Chapter 129 Resentment

Opening their door, before they could press the light switch, the couple was rushed by a bright pair of eyes. If the eyes were not accompanied by panting and woofs, the two people would have thought a monster was about to attack.

“Slow down, slow down…why are you eyes so bright? Strange I did not notice before.” Luo Xun said as he turned on the light.

Sure enough, Puppy was standing and drilling her into his arms.

A closer look, everything was the same as before, but…”How did your eyes get do bright? As reflective as a mirror?”

Yan Fei looked down the hallway, “Maybe it was reflected from the hall’s light.”

They came back late today, so the hallways were flooded with light. Since the puppy was at the door, her eyes reflecting light would be normal. It was rare in dogs, but cat’s eyes would significantly reflect light.

The dog did not know what her two masters who thinking about, she reared up on her legs and tried to cover the two with slobbery kisses.

“All right, all right, let’s change the toilet cover first…” Luo Xun laboriously lifted the dog all the way to the living room.

Puppy did not continue to pester but wagged her tail. When the two left each month she would have to wait until the next afternoon for them to come back. Sometimes it was even later, but today the pair came home early, no wonder she was so excited.

The couple took care of the toilet on the ground floor and tried the electricity and realized…

“Huh?! It can really spray water!”

“Ah! It can actually dry too…”

Watching Luo Xun play around, Yan Fei waited ten minutes before forcibly advising him to stop, wash up and go to sleep!

The next morning, Luo Xun remembered that there was something important to do today and set aside the toilet for the moment. He pulled Yan Fei and knocked on Zhang Yi’s door.

Zhang Yi, who had slept late, came out with eye bags and low blood pressure. “What?”

“To the hospital.” Luo Xun glanced at the crimson mark on Zhang Yi’s collar bone. “Last night you said you would.” They could not be blamed for knocking so early.

“I did not mean so early!” Although he was angry, Zhang Yi’s professional ethics made him change clothes and run a series of tests.

Workers helped them at the back door, Luo Xun jumped the queue. Zhang Yi also did not seek out another doctor – he was a professional, why find someone else?

He took a few scans and looked. He referred to the images. “Here, all normal. The shock would tighten your chest, no big problem. At most have some blood circulation medicine, a few days rest without strenuous exercise…” He swept a glance at Luo Xun and raised his eyebrows.

Luo Xun was too lazy to care, he took the scans and was ready to go home.

Zhang Yi had little knowledge on traditional Chinese medicine, as for western medicinal drugs…after the apocalypse, these things were often used and became more and more expensive. Luo Xun had prepared pills at home, which saved expenses.

Upon getting good news, Luo Xun’s expression finally relaxed. Yan Fei placed the scans in his bag, brought out his face mask and prepared to return home.

“Going back?”

“Yes, go back and get some more sleep!”

Zhang Yi had grudge lines staring at these two who had woken him up early and now dared to talk about going home. Maybe he should find something so that the two could not rest at home?

But then again, he was so sleepy…and also wanted a good night’s rest or toss responsibility of supplies at home to those two.

Zhang Yi yawned as he opened his office door (they came for Zhang Yi’s shift and other people quickly left). A plump woman saw them, froze and then quickly ran towards them, “Doctor Zhang!”

Zhang Yi looked at her round belly, then her dyed hair that was mostly faded. He glanced at the two beside him, “Mrs. Liu, are you looking for me?”

The two men stopped before leaving the room. After seeing the woman’s face, Yan Fei scowled and pulled out a pair of sunglasses – his hairstyle had been trimmed by Luo Xun multiple times and was now very different from before.

Had it not been for his face, which was highly recognizable, he assumed that none of his pre-apocalypse acquaintances would have recognized him.

Luo Xun was slower on the uptake. After Yan Fei put on the sunglasses, he carefully looked out – she seemed familiar…Wait, wasn’t that Yan Fei’s mother?!

He was shocked, from the gap it was hard to recognize. Liu Xiangyu’s belly, she’s been pregnant for half a year?! How else would her belly be so big.

Because of the pregnancy, Liu Xiangyu’s body had become plump, she lost her originally maintained figure. She had a double chin and her belly seemed like it was filled with water balloons, one hand was against her back.

Perhaps for the sake of the child in her belly, she did not dress up.

But when they heard what she was saying to Zhang Yi…Luo Xun took back anything he said about maternal feelings.

“Doctor Zhang, I’ve been looking for months, could you please help get this child out of me! What is with the hospital right now? Why are they so irresponsible? What does me wanting to get rid of this child have to do with them?! Why can’t I have an abortion? Don’t they know that it’s dangerous to have a baby at my age? What does the base population have to with me? I want to live has nothing to do with them! Who’s going to support the baby afterwards…”

Liu Xiangyu had choked back all her complaints, which all came rushing out at the sight of a familiar doctor. The passing patients and doctors could not help but slow down their steps.

Zhang Yi raised an eyebrow in amusement, his smile widened, “Mrs. Liu, I am not a gynecologist.” Had he not repeated this multiple times? This woman had a brain problem, was there something wrong with her ears?

Liu Xiangyu growled after being rebuffed, “I know you aren’t a gynecologist! I don’t have any other methods. Never mind, we can negotiate in private, as long as you can guarantee the safety of my life…Dr. Zhang I know you specialty, I asked around, surgery is surgery. You can even do brain surgery, how could my issue be harder? It’s just taking a child from the belly, like removing a tumor!”

Hearing that even the strong nerved Zhang Yi could not maintain his expression. He spread out his hands with a contrite expression, “Very different that taking out a tumor.” He interrupted whatever the woman was about to say, “Superiors do not all any medical staff in the hospital to do abortions, regardless of what favor you pull. Plus, I am on vacation, only came here to grab some forgotten things. I still have to go home.” He lazily dodged Liu Xiangyu’s arm.

Liu Xiangyu rushed forward, wanting to pull his clothes but was blocked by a cyan wind. Could not catch him!

Yan Fei grabbed Luo Xun’s hand and the two walked past her. Liu Xiangyu was too angry to pay any notice, only stared resentfully as Zhang Yi disappeared – why did no one help her? The baby would only grow bigger! What’s it like giving birth? Of course she knew! She had already experienced it once and almost died. She remembered all the vomiting, body issues and other issues. She had wanted to get rid of it, if not for the family interests, she would have induced labor in the third month!

Not to mention, it was the apocalypse, what crazy person would want to have a baby? What would happen in case of massive bleeding, infection or so on…

Zhang Yi grimaced as he watched the couple go through the door.

Luo Xun helplessly opened the door and let the two inside. Once inside, Zhang Yi hummed in complaint, “Today is such a bother, dragged awake by you, then had to meet your mother…”

Yan Fei took off his sunglasses, looking extremely calm. “She has nothing to do with me. The child in her belly has nothing to do with me, I can not control her.”

Zhang Yi gave him a look, “She recently accosted a few obstetricians and gynecologists, she was led away by the military for obstructing work. Did not expect she would come so soon.” He sneered, “It’s not easy to get rid of a child. She does not want to deal with a burden. For fear of damaging her body, she tried to find a doctor for abortion or induced labor.”

Yan Fei shrugged, “Nothing to do with me.”

Zhang Yi glanced at Yan Fei and rolled his eyes. Who let that mother let her son walk past without any sense of recognition? The situation seemed to have occured more than once.

Li Tie had already returned back home, but they were too tired to say anything and returned to their comfortable beds.

By the time they got up, it was afternoon. The first thing Luo Xun did was change the upstairs toilet cover and personally tried it. He found that this thing was more convenient, comfortable and most importantly, did not waste paper!

Such a good thing should have been found long ago! Why did they wait until now? But not hunting crystal cores, using their vacation to find the covers was very successful.

With this in mind, Luo Xun happily climbed downstairs to replace the other covers, only to learn that Li Tie and the others had already done so in the morning.

Wu Xin smiled and explained, “Luo Xun, you know our home has four people but only one bathroom, every morning we fight over the toilet. Hurry to another room for the washroom…so this morning we changed the rest of them.”

“It’s all right, it was for everyone anyway.” Who cared about the number of toilets, even if they exchanged all of them, they still had more than half left. Replace any broken ones.

The batch of toilet covers was well received by everyone. After discussion, everyone decided – everyone would keep spares, not one would be sold! They were not short on money, there was no need to sell these things for groceries.

During the second vacation day, Luo Xun went downstairs with Yan Fei to dispose of the metal fence. They brought back a solid metal truck, no one noticed when they entered base! They only checked their spoils for traces of the zombie virus.

Luo Xun asked Yan Fei to turn the metal into a metal garage, which saved space and let them store a total of four cars.

After that, it was time for autumn harvest, used the rest of the time for final harvesting, sowing the next crops, drying and processing.

On the third day, Li Tie and company needed to go work at the barracks. Luo Xun and Yan Fei still had a day of holiday to laze at home, play with the puppy, teach Yu Xinran how to read, process the crops with Xu Mei and Zhang Yi. At night, Li Tie and the other brought back the latest news, “We heard that several teams went missing while on missions and someone sent s distress signal!”

Everyone immediately reacted, Luo Xun asked, “Was it the road we passed before?”

A few people shook their heads, “It’s not clear, but teams going north of the city have to pass through, but the details are unclear. Some teams received the rescue signal drove past. Heard that the military also sent out teams, have wait for the results of the investigation.”

Wang Duo had another message, “I heard today that several teams noticed the building collapse but did not take a detour on the way back to base. Heard that the day we came back a number of places were rumbling.”

Luo Xun thought a bit, he had not heard of this matter even in his last life. But it was difficult for appropriate teams to get out. It would take a day for a team to prepare, fortunately they had crossbows. Sometimes he had to rummage through the trash for weapons to sell.

Unfortunately at that time, they did not have any suitable materials. The weapons were not ideal and the production speed was so slow.

These things would not come to fruition until the teams were rescued. Luo Xun and team could only temporarily set the matter aside and busy themselves elsewhere.

This time Luo Xun brought back a lot of metal. Other than the garage, they brought some metal upstairs.

“Push the sofa to the corner and make a row of implants.” 1604 was not used early spring when they started to grow the grain. Some of the common crops were moved next door. In addition to the balcony with onion, ginger, garlic, parsley, pepper and other seasonings – Puppy’s snacks do not count.

The normal plants were kept at his house, without exception were all kinds of fruit!

For example, the few lemon seeds had grown into two large pots. His fruit trees and grape racks were thriving, though they had not bloomed this year. The strawberries had small white flowers sprouting from the row of boxes.

Perennial fruit trees were impossible to harvest in the short term – it would not blossom until next spring at the earliest. If any fruit trees produced fruit, Luo Xun would think it a miracle. Of course, they would see results eventually.

On top of that, there were the strange mutant plants left in Luo Xun’s home. He wondered what kind of fruit these plants would produce. Would they be edible? Poisonous? Benign or normal mutation?

Now Luo Xun considered that 1603 was area for team cultivation, the harvests were distributed to the team. Anyways they could free up space at home.

Luo Xun wanted to plant a benign variant of rice, he had found some in his past life, but the chance of benign mutations was really low. Now all the rice was harvested and processed. He had experimented before, compared mutant with regular rice. It was said that the benign variants were not the same – but still okay. The aroma was nice, and the porridge was better than steamed rice.

Luo Xun thought it tasted better than pre-apocalypse fragrant rice, Yan Fei agreed.

All he to do now was produce more of this benign rice, leaving the seeds and allowing them to grow as much as possible. This kind of thing was destined to be a luxury, Luo Xun was not prepared to replace all the rice – in the future benign mutant crops produced less than normal groups. Instead the mutant variants of crops had greatly increased yields.

The benign variant seeds were placed in the nursery room to grow in advance. They could being a new round of cultivation afterwards. If they were not willing to sell the benign mutant crops, could add some to porridge to have improved food.

Yan Fei casually waved to finish the planting box. Luo Xun prepared the soil, poured clean water and added good fertilizer. One by one the seedlings went in.

Once this layer was done, Luo Xun put some mushroom wood in the bottom drawer in order to absorb the possible toxic substances. Finally they pair chose some more commonly eaten crops – which would be more convenient in their homes.

Because of the other special crops, the room had a lot of mushroom wood. The group found that normal mushrooms started regularly growing normal mushrooms. Xu Mei and Song Lingling would pick any mature mushrooms and place them on the windowsill to dry.

After the number of mushrooms has increased, they would be willing to use these things in their food to eat.

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    1. The mother clearly doesn’t want it but the base is forcing the matter. The crazy mom is right, who will take care of the kid? Do those higher ups expect the woman who’s been crying abortion from day 1 to look after an infant in her 50s DURING the APOCALYPSE?!! They are as crazy as she is!! The first thing that lady will do is ditch the kid in a ditch somewhere or run after it’s born. Food is scarce let alone formular in the absence of mother’s milk.
      But the the higher ups must be men who all seem to have this stereotype that “a woman has to love kids!” Thinking weird thoghts like “I’m sure she’ll change her mind!” Then act all surprised when she runs off with Bobo and the kid starves to death when she told them from A that motherhood is not in her blood!! Aarg this whole situation is making me pissed!!


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