Jumpchain Story Start

Okay, I finally finished writing up the first jump. Each jump will have a bunch of interconnected snippets instead of a complete narrative. This is mainly because I have already gone and done a bunch of CYOAs for the jumpchain and each one could turn into a full story but I will not have the time nor inclination to do so.

At the end of each jumpchain story post I will put a link to the document used along with a summarized build. I will add a short blurb of a ‘plan’ on how to spend the ten years of the jump too.

Once again, updates will be sporadic. Somehow I will get caught up (I have done more than 15 builds but have barely started snippets for the second jump)…

Also have to remind myself that this is not meant to be award winning writing, just something for fun. No matter how cliché/contrived something is, at least someone will likely enjoy it somehow.


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