Jumper Character Sheet

*need to do some re-ordering eventually

Status: Jump 75


Original Name: Claire

Gender: Female

Body Mod: Medium Athlete

Strength:     0

Endurance:     2

Speed:     2

Dexterity:     2

Appeal:     2

Shape:     0

Sense:     0

The Body


  • Physical Fitness (close to Captain America)
  • All Terrain Hiker (traverse any type of terrain water, clouds etc)
  • Hyperkinesis (mind body sync, zero reaction time?)
  • Vampire stats (strength, speed, endurance, agility, stamina)
  • Like Riding a bike (skills never deteriorate, adapt to new situations)
  • A Special Aura (blows stronger, reach spiritual state faster, recover stamina with food)
  • Improbable Outfit Mastery (unhindered by weird clothes)
  • Cursori Training (combat, stealth, uncover espionage)
  • Animalia (3 wolf traits for body)


  • Conduit Stamina (moving for most of a day)
  • Multitalent (PP up 50%, need 4 hours of sleep)
  • Protagonist endurance (few days work, week without sleep)


  • Hunting Skills (aptitude vs supernatural, see true nature)
  • The best defense (able to dodge roll/somersault anytime, fast recovery time)
  • Eagle Eyed (20/10 vision, always see enemies at least somewhat)
  • Flight training (skilled in air)
  • Quick Reflexes (increase reaction time)


  • Free Running (parkour with acrobatics)
  • Martial Acrobatics (bounce like a ball, had to hit)
  • Double Jump (controllable mid air jump)
  • Flow Motion (magical flashy parkour moves)
  • Swim like a fish (top 50 swimmer)
  • Conservation Momentum (basic for combat artes)
  • Ninja spire jump (land on point, improve balance/climbing, weight no matter)


  • Conduit Regen and Durability (take ten bullets, heal non-lethal in seconds)
  • Amazon Durability (boulders and cars?)
  • Hyperactive Metabolism (no time digest food, heal by eating)


  • Some kind of Ninja (really sneaky, hard to spot)
  • Quiet (outside combat, eerie quiet)
  • Blend in (relatively unnoticeable)

Alternate Form based

  • Pokeform Boost ( ½ bonus to physical stats while human, able to use moves)
  • Blood Ties (alternate form of Fangire, stained glass scorpion?)
    • Supernova (boost power + gold accents)
    • Root of King (monster king charisma)
  • Mixed Breed (boxer = faster skill gain, awareness, Shiba Inu = air dignity/beauty) (Bloodhound = up sense of smell, Husky = resistant to winter/summer)


  • Railroad Plot (anti-butterfly effect, canon unless try to change)
  • Ribbon Bearer (immune to FF status effects, resist non ones)


  • Poison Immunity (no venom/toxin even magical lasts after exposure)
  • Hardy Soul (cannot be directly injured by the environment)
  • Enviro protection (no need water/air/food, resist temperature/pressure)
  • Choose Wisely (shield = boosted defense?)
  • Overstress (decrease strain on body as result of techniques or abilities)
  • Vacuum Immunity (swim through space)
  • Inedible (if eaten, spit out no worse for wear)


  • Blunt Object (harder head, slight mental defense, immune seduction, manipulation)
  • Mental Fortitude (resist compulsion, threats to sanity/free will)
  • No nonsense (roll with insanity stuff)
  • Life is Short (value simple times, resist boredom)
  • Estreen (less chance overwhelmed by instincts)
  • My Name is Jake (will vs mind control and parasites)
  • Limited in Excess (immune hedonism/depravity)
  • Don’t Ever Change (resist changes influence, memory, personality)
  • Forget me Not (memory inviolable by any means except jumpchain drawback)
  • Break the Chain (resist bloodthirsty urges/social structure of violence)
  • What Doesn’t kill you (immune to PTSD and similar psych damage)
  • Upon one Shoulder (increase ability to deal with stress and workloads)
  • Repressed Anger (tranquil fury, resist torture, people avoid issues when active)


  • Magic Resistance (resist all harmful magic, equal to 12 RPG to face)
  • Clean Blood (immune to illness/disease)
  • Occlumency (strong mental defences)
  • Anti Life Immunity (immune to anything control mind/body/soul)
  • Power protection (supernatural powers cannot be suppress/stolen/weaken/removed)
  • Time Keeper (resist time manipulation = stop, loop, reverse etc)
  • Curseproof (protect curses, resist influences?)
  • We’re friends nothing change (no outside force can turn friends against each other)
  • Anti-Shadow realm (games and bets in favor of me)
  • Private (supernatural abilities cannot find info about me)


  • Master Artist (state of hyperfocus that boosts creativity too)
  • Calm before the storm (balance man/beast/god for Leviathan)
    • Muted Wake (more subtle but still strong if focused)
    • Herald of New Age (boost power/health of descendants?)
  • Common Sense (informed decisions, see plan weak points)
  • Highly Logical (mastered emotions, can set aside)


  • Savant (perfect memory, improved spatial awareness)
  • Got it Memorized (see once, enhanced storage, option to delete info)
  • Mental Palaces (best memory, can pull people in for a day, retreat inside)
  • Greatest Witch Ever (enhanced learn/comprehension towards magic)


  • Survival Training (survive just about anywhere)
  • Pokeglot (can speak fluently to Pokemon)
  • Fancy Book Learning (obtain, odd, foreign, secret information somehow)
  • Free urban Nomad (know local hazards, find food and sleep place)
  • Confirming Status (easily gather information on various topics)
  • Rancher (know how to care/breed animals)
  • Top Flight Education (ancient history and myths)
  • Head Hunting (tell one’s talents, benefit of switch sides)


  • My Will my Way (can sense when break canon, good or bad/should or not)
  • This is the End (week advance doom sense, know culprit and general plan)
  • Gut Instinct (versatile/general?)
  • Crazy not Wrong (confusing mess, investigate any info leads to correct culprit)
  • Forever untamed (instinct to maintain freedom?)


  • Analytics (increase aware/perception, keep track of all in a fight)
  • Combat Diagnostics (approx own HP and PP)
  • Guessing Games (excellent reading people, recognize time traveller)
  • Justice (read people’s intentions, see EXP and LOVE)
  • Identifier (see value of item, unseen additions)
  • Shaman Eyes (increased reasoning skills)
  • Team Diagnostic (HP bars for team members)
  • Scan (approx durability of enemy via a bar)
  • What clan you from (know when someone hiding something?)
  • I can see you (see shinigami other normally invisible creatures)
  • Decidedly Inhuman (easily spot zombie, possessed/evil)


  • Game Master (strategy, statistics, bluffing?)
  • Another way of looking (think outside of the box, strange solutions)
  • Plotter (plans that require specific actions of people go off without issue)
  • Sagacious (better at puzzles, see pattern/shape/sequence)
  • Just as planned (god like planning skills, months in advance able)


  • Shadow of True Self (accept hidden darkness, help mental defense?)
  • Living Saint (living life = power steadily grows along)


  • Perseverance (learn something whenever fail)
  • Grit your Teeth (push through problems, slowed but not stopped)
  • Adaptive (slight boost willpower)
  • Great Determination (never give up, can pass via holding hands)
  • Gentleman Thief (morals and determination on the wire)
  • Hope even at end (keep team united, depends on charisma)
  • Blader’s spirit (never give up, takes a day to recover from defeat)
  • Unbreakable will (increase resolve, hard to impair spirit)


  • Sheer Luck (increase %success craft, resistance to afflictions relative to magic ability)
  • Lucky Lucky (increase luck, luck events, better loot)
  • Food luck (large increase in luck related to food)
  • Luck of the Battle (extreme luck in space battles)
  • Xianxia Protag (plot armor, faster training, luck?)



  • Spare (always able to stop a fatal blow)
  • In Rain or Shine (deliveries cannot be blocked)
  • Confirming Status (easy gather information on variety topics)
  • Loot Piles (enemies drop things upon defeat)
  • Zen Food Meditation (increase focus, self control, willpower?)
  • Food Honour (increase concentration, delicateness, efficient food use)
  • Free Rule (can take break for week with no issue)
  • Guided Feet (find anyone just by walking)

Power Management

  • Toggle (limited to superpowers?)
  • Fine Control (be as delicate as needed)


  • Cryokinesis (ice powers, charge from cold water)
  • Morphing (2 hour limit, mundane animals + Vanarx form [purple snake leech])
  • Flight (500 km/hr, weak field protects cargo)
  • Psychokinesis (range 1000m and weight 800 kg total)
  • Sit down (line of sight force to ground ¼ effort) and Spin (induce dizzy, alter traject)
  • Half Ghost form (flight, invisible, intangible, overshadow)
    • Ghost sense (chill), Shield, Ectoblast, Electrokinesis, Ghostly Wail
  • Furycrafting (Wind) (Steadholder = boost strength and stamina furycraft)
  • Music Sooth Demon (link to song magic? Fantastic singing)
    • Soothe berserker, calms hunger/rampage, heal mental wounds/sanity
  • Appetite Energy (energy emitted by gourmet cells) (cooking item based)
  • Powers (awesome feats with cooldowns?)
  • To Me/Honor Guard (personal guard will never betray you)
    • Summon ten feudal japan mounted warrior guards
  • Hair Manipulation (hair strong as self)
  • Mystical Being (control light/darkness, feed on energy?)
  • Cultivator skillset?
  • Halt who goes there (target blurt out name and purpose, need strong will resist)
  • Will is my Weapon (temp aura constructs, multipurpose)
  • FMA Alchemy (no need circles, have chem/bio knowledge to use)
  • Terra Formar Bug Procedure (Darwin Spider + Arizona Scorpion) (Hidden Potential)
  • Monstrous Form (claws, presence = death, lightning?)
  • Haki (observation and armament easier to learn)
  • Dragon (earth element) (has armor)
  • Shinigami (phase walls, no need food/air/water/sleep, no records, toggle invisible)

Mundane Skills

  • Master of Unlocking
  • Switcheroo (defuse traps, easier to see hidden traps)
  • Treasure are Irreplaceable (master thief skills = pickpocket, break in, movements etc)
  • Shepard Girl (woodsmanship, fantasy land survival skills, can read body language?)
  • Navigator (ocean based)
  • Hungry hungry hacker (hacking is like playing an arcade game)



  • Oathkeeper (bind an item to a person’s soul, practice to increase skill)
  • Pick a card (predict the future, up to a year using tarot cards, specific needed?)
  • Megalovania (imbue magic attacks with KARMA, poison to sin soul)
  • Deeper than Despair (channel emotion (insanity/obsessive love?) to boost magic)
  • Sense Aura (can tell power, element, intent)

Magic Systems

  • TVD Magic (mainly Traditional)
  • Harry Potter (spells, rituals) (wandless and non-verbal)
  • Ar Tonelico/Ciel no Surge (Song Magic)
    • I want song (by end of song idea of how to get)
    • Villain song (enhances magic based on theatrics)
    • Creative Composition (songs on the fly)
  • Gate JDSF (typical fantasy but boosted with science knowledge)
  • Final Fantasy (spells from materia)
  • Persona 5 (SMT series magic spells used by Personas? Digital Devil Mantras?)
    • The Fool (eventual 16 personas with fusion?)
  • Undertale (white bullets, fire magic, green healing magic)
  • Madoka Magica Magical Girl
    • Wings, can project ribbon/chain bindings, summon pastry, magic shots
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Ether (Serenity = weave ether with great skill)
    • Impure Blood (Soul read mind like a book, mastery of ether up)
    • Temporary Telethia form (increased ether and phys stats?)
  • Slayers (Shaman, White Black) (basic, white, astral) (Holy magic?)
  • Neopets (mastered air, potions, petrification)
  • Log Horizon (MMORPG class = Cleric or Bard)

Magic Passives

  • Ad Hoc Magic (do not need 100% accuracy for spell/ritual)
  • Ritualist (add people to boost power of a ritual)
  • Cosmic Arts (boost offensive spells)
  • Spells Find Mark (enemies cannot use terrain hide from spells)
  • Vocal Emission range (boost song magic and vocals)
  • Science Changes Everything (boost spell effect if science behind is known)
  • Magic (basics of Gate JSDF magic, boost intelligence/memory)

Internal Energy Pool

  • Power of the Firstborn (massive boost to internal energy reserve)
  • Hidden Power (increase potency and reserves)
  • Magnified Magic (twice raw power of magic)
  • Magic Potential (small boost to MP)
  • Replenish MP (restore in a minute if no casting?)


  • Medical Genius (surgery to acupuncture)
  • Emergency Surgery (inferior supplies, min blood loss)
  • I’ve Got Science (solid understanding of most fields)
  • Scientific Mind (Trek basics in all science fields + Physics, Physical Sciences, Enginer)
  • Consummate Knowledge (diesel, pneumatic based tech, AFWs)
    • Emergency Repair (temp fix AFW and diesel tech)
    • Swiss Army Engineer (can build AFWs, era appropriate weapons?)
  • Ectoanaylsis and Ghost Proofing (use anti ghost ectoranium in tech)
  • The Wonders that would be (High Entia tech = floating building, teleporter etc)
  • Ingredient Revival (clone research for ingredients = biology?) (eventual create life?)
  • Reverse Engineering (understand after few days study)
  • Shipwright (build/repair ships)
  • Faery Rings (can make own)
  • Not a stupid grunt (knowledge ME technology)
  • Weatherproofing (tech not affected by environment)
  • Skimmer tech (motorcycle flyer things)



  • Flair (ability to fight with bizarre weapons)
  • Improbable arsenal (use/create/maintain ridiculous weapons)
  • Hit It! (damage heartless even without keyblade?)
  • Try me next filth (underestimated by enemies, boost hand to hand vs undead)
  • Star Knight (proficiency with a weapon reaches absurd levels = ?)
  • Weight of Breath (manipulate weight x2, snapback effect, Demon Fang)
  • Two Hands (hollywood dual wield combat become easy)


  • Link Attack (ultimate combo attacks with team)
  • Flourishes (attention grabbing weapon action)
  • Switch (swap with teammate to confuse opponent)
  • Intimidation Fu (intimidate prowess+charisma)
  • Strike back + Counter (block the attack back)


  • Weirdly Specific Martial Art (Dance moves? From Ranma copied multiple?)
  • One Yang Finger (soft/internal/chi) (shoot beams, anatomy based art)
  • Kingdom Hearts Valor/Wisdom/Master/Final Forms
  • Knocking Training (target nerves and pressure points)
  • Combat training (brawling, cutlass)
  • FFT Paravir class skills + Spellblade stuff
  • Bladed Weapon Mastery (edge/cut/stab, max damage min effort)


  • Hidden Weapon Space (hide any number of weapons on body)
  • Far Shot (no shakes, increase accuracy and distance)
  • Barrage (make ghostly copies of ranged/thrown weapons)
  • Overshot (punch through 3 feet of cover at target)
  • Improbable Chain Wielding (increase proficiency)
  • Training (flint pistol, musket)
  • Card Trick (cards = throwing stars)


  • This is Final Form (gain raid boss form, mix and match alt form abilities)
  • Technomage (combine tech with magic)
  • Maniacal Magic (can combine spell effects, easiest for Final Fantasy?)
  • Innovator (adapt existing to items for new purpose)
  • Miracle of Sound (blending mundane skills together?)
  • Tech Overhaul (lab equipment into new tools)
  • Magitech training (magic source for machines)
  • Overskill (abuse system loopholes, make own skills?)
  • Arcane interference (interface lets non-maj use magical items, spells manipulate tech)


  • You Know My Methods (personally written can impart competent knowledge/skill)
  • I’ll make a man out of you (song routine to be greatest personal trainer ever)
  • MLG Pro (play video games to practice skills)
  • You do your master Proud (teach any learnable skill to student who learn fast)
  • Guidance (hero basics, guide hero’s character?)
  • Wax on, Wax off (unconventional teaching need potential, looks like chores)


  • Tutorial (single repeat learner, boost teaching skill of instructor)
  • Copycat Technique (copy/learn move/action but still need training)
  • Dedicated (study for hours without boredom)
  • Rare talent as fighter/mage (advance two subjects while studying one)
  • Your Summer vacation over (take ⅓ time research something)
  • Studious (study 24 hours without break with focus)
  • Accelerated Arcanum (learn magic twice as fast)


  • Humourous (naturally funny)
  • Straight man (calm/serious demeanor)
  • Always in heart (empathy, know mood/needs of those around)
  • Expert trader (always get fair prices)
  • I’m gonna pet you (good care animals, tame wilder ones)
    • Mother (protected by wild animals/random encounters)
  • Familiar Face (toggle nostalgia, some react with violence?)
  • Trustworthy Emperor (rule in peace so long as improving citizen lives)
  • Steady Hand (poker face)
  • Scowl of Sparta (can tell depth of anger even if face doesn’t reflect it)


  • I have a cat (know what to say to be left alone)
  • Fake it (consummate actor skills)
  • Exact words (master half truth/misdirection)
  • No experience/history needed (easily hired if have the skill)
  • Life of Bibbo (act like a side character avoid MC problems)
  • What are you doing (weird stuff brushed off by majority people)
  • Live Commentary (can speak while doing anything)
  • Proper (courteous/amiable until snap, pick up local custom, no embarrass at formal)
  • That Scary old guy (interact with younger without losing respect)
  • I don’t speak Crazy (avoid psycho episodes, understand intent of insane)
  • Let’s beyblade (people never question choice of weapon)


  • Send off with Smile (machiavellian charisma to persuade plans or certain type)
  • What you talking about (skilled at casual interrogation)
  • Persuasive (more convincing to those neutral/like)
  • Backroom Politics (cunning, cut deals, know if about backstabbed)
  • Large and Charge (easy command followers, up teamwork)
  • All from the wasp (bullshit source of powers will be believed)
  • Silver tongue (natural socializer)
  • Tongue of the Shepard (persuasion skills, rally speeches)


  • Nothing Special (humble without arrogance, no envy instead encourage)
  • Charming (friendly first impression)
  • Dive in the Heart (easier to make friends)
  • Heart to Heart (at vistas get to know companions better)
  • Gadara for Life (friendly enemies, temporary truce vs greater evil?)
  • Leave it to me (big sibling figure, people come for advice)


  • Metavore and Evercleansed (maintain figure, always clean)
  • Cute (new era of adorable?)
  • Land of Underestimated (underestimate so long as no effort to seem dangerous)
  • Unassuming (hide bloodthirst/kill potential because attitude or prop)
  • Like Fav Sub (people enjoy hearing voice? Charisma boost)
  • World of Badass (cool factor)



  • Efficiency (alchemy, use less materials, make extra weaker copy)
  • Master synthesist (boost synthesis abilities)
  • Master of the Forge (master art of improvement)
  • Gatherer (more quantity with chance of higher quality)
  • Creation Prodigy (up %success, easier find new recipes)
  • Natural Potioneer (easy brew and innovate/improve)
  • Combination Manufacturing (2 yrs Ciel synthesis experience)

Alchemy/Synthesis System

  • Atelier Arland (mix in cauldron) (can create Chims to help)
  • Ar Tonelico
  • Kingdom Hearts (can crystallize concepts for materials)
  • Harry Potter (potions)


  • Healing tile paint creation (used to draw heal sigils)
  • Star shard creation (astral plane, boost an aspect of training? Or a stat)
  • Mould life from the elements (homunculus Atelier)


  • Wondrous Blacksmith (pinnacle weapons/armor)
  • Orihalcon Forging (can use that metal, find enough for armor, sword and shield)
  • Crafting (cooking knives?)
  • Badgesmith (badges in game effects)


  • Attach element/Element resistance
  • Improved parameters (boost effect or stats)
  • Shift Weight/Size/Endurance
  • Range Manipulation (add/subtract a foot)
  • Attack/Defense absorber (from enemy)


  • Housemaking (efficient at housework = cook, clean etc)
  • Administration (know how to run a business)
  • Kindly Couple (patience, discipline, eyes back of head for a kid)
  • Repairman (basic wood and metal work)


  • Back Alley Chef (make anything delicious, no food poisoning)
  • Earth Mother Cooking (divine taste, temporary increase power/growth, heal fatigue)
  • Dragon Cuisine (delicious but takes a while and needs dragon parts)
  • Basic cooking skills (Toriko based) + Gourmet Chef
  • Specialized Cooking (need to pick one Desserts?)
  • Visualization (visual sensation from food)
  • Impactful taste (bring taste forward?)
  • Choice cuts (slice and dice meat with speed/accuracy)
  • Regional Specialty (Chinese) + skill in cakes?


  • Mia’s Bounty (bounty flourish, taste better, hardier plants)
  • Keep the Sun (understand gardening, grow any edible fruit/veggie, restore stamina)
  • Humble Mushroom farmer (grow paper mario items)


  • Sing a little song (no stumble on words when singing)
  • Master Guitar in minute (can play bass/guitar as well as if popular band)
  • Noble art (musician, violin?)
  • Beatles Round three (minutes to be a pro on any instrument, perfect pitch/sound)


  • Talent (visual arts)
  • In the Groove (pure creative/construction can play all roles)

Life Preserver

  • Self Sacrifice (act out heroic sacrifice and survive once per jump)
  • Cathedral (revive once per jump in warehouse)


  • Tema del Jumper/di Monda (personal theme, world theme, KH based)
  • JRPG style (no issues with weird hair colors/clothes)
  • Unrealistic Living Arrangements (deals on rent/food/utilities)
  • Epic Poem (soundtrack, can toggle)

Alternate Forms

*alt forms under cosmetic will very likely not be mentioned out of their jump

Alternate form/appearance (Story useable) Cosmetic Change
  • Pokemon
  • Raid Boss/Large Monstrous
  • Hybrid (Terra formar, Devil etc)
  • Magical Girl (for offense magic?)
  • Leviathan (Oceanid)
  • Keyblade Wielder
  • Kamen Rider?Fangire?
  • Half Ghost
  • Gourmet Cell?
  • Crafter (alchemy, synthesis)
  • Xianxia
  • Dragon (Spyro, Slayers)
  • Healer (Log Horizon)
  • Stellaris (ruler of race?)
  • Male Knight?
  • Male Form
  • SAO Avatar
  • Dreamland Citizen
  • Mixed Breed dog
  • High Entia
  • Neopet
  • Sly Cooper
  • Star Trek Vulcan
  • Paper Form