Chapter 86 Reminder

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“Yeah, Yu Xinran’s ability is strong!” Song Lingling touched the little girl’s head and smiled at the couple. “We also think she can come with us out of base and cooperate with Yan Fei to dig out traps. Of course, we’ll teach her how to control her ability before going.”

Song Lingling and Xu Mei were not ordinary women, rather than find a man on base to marry and have children, they were more willing to go out to fight for their own survival. Letting these two ferocious females raise a child…could not imagine the result.

Yan Fei nodded at the two women to support their decision. Although the girl was rather young, but children could hardly have a normal childhood during the apocalypse.

He bent down and sent the floating metal flower to Yu Xinran with a smile. “Your ability is very strong, take this flower. If you like it, uncle will make you more later.”

Although Yu Xinran did not know why they were happy, she was glad that they did not hate her peculiar and useless abilities. A child’s  first couple of years were not very clear, so her memory started in the recent period after entering the base. Since coming to the base, life at home had become more difficult, each day harder than the last. Often there was not enough food to eat.

Plus, because of the negative emotions and attitude of her family, which was caused by her power, she had forgotten the happiness of being needed, recognized and praised. It was if her memories were actually dreams instead.

The little girl took the flower and smiled sweetly at Yan Fei.

Good looks are definitely an advantage – Luo Xun secretly complained to himself as he returned to the 16th floor after all the excitement. He wisely did not say this out loud, lest someone maliciously retaliate.

Back home, they changed out of their work clothes and returned to the living room to sit on the sofa.

There were a few bags on the tea table bulging with nuclei, glittering like crystals. These days Yan Fei had been hard at work absorbing the crystals, but he did not dare overuse, so there was still a lot.

There was a smaller bag next to the large one, which contained a small number of level two nuclei and several others that could not be absorbed.

“Just absorb in the living room?” Luo Xun looked with some apprehension at the size of the larger bag.

Yan Fei thought for a while. “Or go back and do it in the bedroom.”

There were more things in the living room, plus Luo Xun and the puppy were here. In case something unexpected happened, it would be better if he was in the bedroom.

Luo Xun obviously did not follow the same train of thought as Yan Fei, but also agreed with the idea. “Right! If you don’t have any energy left, you can just lie in bed and sleep!”

Exhausting mental energy also consumed one’s physical strength, how could the sofa be more comfortable than the bed?

Yan Fei took the bag to the second floor. He would like to go out with Luo Xun, but he was busy with things at home. Actually Yan Fei was afraid he would accidentally injure Luo Xun.

The door closed, with one hand Yan Fei opened the bag of nuclei while the other brought metal to his hand.

Luo Xun sighed at the closed door and went downstairs. What else was there to do but house work? Thinking about it, there were a lot of tasks he needed to finish, such as transplanting the nursery seedlings. He needed some more after a number of them had mutated.

There were also some vegetables that needed a new batch of seedlings in time for the next harvest and so on…

After thinking for a moment, Luo Xun went into the nursery and began work.

Put plants in a few small baskets, some needed hydroponic pipes in the next room, some could be planted in the soil. The rice they had deliberately bred were mostly sprouted and could apparently grow in the bedroom next door.

“The lights are all on and the batteries are filled…” Luo Xun muttered while transporting a few small baskets through the door.

Puppy saw the door open, rushed to Luo Xun and smelled the room full of shelves. She knew this was one it’s places now! Even though she could not enter as she wanted, but it was still part of her territory, right?

Some of the pipes on the balcony were still growing vegetables, such as loose leaf and romaine lettuce. There were also plastic buckets attached to the metal shelves which were filled with soil. Luo Xun had grown a number of different crops.

Over the course of a month, Luo Xun had Yan Fei create a metal railing that stretched across the ceiling and connected to the railing on the other side. Climbing vines few along the structure such as cucumbers, luffa, beans, peas and the like. The horizontal shelves could be used for hanging things.

Other plants, such as tomatoes, eggplant, soybeans, cabbage and peanuts were directly planted in the row of iron shelves.

In addition to the vegetables, Luo Xun had used a large metal basin to place the watermelon seeds everyone had gathered. If this thing could grow out, a vine could produce watermelons!

He also planted several small seedlings in a separate plastic bucket. Wait two days to ensure the growth was okay before planting in the balcony. In front of him were sunflowers, he was waiting until autumn to harvest the seeds to eat or make oil.

Some of the dirt at home was brought back before the apocalypse, some was brought back with Yan Fei afterwards. The soil could even be dug up from base, as long as no one was there. Digging deeper would reveal uncontaminated, fertile soil.

Plus the worms ate a variety of vegetables to make fertilizer that could be used to grow great crops!

After all the planting, Luo Xun hammered his sort waist and called for Puppy to return inside. Yan Fei was not in the living room, Luo Xun was not surprised – it would be strange if he had managed to absorb that pile of crystal nuclei so quickly.

Yan Fei had also brought a few packets of biscuits and the remaining sausages upstairs with him while he was studying.

Luo Xun did not call to Yan Fei upstairs and instead walked around the living room twice. He finally took out a bag of noodles and went to the kitchen. He ate slowly huddled on the sofa with the puppy.

In the second floor bedroom, Yan Fei laid on the bed, slowly absorbed the nuclei in one hand while he concentrated on the metal floating above. A thin mesh of metal flittered midair, Yan Fei had reached ultimate precision. The room could accomodate the metal net if it opened up so there was a layer of overlap floating in the air.

When all the metal became part of the fine metal mesh…the gauze instantly gathered together and condensed into a solid iron block!

The iron block became a net, the net condensed back into a iron block. The changes came faster and faster, more rapid and fluent. The bag of crystal nuclei in Yan Fei’s hand gradually shrunk, the bag flattened.

After who knew how long, sweat dripped down Yan Fei’s forehead, past his eyes and down his chin. His movements were suddenly fierce, the circling metal nets half changed then stopped completely.

Yan Fei reached into his pockets with a deep breath and brought out the level two crystal nucleus.

The metal condensed and slowly sank to the ground. Yan Fei seized the metal nuclei and closed his eyes. He started absorbing the crystal nucleus!

In a moment, the level two nucleus was completely absorbed. A dazzling metallic metal emitted from his body. Yan Fei slowly opened his eyes and looked at his palms – leveled up?

“Level two.” A low, dehydrated voice echoed through the room.

He was sure that his ability had risen to level two, but his new ability was slightly different from other ability users, even those of the same element. He was not simply a metal user who could control, sense and levitate metal. Now he could manipulate and transform it with his thoughts.

The metal was again suspended in the air, Yan Fei moved a finger. The entire piece of metal rotated and squirmed. Before long the piece of metal was divided into parts.

Each portion of metal was different: black, white, yellow, the colors were light and dark.

“This is…it’s purified?” Remembering that Luo Xun had asked Captain Guo to find pure copper wire, Yan Fei brought a hand to his chin.

It seemed he was now able to separate the different metal components, even remove one element from the other metals. If he wanted something he could do it himself…

Of course, the decomposition had limits, the larger proportion of the element, the easier the decomposition. Otherwise, would it not be easy to kill a person since the human body and plants had trace amounts of minerals inside them?

So the refining and decomposition could only be used for iron, copper and other similar things. Of course, who knew what could happen at higher levels?

While thinking, the separate pieces of metal recombined. Yan Fei pondered to himself while looking at the metal ball on the ground. “It seems the volume is smaller? Because it was purified? But what things were removed? Or was the density only increased?”

There were many developments, but for now – take a bath!

Luo Xun rose up hearing sounds from upstairs. He rushed up the stairs seeing Yan Fei’s sweaty clothes. “Why didn’t you change your clothes before coming down?”

Yan Fei smiled and shook his head. “Getting while changed while dirty? I’ll take a shower first.”

“After all this sweating, you’ll take a shower. No, you’ll get dehydrated!”

“It’s okay, I just leveled up, my energy is fine.” Yan Fei hugged Luo Xun’s waist. “Wash together?”

Luo Xun angrily started at him, he broke free and went to the table in order to pour a cup of lukewarm water. “First drink some water before washing.”

Yan Fei drank the water but still pulled Luo Xun into the bathroom. He spent more time than usual in the bath, Luo Xun initially had many questions to ask Yan Fei about his ability upgrade. However after two hours he came out with a sore waist – water was how precious?

He had ended up taking two baths in one day! It! Was! Such! A! Waste!!

And by the time the two people came…it was already around one o’clock, okay?

The next morning, Luo Xun dragged his sore self out to work on the fence. Before sleeping he had asked Yan Fei about his ability, but the latter had fallen asleep without hearing him. It was not until the next day that the two men got a general idea of what was going on with his ability.

First of all, Yan Fei’s new power was a variant of metal ability. It was not upper tier, but his level of power was much stronger than others metal abilities. Second, the level two metal ability could improve the pair’s life in the future.

For example, high density metals could strengthen their weapons and defenses. If certain metals could be processed into a higher purity – the skill would similar to producing gold with alchemy in the apocalypse. Yan Fei could expel impurities from gold and silver.

In addition, Yan Fei’s metal abilities were also faster. The next day of work, if he did deliberately limit his ability speed, it would the same as a team of several people.

Since Luo Xun had moved the mushroom wood back the nursery room, his home’s seedlings grew stronger and stronger. After confirming that the mushroom wood did reduce the mutation rate of seeds and seedlings, Luo Xun told Li Tie’s group about it.

Because Li Tie was serious about water filtration, even though the flowers and grass were only using water, the rate of mutation was lower than other homes. Even so, it was so much higher than Luo Xun’s home. The group of students became excited learning that the mushroom wood had this incredible effect and the poisonous mushrooms could also help in killing zombies.

“When we go out, we’ll dig up some more roots!” Right after learning the news, Li Tie waved their fists and set their next target.

Recently, Li Tie’s work had become more regular, they had slightly more free time. Before their work hours would overlap with Zhang Yi’s, finishing at seven or eight was considered early, late would be around midnight.

Recently after, the more stressful part of work, they finished each day at five o’clock in the afternoon. They could eat dinner before going home.

“When the mushrooms are grown, I will make them into special munitions that can be used against tough, high level zombies.” Yan Fei reassured the group of students.

This mushroom was quite lethal, as confirmed by the numerous wall repairs done over the past few days. Luo Xun felt the ferocious arrow effects were kind of a waste to be used against second level zombies!

“Yes, yes, yes!” The university students, repeatedly nodded.

Although they had not seen how lethal the special ammo was, they were clear of the couple’s strength. Since the two had said it was lethal, it was most definitely so!

“We met Xu Mei on the way back. They said that little Ran has master her ability. We’ll depend on her for traps the next outing!” He Qiankun exclaimed with an excited expression.

Han Li discouraged him from the side. “Don’t expect too much, how old is she? Would she have the guts to use her abilities outside upon seeing a zombie?”

“Right…it’s inhumane to bring such a small child out.” Wu Xin added.

Luo Xun comforted them. “Don’t worry, Xu Mei will prepare her.”

Do not underestimate women in the apocalypse or the courage of children. Also cannot underestimate the training and teaching of the leader of the Rose Mercenary Corps. The little girl who always hidden behind others and even openly praised Zhang Yi. “The big sister looks really pretty!”

At the time, Wang Duo had hugged his waist, in fear of Zhang Yi erupting with anger against the group.

Even when Zhang Yi’s expression darkened, against the timid girl’s naive smile, he could only swallow his anger down.

While Luo Xun cultivated a batch of mushrooms and processed the juice into glass containers on standby, Li Tie prepared to find some wood to grow mushrooms the next time they went out. Luo Xun had forgotten about Professor Xu’s mushroom experiment until the phone rang.

No need for guesses, it was Professor Xu calling. Luo Xun saw the caller ID and quickly picked up.

“Luo Xun?” Professor Xu confirmed it was Luo Xun before continuing. “The things you said about the mushrooms before, don’t tell anyone else about them.”

In Luo Xun’s mind, the military was worried about the strong corrosive effect of the mushrooms and dared not let ordinary people cultivate them. “Oh, I remember, the experiment you said last time…”

“It does have a certain effect, but it has be used directly.”

There were some things – secrets not explained to Luo Xun. However since the mushroom was first discovered by him, Professor Xu had add something. “Please dispose of your mushrooms as soon as possible. Although it has some offensive properties, it’s too dangerous to grow at home!”

Luo Xun was silent before answering. “I’ve already dealt with the mushrooms from last time. But Professor Xu, I don’t know if it’s my imagination but after getting rid of the mushroom wood it seems that my crop’s mutation rate has become higher…You think it’s connected?”

Since Professor Xu had repeatedly asked to dispose of the mushroom wood, Luo Xun would not invite trouble into his home. But since the mushroom could decrease the rate of plant mutation. It would be good for the military to know, to at least ensure base food production.

As for the mushroom wood in the house? It would have to stay in their home. Otherwise if Professor Xu randomly visited their home, it could cause trouble.

Xu wrote down that point and repeatedly asked if the mushrooms actually had a relationship with plant mutation. That is was not simply luck while growing dangerous plants. For an average person, growing poisonous mushrooms at home was only hazard to themselves.

In fact, Professor Xu and the military were right to worry. After the mushrooms were dangerous goods. God knew what danger would occur if people stayed in close quarters with the mushrooms? Not yet, but once there was real danger, it was too late to cry!

It was only due to Luo Xun’s past life experience that he dared to plant this thing contrary to expert opinion. Otherwise he would not have the courage to grow such dangerous plants in his home.

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