Chapter 208 Busy

The morning of June 2nd, the team drove back to their new base. For safety reasons, Zhang Yi did not focus on the road conditions, instead he checked whether there were any followers behind the car. Although they had mutant plants at their door, tunnels could be made straight to the base. They did not want to have anyone know about their home.

After unloading and packing their things away in a temporary dug out storage room, Luo Xun and the others did rush to start a new round of work.

Previously, they had dug out two underground planting rooms, a parking lot and doubled the size of the original planting rooms. But it was clear that there was not enough space and now they had to dig out a few more basements before the zombie tide arrives or prioritize ground work? Both jobs were very important and the team was hesitant on which to do first? Whichever was only half done when the zombie wave arrived would have a considerable impact on their safety.

Luo Xun worried while sitting at the kitchen table as he analyzed the pros and cons. “The groundwork speed is not slow but if there are earth zombies or fast zombie mice we would be in danger. But there’s also a problem with work above ground – we have to paint the metal house by hand. If there is any human scent outside, it would attract wandering zombies…”

After listening to Luo Xun’s tangled feelings, Yan Fei helped him make a decision. “Then build the basement first, you can first finish the underground storage room and then connect with the other planting rooms and metal houses. You can also lay the foundation for above ground.”

Although he could build buildings directly using metal, it required some foundation. It would keep them out of danger to first finish the underground parts of the buildings then build upwards.

It made sense to hear that, so for the sake of safety they could prioritize the underground storage room and then use satellite photographs to decide whether to continue before the zombie wave arrived.

Now that the decision had been made, the team began work that afternoon. Yu Xinran and Yan Fei were mainly responsible for building the basement while the rest painstakingly carried out the dirt. This time they were prepared to dry out the earth. One reason was that they had enough at home, the second was that their activities would leave traces. Who knew if those mutant plants would get overwhelmed and not be able to stop so many zombies?

This time the dug out sand was directly loaded. Yan Fei formed an imitation truck and would drive it outside each time it was filled.

The place where they dumped the dirt was covered in weeds. Before the end it was a small landfill, so adding earth was not an issue.

The car filled with earth, Luo Xun could also take a short break and collect crystal cores in a more distant section of farmland. It was the best of both worlds – relax while also getting some income through cores.

It did not take long to build the underground storage room. But it was not until the next morning that it was completely dug out and the soil transported to the abandoned farmland. He Qiankun examined several new satellite photos and determined the path, speed, scale and time of arrival for the zombies.

It was playing a tower defense game – planting zombie eating plants outside their home and then digging holes to expand their functional buildings.

“These are the satellite photos that we received since the day we left. The zombies are returning from the sea.” He Qiankun zoomed in on the photos on the tablet. “Should be at least a week before they reach us. Today should we dig more holes?”

Luo Xun carefully studied the photos and nodded, “Dig the ground today.”

They brought back a lot of metal, if they had not built all kinds of equipment, they could have finished all the basement walls, even some of the projects above ground as well.

However, they were prepared to wait until after the zombie tide to build anything above ground. After all, those buildings also had to have anti-satellite measures. If they wanted to build, they would have to make sure that no one would notice them.

Underground floors were not difficult to build, especially since Luo Xun designed the rooms to be the same. Yan Fei could use metal to mark sizes in the soil and then Yu Xinran would dig according to the markings.

The two worked together to dig pits quickly and efficiently. The only trouble was that they needed to carry earth through the elevator to the car parked at the tunnel. Fortunately they had enough people so the labor was quick.

After another four days, they had formed two plantations and two storage basements. One of the rooms was built on top of another underground room while the other was on top of the parking lot. It could be converted into a planting room if needed.

It look another full day to finish the ventilation system, finish the roof and install the general lighting.

Yan Fei examined the basement walls alone. After confirming that the wall thickness was the same and it was solid enough, he focused and once again reinforced the main building where they lived, the granary, parking lot and other rooms with a metal shell. He then transferred the remaining half to the underground rooms – if zombie animals started attacking, he could add another layer of defense and avoid danger.

On the eighth day of the month, the same date on the base notice, Luo Xun and team also decided to no longer leave their base.

They were helpless to find that – because their base location was more to the south, the wave would pass by them a good two days before the southwest base!

In order to minimize the interest of zombies towards their home, Luo Xun decided to reduce the smell of humans in order to reduce the zombie’s potential interest.

Luo Xun also noticed something strange, the two wolves who had been loitering around were nowhere to be seen. They had not crossed paths even once, did they run somewhere else to hang out? Squatted in their nests and ate meat? Did they notice the zombies passing by and ran away to avoid the trouble?

In any case, the Otaku squad decided that they would shut themselves in against the sweltering summer and zombie wave.

Although the weather was not at its peak, the temperature was gradually rising. They forgot to bring back air conditioning back these few times!

Although there were still a few air conditioners in the teaching building, but if the zombies passed by, any strange noise would attract their attention.

Fortunately, Luo Xun had bought several solar fans before the apocalypse. Each room had one so everyone slept well at night. During the day – the basement was much cooler than above ground! Moreover although they could not make much noise, each room had fans along with vegetables. Although the light would increase the temperature, it was comfortable.

“We will stay at home for now, good thing we have these seedlings to plant.”

The two expanded shelves, lights and sprinklers were done. Luo Xun’s planting spirit was rekindled – they had not forgotten about farming but since they had to build a home, they could not focus on planting. Luo Xun had always felt something was lacking.

“Luo Xun, have there been any mutant seedlings this time?” Since everyone had been busy with physical labor, Luo Xun had been responsible for planting work.

Usually Xu Mei and Song Lingling would take care of it while others pay little attention. Han Li suddenly remembered and quickly asked.

“No, if something like that sprouted, we have to take it away immediately. It would be a danger if left alone for too long.” Luo Xun rolled his eyes, he was not stupid, who would ignore such a dangerous thing?

The planting racks brought back were all remodeled for their new home and converted to the new specifications. At this time, Luo Xun planted some flowers and herbs. After the harvest he saved the seeds for germination.

Although they also grew vegetables awhile ago, those plants were soon to mature. The growth cycle was longer with the addition of rice and wheat. Anyways since they could not leave for the moment, why not spend more time farming?

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