Jump #8 – The Vampire Diaries

The Jumper Diary

I sat at my desk and read from my grimoire.

“Okay I have the gemstones and rings to set them in. Now I just need to enchant them.”

There didn’t seem to be any incantations like with some of the spells in the book. I just needed to pour my magic into the stone while imagining who the item would be gifted to.

“Wait, who would I even give a ring to? Pretty sure all the main vampires already have one, not that I want to cross paths with them…Wait I could try the one for werewolves, that one doesn’t need to be keyed to a specific person.”

I grabbed a piece of black kyanite and held the ring in my other hand. Closing my eyes, I pushed my magic into the materials as I brought them together.

“Looks pretty good, it’s not too flashy so anyone could wear it as an accessory. Though I could definitely add more decorations if I wanted to.”

I huffed and set the remaining materials aside. “Since I still have some time I guess I’ll experiment and see if a synthesized accessory with ailment resistance would have a similar effect.”

The end result, the synthesized item seemed to be usable but not as effective as the actual things. I chalked it up to interference since it used magic from a different world. On the other hand, I could sell them purely as jewelry and get some additional income.

“Claire, hurry up, it’s time for dinner!”

“Okay, hold your horses Kyo. I’ll be there in a minute.” I cleaned up and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Sans might like to laze around a bit too much but he could whip up a good meal quickly, if only for the sake of having more time to do nothing.

Entry: Before

Dear Diary,

I think I met the one today while shopping for formal clothing. There’s a party in a few days and I have to attend. I may not be able to leave Mystic Falls (Benefactor…) but that has not stopped me from avoiding any important characters. Let me tell you, it was only due to a stroke of luck that Caroline does not know who I am, that girl seems to be everywhere.

Anyways, he had the most beautiful eyes and we even have similar interests. I accidentally spent almost an hour talking with him over lunch. Kyo ended up calling and asking me what was taking so long (I had promised him a spar).

We promised to meet up again at the bar tomorrow evening. I am looking forward to it. Sans looked at me oddly when I was trying to figure out what to wear. Probably was not the best person to ask if I should wear my purple dress or a blouse and skirt.

Wish me luck,

Entry: After V1

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe how naive I was, that rat bastard was stringing me along. He knew I was a witch and only wanted to use me in order to create a daylight ring. Hah, he did not expect me to overhear his plan while he was on the phone with his girlfriend.

Immediately confronting him afterwards was not smart, but to be fair I was not thinking clearly. He pulled a knife from who knew where and tried to threaten me. That did not end well, for him at least since I kicked his butt and probably broke an arm.

Back at home, I told my companions about. Kyo offered to beat him up too but I figured what I had done was enough. For the rest of the night, we ate ice cream and watched movies. With friends like these, who needs someone like that.

Until next time,

Entry: After V2

Dear Diary,

Today has ended horribly. I went out with him to the bar. At first it seemed fine but after ordering I went to wash my hands in the bathroom. Suddenly the fire alarm started ringing and everyone had to evacuate. Apparently one of the stoves had caught on fire.

We decided to visit another bar but as we were walking, a beam fell on him. I called the hospital and moved the beam off him. I was later told that someone had left it hanging while renovations for a store were underway.

The ambulance arrived quickly but the paramedic told me he had died upon impact. They asked me a few questions and then went on their way. At home, I relayed the news to Sans and Kyo. The latter said that I must be cursed, which is not true. Fine, all my past dates ended bad somehow but that does not mean I am cursed.

I have items that would get rid of ailments/debuffs which includes curses. Better get to sleep, unfortunately I could not contact his family to let him know the news…


I was taking a walk through town with my friends and decided to take a shortcut on the way back. The streets were pretty empty since there was an event going on. Obviously since I had managed to avoid crossing paths with any main characters for half a year, I would continue to do so. I had dealt with vampires during the occasional trips outside of Mystic Falls. I always had to return but it was nice to explore since the town was relatively small compared to the amount of drama that would happen.

Why couldn’t the town be more like Charlotte? Despite the size, it was mostly tourist stuff from what I saw. I had a lot of fun visiting a few museums and an amusement park. The weather was a bit cold for the water park, I might visit in the summer months.

On the way back I stopped by a rest stop of sorts, probably was not an actual one since there was a cemetery nearby. One of the mausoleums looked really impressive so I went closer. The door was ajar and my curiosity got the better of me.

There were cobwebs and dust everywhere, I would have thought they would have kept a place like this cleaner. I promised myself I would take a quick look around and leave in case someone came around, I did not want to get arrested for trespassing or something.

Then I reached the deepest part of the room – where there was a corpse on a dias. As I got closer, it was actually a desiccated vampire. I thought the only tomb that had been filled with vampires was in Mystic Falls.

Now what to do…my instincts and witch senses are screaming to stab him with a stake. I could also sense a lot of magic in the air…which meant that another witch had likely done this. Most likely the vampire had attacked someone close to a magic user who retaliated.

Pretty sure this vampire has nothing to do with the plot; from what I remember the only important desiccated vampires were in coffins. Plus, I couldn’t really leave this since the only magic there was for keeping the vampire down, there weren’t any alarms if he got loose.

I sighed and reached into my bag to grab a wooden stake. Without fanfare I stabbed it into the vampire’s chest. The stake burst into flames and the vampire’s eyes lost their light.

That was strange, the wooden stakes should not have that effect…must have been one of the backup ones I crafted using that piece of bone-white wood? The set I had from the jump they were only made of regular wood and would respawn after 24 hours. I’m going to examine the rest when I get back.

Finally, I burned the body with flames, it would not do for someone not in the know to accidentally stumble upon the body. Well that was an interesting end to my trip, wonder if anything interesting happened back in Mystic Falls? I vaguely remember something about werewolves and Klaus trying to break his curse. Fortunately since he already had a witch with him, I should be able to stay away from all that. Everything ended okay from what I remember a friend saying. Just need to stay away from the incoming violent vampires as much as possible, I can defend myself but that doesn’t mean I want to get involved.

“Finally finished, the decade is over…what?”

I stared at Benefactor who was howling with laughter. I frowned and crossed my arms. “What’s so funny? I would have thought you would have been bored, I kept away from the main characters. Unless my failed attempts at dating was that hilarious.”

Benefactor paused, “…The world spun onto a different track but since it was localized on the people you avoided, you didn’t notice.”

I shrugged, “Whatever, the jump is over I am ready to kick back and relax before the next one. Where am I going anyways?”

Benefactor burst into fresh peals of laughter before handing me the folder and then exiting the area.

“Well, this next jump is going to be something…? Not quite sure what to expect I guess…better brush up on absurdity since logic doesn’t seem to exist there.”

Next Jump – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Previous Jump – Atelier Arland

Jump #8 – The Vampire Diaries

Name: Claire
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Location: Mystic Falls September 10, 2009
Background: Witch (Guardian of nature and balance)

Witchcraft: The power of Traditional magic. Above average talent
Witchy Talent: Some proficiency in all areas of magic (but no specifics unless taught)
Hunting Skills: Preternatural skills vs supernatural, instinct and aptitude in fighting
Mental Fortitude: Resistance to threats against sanity/compulsion
Magic Resistance: Resist all forms of harmful magic (not immunity) equal to 12 RPGs
Ad-Hoc Magic: Do not need 100% accuracy or prep for magic
Power of the Firstborn: massive boost to internal energy reserve (equal to three witches?)

Set of polished stakes: set of 10 that refills every 24 hours
Very strong, fast and rich: $200k yearly
Vervain supply: potted vervain plant that regrows instantly
Magic Materials: medium container with items for magic, 7kg/day and limit of $10,000
Grimoire of grimoire: Single repository of all magic knowledge

Luckless in Love: Always falling in love? But lovers never last for whatever reason

Companions: Kyo and Sans (no additional perks though)

I only know bits and pieces of canon from reading miscellaneous things. Grabbed perks to defend self against enemies. Definitely want to stay out of plot (should be doable since younger than the main character) and practice magic but the entire plot spans the time of the jump. So unsure about how this will go.



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