Chapter 169 More Ice and Snow

“Watch out for your safety! Try not to fall behind, ability users form a wall!”

For everyone’s safety, almost every sled had an ability user, with the one without any in the middle. Yan Fei scattered the metal balls he collected and formed two protective walls around the convoy. Zhang Yi also retracted the wind he used to detect enemies in front and moved to the rear. Song Lingling was driving the sled while Xu Mei kept an eye on the situation around them. Once the car was underway, any zombies ahead were hit with a fireball.

Yu Xinran also controlled sand, she learned from Yan Fei to manipulate it to deal with blown up obstacles do the team could smoothly drive by.

Luo Xun’s sled was at the front, which was actually the least affected as zombies reacted slowly. By the time they poked their heads out, the sled had already passed by. If the zombies were unlucky two cars would have passed by they were quickly dealt with by Xu Mei.

Puppy stood up facing the rear with, she seemed to hate the fellows that drilled out from the strange white things.

Luo Xun raised a hand and patted her head. “Now is not the time to go out.”

The dog’s ears flattened and she lowered herself but was still incredibly curious about those things they just passed – a few suddenly gave chase! So fast!

*Woof* With the dog’s barking, the team felt that the sled had sunk slightly, as if fallen into the snow, but it returned to normal soon after. Although they were delayed by the attack, the good news was that their zombie pursuers were also slammed into the snow by the invisible force of gravity. The ones were so moving quickly could be either speed or wind types, if they gave chase, there would be nowhere to run!

Unfortunately, although Puppy did some work, this kind of wide range ability would also affect teammates. Yan Fei faced the dog, “Don’t bark right now.”

A man and a dog stared at each other. Before Puppy drooped and wrapped herself around his legs. Never mind that she liked to chew on Yan Fei’s shoes, in fact she was more obedient than with Luo Xun. Most of the time she would go against him, but once Yan Fei was serious…one would understand who had all the power.

Luo Xun looked at the honest dog and could not help but sigh. All his effort was not equal to a single sentence from Yan Fei, really made his teeth itch.

Fortunately, this gal loved to be petulant and messing around with Yan Fei to soothe his wounded heart.

The team drove for one hour, gradually fewer zombies appeared from the snow. It was a relief, the sled cars could resume normal speed to continue towards their destination.

“There are no problems!” While on the busy road, no one could say anything lest a message came through the walkie-talkie. Now they were free, they had the chance to talk.

“All right.”

“Just now a zombie grabbed our car and got its arm but off by He Qiankun!”

“Where’s the zombie arm?”

“It was kicked away.”

Luo Xun sighed in relief. “Let’s stop for a moment for Song Lingling to clean up, do not bring any virus back to the base.”

“Don’t worry.” Song Lingling nodded in reassurance.

The zombies were not a big problem, but there was something strange as they drove on. Luo Xun whispered to Yan Fei, “How are there so many zombies in one place? The concentration is too high isn’t it? Is there a residential area nearby?”

The areas outside base were not completely covered by snow, nothing else could be seen outside. Although they could not see far out, there were no tall buildings nearby. The area was really flat, with any taller buildings a distance away.

Yan Fei shook his head, “I am not sure, I did not pay attention while collecting metal.” He was not sure if there was a residential area nearby.

“Let’s go ahead first..” Luo Xun suddenly remembered, “Ah! It’s time to feed the baby! You check if he soiled himself.”

Yan Fei instantly gathered metal and wrapped it around himself to protect against the cold wind. He grabbed the warmed bottle from the heater and began to feed the small baby in his carrier. It seemed their insulation measures seemed to be working, the baby was able to sleep without a problem.

Yan Fei was relieved after confirming that the child was full, asleep and did not wet the bed. Everyone had worried about bringing a baby out into the cold. Now that they checked after the zombie attack, both them and the baby were lucky…

The group slowly moved forward through the cold. It was a pleasant journey with no danger other than the first bunch of zombies.

In the vast expanse of snow and ice, if Luo Xun did not have a compass, map or phone GPS that revealed their location every two hours…they would not dare come out so carelessly.

All the way to the evening, after the sky gradually darkened, the team began to build their temporary camp site. There were no delays other than that one time they had to change the baby’s diaper.

To everyone’s surprise – they stayed inside ready to face off against a horde of zombies, but not one was seen!

“Luo Xun, do you think zombies can…band together?” Li Tie asked with some concern early in the morning as the team was cooking breakfast.

“Gathering together?” Luo Xun froze and puzzled over the remark.

“Remember during the zombie siege…how many zombies were on the base outskirts. Could the entire city’s worth of zombies took collective action?”

Luo Xun paused and stared in horror at Yan Fei.

“But we came this way and did not see any trampled snow. If the zombies gathered, they would leave footprints right? Like outside base.” Han Li brought out a counter argument.

“Maybe there are fewer zombies around here? There are no tall buildings around here, how many people can live here? This winter, as long as we do not disturb too much snow, how could the zombies notice us?”

Suddenly Zhang Yi interjected with furrowed brows. “Don’t forget, there have already been two previous zombie sieges.”

Even if the second siege occurred after the snow, which left footprints, who knew what happened outside during that first siege…

Luo Xun felt his scalp go numb. “If these zombies were concentrated after the first zombie siege…the second time they were originally from the same place and left together…”

In the small metal room, the group shivered with frightened expressions. No one dared to break the strange silence for a while.

Above the sleds was the sun shining in the blue sky with white snow underneath. Although the sun did not do much other than slightly warming up the air, it seemed that the snow appeared to be slowly melting. That proved that spring was coming soon.

During the third they came out, after days in the wilderness with few clear landmarks, the baby was still healthy so there were no problems on that front.

“Now we are here, this far from the solar panel production factory…around three days away. The convoy stopped here to rest.” Luo Xun referred to a location on the map and then pointed in another direction. “But the test ground that everyone is less than a day away.

He looked up at the team. “How about it? Should we check it out now or when we go back to base?”

The team looked at each other before saying, “Let’s go check out the test ground, otherwise we are going to go snow blind. If there is anything good, let’s sort it out to pick up when we go back!”

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 169 More Ice and Snow

      1. He wasn’t, but the major things like the base getting attacked by zombies and being under siege should be a well known and distributed fact. And as a member of said Base, everyone should be helping in some way or another.
        So it makes no sense that he wouldn’t have known about the major dangers that’s happening.
        And the only thing MC really did was to save ML, and make his home, and strengthen up the enemy base by introducing ML. So he really didn’t change anything.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Responding to hoshiandme, what if during his flight from one city to another in his previous life, he or someone in his party, killed the zombie king before he had a chance to evolve?
        But because our MC moved to this city before the apocalypse, that didn’t happen?

        Liked by 4 people

      3. But from the first zombies siege. ..zombie action already deviate from his previous live.. the mutant come faster than previous life..
        The authority system already deviate from after first siege ..
        Second siege too much deviate from last life because of zombies bird already attacked..
        And I don’t believe just one Luo Xun action early to move in the base can change so much deviation..
        He just changed fate of members of his team..
        Not the system..
        There’s something that’s not in his last lifetime but there’s in this lifetime…

        Liked by 3 people

      4. Not really you have to remember he came after the snow season and zombie siege. Plus he even mentioned in one of the chapters that the base looked totally different like a war happened when he arrived in his previous life.

        Liked by 3 people

      5. And he did dance more than ML life. He saved Xu Mei who in turn wad supposed to have her own squad of female soldiers. He saved the little girl. As well as Zhang Yi who was a psychopath in MC past life.

        Liked by 3 people

      6. There’s one thing that came to mind. His account WasteWoodHouse that saved the college students. It might have also saved a lot of others and these people changed this life’s events. Even though it was shown that his actions brought minimal changes to the surroundings except his own (for example the siege happened similiarly), changes are gradually shown. Maybe there’s other bases apart from the bases mentioned. As for the base, I reckon due to life being saver than previous life (some crisis were averted from their tips (water problems) and help (wall)) the base grew complacent enough to fight for benefits with each other (not that there’s none in his previous life, just that there’s more now).
        Of course, there’s one other possibility: there’re other people who experienced rebirth. Just one other person experiencing rebirth could spark a great change coupled with LX-induced changes, with certain timings, places, and situation.


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