Chapter 80 Visitors

Everyone exchanged mobile phone numbers – other then Zhang Yi, other workers in the hospital had not yet been allocated the new mobile phone cards. After the nightly routine meeting, everyone returned home to rest and sleep.

After returning, Luo Xun and Yan Fei did not busy themselves with other things. Yan Fei moved him into the bed. The guy still exercised a bit and swayed for three seconds after absorbing a nucleus. Then decisively went to the bed – he would first eat a full meal.

Who said that being busy during the day would make them less energetic at night? It’s nice to have a good day when one has the spirit.

Early next morning, the two left earlier than usual – of course, they had spoken to Li Tie and the others. The two men drove to the police station to find Lieutenant Ding. He was found soon after their arrival.

“Crops? You’ve planted some?” Lieutenant Ding looked at the two young men in front of him with astonishment.

Why would he think they were people that could cultivate plants? Even if Li Tie had said they wanted to farm things before, his words were more like encouragement. A potential idea that they had mentioned.

Did not expect that it was not Li Tie and the others who contacted them first, but these two, especially Yan Fei who looked like a rich gentleman. They…could grow vegetables?

Knowing the main reason behind Lieutenant Ding’s disbelief, Luo Xun secretly gave Yan Fei a glance and explained. “I mainly did it. We bought the house before the apocalypse and I thought the lighting was very good. I often like to plant things and bought and planted some seeds before the end of the world. There was some extra from the last harvest, we cannot finish it and are afraid it would go bad. Then we thought of the army’s food situation…it has been a while since I’ve seen green vegetables.”

Lieutenant Ding knew that the occupants of the floor were working in the barracks and was not surprised to hear the comments about the food.

He smiled and said, “I can help you with this matter, prices and so on. Just do not know whether you can provide long term…” He looked around and whispered. “Did anything happen when you grow vegetables? Strange things?”

Luo Xun and Yan Fei exchanged glances, he must have meant the mutant plants.

Luo Xun responded sadly. “Some plants became very strange…the colours turned strange, some even gave off gray mist. We burned them upon discovery.”

Actually not all burned, could be transplanted to others places, but that could not be mentioned just yet.

Lieutenant Ding breathed a sigh of relief and nodded. “Yes, if there’s something wrong hurry and deal with it. It is said that once grown it will be very troublesome. If you have unmutated crops, they should be willing to accept. Come back after work or tomorrow morning.”

“We should be here around four o’clock in the afternoon.”

“Yes, you can come over and I’ll let you know if there are any news.”

“Oh yes, Lieutenant Ding, can you tell them if they want to buy we hope that they can pay in crystal nuclei.”

Lieutenant Ding paused, then thought of Yan Fei who was an ability user and nodded with a smile. “Okay, I will tell them.”

After the food matter, the pair drove to the barracks. After working more than half a day, Luo Xun asked the captain about solar panels during the afternoon.

“Oh yes, you live outside.” Captain Guo slapped his forehead. “That message was sent to those living near the barracks…of course you can exchange! Just follow me to logistics. Right, you can fill in your information.”

Luo Xun and Yan Fei looked at each other with helpless expressions. They were going to do it later, but who thought the captain would bring it up now.

“We’ll see how this goes.” Yan Fei whispered into Luo Xun’s ear.

He changed his personal information, fortunately he had seen Luo Xun’s information. He also modified his information in accordance with his intention to stay hidden. Even if he was seen, he could say his identity card was lost. They could muddle through it somehow since it was still unclear in places. Anyways, his parents were not really looking for him.

They followed Captain Guo into a lively building. The first floor of the hall had several windows were a lot of people were lined up.

Thinking of this morning when they asked Lieutenant Ding about purchasing vegetables, the two prayed this procedure was easier to handle.

The formalities were not too troublesome and there were not many people in front of them. Because there were a number of windows to record personal information and not many people, the pair quickly lined up.

Luo Xun sat down first to fill out the form and found that there were many soldiers waiting to fill out personal information. More people were here in order to find their family earlier. Because there were records – names and possible locations of relatives and so on.

Whether or not the military had the strength to find those people, the message would always give a little comfort to the lone soldiers. What if the army had a mission where their loved ones were? Then they might be able to rescue them!

Luo Xun silently looked at the section, his heart sighed as he checked ‘No’. His family…was long gone. Friends and relatives…he had been reborn 10 years into the past and was unclear of his neighbors, not to mention old classmates?

Since the death of his parents, Luo Xun had not spoken with any old classmates, at the same time no one had contacted him either…

Yan Fei did not know why Luo Xun suddenly became depressed while silently filling out personal information. He gently pinched his hand and pulled Luo Xun over to sit with him.

The staff asked Yan Fei after pulling out his personal information through his mobile phone and card. “This is your personal information?”

Yan Fei speechlessly looked at the screen but nodded afterwards. “Correct.”

“Fill this out.”

He took the form and then looked at the part of the information that had been filled out. Not just Yan Fei, even Luo Xun who had just filled in his personal information was a bit shocked.

The massive loss of information after the apocalypse had caused confusion. Before, people were mostly manually registered, when the two had come to base, they had filled in their name and age for the first identity card.

But Captain Guo had directly picked the replacement card, which was only numbered and had no other specific information. The pair had been unaware of the personal information corresponding to the card.

As for the mobile phone cards? Captain Guo had directly handed those over, the information inside had not been clear. But now the two of them finally knew how inaccurate the information inside this thing was.

Like for Luo Xun, his name was changed to Luo Xu. The age was inexplicably decreased by two, from twenty two to twenty years of age. He read his name and then casually asked the staff to revise it.

But now? Looking at Yan Fei’s personal information, it could not be considered an error!

Yan Fei’s name became “Yen Fai”, age unknown instead of 26 and the birthplace was F-city said by Captain Guo.

So  Yan Fei directly tampered with his own personal information. Age was not changed, he left his name with what was recorded in the computer. His address before the apocalypse was Luo Xun’s home, his ID number was based on Luo Xun’s with changed numbers.

For the part with provinces and city, the number would not be found in the future! Who knows what had happened to the original information base! Who had time to check his now? And if the base found out about the personal information…Was one not allowed to remember wrong? They were not allowed to lose their ID card after the end of the world?

The two people filled out their personal information. Luo Xun passed paper and pen to Yan Fei with a low voice. “Quickly write down the information lest you forget!”

Yan Fei looked at him funny and took his mobile phone from his pocket. “I’ll use this to remember, your paper and pen is too conspicuous.”

Luo Xun hurriedly put it away after some thought. He did not forget to add. “We should write some notes when we get back in case the phone is lost or we forget…”

“Okay, I’ll write it down at home.” Yan Fei opened his phone and recorded the information.

The two people went to find Captain Guo.

Seeing the pair, the captain quickly pointed to the person beside him. “This is Captain Wang, manager of external sales of supplies. Discuss with him how many pieces to buy.”

The two quickly introduced each other and made small talk. Captain Wang was plump, though not as much as He Qiankun. He was one and half times larger than Luo Xun and they could see his belly.

The two people followed him to buy things, on the way Yan Fei handed out half a pack of cigarettes as a gift.

Sure enough, the captain’s eyes lit up seeing the pack of smokes. With a smile, he patted his chest. “Buy how ever many you need!” As long as they had enough points.

The three arrived at logistics and found out the internal prices – 30 points a board and 50 points a battery. Plus the capacity was relatively small, larger would mean a higher price. Although the price was high, it was much lower than the external sale price.

Captain Wang also said that after a few days, official sales would start and the price would be at least doubled. The current price was only for internal personnel.

The two people exchanged glances, felt that they did not have enough money to spend. Luo Xun and Yan Fei had spent little these days. The points the two had earned while working at the wall had been kept in their pockets.

They had spent some points in the market a few days ago buying lights. The two of them had at least seven or eight hundred points left! They could be converted into these things, but they could not buy that many.

According to the needs of their house, all of a sudden they spent a full five or six hundred points of solar panels and batteries. The two people returned to the car with bleeding hearts. As they were driving home, the suddenly thought of the agreement with Lieutenant Ding and quickly turned around.

“Not here?” Luo Xun paused and asked. “He did not leave a message?”

“No, he has not come back this afternoon.” The soldiers on duty said they were unclear about Lieutenant Ding’s location.

Luo Xun went back to the car and continued driving. “He did not come back at noon. Let’s go home and come back tomorrow morning.”

The two were not too anxious about selling vegetables. There were many crops at home, but it was not time for mass harvest. Although Yan Fei needed a large number of crystal nuclei to absorb, he could save enough through working with the army.

The two returned home, Yan Fei sat on the sofa, exercising his ability and absorbing crystal nuclei. Luo Xun rummaged around to find materials for distillation equipment – the bathroom and kitchen next door were still empty. How could he not make use of the two water pipes?

He put a large glass jar on the kitchen counter for water precipitation. Then he manually assembled a set of distillation equipment connected to the side with a better bucket for the prepared water.

Luo Xun had finished his work in the kitchen was ready to do the same in the bathroom when the doorbell was sounded.

Yan Fei put down the metal he was working with and got up. The two went to the door and looked outside to find Lieutenant Ding outside.

He came straight here?

The two men quickly opened the door and greet Lieutenant Ding and two officers standing in the stairwell.

“Oh, I knew you must be home by now!” Lieutenant Ding smiled and introduced the officers. “These two are responsible for food hygiene safety and canteen procurement. This is Captain Li and Professor Xu.”

The two were the ones responsible for buying ingredients for the canteen and studying food safety and hygiene.

Professor Xu was significantly older, looking at least forty or fifty years old. The other seemed to be a little younger.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei quickly let them in and learned from Lieutenant Ding that the officers wanted to see their grown crops. He let the people into 1603.

Of course, Yan Fei was walking in front and Luo Xun slowed and politely asked them a few questions in the corridor.

Sure enough, the iron gate had changed appearance – Yan Fei had been practicing with the metal and melded into the wall. No one could tell that the wall also had a door.

Plus, the three visitors were attracted to the row of shelves in the room and had no time to pay attention to the wall.

“This is…are you using it for gardening?” Professor Xu pushed up his glasses and touched the iron shelf. “Made well, where did you get these? It’s very strong.”

Captain Li was keen to see the balcony where a variety of leafy green vegetables were growing. “Professor Xu! Come and see, these are not mutated plants!”

Both the logistics department or specialized personnel responsible for farming had tried to plant vegetables in the ground but the rate of survival was simply unbearable to look at!

But looking at those lovely green vegetables…this was food that normal people would eat! How long had it been since they had eaten normal, leafy greens? Everyday was some variation of potatoes!

Professor Xu hurried forward and pressed against the glass.

On the other hand, Lieutenant Ding was concerned. “Are you using all the space for vegetables?” He was aware that the two lived next door, it seemed they planned to use the room for farming.

Yan Fei smiled and nodded. “The two of us don’t use up a lot of living space. Before we wanted to rent it out, but with base matters…we decided to use it to grow things. It’s just that we can grow plants but…don’t know where to sell.”

Lieutenant Ding laughed and patted his arm. “No problem, I don’t see any issues with the plants in your home. Once the professor has confirmed it, you can send the food to the barracks.”

Professor Xu was pleasantly surprised and he asked Luo Xun, “What’s the mutation rate? What about the mutant species?”

Luo Xun could only answer helplessly. “We could only burn the really terrible ones, afraid to eat. Some plants became the wrong color, who knows if it’s toxic or not? As for the mutation rate…it seems okay? Only one or two per ten plants…”

The two officers burst out. “How could that be?!”

Captain Li was surprised and asked with wide eyes. “Only one or two mutated plants out of ten? Not only one or two are okay?”

Luo Xun backed up half a step. In fact he was also surprised, the mutation rate was lower than in his previous life but he had not been able to figure out why. “Yes, only one or two become mutated.”

“What kind of water do you usually give them? Nutrients?” Professor Xu urgently asked.

“Distilled water and some of the water soluble fertilizers bought for growing flowers…” Luo Xun referred to professional fertilizer to the side.

The fertilizer was nothing special, Professor Xu looked at the bucket next to the shelves, the oxygen pump and asked. “Let me see the tools you used for water distillation.”

Fortunately Luo Xun had just set up some distillation equipment in the kitchen. There was also some clean water set aside. The visitors could observe without seeing their small nest.

The group went into the kitchen and the professor clarified Luo Xun’s distillation steps – deposited precipitation once more than the average family. Although this would certainly reduce the efficiency of filtered water, if this was the key to reducing crop mutation rate, the extra steps would be nothing!

They took a samples of water and vegetables ready to be tested. Professor Xu then asked, “What plants have a relatively high mutation rate?”

Luo Xun suddenly thought of the pile of mushroom wood. “The mushrooms never grew normally!”

“Mushrooms?! You planted mushrooms at home?” Lieutenant Ding choked on his saliva and coughed to regain breath.

Luo Xun smiled. “Before the apocalypse I bought some white jade mushroom and other species – thought to eat healthier. Just did not expect the apocalypse, I took a few pieces of wood back to try and cultivate but…”

He brought the people into the special room full of mushroom wood.

Yan Fei had already gotten rid of the last pile of suspected poisonous mushrooms. The last two days a few had sprouted, but not many. It seemed they could only watch the situation.

Professor Xu stepped forward and took two spores form the wood. “I’ll test them in the lab.”

After collecting these things, the people exchanged telephone numbers and left content.

After sending them away, Luo Xun breathed a sigh of relief. “Luckily that was quick and easy. We also had everything already here.”

Yan Fei smiled and touched his hair. “Need any help?”

Luo Xun pushed Yan Fei towards where the gate should be. “You do your stuff. I’ll call if you if I need help.”

Thus Yan Fei continued absorbing crystal nuclei and producing various tools.

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