Chapter 54 Confidant Calamity? Oh no

People were once again the car leaving base, at the gate they saw many other trucks heading to the walls. Significantly more were participating in the wall work today, it seemed yesterday’s mobilization effort was well done.

Some logistics vehicles also came out with large pots, stoves and food. Cooking near the wall on an open fire.

A wall worker continued yesterday’s work in the morning. There was more zombie movement in the vicinity than before. Some people walked over from the neighborhood.

Most of those people were ragged but the people who had built the walls and armed soldiers had eyes of survivors. One wondered how long they had been hiding in the city? What had they encountered on the road to come here with hope of survival?

The captain saw Luo Xun was accurate with his crossbow but did not deliberately rush to the front in order to collect crystal nuclei. He stayed on the defensive line, knew his limits and would only go take the crystals when it was safe. The captain involuntarily raised Luo Xun’s evaluation – people with strength in the apocalypse could survive easily but those with ability and willingness to listen to others was very few.

It could be said that, other than the army, those outside who suddenly acquired power, or the talented in face of life or death prioritized their own safety. Even worse, flagrant violation of orders, management, arrangements and schedules.

In such times, people working together would get a greater chance of survival but those with distrust or stubbornness would lead the team to a major crisis. So the military was not willing to accept ordinary people. However people like Luo Xun and Yan Fei who knew their place and job were very welcome.

Having an ability and listened to leader arrangements, such people were very welcome regardless of team type. Sure enough the captain did not do wrong by supporting the decision to send them supplies and points yesterday.

Luo Xun did not know that his careless action led to an improved evaluation by the captain. He was only acting in accordance with the most basic rules and comportment after the apocalypse. Yan Fei was also the same, he just thought this was less trouble, plus he could exercise his ability, it would be a surprise to accidentally garner military goodwill.

The morning soon passed and Luo Xun, who was not out to harvest heads, only sniping to protect his lover had also harvested six crystal nuclei. The military had gained more but a soldier who was defending behind a ditch was bitten and turned into a zombie on the spot. His teammates were forced to put him down.

That scene, no matter how times one will have seen still made people feel miserable.

Six cores, plus the two harvested yesterday made a total of eight. Yan Fei secretly pondered, decided to try and absorb one or two at home to see what effect. Did it really work to improve one’s powers?

The last time they went out to collect materials he had used up a lot of Luo Xun’s stock, but since it was a crisis he did not pay attention to the nucleus absorption and felt little difference. Now since he was richer, a little experiment would be useful.

In addition to his crystal nucleus loot, Luo Xun also got some points. It was only four but it was much better than the zero before. Plus he got some high purity copper wire.

After three days of work, Luo Xun and Yan Fei were accustomed to the workload. After lunch they took their car and drove back home.

Every time the two of them came back around noon, the elevator was not available so they could only climb up the stairs. When they had ascended halfway, they met with Lieutenant Ding who had some papers in his arms and an accompanying soldier.

“Ah, you are back.” Seeing the two, Lieutenant Ding continued. “Just came down from you floor.”

“Are there any notices?” Luo Xun quickly asked.

Lieutenant Ding laughed. “It was for Zhang Yi. The base is in short supply, especially medical personnel so we came to check on him. If his injury is not bad he could work…Has anything happened recently?”

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Luo Xun paused and asked cautiously.

“Behind Yan Fei reacted with a smile. “Nothing big, two days ago he sent a few thieves flying but did not kill.”

Luo Xun had a face with black lines looking behind, Yan Fei was talking about Zhang Yi.

Lieutenant Ding breathed a sigh of relief and patted Luo Xun’s shoulder in sympathy. “Hard on you.”

Luo Xun asked with curiosity. “There was a big incident at the hospital?”

The soldier’s expression twisted. “Not big but also not small…it was pretty scary.”

Lieutenant Ding pointed at the soldier. “He was in the hospital that day and witnessed the event.”

The soldier nodded. “I don’t know what sparked the thing but when I arrived there was blood all over the place.”

Luo Xun thought for a moment then asked. “Did someone molest him?”

The two people froze. “Molest?”

Luo Xun nodded while the two looked at each other. Lieutenant Ding hesitantly asked. “But he is a man…” Men were afraid of being molested?

Most of the injured were mostly men. What was there to flirt with? There were quite a few army veterans that had tuned out any behavior that with inhibit army work. New recruits had to go through tough training!

Yan Fei chuckled, eyes revealing a touch of ridicule. “People are angry because it is a man…”

No matter the other person’s mind, for those who would garner attention of crowds would be seen as an opportunity to be flirted with. Plus Zhang Yi looked more feminine so who knew how he had been treated – right before base he had been abandoned by his original companions which colored his mindset.

The two men instantly understood his meaning and nodded. “Not good, I have to hurry back and report. Suggest they arrange a few reliable workers, cooperative without tinted glasses. Would a female doctor be better? I have to report this!” The two hurried downstairs after a quick farewell.

Luo Xun had a surprised face. “No one thought of this?”

Yan Fei patted him on the shoulder. “You think anyone was going to notice that?”

Would everyone have a bleeding heart? Who could understand a beautiful man’s delicate mind?

Well, Luo Xun had mistakenly used a later apocalypse mentality on the present. If he waited a few years, he was afraid everyone would be able to understand Zhang Yi’s trouble. People could realize that he acted in order to get a person’s measure because had a face of trouble.

The two people continued to climb up. The 13th floor door opened, several people who lived on that floor were not going downstairs and walked opposite Luo Xun.

The first impression of the woman was tall and looks scored nine points. The life of a beautiful woman seemed to be pretty good, had makeup despite it being the apocalypse. Luo Xun subconsciously looked up and was startled by red lips.

One could not blame him, he had seen many zombies gnawing on corpses dying their mouths red with blood. With the end of the world suddenly seeing bright red lips would startle but after the shock one would appreciate the beauty in the mind. Unfortunately Luo Xun was gay and skipped the appreciation bit.

However, seeing the beautiful woman’s appearance, his legs shook with tension and he could not continue moving down the hall.

The man next to the beautiful woman glared at the guy who could not differentiate heaven and earth – actually dared to stare at his woman?! Passing by, he deliberately bumped against Luo Xun.

From behind Yan Fei of course did not see Luo Xun’s expression but that man unexpectedly dared to hit his people. His eyes narrowed as the man proudly hugged the woman, stretched his muscles. Yan Fei blocked the way.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I did not see anyone downstairs.” Yan Fei steadied Luo Xun and spoke leisurely with a malicious smile.

The man in front of the woman stepped forward with an ugly, crooked face. Did not expect the woman would move faster than the man.

Seeing her man provoked, her body burst into flames, reflecting her face with faint red light. The companions behind them looked at each other.

Yan Fei raised a brow and sneered. He quickly absorbed the spare crystal nucleus in his pocket, his other hand stretched out. With a sound, all handrail metal instantly flew! A sharp network of iron formed between the two, pointed at the line of people.

The dense, steel pipe suspended in air, the points flashed with fearful shine. The opposing side uniformly paled.

Their side had numbers but the real power was that woman. The so called boss was lovers with before the end of the world, they fled to the base together after the apocalypse.

Although the woman found her fire power strong, she was not the mask wearing man’s opponent.

At this time Luo Xun had regained his legs but had unexpectedly caused such a confrontation…What was this? Woman trouble…bah! Men trouble…bah again! Stupidity induced confrontation!?

“Yo, I wondered why you have not come up yet, are you fighting? Good timing, count me in, was bored.” A careless voice trailed lazily over.

People subconsciously looked up to see Zhang Yi lounging against the wall, right index finger point up with a ten centimeter mini-tornado at his fingertips. His eyes flashed with bloodthirsty excitement.

“Okay that’s it. No more.” Luo Xun could not help but get a headache. Starting up a battle would be a bother, both sides would be unhappy. He put his foot down on this disruption.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Yi asked, the beauty from the 13th floor felt more and more eclipsed. “Have not seen any blood for several days. The screams of those people from a few days ago as they fell out from the window were rather nice~” With that the tornado at his fingertips became larger, as high as a man!

The fire ability beauty and her companion’s faces changed. They had a headache from the stranger who could manipulate metal and now this man could make a tornado with air abilities. Obviously out of their league!

The beauty’s face changed, even the flames in front of flickered unstably. The man who had first hit Luo Xun suddenly laughed. “Misunderstanding, misunderstanding. We’re just heading downstairs, nothing else!”

Yan Fei chuckled, his voice was usually clear but this time was lower with bursts of chilling ice. “I already apologized when I accidentally bumped into you. My man was hit.”

Although Zhang Yi did not know what had happened before, it was rare to see Yan Fei so disruptive, the tornado compressed into the shape a machete of murderous wind. “He was hit? Where did that guy hit him? I’ll cut off that piece of meat.”

Luo Xun was fed up. “You shut up!”

The opposing man turned green and opened his mouth, Luo Xun bowed 90 degrees and the leader who had not spoken. “Sorry, next time will not be so careless!”

Oh my god, getting bumped led to two crazy ability users threatening retaliation! Why had no one said he was looking at someone’s lover?!

Luo Xun felt tired, turned to stand behind Yan Fei, who chuckled and with a wave, the pipe returned to normal. This was the second time this sort of thing happened, Luo Xun wondered if the metal would become loose?

The crowd hurried away and galloped down the stairs. They took deep breaths after rushing out of the corridor.

The man in front looked at two others. “Those guys in the corridor, why haven’t we heard of them before?”

A younger man responded. “Boss, should be from the 16th floor…”

“16th floor…no wonder.” They had not crossed paths with Luo Xun and the others before but knew the 16th floor had strong people. After all, the fact that the corridor was sealed with a large metal plate had spread through the area.

Also vaguely heard that someone in the community could manipulate metal and a group of people who wanted to take advantage of the panic to steal had fled. Now they naturally knew who the people were.

On the other side Luo Xun pulled Yan Fei as they continued upwards. He asked Zhang Yi. “You going downstairs?”

“Why would I go downstairs?” Zhang Yi looked back with one eye. “Ding met with you downstairs. I heard the sound of your voice from the corridor and wanted to open the door. The result was seeing steel pipes flying lively in the air.”

“You thought it entertaining?” Seeing something fun this guy wanted to join in? He was no idle that he would search out fights.

Zhang Yi waved his hands. “No other way. I feel that passing a day without using my ability for something is uncomfortable. Don’t you think it’s better to use abilities every day to improve them?”

Luo Xun stepped away, Yan Fei’s eyebrows pricked. Using abilities more often to increase capabilities, one did not know if that was true or just a feeling. Not spilling someone’s blood was uncomfortable?

“I can help if you don’t have a way to vent energy.” Yan Fei said as the group arrived at the 16th floor.

“Oh? You’re willing to lend your lover for a few nights?” Zhang Yi provoked and draped himself over Luo Xun, who fled through his own door – would these two end up fighting? He would get caught in the crossfire!

“If you want to die.” Yan Fei looked him the eye and unlocked the door with a wave.

Zhang Yi shrugged. “Then what method?”

Yan Fei did not give a response and walked over to Zhang Yi’s door. After thinking, he raised his hand and extracted a large lump of spare metal and walked in.

Zhang Yi quickly followed in fear that this metal user would do something unsavory – such as sealing the toilet and so on. Luo Xun was also curious and secretly followed.

Yan Fei stood right in the middle of Zhang Yi’s living room, circled around – good lighting, very clean. Of course it was clean, his house was completely empty right now.

The two people in the door saw Yan Fei raise his hand, the big piece of metal he had brought condensed and merged with the ceiling. The mass of metal turned into a sandbag suspended in midair…

“When there’s nothing to do you can use wind power to sharpen this.” Yan Fei did not pay attention to Zhang Yi’s reaction. “You are right, using up your ability can improve power and vent at the same time.” Yan Fei spoke while walking to the door, Luo Xun was looking at the large metal sandbag.

“Look for me when it’s broken. If you can get metal and need furniture, I can do it for free. After all – abilities need to be used.” Throwing Zhang Yi’s words back at him, Yan Fei and his lover waltzed out back to 1602.

The pair returned home in silence. At the door Luo Xun stooped to catch a flying dog and began to laugh. Zhang Yi’s dumbfounded, open mouthed expression was too satisfying! The more he saw the funnier it was!

Luo Xun stopped laughing after five minutes but swishing sounds came from the right side of the wall.

“He’s not really cutting that metal bag is he?” Luo Xun motioned to the right.

Yan Fei shrugged. “Maybe, I’m curious about how much damage a wind power can do to metal. Zhang Yi’s wind power was much stronger than average. Maybe the metal sandbag could last a few days if he attacks at full power?”

He had said it was a method for venting his thoughts, but also a sneaky way of testing ability strength. A subtle way of contrasting powers?

Luo Xun gave Zhang Yi a look of admiration, he thought of a way to hit two birds with one stone in a short time, something the average person could not do.

Yan Fei smiled and said. “Continuing yesterday’s work, do you want to take these boxes and everything else next door?”

“No, no the walls are still drying and we have to pain them. Let’s get the spare shelf ready…Let me check the quail nest.” Luo Xun got up, went straight to the small nest and picked an egg to go.

That day, Zhang Yi who had energy to spare was not able to cut the big metal sandbag. In the evening when Li Tie and the others came back they saw a twisted iron lump inside his home and Zhang Yi had a delicate expression.

However Zhang Yi also said the news he was not able to say earlier because of bickering with Yan Fei. “I will go to work tomorrow.”

The people looked at one another, Li Tie congratulated him. “It’s already hard to find a job on base. A lot of people who repaired the wall got little points and needed to do more base work. Heard that a lot of people were searching. They want to participate in base building, digging foundation work but do not want to go outside for it!” Wang Duo was very well-informed about news.

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