Chapter 69 Hero Saved a Beauty

The people who drove back entered the neighborhood first while the people who walked back slowly headed towards the area.

But the shocking blow from returning home after that frightening night, only to find the door pried open and smashed, with all the things missing, could not be imagined.

Luo Xun indifferently looked at the following scuffle, those who came back were those who went did tasks outside the base. Many of them had an ability of some sort, even if not than they had combat strength higher than average. Finding that their homes had been robbed and the thieves had not escaped, if they were caught they were asking for a beating.

Yan Fei watched with an arm around Luo Xun, there were quite a few other onlookers as well. Some people were not controlled by their greed and did not follow those with no moral integrity in breaking into neighbor’s homes. The other portion were the faster people, after taking the first wave of supplies they ran back and left without being found out.

Suddenly, noise came from the corridor. The two men looked at each other and walked towards the gate.

The sound came from the middle of the corridor, mingled with men roaring and women screaming. Luo Xun and Yan Fei came out to hear banging sounds from down the stairs.

Using an ability in the hallway? Were they not afraid of collapsing the building?

Luo Xun tenses up, completely forgetting about Yan Fei and their neighbor Zhang Yi who had used their powers several times in the hallways. He took hesitant steps towards the stairs.

The sound of fighting came from downstairs, an ability activated and soon after several men repeatedly screamed as they were beaten. A man begged, the other party scolded, seemingly grabbed the other parties and then shut the door.

The two looked at each other again and knew that the incident had come to an end. They returned home after hearing the person stop using their ability.

“Who would have thought that zombies would appear on base?” Li Tie looked at the community gate, there was a lot of strange black, red and dark green dried liquid on the ground. No one cleaned it up or paid it any attention.

Han Li patted his shoulder. “Fortunately we were all in the barracks, otherwise if we encountered something on the way back, who knows what would have happened!”

“Luo Xun and Yan Fei should have gone home yesterday noon, right? Could something have happened?” He Qiankun suddenly remembered with a start.

“It’s possible that it was just around the time they went back…” Wu Xin nodded with some apprehension.

Zhang Yi smiled. “Rest assured, nothing would have happened to them.” With Yan Fei’s power, who could lay a finger on Luo Xun?

“Yes, they are going to be fine!” Wang Duo would unconditionally support anything Zhang Yi said – even if the latter scolded him, he would back down. His mind would find a way to change the words so that they sounded like he was being praised…

Zhang Yi slowly walked inside since he was feeling a tad lazy.

“What’s the matter…” When the group of people came in they saw several scuffles in progress. Well, after the apocalypse tensions were rising, there was the increased possibility of quarrels. It was not surprising, they had passed several on the road but the scene here looked too bloodthirsty.

Then they saw a lot of broken glass at the bottom of the building…That was not unusual, after there had been an outbreak of zombies yesterday, accidentally breaking windows while battling zombies was normal.

However the big fireball that suddenly flew over was not normal! Fortunately Zhang Yi had blocked by forming a wind screen, or they might have been set on fire! How had the conflict escalated to using abilities?!

Not far ahead two people faced off, one leader had a fire ability while the other had a lightning ability. The two groups of people were fighting and ignored the people on the road, which was how the fireball just flew over.

But Zhang Yi using his powerful wind ability to create a windscreen calmed down the two a bit. The fire user looked at Zhang Yi, coldly humphed and left with his companion. The other lightning user looked in interest, raised his hands to push his glasses before smiling at them.

Li Tie and the others looked at the people warily and drew closer to Zhang Yi. The reason they seeked Zhang Yi’s protection was not that they were not afraid of what the people could do…but *cough* worried that those people would try to poach him.

Yes, Li Tie and the others occasionally encountered people missing half a brain on the road who wanted to ‘recruit’ teammates. Before when Wang Duo and Zhang Yi were not in a relationship, they could only help block flies. Zhang Yi’s appearance obviously sparked other’s protective instincts, even knowing that he had a very powerful ability.

But now that Wang Duo and Zhang Yi were together, the feeling of protecting their brother’s loved one had increased. As long as someone looked straight at Zhang Yi, they did not hesitate to use their own flesh and blood to stop these lechers.

However the group of people walking across the street was obviously a team. The students had no way of stopping them – since they could not fight.

Wu Changkun pushed up his glasses, his eyes were shadowed but his face had smile as he called to Zhang Yi. “Hello, I am the captain of Chaos Squad, we are recruiting companions to find supplies outside the base. Are you interested in joining?” Without waiting for a response he continued. “Your ability is strong, the most powerful wind ability I have ever seen. We also have a way to improve abilities, if you are willing to join you can have the position of lieutenant. There are a lot of privileges in our team for strong ability users, are you interested?”

Zhang Yi raised an eyebrow, his eyes held a hint of amusement. Wang Duo’s face immediately turned dark and he stepped in front of Zhang Yi. “We already have a team! Zhang Yi can’t go with you!”

Wu Changkun did not spare a glance at Wang Duo and spoke to Zhang Yi. “We live in fifth building, 3-403. If you are interested come take a look.” Once finished he did not pay attention to the idnigant looks of Li Tie and the others and headed towards the fifth building with his team.

Wang Duo’s lips were quivering, so that was Wu Changkun. He knew that Zhang Yi was very strong but he did not take into account these factors when they were together. The so-called team however was what Li Tie had casually named the last time they went out of base, which naturally had no potential benefits to attract Zhang Yi, if he really wanted to go…

“Team? Since when have you been in a team?” The voice contained the usual carelessness and lazy atmosphere.

Li Tie snapped back to attention and explained. “Oh! It was formed the last time we left the base. There are five of us and Luo Xun’s couple called…Otaku Squad…” When he said the name, even someone like Li Tie could not help but feel a bit embarrassed.

Other people’s team names were more domineering, like ‘Chaos’. But their own ‘Otaku’…there was a different feeling…

Zhang Yi held his chin and nodded towards the five who had frightened eyes. “Otaku, good and convenient.” The he walked on.

The group of five froze and looked at each other in surprise – Zhang Yi liked the name? He did not object to being added? That was great! Otaku squad now had two powerful ability users along with marksman Luo Xun!

At that, they had to start exercising everyday once they got home, if they were too weak they would be in danger. With the leisurely life on base they had almost forgotten about the terror and fighting of the outside world. Must start training!

As they walked up the stairs, the situation in the neighborhood became much more franctic than ever before. On the way home, they had seen many people rolling on the ground, fighting each other after the army men had come to check when the zombies were all killed.

Why was this happening when everyone was safe? Obviously because instead of family security and returning to a calm life as soon as possible, people reached out to steal from other’s empty homes.

Thinking of their own home that Yan Fei had surrounded with metal, the five panicked people had secretly sighed in relief. If they had fearfully spent a long day outside only to find their house broken into and robbed…the five of them would have been as outraged as those who were now fighting…

Only Zhang Yi, who had already encountered this sort of thing, had no reaction to the news. In today’s world, those who did not find a way to secure their things after gathering had no one to blame but themselves. Did they have no capacity to watch over their own stuff?

The group sped up the pace, even though there had likely been no problems, it would be more reassuring the quicker they could return home.

They quickly climbed to the 10th floor and heard sounds in the corridor. Han Li shivered and looked back at his companions.

The others also looked at each other, they could faintly hear someone quarreling and there seemed to be fighting in the corridor. What was going on? What had caused the lively person to come back all frightened? Had something happened at home!?

The idea flashed through their minds and they hastened upwards, quickly climbing to the 14th floor when they heard something wrong.

“…This, this is…” He Qiankun was reduced to stuttering.

Li Tie and the other’s facial expressions turned both red and green. These young people had secretly studied foreign romance films in the dormitory so it was not unknown but suddenly coming across this in the corridor…*cough*

Zhang Yi raised an eyebrow and took the lead in amusement. Wang Duo wanted to stop him but remembered that they would not be able to get home without passing the 15th floor. So he hurried to the front as to not let his Royal Highness see what should not be seen!

Li Tie and the others also hurried to keep up. *Cough cough* They had seen so many meticulous romance films, why would they be afraid to see it in reality? Plus it was just sounds, they might not end up seeing anything.

That idea was completely shatter when they reached the top of the stairs. The door of 1502 was wide open with a few half naked men around a woman. Two were holding the body while the rest were joking and laughing, pointing, grabbing and touching from time to time.

Next door in 1503 there also came a woman’s high pitched cry accompanied by men’s laughter and applause.

“This chick is hot, look at how her hips sway?” Someone joked in 1503.

“Whatever, hurry up, we can not endure…”

“Isn’t there another one? Go over there.”

“I like this one…”

A man’s voice from the opposite door echoed in the corridor. “Run? You can try! Serve this old man well, or I’ll let the people outside all have a round!”

The men at 1502 pinched the woman’s chest and laughed. “You want to run? Can you? Even if you’re a fire user, your man has already given you to us you know?”

Li Tie and company were at first shocked, their hands started trembling. The woman, in front of people with malicious intentions, was unable to cry for help but they could clearly hear painful sobs.

A female fire ability user lived on the 15th floor, which also had a few other beautiful female college students. The group had already known these things but had  not communicated. They had occasionally seen each other but offered no greetings due vigilance and so on during the apocalypse.

Who could imagine that after the collapse of social order, this sort of thing would happen downstairs in their own building?

The several university students were filled with anger and their eyes turned red. Wu Xin kicked open the door while Li Tie and the others raised the pipes placed in their backpacks for self defense.

“Let her go!” He Qiankun was full of confidence, so his roar was louder than normal which scared the men around the woman.

The group was startled but did not place the few young students in their eyes. They were also tenants on the floor and had occasionally encountered Li Tie and the others. Although they lived upstairs and the 16th floor people had skills, but they had intruded today. Not to mention, who was afraid of who? They also had power users!

“What the hell are you doing, ah!? Do you know what’s going on?” A man with a hideous tattoo on his arm walked out insolently.

“No matter what, you can’t do this to a woman!” Li Tie clenched the iron bar in his hand.

“Oh?” Another man with half a cigarette in his mouth, laughed as he stood by the other’s side. “We came back after a mission to see her gang of people breaking down our door, rob my home. She was also relocating things…Could you guys bear it?” The man squinted and grinned at Li Tie and the others.

The group of students froze, they had not expected that to be the reason, but…

“Then you can’t do this to a woman. Isn’t it enough to get your things back?” Most of the people outside beat up thieves then forgot about it, so it should be similar now?

The man standing beside the woman grinned at her chest. “Her husband paid her as compensation for the loss of money, this matter is not related to you.”

“Right, is it because you haven’t seen a woman in so long, you want to be a hero who rescues a beauty to bring back home to enjoy?”

Li Tie and company’s faces once again turned green and red as the laughing and joking continued.

“Why should a man who has stolen from you hand over a woman? She’s not a thing!” These words had no logic but how could Li Tie’s angry heart understand?

“You want to obtain other’s happiness?” Another person teased. “If you are really envious, bring out some food. 5 pounds of noodles for one time? It’s a good deal!”

“Right, this girl is great, stronger than the others. If we sell her out me might not have to go out to desperately look for supplies.”

“Right, right! Good idea!”

Li Tie and the others were shaking. These shameless people were really amazing, but although their behaviour was nasty, it had a legitimate reason – the other party stole their things. When they asked for compensation, they got this woman. But why should the woman pay for all her companion’s actions? Even if they were lovers, why would she be responsible after she had been betrayed by her boyfriend?

The group did not know what the woman had done while the boyfriend had broken into the room next door, but she was the victim since the man left her to escape.

Seeing Li Tie and the others squeeze the steel pipes in their hands, the tattooed man stretched out his muscles and fired a water bomb straight at Wu Xin and Wang Duo. “Scram! Otherwise you’ll share the same fate…”

“Ah, ah, ah.”

Wind hovered in the corridor, Zhang Yi’s eyes were suffused with pale blue light as he crossed his hands near the staircase. A group of miniature tornadoes condensed at his side, sending the first two people flying back three or four steps.

Li Tie and the others froze and unconsciously let Queen Zhang Yi pass by.

“Get the hell out of this building, if I ever see these dirty things again…” Zhang Yi icily glanced at the men’s bare lower bodies and sneered. “I’ll help you cut them off.”

The group of people froze, a few men at the back rolled up their sleeves. There team also had several ability users! Why was he threatened by a no attack power wind user?!”

A grim faced man, barely clothed man came out from 1503 next door and a small ball of purple electricity appeared in his palm. “Who do you think you are? With such a big tone you think you’re something…”

He had not finished when the regiment of small tornadoes suddenly spread and the wind turned into sharp blades! The wind blades filled the corridor with bloody light.


“Stop, stop…”


“Boss, I was wrong, I was wrong…”

The whining and begging frightened the men who had yet to come out of the room.

Seeing the scarlet blood, Zhang Yi’s bloodthirst increased, his coquettish smile became more wanton as he no longer restrained himself. The next blades cut the flesh, leaving only the skeleton, tendons, blood vessels..

*Pa* A hand suddenly fell on his shoulder. Zhang Yi looked back with a murderous expression – who dared stop him at this time!?

*Swish, clink* Sounds rang out as Zhang Yi’s attacks were blocked by a hard metal plate.

It was Yan Fei.

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