Chapter 123 Neighbor?

A while ago, Luo Xun had dealt with a few of the old quails at home. Although everyone could not eat a whole one, each person got a taste. The pile of bones went to the dog – she had ended up eating more of the quail than the people!

Puppy was hovering at the table but the two men did not respond – they were busy eating dinner, words could be spoken after.

Yan Fei helped Luo Xun carry the dishes. First they each had a bowl of soup – he had a mouthful before realizing that the two women were good at cooking but maybe Yan Fei was accustomed to Luo Xun’s cooking…he always felt that others food tasted different. Like today’s soup, perhaps not the most delicious, but still to his taste.

Then a large bowl of white rice – their rices stores were almost empty, so recently they had not touched it. If not for today’s appetizing ingredients and the other rice was close to harvest, Luo Xun would not have steamed any for today.

The two sat at the table to eat dinner, no chatting occurred while eating. After sating his hunger, Luo Xun motioned to the plate of cauliflower with regret, “Putting slices of meat with these would also be tasty…” All the duck was gone but there was still half the plate.

Yan Fei smiled and poked his lover’s cheek. “So be it, it has been a long time since we have eaten meat.”

The little dog was lying on the ground, honestly gnawing on a piece of duck meat without using Yan Fei’s slippers. She even nibbled on the cauliflower – obviously it was something she had eaten before.

After eating, the two went out again. Together with Li Tie and the others they borrowed Xu Mei’s kitchen to teach everyone how to deal with the duck’s internal organs.

Duck intestines, when the duck was so large, it looked more like cow’s innards…*cough* amazing.

They did not just bring these back, there was not a lot of car space but its heart and gizzard were brought back. The heat would not have helped preservation.

They brought out pepper, anise and cinnamon among other spices. Add ginger and green onions for the smell. Soy sauce, salt and sugar were added to the brine. The freshly cleaned chopped pieces were put into the sauce. After a day it could be eaten.

Once these things will do they went back home. Time to take advantage of their break, since they did not have work tomorrow, Yan Fei was busy and Luo Xun had no strength left. Thus the next morning, he…got up late.

He opened his eyes at 10 o’clock but he was still sleepy and slept until noon. It was not his biological clock or needing to go to the washroom, but instead – he was woken up.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Xun yawned and rubbed his eyes. He struggled to sit up, the fan was blowing, something was…outside? Why did it sound so close?

Wait, their house is on the 16th floor and it was the penthouse! Even sounds in the corridor should not pass through!

He quickly climbed up and grabbed the nearest shirt from a chair – he did not want anyone to stare at the marks left by Yan Fei like they had Zhang Yi.

Luo Xun identified the source of the sound – towards the terrace. He rushed over…he foundthe building roof was…very lively.

Recently, the base population density had reached a certain level again. No space left in the original homes, and not getting along with former neighbors. Some were driven out, the streets and building corridors were filled with people. Some of them had settled on the roof.

As a result, even the roof of their building had become a livable, area, a treasure in the eyes of others.

Early this morning someone climbed up and picked a place to set up. At first no one noticed – they were all sleeping in. However someone in another building saw and then the team heard quarreling.

Zhang Yi climbed up to the roof after noticing while Yan Fei followed upwards and now the two were confronting the related parties.

Luo Xun opened the terrace window and looked out and saw some other team members were present. He did not leave the window open for very long since there balcony was filled with good things, he did not want to tempt trouble.

Went into the hallway and found Li Tie and company – who were standing near the windows.

“What’s the situation?” Luo Xun approached the window.

Li Tie pointed above in response, “Several other people, including us disagree with allowing some people wanting to live on our roof!”

Luo Xun frowned, suddenly some people wanted to live on their roof. Since it was private building, who would be responsible if something happened?

“How did this happen?” The sound insulation is very good, especially since the roof is thicker. If someone walked around the sound would not carry, but today the entire building noticed, did they fall on the roof?

He Qiankun shook his head and pointed at a door. “I heard that those people were hammering nails, the sound was too much, someone heard and now there’s trouble.”

Li Tie secretly explained. “We just realized, Yan Fei had strengthened the entire building. There may be too much metal in the wall so the nails would hit metal and create a lot of noise.”

Luo Xun stroked his chin, that was rather likely. Every time they came back to base, they brought some metal back. In fear of collapse, Yan Fei moved the metal along the walls to reinforce the building. It was estimated that even if an earthquake collapsed the outside, it would not damage the reinforced metal bars.

And there was a good chance of…*rumble* the group froze and stared at the huge metal staircase in the rubble. Luo Xun remembered that after a hard night, it would be inconvenient for him to climb stairs, so Yan Fei made a temporary staircase for him.

He pulled out his phone to make a call to Yan Fei on the roof.

The people were in a standoff, with no movement with Yan Fei and Zhang Yi to one side. A lot of people were on the roof, other occupants wanted to climb up but no one had an ability like Yan Fei to go straight to the roof.

Right, Zhang Yi’s level three wind ability let him temporarily float. But high level flying skills would require more power.

Seeing the phone call from Luo Xun, Yan Fei backed up and signalled to Xu Mei to continue watching.

“What’s the situation?”

Yan Fei’s mouth curled into a smile, he turned to the side. “There are three ability users, more than half the occupiers are not present, deadlocked.”

Luo Xun felt relieved, “I heard they were hammering nails into the building roof?”

“Ah, it was people next door who heard. Since there have been others who lived recently on the roof, they came to check. They needed to hammer nails to secure the tent in fear of it blowing away.”

Luo Xun pondered and asked, “What do you think? What is Zhang Yi’s opinion?”

Yan Fei looked indifferent, “Can not live here, they did not agree.” Yes, cannot let people live on the roof.

Their two floors of stuff were too eye-catching. Yan Fei had covered up with a metal board to hide from people below. They hung food and solar panels that could be seen from above. It was almost certain that they would end up doing something.

The two thieves from before had also come down from the roof, which showed how precarious the roof situation was.

Even if they thought of protective measures, such as sealing the iron shelves, but still needed fire to cook!

Cooking on the highest floor, the smell of delicious food would float over to the people. However people could not tell the exact location, which would be different if someone lived on the roof.

Do not underestimate the power of meat. Occasionally people went missing on base and officers found remains. Someone had captured, killed and eaten them. These were not horror stories, but real things that happened on base.

For the sake of food, those lunatics would bloody their hands. If they knew that there was so much meat in the house…even Yan Fei’s and Zhang Yi’s strength would be useless.

People were not irrational, there was never an end to greed and hatred.

Luo Xun also expressed his support. “I also agree that you three deal with the situation, I…will not be going up.” He would not go up because he did not have their fighting ability, and…his waist was still sore.

Those who wanted to move in were speaking, saying they were willing to pay money as a fee to live on the top floor. Others lived here without contacting base so they did not have to pay base rent. Others in a similar situation would pay rent to the top occupiers, with the benefits, no one would meddle.

Yan Fei hung up and looked at Zhang Yi and Xu Mei. “Luo Xun called, let us deal with it.” He looked at Zhang Yi, “No matter how much they offer, I will not agree for them to live here.”

Zhang Yi sarcastically smiled, “I don’t want anyone to live above me and pull theft.”

Xu Mei turned and covered her mouth – they were already living on the highest floor. What would he say about residents living on lower floors?

Xu Mei tremulously smiled and said, “I do not agree.”

They said it was temporary, but who knew what would happen. Plus today was the first day and they were already hitting the roof. What if the roof leaks? They did not have any earth users to repair the outer portions.

After a statement from the three most powerful delegates, there was also a cut in conversation. The main reason was that those who lived on the top floor could make decisions for others.

They could not come to an agreement, and these people had abilities so they could not blown away.

The new arrivals also relied on their ability users, “Our stuff is coming up, we’ll take a rest and wait for a decision, if it is convenient to move up or not?”

As he spoke, the man created a water ball and swirled. His companions placed their things where they thought fit. It obvious – moving here was a life improvement.

Living on a building roof was much better than living on the streets. At least there were no passerbys to worry about. No worry about their lair being robbed when out on missions. This building was one of the highest, even thieves might not come up!

*Snicker* Those who resolutely refused to go suddenly glared.

“Who?!” They were not a soft target regardless of how few ability users they had while out on missions.

As soon as the people turned their head, they felt blinded – the two men and one woman were definitely at a high level.

Xu Mei was a beauty, before the apocalypse was with a man but poorly chosen…She had been all kinds of gentle and considerate, which were useless during the end of the world.

Zhang Yi needed no explanation, even a straight man could not stand against the enchanting peach blossom eyes.

As for Yan Fei? His beautiful face, embellished with a mole was comparable to Zhang Yi. But he was human enough that women would drool over him while men were provoked.

There three usually went out fully covered, at least wearing a mask to avoid suspicion. But today was a holiday, and it was their roof. Who told these people to disturb them early in the morning?

Not only these people wanted to live on the roof, even the next building were suffering from the neighbors. They only knew that the people who lived here were bad, most people had seen with their own eyes. It was such a shock to see the upper floor people’s faces.

Zhang Yi coldly smiled, “Me? Have a problem?”

The other head swallowed his saliva, his straight heart had pounded after seeing the man…and there was a woman on their side? A beautiful woman!

Although his heart jumped, the person refused to give up the benefits and smiled, “This…the three of you live on the top floor? We’ll be neighbors in the future…the rent…”

Zhang Yi sneered, the opponents started shivering, “Leave, who let you come up here to mooch? You have the ability for the base to directly rent a top level floor?”

The other side choked at the unkind remark, the man who had been bewildered by beauty returned to himself. What use was beauty in the apocalypse? It was useless!

A few people rolled up their sleeves to frighten the beauty, when a sudden wind picked up.

It was an absolute gale, a hurricane! Centered around the thin figure, 10 meters high!

It seemed that in order to not hit his companions, the diameter was around a meter, even so the scene was shocking.

Xu Mei stepped forward and shot fireballs in front of her. The hurricane swallowed the attacks and the two elements merged.

The opposing side had no time to lament how the female fire user could make so many fireballs. The boss remembered he had seen some similar ability users in a team while outside. He lost strength in his legs and plopped down, others were horrified and retreated with cold sweat to avoid injury.

Zhang Yi exposed snow-white teeth with a chilling smile, “Leave.” The coil of fire sprang forward.

Just as the attack reached them, it changed course and flew into the sky…it became a pinprick in the air…

Yan Fei glanced at the frozen people, “We will come back after one hour, do not let us see you here again.” He turned to the building’s edge, a metal ladder appeared and the trio left.

When the three disappeared, all the people on the roof were relieved.

An occupant gloated at the invaders of a sort, “Quickly leave or they will send you straight down.”

“Right, they cannot afford us.”

Other people were gossiping while heading towards the gate, “Why are they so low?”

“Right, how could ability users not live in the new district? Why bully ordinary people?”

“I told you before that the building seemed to have powerful ability users but you would not listen!”

“Che, just now I said I could not get nails down? Results?”

“All right, all right! Hurry up and move your things!” The leader yelled as the team picked up their things and left with reluctance.

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