Chapter 156 Wind of Change

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Luo Xun guessed that Captain Guo would contact them, but not so soon – after all the barracks matter was only yesterday. It was really fast, of course who knows how involved he was.

Yan Fei put down his work and picked up the phone. Luo Xun followed while the other people continued to admire the new armor. They continued testing the sturdiness in more areas.

Yan Fei held the phone while Captain Guo began to speak, “Yan Fei, how was your rest? By the way, what do you think of we discussed before? Do you want to come back? Or stay with your team?”

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow, his mind kicked into gear while he said. “Captain Guo, I rested fine…the workload this time was big…” A few more polite words. “My relationship with the captain is strong, although I want to help you…I’m sorry but I won’t leave him.”

Captain Guo knew that he and Luo Xun were together, how could he appeal only to him? If he had a problem, he could jump from the 16th floor.

“Really no? You didn’t think about the terms we are offering?” He said again, “If the base has emergency work, we will count on you to come.”

Yan Fei immediately understood, “Rest assured that if there is any danger on base we won’t run. I will keep you in mind when we get called.”

Luo Xun whispered after hearing Yan Fei answer the call. “Is there someone with Captain Guo?” Although he did not hear words – there must be a problem on Captain Guo’s side! When did he speak in such a polite tone?!

Yan Fei closed the phone before saying, “I did not hear other voices but I suspect someone was listening or out in public.” He then summarized what Captain Guo had said.

Luo Xun nodded his head after listening. “I suspect the new leaders in base are trying to reorganize the ability users, or recruit ones who are not under the control of the military. At least they had the idea to reform the metal squad, perhaps to repair the outer walls and other tasks. Let’s be careful…”

He trailed off with a sigh and gently hammered Yan Fei’s chest. “The weak will be bullied by strong teams on base. But those too strong will also be pulled down due to fear. These days are so hard to survive…”

Yan Fei smiled and held his lover’s hand as they walked back to continue working on protective clothing. They could not explain to the others – after all the matter was not fully clear. They could only remind everyone to be vigilant, watch their back while acting together and avoid trouble.

Yan Fei worked the ideas and comments from the others. He added a layer of metal to the gloves and shoes of his team members. He was glad that he practiced everyday with his metal ability. After becoming level four, he could make metal as fine as a silk thread but tough enough to withstand two of Zhang Yi’s wind blades. Otherwise he would do the same thing to the socks as the armor.

The sky darkened as Yan Fei dealt with their metal clothes. The couple returned home to discuss the phone call from Captain Guo during the afternoon.

“…Do you want to contact Sun Shaoyang?” Luo Xun was hesitant, “He looked like he wanted to return.”

Sun Shaoyang had left the army and joined a team but it did not seem suitable for him. Although he was dissatisfied with the new captain, if Guo returned, he and his partner would want to go back.

“It does not matter, since Captain Guo was the one who called, maybe Sun Shaoyang has already gone back. In case their phones are monitored, it would be best not to call them now.”

Yan Fei frowned, Captain Guo called himself, if he contacted Sun Shaoyang who might rejoin the metal team with some adjustments…it would be troublesome if they were found.

The two discussed for a while before coming to a conclusion – in short with the chaotic situation on base, they decided to lay low and not rock the boat, especially since the military still had cards to play. Otherwise, their relatively peaceful days would come to an end.

Luo Xun sighed again, he had been an ordinary person at the bottom during his past life. He had been completely unaware of what haunted the base and other rumors about leadership. Of course, the knowledge would not be useful since the zombies had mutated or had someone with intelligence leading them.

The people inside the base were unsure when they would get hunted down and eaten by zombies. After a night’s rest, the team put on their new armor and increased security before gathering in the hallway.

The Otaku squad killed a few water zombies in the previous battle and there were level four nuclei among the spoils. Now all the ability users were level four other than Yu Xinran, whose nuclei were hard to find in the market.

Although they should act together, since the situation on base is not very stable, they decided to have Yu Xinran and Puppy housekeep along with Qiankun. If there were any problems, they would immediately call.

After wearing all their layers of armor, everyone opened the door and went out.

They walked to the mission hall, the main road had been cleaned up in the first few days of the attack. Sure enough, with enough pressure these kinds of tasks could be done quickly.

When they arrived, Luo Xun was surprised to find, “So few people.” Usually there would be some people idling around the hall between missions. There were also usually people wandering around looking to join other groups.

Today when they came out, they felt that the people in neighborhood wanted to preserve their strength. The average person did not take missions and they did not go out…but such am empty mission hall…made people feel a little weird.

The group exchanged surprised looks while debating whether to go in for a mission. Then a few enthusiastic staff welcomed them…

They had never seen a suspected bank manager or public servant before the apocalypse taking the initiative to meet and speak with them. This was really a testing scene…especially after the end. In other words, where had the staff who looked down on ordinary people because they ate public food gone?!

The suspected lobby manager was wearing a plaid shirt, tie, jacket, jeans and old shoes smiled at them. “Are you here to pick up a mission? This way please.”

Looking at the person’s smiling face at the empty hall, Luo Xun secretly guessed that since there were so few people coming for missions, the manager took the initiative to meet with them…

After coming to the check-in counter, they confirmed that their guess was correct. The tasks released yesterday were barely completed, they could even pick the place they wanted to clean up.

For safety reasons, Luo Xun chose their neighborhood. Their main task was to deal with the snow on the roadside and get rid of the hidden zombie mice and other creatures that would attack humans. Of course, they would get more points from killing and handing in the bodies.

In fact, if would have been cost-effective even if there were no points, after all the zombies had nuclei.

“Boss, you said…now that we have picked a task, will what we did before not count?” Li Tie asked in a low voice.

Luo Xun had a helpless expression. “I am not sure, but cleaning up the snow in our area so the zombies have no hiding places will also help keep ourselves safe, right?”

When they came back yesterday, they took care of all the sewer entrances that might have mice and asked Yan Fei to reinforce them with metal nets. Even the pipes of the toilets were temporarily blocked,  opened only when in use.

When the home protective measures were done, they could leisurely come and pick a mission. Otherwise how could they calmly leave the house with children at home? Now…the mission was picked and they were suddenly saying they did not want to do it?

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