Jump Chain

What is Jump chain? (description from Reddit)

The Jumpchain series of CYOAs was begun by an Anon named Quicksilver from /tg/. It has grown enormously over time now with hundreds of separate cyoa’s all designed to link together.

Here’s the set up: You are contacted by an omnipotent entity. a dangerously bored omnipotent entity. It sends you across the multiverse you go on adventures to keep it entertained. Every world you arrive in you must survive for 10 years by whatever means you see fit. From there you can go home, stay in your current world or move on to a new one.

You can keep your new abilities, gear, powers, friends, etc. from one adventure to the next. If you die, however, you are sent home immediately. You keep what you have so far, but your multiversal adventuring days are over.

The Goal? well the original goal was to reach a sufficient power level to survive in the most dangerous of universes (like dragon ball z, Warhammer 40k, etc). At that point the entity would grant you the ‘Planeswalker spark’ to let you freely travel the universe at your leisure… but to some, the journey itself is it’s own reward.