and awkward attitude was simply too electric.

    Every time Mingyou saw Arthur’s human figure, he thought sadly, why didn’t he find out that he was a face control in his previous life?

    Sometimes Mingyou thought to himself that as long as one looked good enough, gender didn’t matter. He hid this idea, but dare not let Dahei “read” it. If his black cat knew about his beauty, it was estimated that the welfare of the cat’s pillow and quilt would be cancelled.

    When it was time to go to Maple Leaf Star, the molting period of the black cat was far from over, so Arthur had to accompany Mingyou to Maple Leaf Star to participate in the Festival in human form.

    “This holographic mask is a prohibited item and will be found by the security check.” Arthur showed Mingyou a camouflage mask, “but we have already said hello in advance, so there is no need to attend the security check. And even if you participate in the security check, the serial number of this mask will directly enter the Star Alliance highest AI database registration, it will not be detected by others.”

    Xiaotian projected a bright muscle expression: “L(^o^)” I am one of the administrators! “

    Mingyou immediately cheered Xiaotian: “Xiaotian is amazing!” “

    Xiaotian’s expression pack began to expand again, and after the expansion, one by one, they exploded on Arthur’s head.

    Arthur: “…Do you really want to be donated by me?” 

   Xiaotian made a “poof” expression with his tongue sticking out and beating his head, and immediately slipped away.

    Although it is fun to tease the master, but you can’t play too much, the master will put him in a small dark room.

    “Xiaotian really likes you.” “Mingyou sighed. His Dahei was really loved by everyone, even AI.

    Was this like? Arthur didn’t know how to complain, so he had to skip this topic and continue to introduce various disguise props to Mingyou. 

    Seeing that he was an interstellar hero, this face was too recognizable. Mingyou himself was already very famous in the interstellar space, and now photos had been circulated everywhere, especially in the public schools of the Star Alliance, which had been hung up in his teaching building. Although Mingyou said after a look around, he didn’t say most of these words. 

    Mingyou: Actually, every school could hang “Mingyou: Dahei is the cutest.” This sentence, he said this every day.

    “It’s amazing, do you think I look good now?” Mingyou especially liked pinching his face, so he pinched a face for himself, and Arthur immediately started to delete it.

    “Why?” Mingyou was very dissatisfied.

    “The pinched face must match your own character and image, otherwise it will be easily exposed.” Arthur retrieved a lot of faces from the database, “Choose from here, these faces are not recognizable.”

    Mingyou glanced at the database The faces, without exception, were all the faces of obedient students.

    Did he look immature? Mingyou aggrievedly chose a dumb-looking college student with flat bangs: “What do you choose?”

    Arthur chose an ordinary handsome guy, which made Mingyou even call unfair.

    “Why is my face so ordinary, but yours is still a handsome guy? Why don’t you attract attention?” Mingyou was very dissatisfied.

    Arthur said: “The face you choose should be in line with your personality. I usually look very confident. Wouldn’t it be weird if I didn’t look handsome. And this kind of handsomeness is also very ordinary, casual in the crowd. You can find one or two. Do you think it is normal if you are not ugly or beautiful? If you catch a spy, you will specifically catch this kind of public face.”

    Mingyou was silent. He always felt that Dahei was simply not wanting to be ugly.

    “Your Highness is right.” Comrade Leo, the yellow monkey, finally recovered his human form, and this time he also used his human form to accompany Mingyou to the Maple Leaf Festival.

    Yan Yi and Herman were sent by Arthur to handle work that should have been handled by himself-the boss wanted to be lazy and visit the Maple Leaf Festival, but not only the adjutant had to work.

    “Brother Monkey, why did you choose a gangster face.” Mingyou was now accustomed to his partner’s humanoid changing getting faster and faster, and he could already interact with Leo.

    “Is my temperament still mixed?” Leo changed back to his original appearance, pointing to the scar on his face that deliberately didn’t disappear.

    That scar was a medal he left behind when he killed the enemy with his own hands. He thought he would keep this medal for the rest of his life, but now he rubbed medicine to remove the scar. If there was no accident, the scar would disappear in half a month.

    Leo didn’t know why he rubbed the medicine, he just didn’t want Mingyou to stare at his scar.

    “Don’t mix, just like an honest person who was forced into a hurry.” When Mingyou was afraid that there was no attack, each one was sharper than the other.

    According to Brother Tibetan Fox, who often chatted with him on his light brain, Mingyou and Tan Chenxi were completely fake brothers when he complained. Mingyu was very proud of this. No way, the sheep family, the talent for complaining was innate.

    Tan Chenxi glanced at the chat records of his roommate and his younger brother, and did not catch his breath for a long time.

    Why were alpacas called grass mud horses? Why grass mud horse? Why was it something to be proud of? Who had his brother indoctrinated with rubbish ideas? Could he beat up the people who had taught his younger brother wrong one by one?

    And this mentally retarded Tibetan fox, stop harassing his brother and instilling rubbish thoughts in him! Did the roommate of the Tibetan fox anchor want to beat him today? As always, very much.

    “Honest man…” Leo didn’t know how to answer. Was he honest? He had been a star thief.

    “Star thieves can also be handsome.” Mingyou had starts eyes, “The star thieves who only steal from other star thieves are very handsome. There are also adventure groups under the banner of star thieves. By the way, I told you the story of One Piece? Let’s change and call him Star Thief King?”

    Leo: “…I think the Star Alliance should not allow the promotion of star thieves. What star thief needs to be banned.” 

Arthur began to frantically turn his mind again, “Now the public opinion propaganda of the star thief is also very powerful, and many of the star thieves’ TV series and cartoons have invested audiences. It’s quite broad, and many children with unrighteous views really yearn for them. Since this aspect cannot be eliminated, why don’t we create a benchmarking work?”

    “Leo, this is your future work. You can tell Mingyou more about the star thieves and act as his deputy.” Arthur said, and began to issue orders, “Mingyou, while at Maple Leaf Star, you are not allowed to do research. If you want to work, think about script and character design. If you need any information, ask Leo for it. The star thieves are very dark, can you bear it?”

    Mingyou asked: “Buried alive? Dismembered? Beheaded for fun? Babies cut alive? Hundreds of thousands of people killed with ordinary knives, guns and sticks in just a few days?”

    Arthur: “…What strange things have you seen? How can you kill so many people in a few days without using large-scale weapons?”

    “Why is it impossible, when my country was invaded in my previous life, I was treated like this. We have been treated like this. It’s written in the history books.” Mingyou patted Arthur’s shoulder and said old-fashionedly, “Don’t say how many virtual works I have seen, many of my previous life works are not dark and deep can’t say that I have an idea. To tell the truth, human beings have been so cruel since ancient times, don’t worry that I can’t bear it.”

    “I haven’t experienced it myself, but I just watched some information, and I can’t bear it. You think I’m too fragile. “Mingyou patted his chest, looking like a man who stood upright.

    At most, he would cry his eyes out, or have nightmares for a few days. But there were his partners, and Dahei… ah, recently his cat pillow and quilt were gone because of severe hair loss, but he had more pillows, so he wouldn’t be afraid at night. No problem!

    “…The world in your previous life was really dangerous.” Arthur was silent for a while before he squeezed the words out of his teeth.

    He really couldn’t understand why Mingyou was so weak in his previous life, why he still looked at these stimulating things. And such exciting things were actually written in history textbooks?!

    “What else was strange in your textbooks?” Arthur was curious again.

    Mingyou blinked and said: “The government is a dictatorship tool for one class to oppress another class, right?”

    Arthur: “…Your education is really weird. It’s really strange to stuff this knowledge into the heads of ordinary children. Okay?”

    Mingyou put his hands on his hips and “V” with the other: “Okay, very good. You can also think about it.”

    Arthur: “…I will think about it.”

    Seeing that Mingyou should understand and should not understand, he seemed to know a lot, and it seemed that he would not be stimulated by the dark side of the star thieves, Leo was relieved.

    Arthur had already discussed with him and asked him to introduce Mingyou to the dark side of the Star Alliance.

    Chaos sector, star thieves, hunters, adventurer groups… These were all important components of Star Alliance society. And among these forces, there were many spirit beast powerhouses whose strength was no less than that of the Star Alliance elite.

    The Star Alliance could stabilize them, relying on the overall strength of the unified government. Even the most powerful spirit beasts couldn’t withstand the army.

    As the founder of new spiritual beast science, Mingyou would definitely receive these spiritual beast powerhouses outside the system in person in the future, and would definitely come into contact with these dark sides of the Star Alliance. Although Arthur could help Mingyou block everything, he hoped that he could grow up by himself.

    In particular, Mingyou himself was eager to grow to the same height as his partner spirit beasts. Mingyou said that he hoped to fight side by side with the group of spirit beasts. Since Mingyou wanted to grow, Arthur would do his best to help him grow.

    Compared with the parental doting by the other partner spirit beasts, Arthur was more strict with Mingyou. Many spirit beasts expressed their dissatisfaction euphemistically, but Arthur insisted on going his own way, and Mingyou also listened to Arthur’s command wholeheartedly, which made the parents who doted on Mingyou very helpless.

    Leo strongly objected to Arthur letting Mingyou know more about the star thieves, but Arthur said that Mingyou would need to understand one day, and at that time, Leo could not refuse.

    Now, what kind of “Star Thief King” anime script is Mingyou going to make, so he wanted to know it? Leo wanted to squat down and hug his head. But he was not a big monkey now, so he couldn’t take such a shameless action.

    “Brother Monkey, what kind of role do you want?” Mingyou disregarded Leo’s complicated mood and jumped on his back, like a little monkey hanging above him. Leo, who had a full head on his back, said, “What do you think the dead Star Thief King is better, or the son of the Star Thief King who will die later?”

    When Mingyou saw Leo for the first time, he complained in front of him. Leo’s spirit beast was just a golden monkey. It was too different from Leo’s current size. Leo should be a big beast like a brown bear. This body type, plus the beard and bald head!

    “Why do I have to die?” Leo was speechless.

    “Because death is easier to remember?” Mingyou said.

    Leo sighed: “Can you give me a role other than a star thief, I don’t want to be a star thief.”

    “Okay, then be one of the Star Navy people who are determined to kill all the star thieves.” Mingyou said, “But the upper echelons of the Star Navy are very rotten. They don’t care about the star thieves at all, they just want to stabilize the power of their Heavenly Dragons. I wrote Dahei as the foolish prince of the Heavenly Dragons.”

    Arthur: “…why am I the fool prince? Shouldn’t the fool prince be Diandian?”

    Mingyou nodded politely: “Okay, Diandian is the fool prince.”

    Leo continued to sigh: “Mingyou, what are you trying to write? The Star Alliance government can’t be hacked.”

    “Overhead, what kind of reputation. How about changing the image of the Star Alliance government to the revolutionary army? I remember the history of the establishment of the Star Alliance and have experienced similar content?” Mingyou saw that they were about to arrive at Maple Leaf Star’s interstellar port, and let go of Leo’s neck. Tidying up his own clothes, and then tidying up for Arthur, “Then Arthur is the second-in-command of the revolutionary army, and Big Brother Golden Lion is the first-in-command.”

    “Okay.” Arthur lowered his head slightly and asked Mingyou to tidy up his collar for him. The style of his clothes was a bit complicated, but Mingyou quickly learned how to wear a full set of suits.

    It seemed that in Mingyou’s eyes, it was a matter of course to help his family, even if they were a humanoid, it cannot be given to others.

    Although Mingyou himself was the king of the sea towards spirit beasts, he was very stingy and double-standard here in Dahei, and he was full of possessiveness.

    “Your Majesty must be very happy.” Leo already knew that His Majesty the Lion and His Highness the Liger were similar, but he had restrained himself a little in front of outsiders over the years. As for how Leo knew…that was a sad thing.

    “Nothing to be sad about, Leo used to admire the Golden Flash Demon King of the Chaos Sector, the Nightmare of Star Thieves, the strongest and most mysterious treasure hunter, my brother.” Arthur explained, “When my brother was young, the Interstellar was very peaceful, before he became emperor, he wandered outside for many years. My luck was not very good, and I encountered a Zerg invasion.”

    Mingyou was stunned. Big Brother Golden Lion had such a glorious past?

    “Does sister-in-law know?” Mingyou asked. He heard that the queen was a very gentle person, maybe the big brother concealed this black history?

    “Sister-in-law was Big Brother’s deputy.” Arthur said, “They met in the Chaos Sector. Although my sister-in-law was a little weaker, her mechanical knowledge is extremely strong. When they were trapped in Junk Star, Sister-in-law relied on picking up garbage, built a mecha with her bare hands, and let my eldest brother grab the spaceship that was taking out the trash and escape.”     

   Mingyou: “…The experience of eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law can be made into a movie.”

The stories of crashing on garbage stars, building mechas and grabbing ships with bare hands are too strange.

    “The story of every spirit beast can probably be written into a novel.” Arthur shrugged, “How can you break through the boundaries of power users without going through some desperate situations?”

    Mingyou raised his hand like a primary school student: “My brother doesn’t have any. When he was angry with me, he was so angry that he transformed.”

    Arthur: “…Your brother has also experienced a desperate situation before, but will it only change after accumulating? Do you think his military medals on the battlefield against the Zerg are fake? Is it?”

    Mingyou shrank his neck like a quail: “So my brother still has military medals.”

    Fortunately, his words were not heard by the eldest brother, otherwise the eldest brother would be angry and change again.

    “Natural spirit beasts may not have experienced a desperate situation.” Leo said, “But they have power, and they can’t help but use their power. Spirit beasts are naturally restless.”

    “This is a good research topic. “Mingyou nodded vigorously. The spirit beasts were originally a group of restless babies. Is this because of the animal influence in their bodies after they transformed into beasts?

    While they were discussing, the spacecraft landed successfully. Xianluo disguised himself early and waited at the airport for a long time. When he saw Mingyou’s private spaceship, he immediately pulled his twin brother who was nervous and ran very fast. Xianwei was almost pulled to the ground. He stumbled and followed Xianluo forward, so nervous that his forehead was sweating.

    Now the people he wanted to meet were His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, the most admired hero of the Star Alliance, and Mr. Mingyou, the spiritual beast master who the spirit beasts most yearn for. Xianwei was not yet mentally prepared to meet such epic men. Not to mention a private meeting.

    Even though he mustered up the courage to apologize to Xianluo and ask for reconciliation, he really didn’t have the courage to suddenly meet his idols in private.

    “What kind of courage does it take to see them.” Xianluo said in a hurry, “Do you mean to laugh out loud when you see His Highness with bald eyelids?”

    “…” Xianwei took a deep breath, “Xiaoluo, please don’t make no excuses. Polite behavior.”

    Xianluo let go of Xianwei’s hand and ignored his elder brother’s complaint. When he saw Mingyou being led off the boat by Arthur, he rushed up and gave him a big hug, ignoring Arthur’s rolling eyes: “Mingyou! I missed you so much!”

    Mingyou stiffened for a moment, then let go of Arthur’s hand, relaxed his body and gave Xianluo a hug: “Dahong, I miss you so much… ah, should I call you Xianluo now?”

    “Just call me Dahong.” Xianluo said, ” Let me introduce to you, this is my brother Xianwei. His face is disguised, but in fact he looks exactly like me.”

    Xianwei said nervously: “Hi Your Highness, Mr. Mingyou.”

    Should he reach out and shake hands with His Royal Highness and Mr. Mingyou? But Mr. Mingyou seems to be very socially anxious. Would he be a little offended? What exactly should he do? Oops, his head was a little dizzy.

    “What a beautiful energy fluctuation.” After Mingyou looked at Xianwei for a while, he took the initiative to extend his hand, “Somewhat similar to Dahong, as gentle, Mr. Xianwei must be a very beautiful fox.”

    “Go back and ask my brother to give it to me. You turned into a fox and stroked your tail.” Xianwei said with a smile, “Your Highness, why didn’t you turn into a spirit beast? I heard that His Highness’s skin-colored eyeshadow is very beautiful?”

    Arthur said angrily, “When will you be able to restore your graceful and gentle appearance?”

    “Recover when there are outsiders.” Xianluo continued to greet the other partners.

    Herman and Yan Yi were instructed to go to the Capital Star to work. The three researchers, Dalan, Dacheng and Dazi, were guarding the research institute and were studying the fur that Arthur had shed. Although Daqing wanted to accompany Mingyou to the Maple Leaf Festival, but the little snow leopard’s body was not yet suitable for running around, so Daqing  stayed to take care of the little leopard.

    The only spirit beasts that followed Mingyou were Dalu and Xiaolu. In order to prevent others from discovering their identities, the two deer deliberately became smaller and contained costumed dolls in their backpacks.

    Ellie was very satisfied with this. She liked the small backpack very much, and it felt very comfortable to be carried around.

    And Kerry was very sad. He was a strong man, but it was so humiliating to be carried around on his back. But he couldn’t worry about Mingyou and his sister, so he could only follow.

    “There is nothing to worry about, Maple Leaf Star is my site.” Although Xianluo said so, he was still very happy that his comrades came to see the Maple Leaf Festival.

    This time, there would be two leading dancers at the Maple Leaf Festival. He and his eldest brother will dance together again after the failed dance when they were very young.

    “Maple Leaf Star’s special top-quality maple syrup cake, thank you.” The doe stretched out her hoof.

    “Yes, there are, it has been prepared for you long ago.” Xianluo smiled.

    After that, he turned into a little red fox, climbed to the top of Mingyou’s head and squatted: “Go!” The little red fox raised one front paw.

    “Okay, let’s go!” Mingyou stretched out his right hand very cooperatively and clenched his fist.

   Was his brother a little too lively? Although the younger brother came back this time, some of them regained their arrogant and fresh appearance when they were teenagers, but he climbed directly to the top of the other party’s head…

    “It’s good to get used to it.” Arthur said yin and yang, “Mingyou is our chief, all spirit beasts are his treasures.”

    “Well, so does His Highness.” The little red fox put on his claws, “Since His Highness does not want to change back to a kitten, then I will take this position.”

    “As you like.” Very dissatisfied.

    Didn’t he want to be carried away by Mingyou? As a cat, he was even more lazy, especially now that his energy body was rapidly changing, his spirit was very tired, and he just wanted to lie on the ground immediately. But he didn’t want to rub cat hair in Mingyou’s hair.

    After listening to his brother and the greatest hero of the Star Alliance, His Royal Highness Prince Arthur arguing, Xianwei felt a little lack of oxygen in his head.

    Even though his younger brother was one of the ten heroes, was his younger brother too disrespectful to his boss? That was the strongest marshal of the Star Alliance, the only spirit beast of the Star Alliance. Wasn’t his brother afraid of being beaten?

    “Don’t be nervous, their relationship is the same as that of brothers, and they often bicker.” Mingyou couldn’t help comforting Xianwei when he saw his nervous face turning pale.

    Dahong’s brother was too easily nervous, right? Could he really dance like this? Mingyu was a little worried.

    When Xianwei heard Mingyou’s safety, he was relieved. Since Mr. Mingyou said so, the younger brother should not be punished. But his brother…Xianwei remembered that when he and Xianluo were young, it seemed that they often bickered.

    He had forgotten the content of the bickering, but the content of their argument at that time was definitely not things that would hurt people’s hearts later.

    Maybe it was candy, maybe it was flowers, maybe it was trivial things like who stepped on whose tail, after a quarrel, the two little foxes got together again, you kicked my stomach, I kicked your back, Take a nap together in the afternoon sun.

    Even after so many years, he had lost contact with Xianluo for so many years, the nap scene would still appear in his dreams from time to time.

    Mingyou looked at Xianwei curiously. There are some sad fluctuations from Xianwei’s body, which was really strange. However, he was not familiar with Xianwei and could not spy on his heart.

    But seeing that Dahong could pull Xianwei to pick them up, Dahong had already made up with him, right? They had to reconcile, the sadness in the future would probably be erased by time?

    Mingyou followed Xianwei on a private spaceship and arrived at a villa area built in the rolling hills. These mountains were not high, with gurgling water and red leaves all over the mountains.

    This red leaf was very similar to the maple leaf in Mingyou’s previous life on Earth. It’s just that these maple leaves have their own fire attribute energy, which made Mingyou warm and sleepy.

    The little red fox said: “The entire maple leaf star is a huge crystal of fire attribute energy, and the spirit beasts here are all fire attribute.” Although this was a secret, Mingyou was the only spirit beast master in the entire Star Alliance. Mingyou had the right to know the secrets related to spirit beasts.

    “That’s great, then your condition is probably much better than the spirit beasts in other places?” Mingyou picked a red leaf, placed it behind Xiaolu’s ears. The younger sister barked twice, very satisfied with the new headgear.

    “Where there are spirit beasts, there are energy crystals. But we didn’t know that these can be used as food.” The little red fox said helplessly, “So guarding a mountain of food, you will still be hungry when you should be hungry. Due to the fluctuation of energy crystals, we are not hungry until we lose our minds and restore our instinct to forage, so we have never found these energy crystals to eat.”

    “The energy in the maple leaves, no one discovered it?” Mingyou asked, “There must be many desserts made from this maple tree leaves, right?”

    “We haven’t found a way to retain the energy in maple leaves.” The little red fox sighed, “Edible plants are rich in energy with toxins that are very bad for the human body. When the toxins are eliminated, the energy is also gone. “

    Some toxins are effective for humans, but not for spirit beasts. When I study…” Before Mingyou could finish speaking, he heard Arthur coughing dryly.

    He immediately changed his words: “I’ll study it when I go back, and I’ll make a special spirit beast food for Dahong.”

    “During the Maple Leaf Festival, don’t think about research.” The red fox saw the interaction between Arthur and Mingyou and couldn’t help laughing, “I will supervise you and will never let you work.”

    “Okay.” Mingyou was helpless. Why did his partner spirit beasts all think he was a workaholic, staring at him and don’t want him to work? He really wasn’t a workaholic. When he could rest and be lazy, he would definitely rest.

    Now the system helps analyze this plant, and after going to bed at night, go to the system holography laboratory to study. When he was in human shape, Dahei didn’t feel as sharp as a spirit beast. As long as he wasn’t caught by Dahei, he didn’t count as staying up late. Mingyou thought to himself.

    Xianwei itself had hoped that Mingyou would study the special animals and plants of their Maple Leaf Star to see if there was a task that was most suitable for their Maple Leaf Star Spirit Beast.

    According to the new spirit animal science, in places with abundant energy, it was easy to grow plants suitable for spirit beasts to eat. Their Maple Leaf Star was a huge energy crystal, so there should be many plants suitable for spiritual beasts to eat.

    For example, their maple star symbol, the fire maple. If Mingyou could find the special products of Maple Leaf Star’s spirit beasts, the economy would definitely be improved, and their spirit beasts would be stronger.

    For this, they had prepared a huge reward in exchange for Mingyou’s help. But he didn’t expect that he didn’t say anything, and Mingyou offered to help. The reason was that he just wanted to cook a home-style meal for his younger brother.

    When watching the live broadcast before, he found out that Mingyou was very fond of the spirit beasts around him.

    It’s just that the viewers thought that their interactions during the live broadcast might give them a little more attention. His Royal Highness and the ten heroes deliberately appeared to be taken care of in front of Mr. Mingyou, so as to improve his status.

    But now it seemed that maybe Mingyou’s meticulous doting on the spirit beasts in the live broadcast, and the strange attitude of the parents, were their daily mode of getting along.

    Xianluo… don’t you feel ashamed? Xianwei never admitted that he has a little bit of envy. Even though he has been an adult for a long time, did it have anything to do with the feeling of being pampered by others?

    “After Xiaoyou researches it, I will let Maple Leaf Star spend a lot of money and resources in exchange, at least we won’t have to worry about the relevant raw materials in the future.” The little red fox swung his tail around. He flicked his tail for a different reason than a cat. He flicked his tail when he was happy.

    “Okay, I’ll leave it to Dahong.” Mingyou smiled, “I happened to see a tree fossil with energy crystallized in the dark market of the Chaos Star District. The energy in that tree fossil is just right for you, and the price is okay. I’ll buy it for you to sharpen your claws.”

    The price of that energy-crystallized tree was very expensive, and no one bought it after it had been stored for several years. He had already paid the deposit, and the balance would be paid after the man Arthur sent to the joint had inspected the goods. After buying this fossil tree, his savings were a little empty.

    But that tree fossil, both in shape and energy, was too suitable for the little fox. The little red fox must love it. Money could be made again, and the plush toys at home could not be less.

    Now that Maple Leaf Star’s had credit, his financial constraints could be eased.

    “Okay.” The little red fox was very calm when he heard that he was going to have an extra extravagant toy.

    “Energy crystallized tree fossils? Claw grinding?” Xianwei gasped, “Mr. Mingyou, are you kidding me? This is the research material you purchased, right?”

    “What good research is energy crystallized tree fossils? It’s a special energy crystal. Natural growth is a bit rare, but the ingredients are the same. Although it’s not delicious, it’s okay to make a toy for Xiaohong.” Mingyou scratched his head, and the little red fox’s tail swept over Mingyou affectionately. Hand scratching his head, “That tree fossil is naturally like a shelf that can be climbed, and there is a place like a nest in the middle. It can be used without carving.”

    Xianwei: “…” So he bought one at a high price. Luxury, just because it looks like a shelf that spirit beasts were willing to climb, and also came with a small nest?

    Although energy crystallized tree fossils cannot be used as “fuel”, they were one of the most expensive gems in the Covenant because of their beautiful appearance with their tree texture and very harsh formation conditions.

    The value of a whole tree fossil with energy crystallized was probably enough to buy a few private spaceships. It’s not that they can’t afford it, but who would buy it for a board and a napping place!

    “It’s not that we are extravagant, our private property has been invested in the promotion of the new spirit beasts.” Seeing Xianwei’s collapsed appearance, Arthur immediately defended himself and his subordinates, “We won’t help Mingyou make any money. We can’t control how he spends his own money.”

    “Yes, yes, most of my money is also donated to the Spirit Beast Research Foundation, and the rest of the money to support the family’s partners is a bit stretched.” Mingyou sighed, “To make money is really difficult. But don’t worry, Brother Xianwei, although the conditions are a bit difficult now, I will definitely not treat your brother badly. I will work hard to make money and buy more beautiful toys for Dahong. Please rest assured and give me your brother.”

    Xianwei: “…” Was he proposing? And he was still tough, so what kind of life did he live? No wonder Xianluo sighed every day after he came back, and said “homesick” every day.

    He also “thought” of using the most precious gemstones in the entire Star Alliance as a toy home! Did he still lack spirit animals? The one with a big tail that breathes fire?

    Xianwei swallowed a mouthful of lemonade, trying to make his smile look less distorted: “Of course, I believe in you, Dahong must be very happy with you.”

    What Xianluo, he should still be called Dahong. There was no fairy fox in their family that could make toys out of the most precious gems.

    “Thank you.” Mingyou was very happy. Dahong’s family accepted him!

    The little red fox typed frantically in the group without Mingyou: “You guys are so good at pretending, who taught Mingyou to say these words in front of my brother? I was almost scared. Hee hee, I pretended like that. Is it the same thing?”

    Iron Fist Invincible Arthur: “What are you pretending to teach you, what do you teach, you think Mingyou is joking with you.”

    Dabai: “What happened?”

    Dahuang: “Mingyou just mentioned it on the spaceship. Regarding the matter of the star thieves, His Royal Highness took him to the dark market on the holographic network for a while, and he bought a tree fossil with energy crystallized as a gift for Dahong.”

    Dabai: “…you didn’t stop him?!”

    Dahuang: “He swiped the card when he asked for the price, and we haven’t responded yet…”

    Dahong : “…???”

    The little red fox’s small paws shrank under his body, his two big ears twitched, and he felt his head throbbing from the lack of oxygen.

    A fox scratching board from one of the Star Alliance’s most expensive gems… for real?!!!

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3 thoughts on “After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 76

  1. Ugh how poor Xiaoyou’s family is… they can only afford one of the most expensive gems in the whole of the Star Alliance as Dahong’s scratching post… such a poor family 😭 /s 😂


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