Chapter 11 Zombie in Stairwell

*Bang! Bang! Bang* Gunshots rang out from a bar’s back door.

“Oye! Who’s stupid enough to make such a racket!” A man with gold glasses complained, followed by an underling.

“Brother Kun, it seems to Wang Heng’s people. They were seen last night carrying a guy.”

The man responded coldly after hearing Wang Heng’s name. “The idiots, so loud, they are courting death…”

Moments later, a group of people appeared near Brother Kun. Another man flanked with two grunts walked with a smirk and a dark expression.

“Idiot? Courting death? Wu Chang Kun cursing so loudly, aren’t you the one seeking death?” The gangster smiled with hands folded behind his back and ambled over to Brother Kun.

Wu Chang Kun’s eyes sharpened behind his glasses and responded with a chilling smile. “Brother Wang, this young one doesn’t understand your words.”

“Doesn’t matter, after today you won’t need to understand.” Once said, Wang Heng thrust out his hand palm up where a fireball appeared to the others shock.

Ability! He had an ability! No wonder he could act so unscrupulously.



A lightning bolt blocked the fireball attack. The originally confident Wang stepped back and looked at Wu Chang Kun. The latter’s mouth curved into a smirk.

“Such a pity Brother Wang, you didn’t think that fortune only smiled upon you?”

“Third dormitory building cleared!”

“Fourth squad assembled!”

“Cleaning up the canteen…”

“Reporting in, wounded soldiers have been moved to the west side of the square. Send medical personnel to help!”

A uniformed man stood frowning out a window, glancing at a dormitory floor through a telescope.

“What’s the status? How many people have become…those things?”

“The report states 33 have been killed, more than 10 people bitten and more than 30 have been injured.”

“33 people…” The man pondered when someone else burst inside.

After entering the soldier saluted. “Commander, the army has found dozens of people with superpowers! Enhanced strength, hearing and eyesight!”

The commander’s eyes brightened, earlier those discovered with any powers were quarantined by the army. They were worried that the people would become zombies but a few hours later they were still fine. Even more surprising, the soldiers had supernatural abilities!

“First find a way to observe these people after release. Team making…” The commander had not finished speaking when another person interrupted.

“Reporting! More than 10 army dogs have gone insane and wild! The symptoms match those bitten! They are faster and harder to capture or kill!”

The television channels were looping through reruns of last night. The daily morning news had not been aired yet. The radio was full of static and only received channels that looped music. Luo Xun surveyed with a telescope and Puppy in his arms.

Towards the southeast, he could see and army wall in the distance, the main force of the southwest base. They were likely currently dealing with army zombies, the other regiment was further away.

Luo Xun remembered that the army had expanded, rescued people and collected equipment. There was an arms factory nearby, though Luo Xun did not know the exact location. He knew with the factory, the southwest base was self-sufficient in terms of weaponry unlike other bases.

To the south there were few buildings, mostly just fields. It was more urban to the north with high skyscrapers to the northwest. Finally to the east there was a large flower field and cottage area.

Luo Xun returned to his bedroom and looked at the entrance gate. The majority of people dared not leave even if they felt that something was not right. At this time, a few had crept downstairs to go and collect resources.

A scream pierced the silence, Luo Xun saw a screaming 20-30 year old lady followed by a man of similar age – a young couple. A nearby zombie staggered toward the two.

It had been a long time since Luo Xun had seen this sort of scene. A lady’s screams were sometimes more lethal than a roaring zombie.

In the apocalypse, every woman was a treasure and must be protected. Later there was a popular joke – during doomsday there were no dinosaurs, all women were beautiful.

Since women were so scarce, any good looking ones were long picked up by those with means. Ordinary people wanted but were unable to see. Any who managed to marry and bring home a wife would have burned incense to Buddha in thanks.

Luo Xun’s brain jolted seeing the screaming woman constantly slicing at the zombie with a kitchen knife. Little by little, the zombie was whittled away and fell to the ground. The lady continued screaming and hacking away.

…Luo Xun took it back, women were not weak, perhaps sometimes even more frightening than men. The man had collapsed in fear upon seeing the zombie until the woman had chopped it into pieces.

She turned around, the man retreated half a step. She said something before the two hurried to a car and drove away. Due to the screaming, people peeked outside to find that others had left. The screams attracted the attention of both people and zombies. Zombies slowly came out while a portion of people prepared to drive out. Some even came face to face with a zombie.

There were a number of zombies inside Luo Xun’s building, particularly on the 14th floor. Five or six had escaped and were wandering around. Luo Xun was not worried about them coming to the 16 th floor because primary zombies could not climb stairs.

Zombies were corpses, their joints could bend but were stiff. It would be difficult for them to bend their legs for each step. However not climbing stairs did not mean not heading downstairs. In fact, they were very fast at descending stairs.

Their speed was incomparable to mortals since as long as the brain was intact, the zombies could shake off broken limbs and other injuries and fall to the next level. After hearing the woman’s screams, the dead bodies were declared enemies that had gathered together. Luo Xun heard screams, smashing and car engines.

Humans were very adaptable, especially in such a situation. Thanks to modern culture the majority of people had heard of zombies from films, television, novels and games even if one was not interested. The zombie’s weakness was the head and their bites triggered infection.

Nothing much, one just needed to remember these two points to deal with primary zombies. A zombie’s face was mostly gray and green, very different from the original person. Killing would leave a stain on the heart but in order to survive, everyone could steel themselves against the dead.

Half the wandering zombies in the area were wiped out. Luo Xun applauded the adaptability and courage of the people and mused to himself. Should he help clean up?

Wang Jung district was where he planned to live in the future. The military would send someone sooner or later but the sooner the zombies were gone, the more secure everyone would be. There would be increased peace and a reduced chance of death.

He would be in danger if one of the primary zombies evolved into mid or high level. As he was pondering, the sound of barking carried over from the gate. Luo Xun hurriedly looked through the telescope as a few stray dogs leapt over the entranceway.

Although he was unsure if the dogs were undead or not, there was no doubt that the situation was more dangerous than expected.

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  2. just imagining the percentage of people who were watching zombie movies, writing/reading zombie novels, acting in zombie films, or doing anything else related to zombies when the zombie apocalypse broke out…. XD lol. Filming the zombie scenes unaware that a real zombie apocalypse just broke out…

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  3. (…Luo Xun took it back, women were not weak, perhaps sometimes even more frightening than men. The man had collapsed in fear upon seeing the zombie until the woman had chopped it into pieces.)


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