Chapter 214 New News

Just when Luo Xun was ready to start building their base, He Qiankun and Wu Xin who were responsible for routine inspection of satellite data got a new harvest.

When they saw the pieces of information that they worked hard to get, they were surprised and then hurried to the construction site…Yes, there was a big hole in the ground.

“Leader! News, breaking news! Big news!” He Qiankun’s belly was quivering with happiness.

Someone who was working looked up and could not help but snort and inhale a mouthful of sand.

The mutant plants heard movement inside and moved their branches. But after touching the smooth iron plate, they gave up after confirming there was no way to reach the food.

“What’s going on?” Luo Xun wiped his face, leaving streaks as he asked the pair.

“We just received information from the satellite!” He Qiankun gasped for breath while Wu Xin was only breathing a bit heavier despite both rushing over. “We couldn’t get it until we cracked the password two days ago …we found all the files that the bases exchanged information with! Today we got letters between the southwest base and some other bases, they want to carry out rectification! After this zombie wave, we’ll work towards mining information from other bases.”

These little things carried a large amount of information. Wu Xin was not clear as well, he simply sorted out the information and used his equipment to record.

He Qiankun’s face was filled with excitement. “The new channel has a lot of data! We also found some TV programs! The data inside is more complicated so some things are still locked but we can slowly study and unlock it. But we need more equipment and a room dedicated for this sort of thing.”

Luo Xun smiled. “That’s great, after the base is built we’ll have to go deep into the city to find some equipment. Bring it back and build a specialized room for you however you like.”

The last time they went out they found some cameras but they were of different models, types and sizes. Although they could be used, each device had a somewhat different use and they only found a few. After finding these things, Luo Xun went into the city and looked for electronic stores for more items.

Those kinds of things were often in digital malls and other places. There must be a variety of computer equipment. Just one trip should be able to grab all that they needed.

Hearing Luo Xun’s words, the tech guys cheered and clapped their hands. Luo Xun announced a short break to look at the new information.

The team returned to the first floor to rest, drink water and sit while watching the news. As it turned out, they got some inter-base communications. Some were even regarding data relatively close to them. It was just that this kind of data was deleted quickly, so he got cut off quickly after discovery.

Several documents from the southwest base had been marked and Luo Xun was now looking at these items.

One was after this defensive battle, since the base weapons were exhausted, they needed to go to nearby mines, factories and other places to grab resources while exchanging information. The other was what He Qiankun had already mentioned, the base was under reorganization.

The rectification message was sent for a reason, not just because they had found internal base problems. Before this campaign, there were bases in the country completely controlled by the military, all inhabitants must obey orders. Forced under unified management during a period of war.

All food, clothing and energy was subject to quota distribution. Private property was not allowed, all materials were handed over to management. Each person must be registered to allocation of tasks. All ordinary people had to have military training, obey supervisors and the arrangements. If necessary, violators would be militarized, serious violations would result in exile of execution.

The first base to implement this management was one with around ten thousand people. The base covered a small area, if there was no cohesion sooner or later everyone would be dead from infighting like grains of sand in the wind.

Almost two years had passed since the apocalypse and the survival rates at these bases was much higher than others. Some of the larger bases who learned of this decided to implement this method. Dive out those who did not listen to orders, carry out strict militarized management. Although it would cause its own share of problems, the survival rates would be higher than before!

That was one of the reasons why survivors fleeing from other bases and those evicted and seeking refuge had no provisions.

But now the southwest base could not be so accepting. If they did not improve management, who knew how they would survive against the next zombie wave? Because of the cloudy forces at base, it was easy to achieve relative unity at the top. Most of the rebellious teams had been cleared up, how could they tolerate the situation?

After reading this information, the team looked at each other in silence. Zhang Yi coldly smiled and waved his phone. “Shouldn’t we glad that we left earlier?”

Yes, thanks to their speed, they learned the news in advance. Otherwise if they had rushed forward without thought, who knew if they would be able to smoothly escape?

“We can’t go back to the southwest base for the time being.” Luo Xun calmed down and addressed the team. “If we go back now, who knows if we can get out. Here we have vegetables, grain and rations in storage. We can also catch some mutant poultry. Let’s continue to prioritize our base construction and then look for an opportunity to enter the city and grab some electronic equipment. We should also look for some furniture and things before closing our doors.”

After Luo Xun finished, his plan had the full support of the team. Although they had some reservations when leaving base before, now that the base was under reorganization, if some more time had passed, they might not have been able to leave.

When no one was left, Luo Xun whispered to Yan Fei, “I have no idea about the future…If the southwest base will change according to this information, I really do not know what will happen next…”

Although the base army had taken over the management and placed all the ability users in one area to create a district, the civilians were still civilians, otherwise how could he have a house for ten years?

Yan Fei laughed, “Differences were inevitable right? With so many things happening every day, any small matter can affect the future. What’s the point of living exactly like in a past life?” Although the future was not the same, Yan Fei was not worried. Difference was good, so Luo Xun did not have shoulder the burden of his past knowledge.

What’s more, was not life always filled with uncertainty? If everything was known in advance and one could only move forward as predicted, forced to head towards danger and sadness, who could bear it?

So Luo Xun’s past life predictions were important, but now that they have their lifestyle, it was not as important.

Luo Xun was in a good mood being comforted by his lover. After regaining his spirit, he returned to work on remodeling the base. He Qiankun and Wu Xin’s workload was reduced since they were responsible for collecting information. But the two men were generous and said that data collection only took a bit of time so they could still help transport soil. Like the two ladies, they would take on some of the work before returning to their computers.

The large pit was quickly dug out. Yan Fei measured the depth of the ground and began to build a metal floor based on the basement roof. The floor was relatively thick, about one meter. Afterwards, Yan Fei  also set up the geothermal system so the entire house could be turned into a greenhouse. After all that was done, the team started to work – moving earth!

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  1. Always knew the base was going to come under stricter control. Surprised more people had not also thought of leaving and forming there own community…🤔🤔
    Anyway, good fortune for our team!
    Thanks for the update?😁

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      1. Who knows… Anyway, it’s lucky that Luo Xun and the Otaku team moved out early. I don’t want to think of how miserable they would have been if they’d been forced to split up.

        (Thanks for the chapter, TL ❤ )


      2. Not just split up. Their supplies, food, and resources as well as equipments, etc would’ve been snatched away. Who knows whether or not they’ll get punished (mortally) over hiding (building nest) things.
        After (if they live), they’ll be involved in the infighting, forced to take sides, might have assasins come after them (like those who died after the siege on the festival (when zombie mices were thrown over the wall)), have strict surveillance over them, have to work with abilities’ teams (metal, wind, fire, water, plant (Luo Xun)) or technical (the teens) [in which they’ll be treated badly by their teammates because of envy and hatred.

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  2. As much as I enjoy watching our little ants digging out their new colony, I wouldn’t mind some character development. Or some dog food.
    We’ve a serious lack of dog food on the reader’s side of things lately.


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