Cosmic Warehouse

Cosmic Warehouse 

  • Electricity: Electric outlets and light switches
  • Plumbing: Running water and sewer pipes
  • Heat/AC: Thermostats and temperature control system
  • Force Wall: Force field to gateway to seal entrance
  • Shelving: Basic metal shelves. Numbered for sorting
  • Terminal Computer: system that tracks all items brought into warehouse
  • Robots: Automated sorting system. Store and retrieve automatically
  • Workshop: Full of tools and parts. Good for fixing all sorts of things
  • Med bay: Fully functional medical bay. Fix up anything that still has pulse
  • Portal: Replace key with a portal. Can be opened on any surface. 80 sq ft max
  • Food Supply: Constant food supply enough for 5 people


  • Velvet Room: Place for interacting with Personas (summon, fuse, sacrifice etc)
  • Confection Wonders: Free market with all ingredients for making pastries/sweets
  • Choice Cuts: Free butchers for any cut/variety of meat
  • Garden: Access to garden in Housing (ingredients for cooking/crafting)

Jumpchain Storage


  • Infinite Pie (pie tin always refills when empty)
  • Pepper (infinite supply?)
  • Drink Me (shrink to 2 inches)
  • Mushroom Me (grow or shrink depending on side bitten)
  • Very Nice Tea Set (delicious teas, unbreakable)
  • Infinite Fruit supply (fruit basket that restocks daily)
  • Seafood tank (seafood that refills hourly)
  • Sea salt Ice cream (unlimited icebox of the treat)
  • Alcohol (set of refilling bottles)
  • Zider (flask of cider, crab apple with honey)
  • Unlimited supply of apples


  • Extreme Liqueur (alcohol recipes, way to double potency of drinks)
  • Infinite Alchemy Volume (collection of recipes, can identify local reagents)
  • Grimoire of Grimoires (repository of all own magical knowledge)
  • Tome of Old Book (smoother rituals and information)
  • Animorph Series (books 1-54)
  • GATE series (books and anime)
  • Wave Physic Primer (H and D waves)
  • Farmer Almanac (advice for growing any plants)
  • Companion guide (teaches Green Thumb and Rancher to companions)
  • Trap Maker guide (various kinds of traps)
  • STAR training manual (firearm exercises, SWAT training)
  • Parenting for Dummies
  • Book of Maps
  • Worm serial on a tablet with Wild’s statements


  • Speed Gloves (increase potion and general crafting speed)
  • VR Helmet (project entire self into VR, subscription to games?)
  • Load out (starter MMORPG equipment)
  • Bunny suit (comfortable clothing?)
  • Xenoblade equipment (armor, weapon, ether catalyst)
  • Veteran gear (Dungeon siege 2, weapon + armor)
  • Tools of the Trade (box of ninja weapons)
  • Weapon cache for M.O.O (Terra Formar) combat
  • Cutlass, flint pistol, musket (One Piece)
  • Fortune Ring + Barette (male/female, immune to some FF status effects)
  • Aether cannon (blue crystal, three shots before reload)
  • Log Horizon equipment set (artifact level)
  • Mass Effect basic equipment + 10 top tier weapons
  • Headband (increases passion for cooking)
  • Hazardous material suit
  • Parahuman thematic costume


  • Purity Vase (turns water into medicine, takes time)
  • Battle Station (powerful computer system that auto-upgrades to stay relevant)
  • Nimbus 2000 (flying broom)
  • Skipping Rope (training tool for endurance/stamina)
  • Fishing Pole (unbreakable and lures fish)
  • Pull Rope (unbreakable, can extend to any length)
  • Ectolined Thermos (can hold one ghost)
  • Ghost Detector
  • Master/Weird Cooking Tools (Toriko) + Gourmet Case + Melk Knives
  • Tricorder (24th century measuring tool)
  • Replicator (24th century, anything except living, too complicated, has legs)
  • Recording set up (equipment for a youtube channel)
  • Cutting edge gaming computer
  • Lecture Desk (boosts training/teaching)
  • Binocucom (high tech binoculars from Sly Cooper)
  • Green Chains (2 jade snakes that can tether people)
  • Dimensional Breach controller (physical worlds?)

Usable Item

  • Collection of Magic Incense (Peaceful rest, Spicy, Coming Summer, Embrace Love, Spring Sleep, True Love, reappears after a week)
  • School Papers (admitted as a student or teacher once per jump)
  • Heavy Armory (RPG launchers, shotguns, rifles, ammo)
  • Ammo cache (replenish 1d8 weeks, enough for a revolution)
  • Gourmet Cells (enough infuse 3 people over 5 years, details to make more)
  • Font of Power (altar of light and darkness for Xianxia)
  • Bag of motes (1 each element/Nova, 3 are weaker version, replenish per week)
  • Charabom care kit
  • Calling Cards (thematic, can have writing)
  • Analgesic (bottle of pain pills)


  • HM Collection (all pokemon HMs)
  • Pet owl (can send post)
  • Rubber bone, tennis ball
  • Games (collection 8-bit and 16-bit)
  • Wardrobe (clothes make you look 3x better?)
  • Giita (top of the line guitar) + anywhere board (power bar thing)
  • Coin of Messenger (increases blood splatter)
  • Database soundtrack, Stormhawk music
  • Pen (ornate fountain pen, never runs out of ink)

Souvenir (little use outside home jump)

  • Pokedex, Pokegear, Red Hat
  • Kandrona Tracker, DNA samples (10 earth animals)
  • Wand (beech and unicorn)
  • Nice photo of the past (Digital devil)
  • Multiverse Best Mom mug
  • Blue Ixi plushie
  • Log Pose
  • Beyblade (water element, Aquarius)
  • Hero medal (avoid snatched by judges of Ivalice in battle)
  • Deck and Duel Disk


  • Flying Carpet (50 km/h, steering tassels)
  • Airship (5000 ton cargo, room for 20, 4 energy guns, 2 multi-drones)
  • Gummi Ship (resist space distortion, darkness effects, return to previous worlds, comes)
  • Shipyard (place to get new ship parts and customize)
  • Motorcycle (durable, no fuel, thematic appearance with alt form)
  • Castle Jadoran (dragon castle, summoned with fuelstle (siege weapon), fireballs etc)
  • AFW medium (Panzer IV) (tank cannon, mid range, close range vs AFW (shield arm) has a parts cache included)
  • Hoverboard (200 km/h 20 m in air)
  • Tactical Bridge (can attach, one person could run a battleship)
  • Jet Powered Vehicle (futuristic jeep/hover with storage)
  • Kodiak Shuttle (space rate dropship, planetary flight, limit FTL, flying brick)
  • Skimmer (motorcycle plane hybrid thing)