Chapter 25 Mutual Benefit

In the truck, Luo Xun closed his eyes, though in the spirit of caution he went to the back of the vehicle. A number of trucks stopped at the entrance of the district and people dragged their tired bodies inside.

Suddenly, a person shouted. “My points? They’re missing!?”

Since there had been enough food for leftovers, for the first day of work many people had at least one or two points saved for future use. Some people who brought their own food, kept all six points earned the first day.

Since points had great use, there would be people secretly thinking of thievery. This occupation was always present whatever the time.

Luo Xun walked over, a man anxiously dug through his pockets, the person’s appearance seemed normal.

“Darn, it’s only the first day, but stealing has already started? Such dedication.” Li Tie huffed in shock.

“Okay, check to see if your points have gone missing.” Upon hearing Han Li, a number of people checked their own remaining points.

Luo Xun had long formed the habit of getting points and putting them directly into his inner pocket. He never took off his coat while working so he could keep his property safe.

“Still have to look? Given how much I have eaten, no waste at all~” He Qiankun proudly patted his belly.

“You didn’t eat it all did you? Did you not save some steamed bread and pickles for tomorrow’s breakfast?” Wu Xin turned to ask after he confirmed his own points were still stuffed in his pocket.

“Okay, are you alright? Let’s go back.” Seeing the commotion, many people still had the energy to see and gossip in the spirit of entertainment despite the exhausting work day.

Wang Duo patted shoulders, motioned to tell the others to leave. They went upstairs in the dark, a few people muttered about finding replacement candles and recharging solar flashlights. Luo Xun had a few extra but those were spare supplies.

There was the issue of unfair exchange or afraid of no change since no one asked or said anything. More than 10 years ago, every household had candles in case of emergency but who would keep these things in the present? Most people did not even have matches.

Climbing 16 floors in the dark, He Qiankun lagged behind and leaned against a doorway, very out of breath. “I…the…the meat…all…in vain…”

“Enough, more fitness then? It’s better than you yelling for three years to lose weight.”

The door opened and five people filed through. In the dark Luo Xun waved farewell.

“See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow morning.”

Anyway, the other could not see the wave in the dark.

Luo Xun opened the door to the apartment, then shut it before turning on the light. He heard the puppy run over and scratch the door. He checked the surveillance recording of the day while also bending down to pick up the puppy.

At nine o’clock in the morning, two military personnel wearing white coats and masks carried boxes with supplies to eliminate contaminants in the corridor. Then the five students returned home in the video.

Luo Xun took off his coat once the check was finished. He took his backpack and headed inside.

Yan Fei heard the dog downstairs and knew Luo Xun had returned. He waited for him to walk in the door before asking. “Back? How was you day?”

“The walls are much easier than digging ditches.” Luo Xun put down his backpack, relieved to take out a change of clothes. “I’ll go and take a bath, we can talk afterwards.”

Setting aside his thick clothes, his home had a change which would not treat itself. These days some of the water had been used up but he had originally saved a lot. He should be able to use it anytime.

Although the neighborhood had no electricity, there was still water. He prepared a container of water with a disinfectant sheet. He went upstairs before starting up the self-made distillation equipment. The pump brought water from storage and slowly distilled into clean water.

He had bought a lot of water purification tablets, coupled with at least two rounds of distillation, Luo Xun estimated that general toxic substances would not survive. As for the zombie virus…he had spent a lot of resources to escape the second tide of zombie mutation. This method should be of some use.

In order to save water, Luo Xun was not willing to use the bath only for a simple shower. He planned what to prepare tomorrow, to hit two birds with one stone.

In the morning there was still some pig feet soup leftover. The bread prepared for the meal was all eaten. Yan Fei left some of the fried mushroom and vegetables along with leek and eggs.

“How about some congee tomorrow? Sweet, salty? What kind of food do you want?”

Yan Fei’s used tableware was placed neatly aside, the table had no food residue. Yan Fei looked at him upon hearing the question.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Xun looked puzzled.

“Simple is good.”

“Oh..alright? What about side dishes? There’s leek, rapeseed and garlic. Do you want some garlic fried bacon?”

The bacon was hanging from the first floor ceiling.

“No need for something troublesome.” Yan Fei smiled at Luo Xun. “Today I felt much better. I was able to move a spoon with my powers. Should be able to help you do something. You have materials? Put them on the bedside table and I’ll help when I have strength during the day.”

“Really!?” Luo Xun’s eyes brightened, this was great news! He excitedly stood and paced. “Wait here, I’ll go get some things.”

He ran to the smaller bedroom and grabbed a steel pipe. These things were part of his spoils the first day of the apocalypse when he went into the city.

Luo Xun placed the materials on the bed. He then ran to the desk, opened the drawer and took out some paper. “The crossbow arrows are not on a deadline, if you have the energy, slowly create in accordance with the drawing. Then look to my assembly instructions.”

“This is…” Yan Fei looked at the informal blueprint in shock.

“I drew the crossbow and arrow plans by hand, however the power of wood is less than metal so the range is shorter.”

“You made this? Why didn’t you buy something like this instead?” Yan Fei was puzzled, when he met Luo Xun around the third day of the apocalypse, he already had the crossbow.

It was proven that he learned before the apocalypse otherwise how would he be so skilled? Since it was prior to the apocalypse, why not just buy a crossbow?

Luo Xun shrugged. “There’s no way to buy something good online. There’s only toys sold online. I saw some homemade designs to try and the results were good.”

He paused then turned with bright eyes. “If you can make a metal crossbow, the arrows could be replaced with bombs like a slingshot! With smaller ammo size, more pieces could be loaded. It could be like a handgun, can load more than 5 pieces at a time.”

This drawing of a metal crossbow was something that Luo Xun had modified out of boredom at the end of a busy day at home. If Yan Fei could help him make it, he could carry more ‘bullets’ at once.

“OK, I’ll try.” Yan Fei raised an eyebrow, was this guy an outdoor enthusiast?

How else would a regular person study these things? Other guys preferred studying all sorts of guns while Luo Xun preferred things with more practical use.

“Do it when you have the time and strength. If you feel tired don’t push yourself. I am not in a rush, these things won’t really be useful until the wall is finished construction.”

“Ah.” Yan Fei did not want to just lie around the house anymore.

In the past, he had others depending on him but he never needed to depend on others to live. Even when occasionally sick, it did not stop him from what he needed to do. It did not help that Luo Xun was a few years younger than him with a more childish appearance.

Although being taken care of felt wonderful and gave him a sense of relief, he also wanted to help, to do something with his power in return.

Luo Xun was extremely expectant at the moment even if Yan Fei’s strength would only support making one component at a time with his abilities. Before he wanted to use metal to make arrows but lacked the suitable tools. Now there was an opportunity he could not pass up.

Luo Xun happily went downstairs to cook congee. Maybe he would make some sweet congee today since the last few days they had been eating salty congee.

There were a lot of grains in the home, with the exception of some seeds, the rest could be used as cooking ingredients. With the weather getting colder, it was time to cook eight-treasure congee.

Various coloured beans were poured into a pressure cooker and induction heating. After a while the beans were almost fully cooked. He released the gas, opened the lid and added rock sugar twice and boiled to a thick consistency.

Luo Xun pondered a moment, there should be no problem slowly eating some guoba even if Yan Fei’s injury required easily digestible foods. He cut off a piece of bacon, grabbed some garlic from the balcony and prepared to stir fry.

Then he fished out a pickle from a jar and cut it into pieces. With all the ingredients, he also had tomorrow’s breakfast ready.

Back upstairs, there was something on the small table. Luo Xun found that Yan Fei had taken a piece of steel and made a component from the blueprint drawing. It’s specifications matched the paper.

Yan Fei saw Luo Xun come in and showed the metal part in his hand. “I’m not sure if the size or thickness is correct.”

“Let me see.” Luo Xun rushed over and checked.

He confirmed that the there was no difference between this piece of metal and the piece in his wooden model!

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