Chapter 16 Ammunition Depot and Head of Household

Luo Xun shoved the cup of water into Yan Fei’s mouth without any gentleness or consideration for the wounded. Yan Fei wondered how he had been nursed the past two days, with such treatment how had he not choked to death?

In reality, Luo Xun had been gentle and considerate, so long as he did not face an awake Yan Fei. Seeing the man’s face, Luo Xun felt that he should distance himself lest he become careless, leading to his current unusual behaviour.

There was no helping it, he was an innocent bent man! It would be strange to face this super handsome man without issue. When he was back on his feet, must make sure he moved back next door!

“What medicine did you give me?” Yan Fei only asked after he swallowed the pill.

“Anti-inflammatory drug, Yunanbaiyo.” Luo Xun packed the medicine away.

“You vomited blood so I guessed you had internal injuries but no specifics. Any anti-inflammatories should have had some effect. My family’s old dog ate some which helped after getting hit by a car.”

Yan Fei remained silent, he was lucky to be alive. Maybe the medicine was really effective? Perhaps when Yan Fei had been shot in the gut, his broken ribs did not touch any internal organs? Or maybe ability users had an improved constitution?

His fever had passed when Luo Xun brought Yan Fei home. He just had not woken up until now.

“Eat some congee.”

The man was fully awake but Luo Xun knew he could not shoo him out the door in consideration of future ammunition. He had reluctantly boiled rice porridge for him – rice was very valuable. If he could save two bags, in two years time prices would be high enough he could exchange for half a year’s worth of mutated food!

“Thank you…” Yan Fei wisely avoided any questions – Luo Xun looked like he would vomit blood as he glared resentful at the spoon.

After eating a few spoonfuls, Luo Xun’s resentment became unoticeable.

Yan Fei asked, “Before you said I would need to do something? What?”

Luo Xun suddenly remembered his previous words, he immediately put down the bowl and grabbed something nearby. “Can you make this?”

He revealed the crossbow arrow from his quiver.

“This?” Yan Fei arched an eyebrow, eyeing the crossbow with surprise.

During their first encounter, Luo Xun’s raincoat and crossbow were quite conspicuous. In these troubled times, he must have had a good head on his shoulders to grab a weapon at the start. The lethality was less than that of a gun but safer than other cold weapons. No wonder he had saved him…

“Is there any metal?”

Luo Xun hurriedly handed over a few screws. Yan Fei took the arrow and screws which suddenly floated, suspended above his palm. With several twists and turns, an almost replica was formed.

“Is this okay?”

Luo Xun’s eyes widened, he had only heard of metal abilities in his past life. However he had never seen since the ability was very rare. Most had been fire and lightning with offensive abilities or various body strengthening types.

Not to mention, regular people and ability users only mingled at the start of the apocalypse. During the middle to later time period, how would an ordinary person like Luo Xun be able to see such people except when they bought things.

The two crossbow arrows weighed about the same, the color was different, which was irrelevant since the materials differed.

Luo Xun quickly loaded the arrow and aimed at the special target mounted on the bedroom wall.

*Swish, thunk* The crossbow lethality was qualified!

Little Puppy suffered a huge shock, sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yan Fei’s eyes narrowed at the still vibrating, bullseye arrow. All the movements were fluid and uniform, Luo Xun had such a hobby before the apocalypse and also practiced often? How could he have such accurate aim only a few days after the apocalypse?

Fortunately Luo Xun was rather young so having a mix of activities such as playing real counter-strike or egg shooting was not strange. Yan Fei also did a variety of activities, otherwise he would have been suspicious.

At this moment Yan Fei felt that Luo Xun’s regard had changed from shy maiden to burning desire. This rare ability user was indeed powerful! Yan Fei inexplicably felt a chill down his neck and he lightly coughed.

“So you want me to help you make these?”

With the question, Luo Xun calmed down and sat at the side of the bed.

“Wait until your injury is healed, since using a crossbow is inconvenient without arrows.”

Yes, just inconvenient, so long as he did not attract others attention, Luo Xun could use an alternative method as a matter of practicality.

“If you agree, I would like to trade for food and water, These things are not cheap after the apocalypse but at the same time the price of weapons, especially ammo is not low either. Both sides benefit.”

Yan Fei’s eyes flashed, under pressure to help himself, he would convert his own bullets. One’s own life was precious, beneficial exchange was difficult to believe in. Closer to cold equivalent exchange, who helped who and who saved who.

In face of the post-apocalyptic world, Yan Fei did not want to change his way of life. Is this what he had been vaguely expecting to change? He still only trusted himself.

“Okay.” Yan Fei nodded and closed his eyes.

“Eat something and rest.”

The scent of congee wafted forward, Yan Fei opened his eyes and thought Luo Xun’s movements were more natural and gentle without stiffness. Sure enough, people needed to communicate to understand each other.

Luo Xun turned to leave with the bowl and spoon. Puppy had somehow snuck in and was sitting in curiosity.

“Go downstairs.” Luo Xun whispered, Puppy perked up and with a swish of her tail glanced at Yan Fei in bed then exited.

The lights on the second floor were on, but the first floor living room was dark. There was a bit of starlight pouring through the window.

The privacy film could only block view from the outside, it could not block all trace of indoor lighting. The power in the district had been out for three days, the light from the second floor was completely blocked by the thick curtains.

However it was not enough for the living room since the balcony had a lot of plants. Luo Xun had no way to keep the curtains drawn, any reveals would cause him trouble.

The night of the blackout, after leaving Yan Fei in the bedroom, Luo Xun had connected his home to a standby power supply. Now his freezers in the living room were powered with alternative power. His solar panels were assembled outside, charging his new personal generators.

If now was not the early days, Luo Xun would have used all of the available wall and roof space to install solar panels. Relying on this, he could even nurse five patients simultaneously in his home!

“Obedient, what’s the use?” Luo Xun said to the puppy wandering at his feet.

He saw her sleeping during the day. He decided to go back to sleep. Luo Xun checked the doors, windows, the quails in the glass box on the balcony and ended up in the middle of the living room.

Puppy wrapped her tail around Luo Xun’s feet. These past two days Luo Xun did not go out much, Yan Fei was currently in his home and the nearby troops had rapidly reacted. They sent a portion of troops into the city centre to those who had ordered priority rescue. The remainder dealt with zombies in the surrounding area.

Since the troops were close to Wang Jing district, there was always a group passing by during the past two days. Just yesterday, the troops had cleared all the wandering zombies in the neighborhood. The speed was so fast the even Luo Xun – one who had experienced two doomsdays was impressed.

Luo Xun returned to the bedroom and saw Yan Fei leaning on the pillow trying to stand up, his eyes closed until he realized he was not alone. Luo Xun stepped forward, he refused to admit Yan Fei’s face was still riveting even after three days. Luo Xun walked over, fluffed the pillows and helped Yan Fei lie down.

“Do you need to go to the washroom?”

“Not right now…” Yan Fei thought to himself then asked, “How did I…these past two days? What method?”

Luo Xun handed over a meal, his deadpan face had a trace of a nasty smile. “Diapers.”


Yan Fei’s scalp felt numb, he just realized that his lower body had felt strange. He had thought it was from sleeping too long!

Yan Fei wanted to ask more questions but held back seeing Luo Xun’s expression. He felt like throwing up!

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  2. Diapers??? KAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s like a wife, who is 50 years younger, is taking care of her 70-year-old husband, HAHAHA! Thank you for delivering another wonderful chapter, Translator!

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