IPMH Chapter 27

When Yu Feng opened his eyes again, it was nine o’clock the next morning. The quiet ward greeted his eyes and the faint smell of disinfectant swirled around his sensitive nose. This is the hospital?

He frowned that thought about last night’s events and remembered something he neglected to think about at the time. Last night, secretary Pei said that he called the ambulance. That implied another problem, how did Pei Wen know he had a stomach ache?

“Mr. Feng, are you awake?” The nurse’s voice interrupted his thoughts, causing him to slightly frown. “How are you? Do you feel any pain?” The nurse asked again.

The awoken president’s reaction was a little dull but his stomach had calmed. “Okay…” He did not feel any pain but also did not feel any desire to eat.

“Why don’t you eat some porridge? What would you like to eat? I can order it for you.” The nurse was young and worked full-time at the hospital. She could not help but feel enthusiastic since she had rarely seen such a handsome patient.

“No.” Yu Feng was like a scorpion guarding itself against a snake and refused with a cold expression.

The nurse could not muster enough courage to speak back against Yu Feng’s appearance. When the ward only had one person, Yu Feng absent-mindedly browsed through his mobile phone.

“Boss? How are you doing? Is your stomach hurting?” As soon as the call connected, Pei Wen’s concerned voice came through.

“Fine.” With hidden heart feelings, he asked, “How did you know that I had a stomach ache in the middle of the night.” The question was straightforward.

The secretary looked around to make sure that no one was around before whispering. “The person with you told me.”

Yu Feng’s nerves were taut and his eyes were fierce. “The person with me?”

“Yeah.” Secretary Pei Wen explained about the conversation with the young man about his condition.

“You’re certain?” Yu Feng rubbed his head, full of confusion.

Pei Wen was confused but gave more details about the matter. “Last night at two o’clock, someone called me from your cell phone and said that you were not feeling well, that you have a stomach ache. Told me to help call an ambulance…”

Speaking of that, the secretary noticed something. The person did not know the boss’s address and house number, which indicated that the other party was not familiar with the boss. Most likely…a one-night stand.

“…” Pei Wen was stunned into silence and felt his horizons broaden.

Yu Feng listened to the secretary’s statement and felt his eyebrows scrunch up. But instead of a rebuttal, he quietly asked, “What did the person who called on my phone sound like?”

“Features?” Pei Wen thought about it, did the boss really want to talk about his sweetheart during work hours? “Uh..very young and sounded nice.”

There was silence. After a bit, Yu Feng asked, “It was a man right?”

“Yes.” Secretary Pei Wen did not know his face turned red.

“What accent?” The boss asked another question.

That was not possible to know and the secretary made that known. “I didn’t listen carefully in truth.”

The boss was also embarrassing, he had never met the other person, how could he recognize the other’s voice? Should have done the right thing and brought him to the company for a look!

Yu Feng’s expression changed after he squeezed out the information from his secretary. “Then speak no more, you are a person who earns a wage, get to work.” He hung up the phone.

Secretary Pei Wen was silent but yelling in his heart.

Yu Feng’s stomach did not hurt and he did not want to stay in the hospital any longer. He quickly and efficiently went through the discharge process. He walked away in a chic manner, but it looked a little bleak.

That was why Professor Han always advised him to marry a wife and have children. After all, a wife and children would develop warm feelings. A person rich in wealth and status, but all alone did not seem like a living person.

Yu Feng quickly did some introspection, should he get with someone? Find a considerate person and live together? Each time he ended up in the hospital, the idea strongly came to mind. However now that the pain has eased and the discharge procedure finished, that introspection became nonsense.

He shrugged, wasn’t it fine to be alone? That was Yu Feng’s true state of mind. That being said, Su Xing’s heart was still a tad uneasy after watching the house owner leave last night.

He was worried whether the home’s owner’s illness was under control and about any leaks of his existence that could cause unnecessary trouble. Therefore Su Xing did not sleep well that night.

At around seven o’clock in the morning, Su Xing filled a bucket and visited the neglected vegetable garden. After a bit of watering, the seedlings did not seem as miserable when not under the fog of night.

Su Xing had been very worried about his garden not getting any water while he was gone. Fortunately, the mountain fog was heavy and plentiful. He squatted down and gently brushed against the seedlings, wetting his fingers. Su Xing concentrated on pulling about the weeds mixed in the plants one by one.

For a time, all was quiet except the rustling of grass. Su Xing looked at the poor vegetables and felt sorry. “I didn’t mean to.” He hurried to find a better spot and sprinkled some water. They should live, right?

Su Xing was not sure. After finishing the garden work, Su Xing went to the second floor to check if the house owner was back after being picked up by an ambulance.

However, the room was empty. The owner had not returned yet. Plus, it was only eight o’clock, the owner was likely asleep in a hospital bed. So Su Xing skipped making breakfast, hopped on his tricycle, and left the house.

“Boss, one bowl of noodles please!” He went to town and had a cheap country meal.

After eating, Su Xing went straight to the vegetable market to carefully select ingredients for the next few days. Duck, chicken, ribs….there were no eggs at home. It had quite a variety of pricy ingredients.

When the youth paid, he was smiling on the surface but lamenting in his heart. Such naive words, his previous thoughts of conscientiously saving money. But now that the house owner had a stomach bug?

If the young are not supported, the more pain during old age. Yams were also a good thing for the stomach but Su Xing did not want to spend more money. He decided to try his luck up the mountain.

So he bypassed the stall selling yams and went straight for one with newly hatched chicks. They were quite cute with fluffy yellow down.

“Boss, how are the chicks sold?” Su Xing bent over and asked.

“Baby chickens?” The boss held a hand and moved his fingers. “Two for this kind, five for that type and ten for those ones. Which one do you want?”

Su Xing stared at the two-dollar chicks. Of course, since he was poor, he could only pick the cheapest ones.

“These ones are hard to feed.” The boss kindly reminded him.

“It’s fine.” Su Xing. “Give me ten two-dollar chicks.” So his tricycle now had ten fluffy chick passengers. Along with ten kilograms of chicken feed.

Su Xing calculated and found that the feed was more expensive than the chicks! The boss was too good at business.

Su Xing passed through the village and stopped by uncle’s house to send some fruits and vegetables. On his way home, he also showed the cage filled with chicks.

“Can they survive?” Uncle Niu looked at the fragile chicks with a complicated mood. If all ten chicks ended up dying, how would the child face it?

“Should be fine.” Su Xing laughed with confidence. “Okay, the weather is too hot, I’ll bring them back home to rest.” He slowly rode away on this tricycle while a gust of wind blew past.

Uncle Niu shook his head with a happy little smile but also felt worried. He thought to himself, Su Xing was a careful child, he might be able to pull it off?

Su Xing grunted as he placed the chicks in a shaded coop. He fed them food and water and let them enjoy the outside environment. He stared at the baby chickens and his two dogs.

“What are you looking at?” Su Xing unceremoniously patted the two dogs’ heads. Their tongues were lolling so they really liked the petting.

Su Xing smiled and petted them some more and then took them outside. At the same time, the morning was passing by. Su Xing felt a little worried and went to the second floor again. He found the house owner working in the study. Su Xing carefully observed the other’s face and found nothing wrong.

Su Xing left and went into the kitchen to make some lunch. He boiled fresh ribs in hot water and removed the surface grease and scum. Then he added red dates and hazelnuts to cook together for half an hour.

Of course, the ingredients were cut with a knife beforehand. In another clean pot, he mixed yellow millet, crushed rice kernels, and lotus seeds and left them to stew for half an hour. The house owner did not like to eat sweet things.

After the millet porridge was finished, Su Xing divided the food into two portions. One serving had some sugar added while the other had some added salt. The sweet one was made to Su Xing’s taste while the salty porridge of course was for the house owner.

However, the red hazelnut stewed ribs were also slightly sweet. Su Xing was not sure whether the owner would like to eat those.

At this moment, Yu Feng hung up a call telling him to eat on time. The scent of hazelnuts and meat floated through the house.

“….” Fine, the mystery man who cooked came back last night. This meant that he would have good food to eat for now.

But Yu Feng’s expression was a tad strange. If he was correct, the person who called his secretary in the middle of the night asking for help and the mysterious man cooking for him were the same person.

With last night’s incident, Yu Feng suddenly thought of a month ago. He was usually tormented by insomnia and nightmares but actually had a good night’s rest. Yu Feng had never paid attention to those changes. Until now, he had some guesses.

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