Jump 1 Pokémon Trainer

The Start of an Adventure

“Get away from that!” I swung my bag at the flock of Pidove surrounding something.

There was enough force to knock away two of the bird pokemon, the group flew away after realizing I would not stop.

Turns out it was a Fennekin getting hassled, the little fox was curled into a ball and shivering.

I approached slowly while speaking softly. “Hey, it’s okay, those birds are gone now.”

The pokemon lifted their head and glanced around before resting on me. I paused, uncertain at the action. Then I was almost bowled over by the excited pokemon.

Thank you for helping me! I did not know what to do.

An energetic, female voice echoed in my head as the Fennekin yipped in joy. I remembered that I had chosen a Fennekin with a mental bond for my starter.

“You’re welcome and I was glad to help. Want to join me on my journey? Are you injured?”

I have a few scrapes but nothing major. I would love to go on a journey!

“Well then nice to meet you partner. I’ll grab a potion from my bag, just wait a second.”

I stuck my hand in and grabbed one of the potions. Fortunately my trainer bag was well organized and seemingly infinite since there was also a bicycle inside the thing. I sprayed the medicine on Fennekin’s injuries, she winced at the stinging sensation.

“My name is Claire, what about you? Any ideas for a nickname?”

Not really, what about you?

“How about Kurama?”

The now named Kurama nodded her head in agreement. Thus the two of us began our journey in the Unova region just outside the first town. How did Kurama end up in Unova when her home region was Kalos? Oh well, better not question this since I just happened to end up here as well with all the stuff I bought…

“Okay, according to the pokedex, we should be able to find a Ralts here.”

The White Forest was peaceful and full of nature with a giant tree in the center. A few other people were present as well but not many in comparison to the city. It had taken a while to get here as we had traveled at a moderate pace through the beginning of Unova.

Kurama and I had a nice meal at the Striaton restaurant that doubled as a Gym but decided against doing the Gym challenge. I might change my mind in the future (since I was spending a decade here), maybe when I had a full team.

We also visited the museum as we passed through Nacrene City. Kurama was wandering all over the place and I had to keep up with her. She also practiced her fire moves against the bug and grass pokemon in Pinwheel Forest. I had a workout cycling across Skyarrow bridge while she got to sit in the basket.

Castelia was huge, there were so many buildings. I was so glad that I memorized the map before wandering around. We did not stay long since I had a destination in mind. Kurama had gotten stronger battling the occasional trainer or wild pokemon. She was close to evolving at that point. It was taking longer than I thought to travel around, thankfully I had survival knowledge and was at peak health.

Nimbasa was similar to Castelia, the desert are we had to traverse to get there was not fun. All that sand…Kurama was at a disadvantage as well. I ended up sprinting the last section just to get it over with…I got some running practice.

Thankfully, all that was left was crossing Marvelous bridge. There were a few obstacles but that was mitigated through HM use (I asked Kurama to help me convince a local pokemon for aid). I wonder how that guy is doing now…if a trainer caught him would they surprised to find he knew a Hidden Machine move?

Yay, another teammate! Kurama cheered while twirling her stick. She had evolved en route to the forest and was now a Braixen.

“Okay, keep an eye out for a Ralts, I think they’re relatively ra-” I tripped over something and face planted.

I sat up to see what I had blocked me – it was a pokemon. “Oh my I am so sorry are you okay?!”

The pokemon was a third of my height and I had almost squashed it by falling. I whipped out a potion ready to help.

Kurama scrambled over to soothe the other pokemon as well. Oh, you’re a Ralts!

Indeed, the green helmet/hair and red horn were very distinct. Now I felt worse, I had injured one of my favorite pokemon. Thankfully the Ralts was fine and not afraid of me.

“Do you want to accompany me and Kurama on our journey?”

Ralts were supposed to sense emotion right? Hopefully this worked instead of a battle…I held out a pokeball. With an elegant curtsy the Ralts nodded after some pondering and touched the capsule.

That was Lily’s anti-climatic introduction to the team. We spent a while in the area to train up Lily since she only had one attack and there was an evident gap between her and Kurama. On the other hand, since Kurama was part Psychic type she could help out with training. I busied myself with some studying while they were practicing their psychic abilities.

“Okay, let’s check the pokedex again…huh you can find Mienfoo nearby too. Come on Kurama, Lily let’s get another member!”

The two of them were small enough that they could ride on my shoulders with little issue. It was nice to have company while travelling.

Unlike befriending Lily, Violet was more troublesome. I captured her after defeating her twice, once with Lily then once again with Kurama after patching all parties up. Violet seemed impressed with the team’s power, I even managed to show some acrobatic skills while frantically dodging during later training sessions.

My team was half assembled, the other members were from different regions. Gible were native to Sinnoh and I was unsure how I would get an Eevee since they were rather rare. Finally, Lugia was a legendary Pokemon that would take some research before acquiring.

“Come on ladies, let’s tour the rest of Unova before heading to Sinnoh!”

We spent the next few months doing just that, enjoying the sights and entertainment of the region while steadily growing stronger. By the time we had returned to Castelia to catch a boat to Sinnoh Kurama was close to evolving into a Delphox and Lily was a Kirlia. Violet was still a Mienfoo but according to the pokedex it would take a while for her to evolve.

“Sorry, you all need to get into your pokeballs for now, I’ll let you out once the boat has left the pier. I’ll give you some treats too.”

Sometime before Violet joining the team:

“Where are they coming from!? It’s the middle of the day, in the middle of grassland! I thought these guys only showed up in caves?!”

The swarm of zubat chittered and dive bombed at us.

“Kurama, Psybeam! Lily help out with Confusion!”

A purplish beam shot out from Kurama’s stick aimed at the cloud of Zubat. Lily’s eyes glowed as a number of the swarming pokemon were flung to the ground. The two repeated the moves while I grabbed some convenient pebbles and threw them with my improved aim.

After enough of the Zubat had been injured they flew away to who knows where.

“Whew, that was not fun. I know we keep getting attacked by Zubat but seriously, this is getting just a little ridiculous.” Maybe I should not have taken that drawback at the start…oh well Kurama and Lily were getting tons of experience with their psychic attacks since they were super effective.

A sense of foreboding sent shivers down my spine. Zubats were in almost all the regions, even if they weren’t native, I would end up getting swarmed by them. This was going to get so annoying after a while…okay think positive, think of the experience…

The boat docked at Canalave City, the sea breeze was nice but I was on a mission. Sightseeing could wait until I figured out where I could find a Gible. According to the map I would need to enter the area under cycling road. I had two choices, go through Oreburgh or Eterna city.

“Kurama, what do you think?”

Lily and Violet were resting in their pokeballs at the moment. Kurama glanced at the map.

Oreburgh looks shorter to me. Then we can travel around for a while.

“Okay, the path is pretty straightforward too – just head east and then north. We might need to buy some cave equipment though to be on the safe side.”

I was glad that I was not currently aiming to challenge the Elite Four at all. We could take our time and see the sights instead of purely focusing on training. Not to say no one battled, Violet defeated most challengers with Kurama taking part as well. Lily preferred staying on the sidelines (her attacks though were strong, the Zubat swarm would agree).

We balanced each other out, with Lily and I being more laid back, Kurama being more peppy and Violet cooly enjoying battles. Kurama was like a typical hero with Violet being the rival-foil and the rest side companions.

We made record time as we traveled forward since there were not many obstacles. After spending a while searching through the grass without success, I checked the pokedex entry again.

“Oh…it’s not the area under cycling road, its the cave in this area specifically. Kurama, Lily follow me, we have a cave to find!”

Thankfully it was in plain sight deeper in the area. Violet decided to stay in her ball until it was time to battle someone or a wild pokemon. I succeeded in capturing a Gible but…

“Kyo! No!”

He was like Violet, only hot-headed instead. Kyo relished in challenging others to battles all the time. I had to keep in his pokeball while in towns and cities lest he end up breaking something. He was very strong and quickly evolved into a Gabite before our travels in Sinnoh were finished.

“Thank you so much trainer for rescuing me from Team Rocket. Have this Silver wing.”

I thanked the Director of the radio tower and accepted the reward. For whatever reason the evil team had staged a hostile takeover of the radio station. To be honest, I had not noticed until a grunt had challenged me when I approached the stairs.

Kyo dealt with the multitude of grunts as I ascended. When he got a bit tired, Violet switched over for a bit. Not sure who was at the top but I beat them and they fled. I could have sworn Team Rocket was supposed to be gone…then again I have no idea of the timeline in relation to the games.

I am so glad I managed to find one of the items needed to find Lugia. My research tells me that I need two items in order to find Lugia in the Whirl islands. Since I have no other leads, time to visit Ecruteak, the city should have a lead hopefully.

Thankfully my destination was not far away. A friendly citizen pointed me towards the dance theatre in my quest for a legendary pokemon.

“As a test, you must defeat me and all my sisters.”

Thus I battled all the eeveelution using sisters. Everyone got a chance to battle at least once and we won without too much trouble. I did end up using some healing items as a precaution.

“Here is a tidal bell as a reward. Use it to meet with Lugia.”

One sister handed me the item with a bow.

“Thank you. By the way, do you know where I can find an eevee?”

“Sorry, we all got our pokemon a long time ago. You might have more luck trading with someone instead of searching in the wild.”

“I see, thank you.” In the game eevees were usually gifted to the trainer, I should probably check out some of the larger cities for a trade.

Okay, I have the wing, the bell and the general location. Time to encounter a legendary pokemon.

Since I did not have a water pokemon on my team, I ended up borrowing a Mantine from a nice sailor in Olivine city. We made record time to the Whirl Islands, not too many wild pokemon encounters or trainer battles either.

“Thanks, Mantine. You can rest until I have to return to Olivine.” I also gave the pokemon some treats.

“Okay, here we go. I think I have to reach the innermost area.”

Despite my sort of knowledge, I got a tad lost (Kurama swore we had passed that one fork in the road three times). Unsurprisingly we were attacked multiple times by that same zubat swarm from Unova.

Eventually I finally reached the right place; there were conspicuously placed rocks. I raised the Silver wing and rang the bell. With a cry, Lugia appeared in front of me with a flash of light. I readied a master ball but decided to battle first, I suppose I wanted to prove myself to the legendary pokemon.

Kurama stayed on the sidelines with all the water around. Violet chipped off some health but I had to switch out when Lugia blasted her. Lily went up next dealing a bunch of damage but her stamina waned. Kyo was last up and he was enjoying the challenge.

“Lugia! Do you want to come with me?” I held up the master ball and paused before throwing.

If Lugia did not want to, the ball was thrown slow enough he could easily dodge. With some beeping and clicks, the legendary pokemon was captured. I brought him out right after so everyone could get healed up; I had to make my way out again and I forgot to buy an extra escape rope.

“Welcome to the team. Here’s some healing.”

Everyone got a hyper potion sprayed and we took a break. The team lazed around for a bit, Lugia was surprisingly laid back considering how the battle had gone.

“How about a nickname? What do you think of Sans?”

He opened an eye and seemed okay with it. I was glad that an evil team did not suddenly pop out of the woodwork since there was a legendary pokemon involved.

“Break’s over, let’s get out of this cave. I have to return Mantine to his trainer and I do not want to get dive bombed by those zubat for the hundredth time.”

Without further fanfare, we surfed back to Olivine.

“Thanks for lending me your Mantine.”

“No problem lass. I hope you found what you were looking for.”

Thus I achieved my goal in Johto. I had planned on visiting Kanto but something came up and I ended up revisiting the Unova region again. The region had changed quite a bit while I was off visiting other regions.

This time I decided to attempt the gym challenge since the only team member I was missing was an eevee. I started off in Aspertia city like in the games and proceeded forward. The gyms were a nice balance between manageable with some challenge.

When I revisited Castelia, a nice lady told me that one could find eevee sometimes in Castelia gardens. I had been sure that I would have to trade someone…

The team and I spent the better part of a day combing the gardens and finally managed to encounter and capture an eevee. I had been planning on training her before using one of the evolution stones I had purchased from the Goldenrod department store.

“Hey guys, where’s Eevee? She was here just a second ago…”

Not sure, wait what’s that light?

Sure enough there was light from behind me…near where I had put my bag down for a bit.

“Oh shoot, did she accidentally touch one of the stones!?”

The light faded to reveal a blue pokemon with a tail fin. Eevee had evolved into a Vaporeon.

“Well, Aqua would be a suitable nickname. What do you think?”

She chirped and familiarized herself with her evolution. Now the team was complete, though Aqua was going to take a while to catch up.

“Okay everyone, let’s celebrate getting a team together!”

I went and bought some food and we had a picnic under a tree. This was mainly since Sans would not fit in the hotel room, even if he would usually laze around.

“Well, since we’re in Castelia, let’s challenge the gym. He’s a bug type leader right?”

Despite the fact that I had traveled Unova before, but things had changed enough that it was like exploring a new region instead. Some construction changed some of the routes and there were some new areas/towns to visit.

While I was travelling Sinnoh, a trainer had dealt with Team Plasma, N and Ghetsis. Which meant those two new trainers I met earlier are going to deal with the new Team Plasma and their plots.

I wonder if I’ll get involved in the game events? Doesn’t seem likely since but who knows. Anyways better focus on getting gym badges and traveling the region with my team.

The rest of the decade was not overly interesting. I challenged the Elite Four and won against the Champion on my second try. Since the jump would only last for ten years I only entered the Hall of Fame but the reigning champion would stay the same.

My team and I toured the remaining regions after visiting Kalos to learn about Mega Evolution. The professor was nice enough to give me a mega accessory though I would have to hunt down the right stones.

Eventually I got my hands on stones for Lily and Kyo. With some experimentation I attached the items as necklaces. Kyo was happy with his mega evolution since it made his attacks hit harder.

I surprisingly had fun roller skating, at least after I realized that with my new parkour skills I would not be tripping and faceplanting. Fortunately when I visited, the regional crisis had already passed. I guess the game plots sort of occurred simultaneously and I was not in the exact area.

The regions left to visit were Kanto and Hoenn. I ended up taking the Magnet Train from Goldenrod since I actually had not toured the entirety of Johto. Kanto was an interesting nostalgia trip since my first game had been Leaf Green.

Lily had a nice time in Hoenn since she had never seen her native region. Aqua spent a lot of time surfing around since most of the region is water. I also ended up meeting a trainer with a Gallade, we had a friendly battle.

Near the end of my stay, I won a vacation trip to Aloha region. The resort was awesome and more importantly, fully paid. There were a bunch of new pokemon but I already had my team and I did not want to change anything up.

My team was fully evolved and trained at this point. My bag had a bunch of miscellaneous items collected like some healing items and held items. We returned to Unova to see the sun set one last time before leaving.

“Welcome back. Here’s your new warehouse and housing that you planned beforehand.”

“So I have a week until the next jump?”

“You can leave early if you want.”

I shook my head. “The team needs some time to settle in, so do I. Plus I need to check out all this new stuff.”

“What is the next jump anyway?”


Wait, wasn’t that the once where a city exploded and the world almost ended. People with powers were treated not well and all the enemies had guns, or were swamp monsters. I had better be able to get bulletproof armor.

Next Jump – Infamous

Previous – Jumpchain Prologue

Jump #1 – Pokémon Trainer     Document

Name: Claire
Location: Unova Region
Initial Age: 12
Gender: Female

Origin: Drop-In
Starter: Kurama – Female Fennekin with Mental Bond and Egg Move Hypnosis
Team: Lily (Gardevoir – Teleporter), Violet (Mienshao – Warrior), Sans (Lugia – Flyer), Aqua (Vaporeon – Support), Kyo (Garchomp – Fighter)

Free Running: Take advantage of fitness to pull off acrobatic feats
Survival Training: So I can safely travel through the Pokémon world
Physical Fitness: I don’t want to keel over due to lack of stamina or other physical activity
Savant: I am going to need perfect memory and improved spatial awareness/aim sounds useful

Gear: Clothes, wallet, cellphone, red hat, Trainer bag, Pokegear (mutable), Pokedex (filled), 5 Pokeballs, 3 Potions
3 Master balls: So I can capture a legendary Pokémon (also as a precaution)
HM Collection: Utility moves that may be needed
Rebreather: For breathing underwater and in toxic environments
Bicycle: Fits in bag and an alternate to walking
50k Pokedollars: Money in case I need to buy something

Flaws: Swarmed (Zubats should be easy enough to deal with, source of experience)

Plan: Travel through the world of Pokémon for ten years while leveling team to maximum. Will need to travel to multiple regions to assemble full team (Unova, Sinnoh, Johto). Get starter and find a female Ralts in White Forest and a female Mienshao in the nearby area. I am undecided on whether or not to do the Gym Challenge (likely wait until later). After that visit Sinnoh to find a Gible, then visit Johto to find Lugia (need Tidal Bell given to Kimono Girls in Ecruteak). Return to Unova to do the Gym Challenge and somehow get an Eevee (evolve into Vaporeon after a while). Try and become the Champion of Unova. Regardless of result visit Kalos next to learn about Mega Evolution (get item and find stones for Lily, Kyo etc). Afterwards tour the remaining regions at leisure while training team (Kanto and Hoenn). At end of decade release/give extra Pokémon and prepare self for next jump.



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