Jumper Inventory

*This is just a rough copy (will edit eventually)

Incorporates items from Jump 1-75

*Bag is combination of any similar items received through jumps


Bag Traits: bottomless, can turn invisible, sorts items into categories, magic proof


  • Set of Wooden stakes (10 that refill every 24 hours)
  • Magic Staff (crafted in Atelier, focus for Magical Girl and general magic) (infused with spiritual energy) (can split into two weaker copies)
    • Boosts Strength and Dexterity (has parts that can be used like projectiles?)
    • Weighs a ton if picked up by others
    • Add ‘Save the Queen’ (boost magic, fully heal ally a few times)
  • Carillon Organito (hand baton for Song Magic, boost power + pre program spells)
    • Combine with high grade cielnotron for song magic use
  • Side arm (no jam, misfire, infinite ammo, always on hand) Calico M-100P
  • Keyblade (2 of them, one physical, the other staff transforms?)
    • Length and weight medium (balance speed,range, power, accuracy)
    • Element = gravity/reflect, STR and MP boost, stand ground perk
    • Reaction boost, Leaf bracer (Two become one, ornate jeweled key)
  • Cherry red Gibson EB-0 (sliver of great thing power, can cleave starships)
  • J Touch (henshin device, use fuelstles for weapons based on companions)
    • Jivat bat 1st for Kamen Rider form (demon imperial brace)
  • Katana (other sword) (unbreakable) (unactivated physical keyblade?)
  • Nemesis Whip (chain with daggers) electricity
  • Remote Bomb pack (mentally detonate bombs)
  • Auriel’s bow (daedric artifact?) burn targets with intense fire


  • The Hat (stylish and makes clear headed)
  • Sturdy shield (attach to arm, doubles defense when wielded?)
    • Kevlar lined prop (book? Defense bullets/explosions)
  • The mask (protect identity, hard remove)
  • Signature outfit (durable, unhindered?, radiation proof Can transform for easy use, fits any alternate form)
    • Some form of local/normal attire, dragonhide jacket/black coat, cool cape
    • Thematic costumes for alt forms? Body armor block SMGs
    • Drive clothes (valor, wisdom, master and final)
    • Dragon armor (poison enemies, boost defense and attack)
  • Concealing cloak (‘not my problem’ effect)
  • Shield Heart (additional heart from Bomberman)
  • Paraglider (raise hand to use)
  • Omni tool (Mass Effect)


  • Rescue badge (teleport to entrance 2 times per day)
  • Aura (purple) ribbon (slight boost pokemon/physical stats)
  • Healing Ribbon (doubles healing rate)
  • Bandana of infinite bandanas (wrap, tie, throw like buzz saws)
  • Shock ring (defense stun target?)
  • Moogle badge (sturdier, magic more potent, like a magic sticker)
  • Ribbon (increase durability and resistance to elements)
  • Bloodstone (gem keeps you fighting, helps heal wounds)
  • Hexa+Penta gram bangle (boost holy/demonic magic with emotion?)
  • Idealistic Icon (boost power of Xianxia form)
  • Magic Lens (see HP/MP element resist/weak)


  • Rebreather (underwater and toxic environments)
  • Bicycle (2 speeds, acro/mach)
  • Hardened cell phone and laptop
    • Metaverse Nav App (find distorted palaces for treasure and persona)
    • Social Link tablet (day planner function)
    • GPS unit
  • Detective Notebook (infinite pages and an index)
  • Skeleton Key (credit card gizmo for electronic security)
  • Deluminator (take/store light sources, looks like a lighter)
  • Guidebook (basic phrases for conversation, non magic language)
  • Tarot deck (more precise, figure out person’s Arcana)
  • Master map (all seen/held maps in one)
  • Ice axe (infinite stamina while mountain climbing)
  • Vincesauce computer (mushroom USB that scrambles?)

Useable Items

  • Amiibo figure (1 per jump of defeated enemy summoned as a copy)
  • Tracking Beacon (size of button, never malfunction, respawn in pocket)
  • Memento (get out of death once per jump)


  • Flask of water of Life (bottle refills daily 16 oz, powerful cure all)
  • Heal Crystal (fully restores health, respawn after 24 hours)
  • Healing Bandages (1 per jump, heals anything short burned to ash?)
  • Potions (5 bottles, heal chunk of HP but only physical, restore after a day)
  • First Aid Spray (3/case, restores weekly)
  • Medi-gels (item created?)


  • Bio Convertor (half energy pool for Conduit powers?)
  • Ether (5 jelly cubes, greatly restore MP, restored after a day of use)
  • Maximum Tomato (restore all wounds/stamina, respawn 24 hours)


  • Munny pouch (can convert munny to local currency)
    • Neetbucks (get $4000 per month local currency?)
  • Generic survival equipment, first aid etc.
    • Medical kit (restore daily, enough for 12 people)