Housing Complex

*Combines Housing Complex and Housing System supplements

House Layout 
Basement: Arena, Library, Gym *Shooting range
Floor 1: Clothing store, Game store, General store, Medical Facility, God Kitchen *Enginerring Bay and Dining Hall
Floor 2: Master Bedroom
Floor 3: Armory, Laundry, Cine Room *Entertainment and Music Hall, cleaning closet
Floor 4: Pokemon Companion Bedrooms (Kurama, Lily, Sans, Violet, Aqua, Kyo and Luke)
Floor 5: Crafting/Creative Floor (Atelier, Alchemy lab, Research lab, Forge)

Housing Complex 

Electric: Self explanatory
Plumbing: Water and waste management
Heat/AC: Temperature control
Internet: Automatic connection to outside world internet if there is one
Deluxe Bedroom: Medium size bedroom. Comes with small closet, few pieces of Ikea furniture and queen bed
Deluxe Bathroom: Personal bathroom. Toilet, sink, shower, towel rack and mirror
Maintenance: Crew of robots to maintain area
Medical Bay: Quickly heal injured companion
Engineering Bay: Room to build, repair, tinker. Comes with all machines in mechanic
Dining Hall: Area to sit down and eat, always has enough seats
Shooting Range: High tech range to safely practice marksmanship
Entertainment Center: Large room for watch TV, movies or games, comfortable sofa and equipment
Music Hall: Stage for small shows, spare instruments and recording equipment
Phone: Communicate with the complex wherever
Movies: Large collection from home any format
Video Games: Large collection from home any format
Music: Large collection from home any format
Room with View: Rooms have windows that look out to world scenery
Theme: Set theme of place, companion can customize own room
Cleaning Closet: Replenising cleaning supplies
Garden: Plants need no work, soothing effect

Housing System

Rules Get 30 CP every 15 jumps for extra section
Max 40 floors above and 10 below, each floor has 6 spaces (basement has 8)
Get 1 week to prepare for next jump

House: 1 Floor with 11 bedrooms (1+8+2) 1 shower room and some misc rooms
Comp Phone: Smartphone for all companions, access map of house
No time to waste: Can go to next jump without waiting a week
Choice for you: If no import option, can use CP to buy for companion max 500 CP no discount
Cine Room: only show The Jumper Show (companions watch adventures)
Water/Electricity: Fully functional
Temperature Control: Regulate temperature for each floor
Food Supply: Monthly supply for 10 people
New Floor: New floors when needed and has elevator
Basement: 1 Basement floor

Master Room: Room takes up floor (personal room with bathroom)
Medical Facility: Used for rest, respawn, recover psychological (improved with medbay)
Armory: Stock weapons and armor like art gallery (re-equip skill?)
Clothing Store: Buy clothes for in house or jump, options change each month, any form from Jumps
Game Store: Games, comics and nerdy habits sold here, options change each month
Book Store: Sell any book more than one copy and not rare, options change monthly
General Store: Instant food, toiletries, cleaning products
Godly Kitchen: Can cook unusual ingredients and simple food never fail
Library Store: books, teach and research, robot, improve teaching perks
Gym: Improve physical condition, robot, shower, magic weights
Laundry Room: Place to clean clothes
Arena: Training spars (boost magic, psychic, weapon, physical)

Additions to Building

  • Atelier: attic room with supplies for wide variety of arts (combine art supplies with canvases + paints)
  • Crafting Area: For alchemy, synthesis, research etc. (accessible from Warehouse. See Crafting for more details)

Addition (Misc/Outside)

  • Shanghai: teahouse fusion Japan/Europe with light fare, small steady income and draws in interesting people
  • Theme Park: personally designed, source of income
  • Winery: place to brew alcohol (maybe sell?)
  • Farm: Has workers, gives decent income