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*Debating if I should write in chronological order (episodes) or each drabble acts as a separate scene

The Series
Off Camera
How a Series Began
The Bribe^3

Synopsis: Set in Ebott city, a group of friends and acquaintances live their drama filled lives rife with love, grief, pain and hope. A string of accidents have put the city on edge, suspicion runs high. Clara juggles work with the death of her boss and her friends lives which never have a dull moment. The main offender is Sin, a skeleton trying to straighten out, who deals with an amnesiac brother, family tensions and falling in love with a widow. The drama never stops in this odd metropolis.

*occasional guest appearances by people from other jumps?
*occasional snippet behind the scenes/ off camera

Cast (Potential)
*trying to avoid possible spoilers? Other Undertale characters keep their original names

Clara = Claire (Friends with most of the characters. Works at Asgoro’s company. Knows about Charita)
Lucas = Luke (Works at the hospital. Boyfriend of Violeta)
Violeta = Violet (Works at restaurant El Fuego as waitress. Girlfriend of Lucas)
Lirio = Lily (Clara’s neighbor and roommates with Zorra)
Zorra = Kurama (Clara’s neighbor and roommates with Lirio)
Agua = Aqua (granddaughter to Lago, likes to play?)
Lago = Sans (Lugia) (elderly neighbor with occasional words of wisdom)
Tiburon = Kyo (the troublemaker. Villain like character that keeps showing up?)
Sin = Sans (Roguish skeleton trying to go clean. Older brother to Papi but distanced from rest of family. Falls in love with Torielle)
Papi = Papyrus (Younger brother to Sin who was in a coma for half a year. Woke up with amnesia and ends up working at the mall)
Fresco = Frisk (Adopted child of Torielle and Asgoro,  has an eviller second personality but otherwise a sweet child)
Asgoro = Asgore (Husband of Torielle and presumed dead after a car accident. Boss of the company Clara works at)
Torielle = Toriel (Wife/widow of Asgoro and adopted mother to Fresco)
Charita = Chara (Fresco’s eviller second personality and/or ghost of Torielle’s previous child)
Metta = Mettaton EX (Guy that first meets Papi at mall)
Undina = Undyne (acquainted with Sin. Visits El Fuego often)
Alfysa = Alphys (Waitress at El Fuego with a badly concealed crush on Undina)
Gastiero = Gaster (Priest from the church. Has expected personality of his profession)