Chapter 158 Meeting on the 30th

On that day, the base finally regained its former calm after the zombie bird raids and siege. Early in the morning, the base had been broadcasting a variety of recordings about mutant crop research and other pre-recorded variety shows before the apocalypse. This made the base with many collapsed houses seem more lively than before.

Survivors still living on base were very ready for the holidays, after all there were small losses after the previous zombie bird attack that left behind resources…The ability users responded more quickly and soon dealt with the incoming birds, although at night one had to be careful to avoid encountering zombie mice. Those who had received the leftover resources, coupled with their own preparations, it was no problem having a nice spring festival.

As a result of the re-integration of supplies, many people had radios available. That way, even though the speakers on the road were long gone, many people could still listen to shows an news at home.

Because most of the shows were used before the spring festival, the new people who took over ordered the stations to play these things out slowly.

The tall black fortress was bustling with meetings as the whole base prepared for the new year.

Of course, the senior management opened their meeting alone. The lower level officers sat in an auditorium listening to some prepared programs with the rest of the barracks. It was for celebration and to strengthen work morale. In a secret underground room, the real leaders of the base were having a meeting.

The data was circulated around the table. The average age was 10-20 years lower than before as some military personnel had gradually increased their strength as the apocalypse continued.

After quickly looking at the lists, they set aside the teams that had completed their tasks and focused on the rest.

“Consistent with previous discussions, they completed their missions on time last year and showed support for our past operation and has some strength. But did not participate in the faction fighting, a team that does not stir up the wind on base.”

Another person’s expression was relieved. “Although we cannot say anything since the tasks have been completed, at least it proves that today’s leadership is more trusted.As for the unsuspecting regular teams…those who honestly work are an important cornerstone of the base.”

“Well we can rest assured about that point. As for those who are still on the sidelines or slacking off…”

The atmosphere in the room became bitter as they exchanged glances. One of the said, *Cough* “This matter, after the new year, the teams will need to do missions in accordance with the new rules.”

Several others nodded. “Yes, those with power have an obligation to the base.”

Someone else added, “Still have to find a way, some teams have the captain making all the decisions, the others would not be clear about some things.”

The discussion continued with topics including how to integrate future ability squads, hot to treat past enemies, although no details were spoken.

The previous one about limiting teams and mandatory missions had nothing to do with the people sitting here today. The head determined their direction. When they reached this seat, they found that rules were beneficial to the higher ups. Of course, they needed to set up different missions for teams, those who finished in advance would be less difficult, as for the rest…

The new officials were fired up, just needed to test problems and those who were watching…It was a bitter world, a team needed to be able to stand on its own. How harmonious would it be to build a beautiful home together on base?

The sound of chopping vegetables came from the 16th floor of the seventh building. But this time they did not have to be too careful about noise, since it was the spring festival. Regardless of a person’s resources of grain, meat and vegetable, everyone did their best to have dumplings.

Luo Xun only had enough flour for this last meal. Everyone decided after taking out the frozen mutton, they would have mutton and carrot stuffed dumplings!

If meat was a rarity on base, them lamb was extinct – eating meat was already great, who could now eat this sort of meal?

The group happily minced the meat, chopped the carrots, added some flavoring and started to wrap the dumplings.

Having worked together the past new year, they were all more adept at cooking. While the efficiency was raised, the two ladies did most of the work for the wrappers. Luo Xun went into the kitchen and began to cook a few side dishes.

The previously agreed hot pot had been fired up with mutton instead of duck along with other delicious ingredients. At night, the soup stock would be most flavorful. Now all he needed to prepare was two more dishes to eat for dinner.

Today they took out a lot of mutton in order to make the dumplings. With a chunk they could fry it with some onion, the only way to make it better…would be to add some sweetness?

Luo Xun scratched his head, he knew the method before and had some practice. But he would ask the others if someone knew the details otherwise he had other methods to use.

As for vegetarian dishes, they had not sold food in a while so there was a lot. Most were pickled or hung to dry, one did not have to worry too much.

The knives were washed after use. When Luo Xun came out of the kitchen, most of the dumplings were already wrapped.

“Brother Luo, what kind of food is for dinner?” New Year’s was the time for luxury so everyone had high expectations for the meal.

“Ready to fry onions and mutton, by the way does anyone know how to make something like honey?” Luo Xun felt satisfied as he looked at the nicely wrapped dumplings.


“Never have.”

“What is that? Something edible?”

Well the vast majority of people would not know, within Luo Xun’s expectations that the students only knew how to eat. The good thing was that Yan Fei and Zhang Yi had eaten it before though they did not know to make it. Finally with their help, the three cooks managed to find a rough method…who cared about accuracy as long as it tasted good.

The team happily ran around the room busy with dinner preparations. Everyone barely had anything for lunch. They wanted to eat as much as possible so they put all their energy into making dinner.

Yu Xinran was also to one side making some strangely shaped dumplings that she would eat and also to give to Puppy…Luo Xun lit a candle for his pet.

While the adults were busy, the little girl took a small basket with fresh, red strawberries and said she would eat these for dinner too…well having something not greasy would be nice.

It did not take long for the sky to darken. The music on the radio became cheerful again with broadcasts of songs, dances and other recorded programs.

Before long the hot pot was served and the lid opened. Luo Xun and the others also placed a few dishes to the side. Soon, the mutton and carrot stuffed dumplings would be finished cooking…

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 158 Meeting on the 30th

  1. When they’re talking about food, I get hungry all the time. The food they mentioned, I’ve never heard nor tried it before. Looking forward the changes in the base rule/policies/regulations/laws.

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  2. So if I’m understanding this correctly the previous leaders
    (the ones who fired the college students and gave them the tank with the holes and locked up the previous boss)
    where killed and replaced with younger ability users and they want to cleanup the lazy team’s and they won’t do anything to the mc because they clean up the near by rats right?

    Or do they want to clean up the mc because they were neutral?


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