Jump #9 – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

 Jumper in Wonderland

A sticky note is stuck upon a small stack of paper – a report of the jump from Claire.

Hi Benefactor,

When the jump finished, you weren’t there so I left this for you. I had no time to wait, it’s been too long since I could enjoy something other than tea party foods.

The writing changes to someone else: I had a lot of fun playing around with my new ability, there are a bunch of interesting locations in Wonderland. Read about them or not, Claire did not visit everywhere, or was it she could not?

The note ends with a doodle of a cat with an annoying smile.

Report #1: The Rabbit’s House

The jumper dropped in front of the White Rabbit’s abode. She knocked on the door but was almost run over as the owner sprinted out yelling about being late. Since the door was ajar, the jumper entered the quaint house and looked around, however there was nothing of note and soon she was bored.

In a time honored tradition, she rummaged through the house in search of items. All she found was a pair of gloves that were too small for her. There wasn’t anything in the pots either…which would be from the wrong place.

She stepped out to see a purple striped cat and one of her companions lounging in a tree. The former disappeared with a cheeky wink while the latter joined her on her adventure.

Before leaving, the jumper was accosted by an unnamed character, potentially for an inane fetch quest or delivery. She said something which caused said potential task to be cancelled and the pair went on their merry way into Wonderland.

That noname was rather rude, mistaking Claire for someone named Mary-Ann. Fortunately, she just needed to tell it that the oven had been left on back at their house for them to make like a tree and leave. Normally I would be all for helping out, but right now I draw the line at chasing after someone who left an accessory at home.

Report #2: The Hallway

The paper is soggy but the rest of the papers were not affected. Careful handling reveals a pop-up card depicting a table surrounded by doors. The background contains a colorful garden with flowers, bushes and so on. There was writing but it has been blurred beyond recognition.

Report #3: Caucus Race

Instead of a report, there is a colorful poster titled “Nth Caucus Race”. Set for a date in the future, with wonderful prizes for the winners. For example a pitcher of bird seed, a blueberry and pineapple muffin along with a glass of hot chocolate tea. In small print it states that running is optional for the participants.

Report #4: The Mushroom

The writing in the report is too tiny to see. Even using a magnifying glass does not help as smoke obscures one’s view up close. In addition, the words are constantly shifting since it was supposed to be a transcript of the Caterpillar’s meanderings. Although the paper is a lovely shade of blue with a cute mushroom drawing on the back.

Report #5: Duchess House

The report is short and to the point, however try as one might, one cannot really remember what was written. Only a vague feeling of boredom that eclipsed anything else. Trying harder only makes the reader sneeze continuously along with a feeling of irritation that someone is laughing at them.

Report #6: Tea Party

There is a fancy invitation addressed to the jumper. A tea party of her birthday at 6 PM with instructions to dress nicely and how to get there. There is also a little map in the corner and a recipe for pancake cookies on the back. Unfortunately out of the jump one would be hard pressed to gather some of the ingredients. Aqua was annoyed that she did not receive an invitation but then remembered she could crash the party anyway.

Report #7: Garden and Trial

The paper has been folded into an origami flamingo, which has unfortunately been beheaded. Even unfolding and smoothing it out does little to help as each unlucky letter has also been beheaded. From what little one can infer that the note is actually an order from the Queen to attend the jumper’s trial. Since the court date had already passed, one assumes that everything ended swimmingly.

Report #8: Mock Turtle

The report consists of a list of novels, recommendations from the turtle. Although how one would get ahold of some of these titles is suspect since they only exist in Wonderland. Take for example, “The Laws of Physics while Someone is Pretending to be a Flower” or “Wackology: From Marble Cupcakes to the Jabberwocky”. The latter half has a list of coordinates from when the Griffon gave the jumper a ride. One does wish that they were more descriptive for non-natives then “Three degrees and two brisk walks away from the tallest mountain” or “A skip away between the ocean and a flower garden”.

Next Jump – Disney Princess

Previous Jump – The Vampire Diaries

Name: Claire
Location: The Rabbit’s house (something about gloves and destroying a house)
Origin: Visitor (no change in appearance)

No nonsense: roll with the insanity
I have a cat: Know exactly what to say for someone to leave you alone

Pepper: was given for free
MUSHROOM ME: Grows or shrinks depending on what side nibbled on (add to garden)
Best Butter: repairs mechanical instruments when applied with butter knife

Down the Hole: Bring a companion (Aqua)
Origin: Wonderlander (resembles pokemon form)
Perk: Cheshire cat (reappear anywhere been before with an annoying grin)

Plan: Go with the flow of Wonderland and wander around.


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