Chapter 251 One Family Eating Together

Luo Xun would like to use his foot to kick Zhang Yi from the table. Because this was the fifth piece of meat snatched from his chopsticks. Five times! His meat!

He was not robbing the silky fish balls, specifically staring at the meat. Beef, mutton, and bird slices. Even more exasperating was dipped the meat in both soups, his chopsticks had never stopped.

Luo Xun grabbed meat and directly stuffed it into his mouth. Even more annoying was Zhang Yi could use his wind ability to help and Wang Duo also added meat to his bowl. Fortunately, thanks to the large number of mutton slices they cut, they still had some left over in the fridge.

Suddenly, Xu Mei stood up, rolled up her sleeves and picked up the largest empty place and then handed it to Song Lingling. “Bring back a plate.”

“Oh.” Song Lingling went straight to the freezer but also did not forget to say, “Xu Mei, help grab some meat!”


The thin slices of meat could be dipped in the pot and then fished out to eat. Everyone saw Xu Mei’s actions and were ready to take action. Without waiting for Song Lingling to come back, the meat in the pot was instantly gone.

Song Lingling came back with a plate of mutton slices only to see the few remaining pieces of meat. Her head had black lines, “I should have filled the pot with meat instead.”

“Give it to me, you go get some more.” Xu Mei poured the slices of meat into the two sides of the pot while telling Song Lingling to grab more.

Sure enough, when Song Lingling came back with more mutton, the meat in the pot was already gone.

But this time it was not as crazy. With their bellies filled with meat, they started to pick at other favorite ingredients.

Full on lamb. Luo Xun had heard this sentence before but not understood the meaning…at least until today…

He paused his chopsticks when thought about how much he had eaten, but after a while, he wondered if he had eaten too many peppers…but then he ate some more.

In the afternoon, he had to lie in the recliner while rubbing his stomach.

Yan Fei also helped the baby eat lunch and coaxed him to sleep. After the baby was in the cradle, he went to check on Luo Xun. “Still uncomfortable?”

“Yeah…” Luo Xun hummed, “It’s all Zhang Yi’s fault, if it weren’t for him I would not have eaten so much.” He got sucked into the atmosphere. When others were snatching food, of course he would retaliate? It was normal to eat more right?

Yan Fei helplessly held Luo Xun’s hand and gently rubbed.

Luo Xun put his head against Yan Fei’s chest and winked. “Before the apocalypse I actually forgot to prepare stomach medicine at home, what an oversight…”

Who would have thought that one could eat and eat during the apocalypse? It was a dream that Luo Xun had never entertained in his life. After all, even if they ate their fill of high quality crops, they were still vegetables! But this was meat! Real meat!

Yan Fei helplessly smiled. “I remember that the hawthorn tree is ripe? I’ll go down and pick a few for you.”

“Yes, I definitely feel like having some.”

“Then you stay inside, don’t move.” The two did not notice that Luo Xun resembled a pregnant woman, holding his stomach and making a fuss about eating hawthorn fruits.

They only had one hawthorn tree, they found it the same time as some other trees. This year was the first harvest and it was not bad. The branches had dozens of fruit, although the color was not red enough so they had to wait a few days. They did not result in it to come in handy now.

When Yan Fei came downstairs to the tree he saw both Xu Mei and Li Tie also picking hawthorn fruits!

“Yan Fei? What are you doing here?” Li Tie noticed Yan Fei while holding a dozen hawthorns in his hand.

Yan Fe pointed at the tree, “Picking the hawthorns to soothe a stomach?”

The two men glanced at each other, then Li Tie covered his mouth.

“He Qiankun and the others ate too much.”

“Lingling also ate too much and Yu Xinran wanted some fruits.”

They were the only three not to overeat and now running errands for the others…Where was the fairness?

The hotpot sated their appetite for two days, that night they specially cooked non-greasy corn porridge. But the next lunch, the group of unrepentant foodies would eat another meal. They would have to wait a bit though.

As winter approached, snow covered the land. Luo Xun carefully watched the satellite photos for the zombie waves. Sure enough, the wave was much slower than before after leaving the previous base. If they used to be able to walk 50 or 70 kilometers a day, now they would walk 10 if they were unlucky. Of course, the zombie speed was not as fast as before. After all, they would also wander into urban areas with buildings and the smell of people would affect their speed as well.

Although the zombie wave would be slowed down by the weather, there were no guesses about the zombies buried in the snow – the snow was actually nationwide. All was covered in snow except for a few southern areas and the north was heavier and more violent.

After the snow completely covered Luo Xun’s base, Zhang Yi was ordered to use his wind abilities to blow at least half of it off so that the fruit and grains could mature.

They first seized the time to harvest the rice and wheat before taking time to deal with the fruits that had finally ripened.

Apples, pears, peaches, cherries, plums, dates and the remaining hawthorns.

Don’t think that there was little fruit at home, there were actually quite a few. While apples were relatively resistant, and the dates and hawthorns could be dried. Other things especially the peaches were perishable.

Luo Xun picked while eating and noted. “I should have found a way to stagger the growing periods, did not expect all of them to ripen at the same time.”

Originally, if these trees were outside, then they would certainly grow according to the laws of nature and fruit in different seasons. But since they were moved during the flowering period into the greenhouse, who guessed that they would all grow together!

Finally, the team discussed and decided to can peaches and cherries. The pears could be eaten or boiled as well. The plums and peaches could be made into dried snacks.

In fact, the other fruits could also be dried but then the moisture and some taste would be lost. They would eat as much as they could first and then deal with the issue.

The team of people was busy harvesting fruit in the greenhouse. The two chicks now had full feathers and flapping around with Yu Xinran and the deer. They were mixed together with Puppy and the two silly wolves. The little girl had a new playmate and would not get too lonely. Sometimes she went down to the basement to play with the three – there was enough space for all of them.

So the batch of fruit was harvested, dried, preserved and stored away. Luo Xun said, “I think we should add some grain…” He looked at the two wolves that were more and more comfortable at home. It was clear that it would be difficult for them to leave once spring arrived.

“How to add? Dig underground?” Li Tie asked while drinking a cup of water.

“No need.” Luo Xun smiled. “Remember our previous base in the city? Weren’t all the shelves layered? As long as we add some support to the planting racks, we can have at least twice the amount of space.”

In particular, the second underground floor was much higher than the first. They did have to worry about running out of space for planting another two rows of crops.

“Okay, it’s a lot of trouble to dig up a hole and we still have a lot of earth at home!” They could not bear to throw out the soil they dug out last time when digging out the third underground layer. The rest was temporarily stored and it was very fertile earth, who was willing to throw it away?

“Do you want to start in the next few days?” Wu Xin asked. These past few days they had just emptied out the planted crops, changed the soil and planted the new seedlings, it would best if most of the crops matured together.

“No hurry, we can first set up the room and then add the vegetables. After all most of our metal is being used in the traps and we need to have reserves.” Luo Xun looked at Yan Fei.

Now that the weather was cold, although they had metal in storage it should be used for the soon-to-be zombie wave. They dared not use too much.

“It doesn’t matter, there’s no big problem if you don’t use too much metal for the shelves.” Yan Fei did some mental calculations and answered.

“Okay, then we’ll set up the shelves tomorrow.” Luo Xun breathed a sigh of relief and secretly wished that the animals at home…would not eat so much food.

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