Jump 2 Infamous

Icy Slice of Life

Ah, Seattle, a city somewhere in the United States. Nothing much to say, just a return to regular life: going to school, searching for a job, suddenly gaining superpowers…

Yeah, people all over the country have been developing powers, called conduits. All of stuff went down before but everything is calm for now, though there are some tensions. Here is pretty friendly and safe compared to where the first conduits showed up (Empire city?).

I was simply going through college when one day I accidentally froze a glass. It was like a switch turning on, everything seemed clearer and felt more energized. It took a while but I managed to find a way to toggle my new ice powers, it only took three frozen dishes.

All I needed was some blonde hair day and a blue dress and I could cosplay Elsa without any need for special effects. Well, except I do not think I could breathe life into a snowman.

Thank goodness I am living on my own, trying to explain this to a roommate would have been not fun. On the bright side, I will never need ice cubes to cool my drinks again.

I did not have the option of importing any companions this time, so my team is going to hang out in the housing complex. Live Pokémon would cause more problems, plus the world is pretty normal, they are not missing anything.

Only downside is that I need to recharge everyday unless I want to feel like I went without a week of sleep. Fortunately I can charge from the sink, visiting a lake is nice but not efficient for daily life. I also never need to buy bandaids again which is great.

Put a reminder on my new cell phone to charge the bioconvertor in case of emergencies.

This should not be too bad, spend a decade in a peaceful city with no need for superheroing. Better practice my ice powers, there are no doubt countless applications other than offensive from the second game.


Picture the image strongly in your mind, then channel ice into the shape. I opened my eyes and glanced at my palm.

“Drat, better than last time but something’s off.”

I had been trying to form an ice rose but I got distracted part way through and it more closely resembled a lotus blossom. On the bright side, I had the basics down: shooting projectiles, forming walls/pillars and blasts.

I could also skate around on water like an ice rink, which was pretty neat. So I decided to focus on the details of ice constructs, so I could look cool while fighting an opponent?

My laptop history was filled with image searches of flowers, since they were more complicated than geometric shapes. Then again, these were all only pictures so the creations were a tad flat…

“Maybe I should go visit a botanical garden this weekend?” I shrugged to myself. “Eh, why not. The only thing I have left is an assignment due in two weeks at the moment.”

I poured myself some soda, then plucked some petals off the flower. Nothing better than a refreshing drink at the end of the day.


Sometimes I wonder how life would have gone if I had not started the jumpchain. What kind of job would I have found? Where would I live? Even though time is stopped in my original world…the person who I was is already changed forever.

Even if I end up failing the chain, the perks I earned so far are already enough for an improved life. However I am planning to go as far as I can, after all there are a bunch of worlds I would love to visit.

There are times when I feel a tad homesick but it passes quickly…shoot it’s already late afternoon and I have barely started on that essay. So long as I buckle down and focus for a good two hours, more than half of it should be done.

The sky was a beautiful color today and everything was as usual.


There are many things I am thankful for, from small to large.

Since I have a great memory, I do not need to spend as much time studying for college. I can spend more time doing what I want, such as reading and extracurriculars.

I am grateful that there’s a coffee shop and grocery store within five minute walking distance. I may have increased strength and stamina but I do not enjoy lugging around shopping bags.

I am thankful that I have my Pokémon team with me, I might not understand them all completely but we share a bond. Before I did not really have many very close friends, I guess something just did not click.

Most of all, I am so glad that the jump occurs after the events of the games. I do not have to live in fear of supernatural gangsters shooting up the city or getting experimented on by shady organizations since I am currently in the city that is considered like a safe haven for conduits.

It’s usually hard to stay on the positive side, but I can pull this off at least for the moment.


“Let it go~”

Claire, that’s the tenth time you’ve sung that song. Pick something else for once!

Kurama was exasperated, though she was not alone, Kyo nodded as well. Sans was nearby napping while the others had no opinion.

“What? It’s appropriate for when I’m practicing with my ice…Fine any of you have any other suggestions?”

The Pokémon huddled together in deep discussion. They picked a random disc from the music collection.

“Oh, if you all wanted to join in you should have said something. Let’s sing some karaoke!”

The resulting sort of party was actually not bad, especially considering the team could not speak human. Their pitch and rhythm was pretty accurate. Of course, this all happened at the housing complex sometime in the evening after my classes.

“Maybe we should make this a monthly thing. Have you guys found your favorite genres of music yet?”

I really needed to get my team human forms soon. Not having opposable thumbs must be annoying, not to mention they could not explore around as Pokémon.


I can do this, deep breathes, I practiced this a bunch of times with the advisor and Kurama too. The outfit is fine and I even applied some light makeup. It’s just an interview, I’ll do fine. Even if this does not pan out I can always try again.

“Okay, here I go.”

“Oh thank god that’s done.” I flopped on the couch. “I am eating pizza tonight for dinner.”

How was the interview? Kurama walked over in curiosity.

“I think it went fine. If all goes well I should be getting a phone call soon.”

I know that you’ll get the position, Claire.

“Thanks, Kurama. I appreciate the support.”

A few days later:

“Hello, may I speak with Miss Clara Frost? Yes I am happy to inform you that…”

“Thank you. I’ll come in tomorrow then.” I ended the call then cheered.

“Yes! I got it! Everyone, let’s celebrate with something special!”


“Where have you been all my life?”

“Fate has been so cruel to have kept us apart.”

“When I first saw you I just knew I had to have you. Nothing would stand in my way.”

“We’ll be together forever, I will never let you go.”

“Is this what people call love at first sight?”

Claire, stop hugging that new sweater and come help. Dinner is in an hour and we have not even started yet!

“Oh hey, Benefactor how is it going? Sorry if this jump wasn’t super exciting or anything.”

Now that I thought about it, time seemed to pass fast this time. Did Benefactor have a fast forward function somehow? Probably just watched the more interesting bits.

“Eh, it wasn’t that bad actually. I do know that not all jumps are high action anyway.”

“You here to pass on the next jump?”


“Sweet, wonder where to next. Oh, back to Pokemon but via a spinoff. Wonder which one I will end up?”

“Have fun planning, I am off!” Benefactor popped away as usual.

Next Jump – Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

Previous Jump – Pokemon Trainer

Jump #2 – Infamous            Document

Name: Clara Frost
Location: Seattle (Free pick because conduit friendly and low military presence)
Initial Age: 20
Gender: Female

Origin: Student (in college with decent grades but student debt)
Conduit Type: Cryokinesis (shatter blast, ice shield, ice grenade, ice pillar)
Recharge from sources of cold, liquid water
Stamina: Free perk and physical boosts are nice
Regen: First healing factor, I am now harder to kill
Durability: Best paired with above (now can get shot without dying)
Analytics: Increase perception and helps in fights
Toggle: Can turn off ice powers at will (avoid accidentally freezing someone)

Hardened Cell Phone: free cell phone immune to powers
Hardened Laptop: free, useful laptop
Bioconvertor: spare battery for conduit powers

Flaws: Leak (need to recharge often, but water should be plentiful)

Plan: Finish college, get a job in order to pay off student debt. Play around with conduit powers.



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