After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 74

When His Majesty the Golden Lion came over, he saw his younger brother violently beating his son. Arthur raised his paw, lowered it gently, and slapped the little leopard on the head. The leopard cub gave a face-saving “ah” and drooped his ears to indicate that he knew he was wrong.

His Majesty the Golden Lion first walked around his black cat brother a few times, watching from all angles the little brother who had been shaved and had a rabbit ear bandages tied.

It wasn’t until Arthur was so angry that he turned his ears away and showed his sharp claws to his brother, that His Majesty the Golden Lion coughed and pretended to be serious: “What did Hans do?”

“He bit my tail!” Arthur complained.

“Really?” Hans was always sick when he was a child. He had never seen his own child act naughty. Curiously, he put his tail with a tuft in front of the little leopard. The little leopard sniffed the appendage, then turned his head away in disgust, and even sneezed a little.

His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…”

Arthur couldn’t help laughing: “Brother, have you not taken a bath for a long time?”

“You! I take a shower twice a day!” His Majesty said angrily.

He used his claws to press the little leopard, who always wanted to escape, under his claws: “How dissatisfied are you with me! You really don’t remember that I am your father?!”

The little leopard struggled frantically under his father’s claws, and finally stretched out his round head from under his father’s claws, and then screamed at Arthur. Mom Dahei! Help me!

Heman the bear came over with a tea tray and said, “Your Majesty, Mingyou is coming back, don’t bully His Highness Hans.”

His Majesty the Lion quickly put away his claws and pretended that nothing had happened. The little leopard rolled and climbed onto the black cat’s paws, hiding in his fur, then giving a contemptuous look at his father, the lion.

Little Leopard: (▼ w ▼)!!

His Majesty the Golden Lion was moving his tail furiously, and wanted to give his stupid child two claws again. This guy actually glared at him and bared his teeth!

When Mingyou came back with a lot of documents, he saw the golden light reflected by His Majesty from afar, almost blinding his eyes. He thought to himself, no wonder the supporters of His Majesty the Golden Lion, who had big advantage, suddenly turned against each other when the previous generation of the big cat family “competed” for the throne, pushing His Majesty to the top.

The fur of His Majesty the Golden Lion was too gorgeous and looked like an emperor. He squatted under the sun, and suddenly he had flashing special effects, and no one would believe that he was not the emperor of the Star Alliance.

The Star Alliance still needed a face. In a group of relatively simple big cats, even if His Majesty the Great Golden Lion was excellent, because his appearance was inherently domineering, the majority of those who opposed the running must be overwhelmed.

In this way, his own Dahei also has a domineering bonus. The black fur was different from gold, and he also wore a traditional fur scarf. However, Dahei said that he used his military exploits in exchange for eligibility to run away. Perhaps the Star Alliance would not include Dahei in the succession lottery in order not to chill the hero’s heart.

Poor little Hans, now he was the only, healthy, adult single-specialized spiritual beast in the Star Alliance, so he had the greatest possibility of inheriting the throne. Especially now that he had offended His Majesty the Emperor.

Mingyou mourned for the poor little leopard for ten seconds, and then greeted His Majesty the Golden Lion: “Your Majesty, Dahei is fine. After taking medicine, he is no longer itchy. According to my observations, Dahei’s body will finish changing soon.”

His Majesty nodded reservedly; “You can be just like Dahei, just call me Big Brother. If you’re embarrassed, you can also call me Brother Emperor.”

Mingyou: “…” Didn’t he think it was strange to be called emperor? He was even more embarrassed.

After hearing Mingyou’s complaints, Arthur scoffed. He was a cheeky middle schooler, and there were times when he was embarrassed?

His Majesty the Golden Lion was here to inquire about his younger brother, who was the first in the entire Star Alliance to be able to change his form after becoming a spirit beast, and to take a look at the unfilial son who had completely left his poor old father behind. After reading it, he went to look through Mingyou’s recent snack inventory.

Mingyou poked the black cat’s forehead, and then poked the leopard’s forehead: “What is your big brother here for?”

“Replenish his snack stock.” Arthur said with a blank face, “Do you think the orange cat is meowing and playing?”

Mingyou didn’t know what to say: “Is Your Majesty letting him go too far? No one can take care of him?”

Arthur thought about it, except for his deceased sister-in-law, it was estimated that only the old housekeeper who was also the emperor’s secretary could take care of Hans. But the old butler obviously looked at His Majesty the Golden Lion from the perspective of an elder. His mind was full of blessings to be able to eat. As long as the eldest brother had no problems with the physical examination, the old butler not only would not stop the eldest brother from carrying food every now and then, but would also help him move it.

“No one cares, he is the emperor, as long as he wants, all the snacks of the Star Alliance are his.” Arthur finally said.

A row of black cats with long wings on Mingyou’s head flew past in a row of ellipses. All Star Alliance snacks? Was His Majesty a snack thief? Was this force falling too fast?

The little leopard yawned, and two small claws stretched forward, and two hind legs also kicked on the black cat’s chin, closing his eyes and falling asleep for a second. Mingyou tapped the little leopard’s forehead again, but the leopard didn’t move.

“It is said that although cats sleep for a long time, their sleep is very shallow, and they will wake up as soon as there is a disturbance.” Mingyou gently stroked the little leopard’s ears, “Our cub sleeps very heavily. As long as he falls asleep, he won’t wake up no matter how much you struggle.”

“This is a good thing.” Arthur lowered his head and licked the head of the little leopard between his two claws and any messy hair caught by the golden lion father.

In the past, he would lick him secretly. After being caught a few times by Mingyou and his subordinates, he broke the jar. It’s natural for cats to lick their kittens, and he couldn’t help himself. Even though the cub was actually older than him, a cub was a cub.

Mingyou looked at the black cat licking the little leopard’s fur, and couldn’t help showing a doting smile. No wonder Hans was convinced that Dahei was his mother, his movements with cubs were too skilled.

After His Majesty the Golden Lion had a meal in the evening, he left a lot of work for Arthur, who was “recuperating” at home, and left without staying overnight. According to the words of His Majesty the Lion, he was afraid that if he stayed, seeing the expressions of the little leopard and Arthur becoming more and more similar, his blood pressure would soar.

An uncontrollable bear child was scary enough. When he thought that his snow leopard would be like a big black cat, he wanted to escape from reality.

Arthur was speechless. Where did he do anything? There wasn’t a better, more disciplined cat in the entire Star Alliance than him.

The Adjutant Major General Herman said: “Your Highness, if your understanding of the rules means that all your poor subordinates’ recuperation life will be edited into ghost videos, then your highness, your rules should not be followed.”

Arthur raised his hind legs and flicked his ears: “Dabai, please turn back into a loyal and honest big white bear. Didn’t your previous poisonous tongue character have been lost long ago? Please don’t pick it up. Thank you.”

The polar bear dryly laughed. He originally thought that apart from knocking pots and dancing, he had no dark history. Unexpectedly, without any black history, His Royal Highness could “fix” him some black history.

For example, he worried about cleaning robots touching his precious musical instruments, so he cleaned the instrument room himself with a vacuum cleaner and a broom. His Royal Highness Arthur actually edited the scene where he was wearing an apron sweeping the floor and added music, which made performing a normal cleaning job, like dancing to the beat.

The audience praised him one after another. He was indeed a musical bear who had lost his memory and still wanted to play music. Even cleaning the room, he must dance to the rhythm. Since then, there had been countless “cleaning dancing bears” on the Internet, it had swept all kinds of secondary elements, and even idol stars had come to join in the fun, and this had also been used in film and television dramas.

When people in his family made video calls, they asked him if he really had to dance to music while cleaning. What a joke! He was just cleaning normally, the video was edited by his unscrupulous boss!

Since His Royal Highness Arthur had a new hobby of blackening his subordinates, sooner or later, these subordinates would be resigned by His Royal Highness in anger. At that time, they would vote to drive Arthur out of the house, and only allow the little black cat to come back as a pet for Mingyou.

The polar bear and the black cat began to quarrel, Mingyou smiled and held the little leopard that was about to bite the black cat’s twitching tail, and firmly controlled the little leopard in his arms.

“Don’t bite Dahei’s tail, do you want to be beaten again?” Mingyou played the leopard’s head.

The little snow leopard stuck out half of his tongue, and he looked so mischievous that he dared not to change. Mingyou couldn’t help but kiss the little snow leopard twice on the ear. Hans was really cute. He must be the second cutest cat in the entire Star Alliance. The first, of course, his family’s Dahei.

“Mingyou, I can become a human.” Just as Mingyou and Diandian were playing the you kiss me and I lick you game, the red fox came over and poked Mingyou’s waist with his muzzle.

Mingyou was stunned for a moment, then forced a smile: “Congratulations. Have you set a time to go back?”

“I’ll go back tomorrow. Mingyou will come to Maple Leaf Star to celebrate New Year, right?” The red fox said expectantly, “Even if His Highness is bald?”

“You! I am not bald!” Arthur rushed over and gave the red fox a paw, “Why did you recover so quickly? Shouldn’t Dahuang and Daqing recover before you?”

“Maybe it’s because I’m a genius?” the red fox tilted his head and said, “I’m better than them.”

Daqing smiled maternally: “This is a good thing. I hope you are all much better than me.”

Dahuang: “…” He really wanted to say whether they should have a match, but he really couldn’t beat Dahong.

Xianluo was not only a genius dancer, but also a genius ability person. Mingyou taught them coordination training. Except for His Royal Highness, the black cat, who always paid attention to coordination, Xianluo made the fastest progress.

After Xianluo began to train his coordination ability of supernatural powers and began to deeply develop his fire attribute power, the energy in his body surged, as if a qualitative change was brewing. At the same time, Xianluo’s injuries quickly healed and he would soon be able to return to human form.

The yellow monkey was very sour. He really wanted to become a human soon, meet Mingyou in human form, and hear the young man call him brother. Heman and Yan Yi were nothing to Xianluo.

If he had known this, he would have been braver in the first place, and not be too resistant to acupuncture. If he could persist in completing the acupuncture treatment for two or three days, he might have returned to human form by now.

Mingyu was also thinking about this. Originally, he thought that Dahuang, Daqing and Dalan would be the first to change back to human form since the three spirit beasts met him first. However, the recovery of spirit beasts was still affected by many factors, so it was different from what he expected.

Dalan’s heart injury had not healed, and he rejected returning to human in his heart, so he had not been able to change his form. Daqing was older than the other partner spirit beasts, and her abilities had begun to go downhill, and her self-healing power was not strong enough. And Dahuang, because of fear of delaying the treatment at that time, needed more time to recover.

In contrast, although Dahong’s injury was relatively serious at the beginning, Dahong had a good foundation and high talent. Whether it was food or the skills of training his abilities later, he absorbed it quickly, so he recovered faster than others.

“I will definitely come, we will all come.” Mingyou slowed down for a while, accepting that Dahong was about to leave for a while.

This was done by himself, but when Dahong told him that he would be away for a long time, Mingyou was still a little scared. His partner spirit beasts would leave him one by one and return to their real family, which was what he was most worried about before.

But now that he has Dahei and a new home, he would no longer fall into this cowardly despair. Besides, everyone would come back and this would always be their home. He had to trust everyone.

“When the time comes, Dahong must take me to the Maple Leaf Star.” Mingyou put the little snow leopard between Arthur’s two ears, hugged the red fox’s head, and rubbed his ears with his cheeks, “Dahong have a good chat with your brother, how wonderful it would be to see two identical red foxes dancing together.”

Dahong rolled his eyes. Dancing with that clumsy older brother? Don’t slow him down. But Mingyou wanted to see, he would try hard while pinching his nose.

“Seeing two identical foxes, can Mingyou recognize me?” The red fox was a little worried.

Mingyou laughed: “How can I not recognize you? Can a partner spirit beast be the same as other spirit beasts? Moreover, even if you are twin spirit beasts, the form must be quite different according to the difference in soul and ability. This is different from the biological body.”

The red fox said contentedly: “Okay, we’ve agreed, you must recognize me.”

Mingyu nodded vigorously. He was very confident in this.

“I can recognize you, how can stupid Mingyou not recognize you.” Arthur said angrily: “You think too much.”

The red fox glanced at Arthur. Mingyou and he are coquettish, what was he talking about, His Royal Highness the Pig Cat.

Arthur was annoyed. What about the elegant red rose fairy in the army? Why was being spoiled by Mingyou making him more and more bad-tempered? When he saw him before, he would bow down with his front claws and salute, and he would speak softly, and his expression was even more gentle.

Now? Xianluo had a temper like a fireball, and when he was in a bad mood, he would actually breathe a fireball, and he would look at people with contempt at every turn, without any grace at all. He hoped that when Xianluo changed back into human form, he could restore his graceful appearance, otherwise, he didn’t know how many of his admirers would be disillusioned.

Mingyou combed the soft fur behind the fox’s ears with his fingers: “I will prepare a present for you. You can bring some delicious and fun food back home. I know that when Dahong is in front of outsiders, he is very polite and measured, but he should not be wronged too much. Especially if there are people who gossip about you like when you were a child. If you can’t get back at them, write down their name, and when we come, we’ll help you clean up…”

Mingyou babbled like an old mother, saying things that made Dahong angry, don’t bear it, he would support Dahong.

The red fox squinted and listened with enjoyment. Although he was petted since he was a child, he always had strict requirements. This was the first time he heard the doting words of “do whatever you want, and I will support you”.

Although he was older than Mingyou, although his strength was stronger than Mingyou, it didn’t matter. At this time, he just wanted to be the little fox in Mingyou’s arms and enjoy his caress and nagging.

Arthur rolled his eyes twice. He thought he should watch this little leopard nephew more. With Mingyou’s unprincipled character of petting spirit beasts, it was estimated that he would spoil the nephew into a lawless way.

When the baby leopard nephew left Mingyou’s side, he would definitely be severely beaten by society. First of all, the nephew will definitely be beaten up by his eldest brother. If his big brother hadn’t looked at Mingyou’s snacks and wanted to leave a good impression to get more novel and delicious snacks, he would have beaten the little leopard in front of Mingyou long ago.

The red fox slept with Mingyou tonight. Of course, Dahong turned into a little fox and slept by the pillow, while the black cat was still a big pillow. Without Dahei the big pillow to attract firepower, it would be difficult for other spirit beasts to sleep peacefully beside Mingyou.

The next day, Mingyou sent the red fox on the airship, and filled the warehouse with various gifts, fearing that the red fox would not have enough gifts when he returned home.

The red fox hesitated for a long time when he parted. It was not until the flying ship was about to take off that the red fox was covered in crimson light and turned into a human.

“I originally wanted to meet Mingyou as a human after he arrived at Maple Leaf Star, but I think I should leave a little impression as a human.” Xianluo said worriedly, “Mingyou, are you afraid?”

Xianluo was wearing the same military dress as Yan Yi and Herman. Compared with Arthur’s uniform, his clothing was more shrewd and capable, with fewer ornaments. But such shrewd and capable clothes could not hide his gentle temperament.

The red fox was like fire, a dangerous and gorgeous fire that could burn everything. And when Xianluo was in human form, he seemed to be a furnace covered with a safe shield, which would only give people a warm and comfortable feeling, and would not give them a sense of crisis.

After a spirit beast becomes a human, they will be bound by the identity of “human”. Mingyou already knew. Just like the Dahei in his family, when he was a spirit beast, he often suffered from cat essence disease. He would sleep with his head tilted after walking two steps. When he became crazy, no one could control him.

But Prince Arthur became a man, he was a cheerful person on the surface, but was actually a person with deep scheming. Even if he pretended to be arrogant, every time he was “arrogant” and “ridiculous”, there was a reason behind it, and Arthur got the result he wanted.

Mingyou had now learned a lot of common sense and previous news of the Star Alliance, and also knew how many “terrible” things Arthur had done in order to “fight for power and profit”. When the black cat was locked in the human-shaped shell named “Prince Arthur”, he could no longer be lazy, no longer willful, and even the extent of his smile had to be calculated in advance.

The sloppy polar bear became the calm and almighty Major General Herman; the mad and cautious wolf became the solitary, serious and bloodthirsty lone wolf Major General Yan Yi; then the wayward and stinky big red fox, naturally, also became the gentle and forbearing, elegant beauty Xianluo.

“Be patient first, and when you come back, you won’t have to be so tired.” Mingyou was actually a little scared, but his fear was restrained when he saw Xian Luo’s anxious eyes.

He stretched out his hand, wanting to touch Xianluo’s head like the red fox. Xianluo bowed his head obediently, letting Mingyou’s hand fall on top of his crimson hair.

“After you come back, I will listen to your complaints.” Mingyou gently rubbed Xianluo’s hair. Xianluo’s hair was as silky as the fur of a fox. “I will be here soon.”

Xianluo smiled softly. He lightly waved at Mingyou, then turned around and walked into the flight cabin door.

“Don’t treat Xianluo with the attitude of treating children, do you remember that your partner spirit beasts are all big shots?” Arthur, who was holding the little snow leopard, complained, “Xianluo too, after such a long time, the mind has really regressed.”

The other fluffies looked sideways at Arthur the black cat. Your Highness, are you embarrassed when you say this? Do you have the nerve to talk about someone else? Now you are getting more and more lazy when you are in human form, you know?

“Even if I’m old, can’t there be a place where I can relax? My father in my previous life was always coquettish with my mother.” Mingyou thought to himself, his guardian dog plan, it was estimated that even if he lived to seven or eighty years, he would only turn from a urchin to a child.

As long as there were people who pampered him, the innocence will not disappear. Wasn’t this a very happy thing? As his spirit beast, he should be so happy.

“As you like.” Arthur snorted twice, not persuading him. Anyway, his subordinates were shameless, what was he worried about as a boss? Taking this opportunity to edit more videos of black history ghosts and animals was the real business.

After the red fox left, Mingyou was in a trance for a few days. Apart from Dahei, Dahong was the most sticky spirit beast. Compared to Dabai and Dahui, who had regained their independence after regaining their memories, Dahong had always been like a child who needed his care.

Now when he walked in the house, he always looked around subconsciously, acting as if he wanted to catch a glimpse of a little red fox jumping out from nowhere like a flickering flame. Then he looked around for a long time, but did not see that very conspicuous flame.

Arthur’s paw touched Mingyou’s head: “If you want him, go to Maple Leaf Star immediately?”

“Everyone is an adult, you have to have some time to do your own thing.” Mingyou shook his head, “I’m just not used to it, it will be fine in a few days. By the way, Dahei, your body is about to change. In order to prevent accidents, I saved some things to help you.”

“A reminder?” Arthur wondered, “How to help?”

“Just eat more food, and then cooperate with the instrument to make your body change completely in one breath. It’s the same as ripening.” Mingyou said, “This will slow down your painful time.”

Arthur immediately slapped the ground with his claws and thumped: “Hurry! Start now! Urge now! Urge now!”

He could finally get rid of this smelly plaster that suppressed fur growth! Arthur was very worried that after applying this plaster for a long time, his hair would never grow back.

“Okay, it may hurt a bit for a long time. Does Dahei need anesthesia?” Mingyou asked.

“What’s the difference between taking anesthesia and not taking anesthesia?” Arthur asked.

Mingyou replied: “Without anesthesia, you can clearly feel the changes in your body, which is very helpful for you to master your new body and to further master your own energy abilities. The anesthesia just doesn’t hurt, you sleep the entire time.”

“How painful?” Arthur hesitated.

Mingyou asked the system, “It hurts like having a baby.”

Arthur: “…” Wasn’t it very, very painful to have a baby?! Even if there were old antiques that didn’t need to be produced in vitro, at least it was painless! Why should he experience the feeling of a primitive man giving birth to a child without taking painkillers? “

“I can’t stand it if I don’t fight.” Despite saying that, Arthur still decided not to take anesthesia.

He trusted Mingyou. He said that if he didn’t take anesthesia, his strength would improve rapidly, so it would definitely be able to quickly reach a new level. After the war, his thirst for strength improvement was very intense. If only enduring severe pain could make him improve rapidly, he could definitely endure this pain.

“If it hurts too much, just say it, and I’ll give you anesthesia right away.” Mingyou knew that the black cat would definitely ask not to be given anesthesia, so he had already made preparations.

Current anesthetics did not require injections. Especially for spirit beasts, “anesthetic” was a kind of energy, which would paralyze the spirit beast. So as long as the black cat needed it, Mingyou could immediately anesthetize the black cat.

“Give me the control button, if it’s too painful to ask Xiaotian to help me with anesthesia.” Arthur said, “I don’t say anesthesia, even if you look at me and hurt again, you are not allowed to give it to me.”

Mingyu agreed. At that time, he would hand over all the control of the anesthetic, so that even if he couldn’t bear it, he would not delay the big black cat. Mingyou knew how strong the black cat’s desire to improve his strength was. As a partner, no matter how hard his heart was, he couldn’t do things that were not in line with the wishes of the black cat.

After all the things were collected, His Majesty the Golden Lion deliberately skipped a meeting and came to watch Arthur give birth. Ah no, change shape. But the group of plush guards outside the treatment room cubicle really looked like his family watching him give birth to a child.

Xianluo also connected to the holographic phone and anxiously stood in front of the screen. He said that if he had known that His Royal Highness was going to give birth earlier, he would definitely have delayed his departure.

The black cat was so angry that his fur exploded into a big hairy ball, making the back of his neck even more bald: “I am evolving, not having a child!”

The other fluffy people nodded one after another: “Yes, yes. Mingoyou, is His Highness going to have a seizure? Is the due date today?”

The black cat lay on his back in anger. As soon as he lay down, like a fish thrown ashore, he stomped vigorously and jumped from the ground. What the hell! So cold! There was no carpet on the floor in this treatment room!

The black cat with a large piece of fur missing from the back of his neck looked bleak. Because there was no fur on the back of his neck, when he lay down, he jumped up from the icy feeling. What a shame. I hope that the traitor Xiaotian didn’t receive Mingyou’s order to photograph his dark history.

Mingyou silently archived the video. It must be shot. How could such an important treatment process not be photographed?

“Dahei, it’s about to start.” Mingyou thought for a while and walked into the treatment room, “I’ll accompany you.”

The black cat’s paws pushed Mingyou: “Go out, what if I bite you in pain?”

“Bite whatever you want.” Mingyou said while holding the black cat’s paw, “I won’t be hurt.” It would hurt a little at most, but it was nothing compared to the pain that Dahei suffered.

“My power can make your form change more smooth.” Mingyou put the power of heart into Dahei’s body, “Let’s work together.”

“In the future, my other partners will change their form, and I will always be with them.” Mingyou rubbed the black cat’s red and swollen shoulder blades, “I will accompany you, don’t be afraid. This is a normal evolutionary process.”

“Didn’t I tell you before? Spirit beasts are very magical creatures. As energy bodies, they can change into various magical creatures. Therefore, your appearance close to living organisms are actually the most elementary appearances.”

“When you continue to exercise your abilities and let the energy body undergo a qualitative change, the form will be more like a creature in fantasy.”

“I have always believed so strongly that you can definitely become better.”

“Dahei, I know you have always been afraid, afraid that your strength is insufficient, the next time you encounter a more powerful enemy, you will not be able to protect your hometown and family. But after you evolve, you will be stronger after evolution. Don’t worry about a powerful enemy coming, you can protect everything…”

The light blue fluctuations in Mingyou’s body filled the entire treatment room with his voice. The value of the therapeutic apparatus continued to rise, and soon reached its peak. Language was powerful. The words combined with the power of the heart was a kind of “hypnosis” tool. Mingyou used language and the power of heart to guide the black cat into a state of “meditation” that was very similar to fantasy novels.

In this state, the black cat had forgotten reality and other people around him, and only felt the flow of energy in his body. This energy was affected by the power of the heart injected by Mingyou’s words, and it resonated with the energy of the outside world. The stray energy particles in the outside world seemed to be called and rushed towards the treatment room.

The spirit beasts outside the treatment room suddenly felt suffocated. They seem to have entered a dense energy space, and the energy concentration was even comparable to the food they ate. It seemed that they could absorb enough energy to survive as long as they breathed.

But the strange thing was that these energies ignored them, no matter how they dragged their bodies, they rushed towards the half-conscious black cat in the treatment room. There was nothing in the treatment room except those precious spirit beast props that attracted energy and soothes the spirit. Even diagnostic instruments were directly mounted on the wall.

Because when the black cat changed shape, it would send out a strong energy storm, destroying everything in the room. Therefore, the walls of the treatment room were all resistant to disasters.

But this energy storm would not have any effect on Mingyou. The black cat was Mingyou’s partner spirit beast. As long as he didn’t want to hurt Mingyou in his heart, even if it’s not his own energy, but the energy he attracted, it will bypass Mingyou.

What’s more, Mingyou’s super spirit beast master physique was basically immune to supernatural powers. So Mingyu was not afraid at all. Mingyou’s position was like the eye of an energy storm. No matter how turbulent the outside world was, his side was always calm and peaceful.

The black cat was wrapped in an energy cocoon. Now his body’s energy reaction was very similar to the “iced” Dacheng and Dazi. In fact, the two also encountered a huge opportunity at that time. If they were not injured, they might have been directly “induced” to evolve. But unfortunately, their energy bodies were very empty at that time, and the energy they obtained only healed their injuries.

Now, the energy attracted by the black cat produced a drastic change in his energy body. The energy was compressed again and again until a qualitative change occurred. Although the appearance of his energy body only changed in form, the changes inside the energy body were completely different.

Just like Mingyou’s previous research, the abilities of the power user could be exercised to the extreme, and then a better level of evolution could be produced. For example, all flames could eventually become a real “sun”.

Although Dahei’s new energy body had not evolved to the extreme, it had finally stepped out of the first stage of the spirit beast and started a new evolution.

A sharp pain awakened the black cat from the state of “meditation”. It was as if he had been cut twice on his back, and the pain made him want to roll on the ground. Soon, the pain began to split and spread throughout his body. It was as if his entire body was repeating the process of splitting and reuniting. The pain made him roar uncontrollably.

Mingyou quickly put his hand into the black cat’s mouth: “Bite quickly, bite my hand, don’t bite your own tongue.”

Dahei: “…” The black cat spit out Mingyou’s hand in disgust, spat twice, and then continued to roar in pain.

Mingyu looked at his hand in confusion. Did he not wash his hands? Why did Dahei despise him so much? The black cat started to roll on the ground, Mingyou persevered and put his hand into the cat’s mouth. The black cat was so angry that he overturned Mingyou with one paw. Even if he doesn’t work, why did he make trouble?

Mingyou: “Then you bite this sachet?”

The black cat was busy stuffing the sachet into his mouth, and biting down, and he felt a lot more comfortable. Why didn’t he take this out earlier! What was he doing with his stinky hands in his mouth! The black cat was even more angry!

Mingyou smelled his hand, it really didn’t stink.

The spirit beasts watching outside fell silent. Originally, they were still very nervous and distressed, but Mingyou’s actions tossed away their nervousness and distress.

How could Mingyou… how could he destroy the atmosphere like this?

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