Chapter 187 Mutant Birds

Luo Xun’s fears were not unfounded, when the night came, the birds scattered in the vicinity. Two landed in the large field near the team.

After the weather warmed up, green buds had emerged from the ground. The snow and ice had not completely melted in some places but bits of greenery had drilled out in spots of green and yellow.

Perhaps due the farmland, both path or field were embellished with traces of green. But in addition, there were splashes of dark brown from the terrifying devil vines!

A few birds landed without noticing the danger and even wondered if they were edible. The consequences of provoking the vines were obvious and a terrible battle started.

After observing the mutant birds, Luo Xun and the others quietly returned home, cautiously staying out of notice.

Yan Fei used nearly half the metal stored to thicken the shell around the building for defense. Even when the team returned to work, there would be one or two people keeping any eye on the situation.

In response to the situation, Luo Xun said, “Find some monitors we can set up so we don’t have stand watch all the time.”

He Qiankun immediately went to check for the information.

The advantage of working underground was the quiet, even if a fierce battle raged above between the birds and vines, they would not hear a thing. But since they could not see the sun, they would not notice the passage of time unless reminded. The team dragged themselves upstairs and quietly looked outside. After confirming there were no birds nearby they bathed and ate before going to sleep.

There was a bathroom but is was a public one. All the equipment was intact and there were no issues as long as Song Lingling provided water and Luo Xun hooked up some battery power. Even better there were two bathing areas. Although the rooms were pretty small, it was enough for them to bathe.

Luo Xun felt some loss since there was no bathtub, only showers. On the other hand, Wang Duo urged his lover to wash together after everyone else. Although everyone understood his intentions, some people ground their teeth. They did not want to think about what occurred back at home, not everyone was gay.

In fact Luo Xun did not bathe with Yan Fei…the reason was obvious. However he would also never act like Wang Duo. After dealing with the basement, metal was collected and they tinkered with the rooms to have a bathtub. One of the areas was very large and it could be easily be divided for everyone’s use.

Everyone returned to their respective rooms after eating, drinking and washing. Although there were heavy curtains and a metal shield, no one dared to turn on the lights – the army of migratory mutant birds were still flying overhead.

“Go to sleep and get up early for the basement.” Luo Xun turned off all the light sources and quietly peeked through the curtains before burrowing under the covers.

The two men hugged each other under the warm quilt. The radiator was nearby; Puppy was sleeping next to it. The baby was asleep, swaddled and placed in a metal cradle.

The team slept until two or three o’clock in the morning when they were awakened by a large sound.

Luo Xun woke up in confusion then sat out immediately as the sound continued, “What’s the matter?!”

Yan Fei also did not know, he and Luo Xun had just awoken. The quickly looked out the window and found that a huge mutant bird had landed was wrestling with the devil vines.

It was surprising that the mutant plants and animals were fighting but the problem was that mutant bird was a fire type and was spewing flames everywhere!

If the fire only hit the vines it would not be an issue but one of the smaller buildings caught on fire! It was where they lived the first time originally used for storing farm tools. Thankfully all the equipment had been moved to the basement and was now empty. What a headache and the next house was where farming vehicles were parked! If there was a leak, the consequences would be inconceivable.

“Whats the matter?” Everyone struggled to wakefulness.

Luo Xun hurried about hugging the baby and dog. “Xu Mei, bring the fire under control, Song Lingling and Yu Xinran help extinguish the fire.” When sand is added to water, it worked better at smothering flames.

Luo Xun pulled on a coat as he faced the rest, “Let’s go check at the gate. Yan Fei has already sealed a part of the area so even if there is fire, the problem should not spread far.”

Thankfully they were wary of incidents during the day so they had attached metal to the shield which could be changed to protect against attacks.

The group of people ran to the gate. Xu Mei barely stopped the fire from burning other areas. Yu Xinran and Song Lingling soon completely extinguished the house fire.

The large bird’s struggle was slowing down and gradually it was completely out of strength. Yan Fei left to observe the situation while the others kept back.

Luo Xun suddenly said, “Do you want to try and grab some of the bird meat?”

“Grab bird meat?” The team immediately turned with particularly shining eyes in the dark.

Luo Xun nodded, “Yes, those mutant plants, although some are toxic, this kind of devil vine only sucks blood and should not inject any poison. We should be able to scavenge a half.”

The group clapped their hands and said they would take action. They discussed together although the ability users would be the ones taking action.

Song Lingling held Yu Xinran while Yan Fei set up a passageway. It was useful for hiding them from the bird’s sight and could also block mutant plant attacks!

Immediately after approaching, Xu Mei launched a fireball hitting the vines entangling the mutant bird. Yu Xinran used her sand to trap the branches and Yan Fei made a metal net to pull part of the body. In retaliation to the attack, the plants tugged back!

The crowd froze, did not expect their prey to be robbed. Luo Xun started back into action. “Withdraw!” They got it, what were they waiting for?

The line of people hurried back. The vines swayed in the air but not far enough, it could only pull the remaining prey and eat it…

“We got it?!” They ran back inside the building and looked at each other in shock before lying down and laughing. After half a day of preparations to even fight with the plant, they had successfully stole it without too much of a fight.

“I’ve wrapped it in metal, we can take care of it in the morning.” Yan Fei recovered the fastest and he waited for a bit before pointing at the gate. The metal mesh was still wrapped around the body.

“Okay, we’ll make sure there are no problems tomorrow.” Luo Xun breathed and patted someone’s shoulder. “Everyone go back and rest, this evening was very tiring.”

Although everyone was thinking about the bird outside, they also knew that the animal had been snatched from a mutant plant, who knew what could be inside it? If they were infected with the zombie virus or something, or if there were other contagions…it was best to be safe.

The group held back their stomachs and returned to their room to sleep until dawn. They woke up early and waited at the door. Luo Xun came downstairs and could not help but exclaim in his heart – there was leftover rabbit in the fridge at home, what was going on?!

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