Chapter 120 Meat

After receiving Luo Xun’s signal, Yan Fei raised the metal boxes as sounds came from all around outside the walls. Luo Xun’s forehead was beaded with sweat, his heart estimated that there might not be enough boxes. He was more worried about possible strange chemical reactions from pouring gasoline right after mushroom juice.

The large bird on top of the team had gradually descended to where everyone was. It’s body angled downward, vigorously flapped wings. The foot would soon step onto the metal fence. Luo Xun and company clearly saw that the bird had webbed feet! It was a water bird!

However the bird was not much different from other species of bird, but it was more likely to have a water power. It would have a small effect on what were they going to do.

Yan Fei suddenly looked up and Luo Xun pointed at the head. “There.”

“Xu Mei! Fire! Zhang Yi!” Luo Xun yelled out.

Xu Mei immediately formed a small fireball, with Zhang Yi beside him with Wang Duo in his arms. His back towards the bird, others might think he was shielding. Seeing Xu Mei make a fireball, Zhang Yi manipulated some wind and sent the fireball outside of the metal.

*Crackle* The gasoline that just fell out was ignited!

Gasoline was a flammable product, when the fireball flew out, flames burst out. However the mushroom juice had just been poured, so only the top was burning. The possibility of fire on the perimeter had been a big change.

The big bird on top had fallen down but swiftly flapped its wings after seeing the fire. It’s mouth issued a shrill cry and seemed to want use wind to extinguish the flames.

Its voice was very loud, the group felt like something pounded their chest, or involuntarily hit by something from behind.

Everyone grimaced and covered their ears for while before looking up. The large bird seemed to be more afraid of the flames. It desperately flapped its wings to blow out the flames.

Luo Xun’s eyes brightened and he immediately turned to Zhang Yi. “Let the wind bolster the fire!” The air around Zhang Yi sped up, the team saw his hair dance in the wind.

The air rose upward, fire burned brighter and brighter. Luo Xun let Xu Mei take the chance to attack the bird with the raging flames. She also threw smaller fireballs to frighten it. This gave Yan Fei more time to cap their temporary base.

Yes, cap – since the bird thought the fence was a nest, they sealed the area! The bird could not build a nest here.

The bird seemed to be disturbed by the fire for a moment and frightened by Xu Mei’s fireballs. It became more scared of the flames as it flew up, circling while giving unwilling chirps. It seemed to really liked the location, but the place was not welcoming. Why else would the place burst with fire as it approached?

The mutant animals were not afraid of zombies, because being bitten would not cause zombie transformation. With increased size and force, the mutant animals had the advantage on the zombies. The undead seemed to have little interest towards mutant animals, the human zombies could do little damage, while the mutant animals could hunt their zombie counterparts. To zombies and mutant animals treated each other like plants on the roadside.

So the zombies around the metal wall did not even notice the mutant bird in the sky, ignored the fire and clung to the metal wall.

Perhaps it was due to the bird, the sound of fire and fighting, even if Luo Xun had not used a blood packet to attract zombies, the creatures had come from all over the ruins and quickly gathered.

The bird was very angry after hovering in the sky and fire unexpectedly became even more fierce. Suddenly, the ‘nest’ was rapidly half covered and the point of entry had been reduced! Even if the fire nearby was extinguished, it was impossible to use the location as a place to stay.

*Chirp, chirp chirp* The sound pierced people’s brains as the roof was closed in a blink of an eye, suddenly the oppressive force of gravity pressed down!”

“What’s going…*cough*” Luo Xun struggled to raise his head, he was horrified to discover that the metal dome had deformed!

“This, this…” The great pressure made it impossible for anyone to make a sound except lie on the ground motionless.

Luo Xun took a deep breath and squeezed a sentence from this teeth. “Gravitational ability…roof…”

His words were not clear but Yan Fei understood his meaning. He immediately activated his powers and lifted an arm taut with nerves. The metal on top suddenly rattled with a grinding sound – it was slowly reforming!

Along the way, the metal brought in shot out and condensed together to reinforce the roof. A few stout metal pillars were erected to support the metal dome.

When the metal pillars were supporting the roof, they felt that the pressure was not as bad.

Luo Xun could now continue orders. “Xu Mei, hit it with a fireball! Try to burn feathers.” The large bird was still flying around, each screech was accompanied with a wave of force, it was evident that its voice was evidence of using its ability.

They originally only wanted to drive away the bird, unexpectedly it became furious enough to attack everyone, why was it attacking.

Xu Mei rushed over to an open space and quickly formed a large fireball. Zhang Yi pushed air to combine with the flames. The two people joined forces to throw the fireball into the sky!

*Screech* The fireball hit the large bird’s thigh, though the team could not see and they were busy with something else.

“It’s too hot!” To avoid the large bird, they ran to the metal wall but do not forget, the walls were conductive and there had been fire!

Stuck near the wall and then crushed by gravity, the people were almost toasted to a crisp. Once the pressure eased, they all rushed to the center away from the red hot metal.

“Water, water! Cool off! Cool down!”

This time, in order to suppress the bird’s pressure, Yan Fei had sealed the entire roof without a vent hole. Now the temperature was rising, if there was no change they were going to suffocate before being burnt alive.

Yan Fei immediately created a chimney, Zhang Yi controlled the air for circulation. Song Lingling produced a lot of water for cooling. The team finally felt alive again.

*Rumble* A loud bang, like a scale three earthquake caused the team to stumble after just getting up.


A loud cry, the team rolled around from the impact, almost got grilled against the metal wall.

“What the hell is going on?”

“The bird crashed.” Luo Xun spit out, the pressure had almost caused him to cough out blood. He was dizzy and uncomfortable.

*Screech* There were more cries, but this time the bird was not aiming for them, did not suffer too many effects.

Barely able to support its body, they found the bird had fallen close by. It was flapping its wings while attacking something.

Their line of sight was blocked by the wall, so they could not clearly see that happened. But since the zombies originally surrounding them had turned, only a fool would not know what was going on.

“Are the zombies going to eat the bird?” Li Tie said in surprise.

Luo Xun shook his head, “They are attracted by the sound, they will fight but generally not eat…”

“Why? That bird is also flesh and blood right?”

Luo Xun shook his head again, he was not sure why but zombies were only interested in the previous kind. Zombie animals had a similar interest in humans. During the apocalypse, mankind seemed to have become public enemy number one, all creatures sought to kill them.

For the mutant animals, they were not hunting targets in the eyes of zombies. Although there would sometimes be battles between the two sides, even if they fought, the zombies would only eat humans – the mutant animals could be killed but never eaten. It was like not eating wood or stone.

The metal roof, the fire traps and the circulated air all blocked the zombies from attacking Luo Xun. Since they had not used a blood bag to attract the pack, all the zombies turned towards the bird who had dishonestly attacked their prey.

The zombies and large bird fought. Luo Xun breathed a sigh of relief and then laughed when the dying bird let out one last cry.

The bird had to deal with zombies from all directions, so it would attack in any direction, which of course included Luo Xun’s group. Although there was some distance, the pressure attack was not as scary but felt like sitting in a car and the driver suddenly slammed the brakes. The group felt like they were on a ship travelling through the wind and waves.

“It’s not going to work…” Luo Xun staggered into Yan Fei’s chest and helplessly looked up. “Add a wall to that side.”

Yan Fei moved the rest of the metal towards the direction of the bird, which reduced part of the pressure.

“Luo Xun, you said…this is a gravity power?” Li Tie reluctantly leaned against the car and verified with Luo Xun.

Luo Xun shook his head. “At first I thought it was but since when could gravity push? Maybe it’s some kind of push pressure? Whatever direction is sounded, that direction will be impacted?”

He subconsciously had the thought, was not sure he was right. But he heard about all sortf os miracles during his life. They all understood that ordinary people tended to gossip, casual exaggeration was very normal.

Since Luo Xun did not have the ability to see firsthand, he was not very sure.

“It’s not impossible for it to change the gravitational field.” Yan Fei looked at Luo Xun. “Should we wait for them to finish?”

Luo Xun thought a bit then nodded. Although they were fighting, Luo Xun knew that mutant animals were not food for zombies. If the bird survived…they would be subjected to a double attack from zombies and mutant animal. Don’t forget, the bird could fly!

Song Lingling suddenly pointed to the car. “Even if we want to leave, I am afraid the car…has been deformed.”

When the bird attacked the team, it was not just the metal roof, but all the objects in the area were hit by the pressure. Bricks, stones, tiles, boulders and their cars were flattened.

Yan Fei’s face darkened. “I can repair metal parts, but window glass…” This was not something he could control.

Luo Xun looked towards the nearby cars. Sure enough…the ground was littered with broken glass along with a crushed car frame. Should he be thankful that the weight was put directly on the tires?

“First use metal to seal a portion then set aside some while observing the situation outside…” But now, where would they find window glass?! One should know that almost all the houses were collapsed, not to mention the scattered cars? Good thing they were not collecting supplies, or else they would have nothing!

Calculating the time, it was almost time to eat, Yan Fei began to deal with the car. Zhang Yi controlled the air for breathing as well as maintaining the fire traps. Xu Mei and Song Lingling heated the food while Li Tie and the others moved into defensive positions. Luo Xun listened to the large bird, judging the situation outside.

A battle between mutant animal and zombies, it was regrettable that the people hiding in the dome could hardly see. However that was not a large problem, they could feel the intensity through the noise.

The team had lunch while the battle was still raging.

The gas in the trap had run out, the fighting continued even after the fire extinguished.

A storm started in the afternoon, the sky gradually darkened, the fighting continued as the whole city was soaked with heavy rain.

Until the rain gradually stopped, the sky darkened even more and movement slowed.

Luo Xun and company hurried opened a small window to look outside. They wanted to see which side was victorious. They saw the huge duck bird stand and shake its plumage.

Beside its body – the ground had been bombarded by zombie bodies!

*Hiss* The team gasped in horror, although they could deal with that many zombies. The bird had no place to hide, how many were there? It was only one! A mutant animal was a monster!

The bird was missing feathers in a lot of places and had lost a lot of blood. However, although the injury looked serious, it was like a group of ants biting an elephant. Pain but could not deeply injure.

At this time, the bird turned its head towards the team!

Everybody froze and saw the duck flap wings and run towards them! Did it not notice all the zombies?!

The people backed up and felt the ground shake as the bird charged. It pecked the metal wall and left an indent!

“This is insane?!”

“Luo Xun! Do you want to run?”

They all looked at Luo Xun with frightened eyes. The large bird pulled back then pounded the same location again, the top was cracked!

Luo Xun fell to the ground from the bird’s momentum, he got up and pulled Yan Fei’s arm. “His peak will poke in after this attack. Catch its mouth with a metal ring, then Zhang Yi and Xu Mei used the combination attack to blow up the neck!”

Zombies had no IQ, only knew how to foolishly attack the bird’s body or whatever else they could reach. But people were not stupid! The bird’s neck was so long and thin, where else to hit if they wanted to kill it.

*Screech* Sure enough, the bird’s beak did break through the same place.

Did not wait for the attack to finish, the bird felt its beak get stuck! It wanted to draw back and continue attacking but was unable to get free. It wanted to open its mouth to cry out but it was not able either! The bird flapped its wings, causing shockwaves.

Since the apocalyptic mutation, the bird had not met any rivals in the wild. Of course, it could fly away but refused. Since coming to the city, how many silly attacks had it repelled?

The large bird had lost its vigilance, so it ignored the zombies and attacked the metal dome, the thing blocking its potential nest. Unexpectedly it hit an iron plate.

Xu Mei had snuck close to the stuck beak and created a large fireball. Zhang Yi added wind into the fireball and launched the attack towards the bird’s head.

*Bang* No blood or flash, the wound was charred and the body collapsed.

Zhang Yi was in the perfect position in order to attack.

Everyone froze and looked at the downed body from the open hole. Li Tie paused and then returned to attention.

After a while, Han Li pointed outside, “So…simple?”

Luo Xun turned with a supercilious look, “This only happened because it got its beak stuck. Otherwise we would have to also fight the zombies at the same time, how could it be simple? Not to mention, the gravity attack would crush us before we hit it!”

He never thought about provoking the bird, but the creature had attacked first. It was silly not to choose the most favorable way to end the battle.

Just as long as it kept rushing over, soon or later everyone would die. But it came over to poke holes with its beak which lead to its downfall.

He Qiankun suddenly pointed outside, with shining eyes that caused everyone else to back up a few steps. “Luo Xun, can, can we eat meat?!”




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