After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 2

The poor, weak, dumbfounded young Mingyou shrank and shivered in the corner. A big black cat aggressively squatted in front of him, with two front paws resting on his shoulders, and lightly locked him in a fluffy embrace.

    Big cat wall smack! Super fierce!

    “Blacky, you can only eat ten of each type of nutrition cube a day. Anymore will be wasted.” Mingyou looked at the cat’s sharp teeth. Although very persuasive, he still adhered to the principle, “I have not found a substitute for the ingredients used to make the nutrition cube, we have to save them.”

    “See, your fur is dull and stringy, it is obviously malnourished. The red nutrition cube is currently the best source of nutrition on hand. It can’t be wasted. I’ll go to the underground ice store to see how to defrost the meat, so that you can eat it, okay?”

    Mingyou plucked up his courage and held the big black cat’s head while softly persuading him. A trace of confusion flashed in the big black cat’s eyes along with a little suspicion.

    Was he not big enough? Were his teeth and claws not sharp enough? The youth just curled into a ball and shivered, why did he suddenly become bolder?

    The boy actually nicknamed him! Still held his head? His teeth were almost touching the boy’s chest! Fortunately, he was a man. If he had just opened his mouth, wouldn’t it lead to a tragic accident?

    The big black cat pushed Mingyou away with disgust, and pointed his paw at the stairs. Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief, stood up, shook the cat’s hair off his body, and his own hair became even more messy. The big black cat felt an itch and wanted to help Mingyou lick his fur smooth.

    Pooh! After staying here for a year, from time to time, he was losing his mind and became more beastly. He was more and more seriously affected by his animal instincts. The big black cat pondered uncomfortably, stood up and walked towards the stairs.

    He walked a few steps, and saw Mingyou still standing there. He turned his head and said unhappy: “Mrowr!” What are you doing in a daze! Keep up!

    Although Mingyou could not understand the big cat’s call, the movements and expressions of the big black cat were very easy to understand. He trotted two steps forward, and followed the big black cat down the stairs.

    The small building only had three floors, plus the underground ice storage for a total of four floors. There was no elevator and the stairs were very wide. A big black cat and Mingyou walked side by side, not crowded at all.

    Mingyou quietly tilted his head and observed the black cat’s injured leg dragging behind. The “occupational disease” created in “Elves World” allowed Mingyou to see the spirit beast in a bad state and think about the treatment plan in his head as a conditioned reflex.

    The big black cat stopped, tilted his head and glared: “Growl!” What was he looking at! Nothing is wrong with my broken leg! No looking!

    “Blacky, later when you’ve eaten your fill, let me see if your legs are okay?” Mingyou asked in a low voice, “I’ll help you deal with it.” The big black cat turned back to his head and strode down the stairs while ignoring Mingyou.

    Deal with it my foot! If it could be cured, would this injury have dragged on for a whole year! He was lame now, what did it matter? He could still slap him to death! The big black cat’s front paws hit the ground with increased force, as if he was trying to collapse the stairs.

    Mingyou knew that the cat was angry when he looked at his perked ears. He quietly sighed in his heart. The big black cat must have been a super powerful beast before. The stronger the spirit beast, the higher the self-esteem. But no matter how strong one’s self-esteem was, they had to let their injuries heal. He must get the trust of the big black cat as soon as possible so that he can treat the spirit beast.

    Mingyou was walking down the stairs. When he went down the stairs, he stepped on the edge of the steps, and slipped with his foot.

    The big black cat had been observing this weak and harmless young man from the corner of his eye, who must have many hidden secrets. He was thinking about how real this harmless appearance was, and whether there was a secret plan to come here, when he saw Mingyou tripping and falling off the steps.

    The big black cat’s head hadn’t reacted yet his body had already twisted abruptly, leaping towards Mingyou.

    “Ah ah ah ah ouch!” “Wrowr woo!”

    Mingyou fell face down into a pile of black fur. “Thank you!” Mingyou hugged the big black cat in shock.

    The big black cat turned his head and yelled: “Aw!!” You’re like porcelain! Walk carefully!

    “I’m sorry, I was distracted.” Listening to the big black cat’s super fierce roar, Mingyou’s fear of the big black cat completely dissipated.

    “Blacky, you are so gentle.” Mingyou boldly reached out and touched the big black cat’s ears. The pointed ears were warm and slightly scratchy across Mingyou’s palms.

    Tender? The big black cat looked at Mingyou’s smiling eyes, and suddenly became annoyed. He didn’t think it was true. How could he be shy? He should be angry, this young man dared to touch his ears! If his brother did something similar, he would get slapped!

    “Ohhhhhhh!” The big black cat struggled. Get out of the way, the boy was not allowed to hold him, who allowed this.

    “Okay, no more hugs.” Mingyou, who was familiar with the habits of various tsundere characters, quickly let go of his arms and stood up straight, “The underground ice storage is here. Blacky, do you know how to use these machines?”

    Blacky’s IQ is so high. If he had been living in this animal sanatorium, Mingyou guessed he might have followed the previous breeder and learned how to operate the machine. The unknown blond boss had never responded to any emails. Instead of groping around, it would be better to put his hopes in Blacky.

    The elves of “Elves World” could also drive rockets. It’s just an underground ice store, so Blacky should be fine.

    The big black cat hesitated, nodded his head, and signalled at Mingyou to follow. Of course, the big black cat will operate these old machines, he had set all of the passwords of the underground ice storage.

    His cat paws were very flexible, and each pad can be moved separately, which was completely different from the hand structure of ordinary cats.

    Mingyou followed the big black cat, watching the cat operate the machine. At the same time he asked questions when he didn’t understand. A person, a cat, a question followed by a demonstration, Mingyou quickly understood how to operate the underground ice storage machines.

    The only problem right now was that each piece of meat in the ice store was too large and as heavy as a slate. There was no elevator here. With Mingyou’s current strength, it would be too hard to defrost the meat on the first floor.

    “Why is the defrosting machine on the first floor?” Mingyou put the meat in the back basket while wheezing and breathing for a long time, and then climbed one third of the stairs. “Why is there no elevator?” Mingyou complained. The big black cat raised his front paws and scratched his ears in annoyance.

    Why? Of course it was because the previous caretakers were soldiers with abilities. What kind of person was he, who can’t even move a piece of meat? Life is not easy, the large cat sighed.

    The big black cat huffed, walked in front of Mingyou, and motioned for Mingyou to put the basket on his back.

    “Blacky! You really are the most gentle and kindest spirit beast in the world!” Mingyou took the opportunity to hug the big black cat, and then quickly put the basket on the big black cat’s back without the opportunity to refuse.

    The gentlest and kindest in the world? The big black cat snorted again and walked forward with his head held up. With the big black cat as a porter, Mingyou’s work efficiency rapidly increased.

    It took half an hour for the meat to thaw. During this time, Mingyou began to tidy up the kitchen. Compared with the cluttered hall on the first floor, the kitchen was very tidy, as if no one had ever used it. The old cleaning robot squeaked and smoothly cleaned the floor. Mingyou only needed to clean the stove.

    Every room here was very large, and the kitchen area was estimated to be about the same size as a classroom from Mingyou’s school. The big black cat stalked into the kitchen and guarded the defrosting machine. He straightened his legs. Lying on his side, he did not occupy much space as a long cat.

    The only issue was that the sweeping robot squeaked around him, treating him as something dirty and trying to suck him into the vacuum cleaner. The big black cat stretched out his paws, pushed. The sweeping robot fell to the ground with a “bang” and went on strike.

    Mingyou, who had just wiped the stove, smiled and said, “Blacky, the sweeping robot is broken.” The big black cat continued to lie on his side with perked ears.

    He squinted at Mingyou with an innocent expression. What was he talking about? He didn’t understand, he was just a cat.

    “Puff, I’ll be fooling around.” Mingyou liked the big cat more and more. Blacky was really cute the more one looked at him! Every action and every expression revealed unparalleled charm!

    The big cat is now as thin as a bone, and the hair on his belly was almost gone. It was still so attractive. When he was healthy, how many cat brothers and sisters had he fascinated? How could the former caretakers bear to abuse such a cute, smart, and kind-hearted cat?

    Mingyou had already convicted this animal sanatorium that had revealed unreliable aspects  from beginning to end in his heart. Not to mention, the animal sanatorium was absolutely responsible for the big cat’s malnutrition!

    The ice store was full of meat piles! How in the world could the big cat be this thin and out of shape! His belly hair is bald! It could be seen how awkward the previous caretakers were!

    They were an insult to the care of animals! Mingyou’s distressed eyes fell on the pink belly of the big cat lying on his side. The big black cat was confused about Mingyou’s expression, and then looked down.

    “Wow!!!” The big black cat wailed, arched his back, and his tail fluffed up. He suddenly jumped half a meter high like a fish flopping on the shore.

    Where’s his fur? Where’s his belly fur? Where was the thick and soft hair on his belly? When did it disappear? Was it the last time he lost consciousness?

    The big black cat immediately flicked his tail forward to cover his belly and shrank the tail into a big ball of hair. His ears drooped and kept making a “woooooo” sound in his throat, making Mingyou’s heart tense.

    “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter. After supplementing your nutrition, the fur will grow out soon.” Mingyou ignored the big cat’s current favorability and hurriedly ran to hug the big cat and comfort him, “One month…no, half It can grow back in a

    few weeks, don’t worry.” Mingyou’s fingers combed the long hair behind the neck of the big black cat.

    The big cat’s face, back, and tail were all pure black. The color of the fur around the neck was dark gray, and was longer than the other hairs. It was like a collar, which made the cat’s face darker and rounder. .

    The neck fur was also softer than the fur on the back. When Mingyou’s fingers are caught in the collar, it was like touching a ball of cotton, which was extremely comfortable. The big cat also felt very comfortable.

    During this year, he came to the yard to replenish food when he was able to control himself. When he lost control, he ran all the way back to the mountains and forests to nest like a beast, never botherine to comb his hair. He almost forgot what it felt like to be served tenderly.

    More importantly… The big cat lazily raised his eyes after his mood was stabilized, and the light blue energy fluctuations around the young youth in front of him reflected in his slightly narrowed, golden vertical pupils.

    What kind of power was this? Healing? But the Healing System powerhouses of the All-Star Alliance had examined him, and there was no one or any technology to solve the problem of the Zerg race’s residual power and the excessive use of abilities. This special power could soothe his spirit, soothe his anxiety, and calm the restless Zerg energy in his body.

    When he first came here, he was awake for most of the month. Now, he could only stay awake for a few days during a month, and he only stayed awake for no more than an hour at a time.

    But now he estimated that almost an hour had passed, but he had no signs of his consciousness moving away, and he was in very good condition.

    Was it the kind of food called the “nutrition cube” or the light blue power fluctuation?

    This human being was not simple. Mingyou’s weakness and ignorance were too far removed from spy behaviour, so that the big black cat could not accurately determine whether he was an enemy or a friend. Whether all the goodwill shown now was poison wrapped in sugar – The ability of him and his comrades to suppress the Zerg has attracted the prying eyes of many careerists. Even though the sanatorium only recruited from the army, it had been infiltrated by spies many times.

    Of course, he believed in the degree of his brother’s control over this place after several inspections; the kindness that Mingyou exuded also attracts him to treat each other with kindness. But the battlefield taught him that he must be vigilant in everything.

    “Ding Dong!” The sound of the thawing machine’s completion interrupted Big Cat’s thoughts.

    The young man who had buried his face on his back got to the feet. The big cat pawed the piece of meat on the mat. He hadn’t eaten enough yet! That little nutrition cube is not enough to stuff my teeth!

    “Right away!” Mingyou put away his regret and began to work. First, he checked the taboos of big cats in the employee lightbrain. But he didn’t find any information on the big cat, only saw some feeding instructions.

    “Eat it raw?” Mingyou looked at the half-fat, half-slim piece of meat in front of him, and asked, “Blacky, do you want to eat it raw?” 
It was usually eaten raw…Blacky the large cat averted his head. Who wanted to eat chaff after having tasted the nutrition cube?

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11 thoughts on “After I Livestreamed Raising Cubs I became the Wealthiest in Interstellar Chapter 2

  1. The name blacky is a bit…….off no actually it’s highly off. I just can’t find a way to read it without Remembering how they racially call black people. Otherwise the story looks ok, I do wonder why they love making the animals black and then calling them very…weird names. If it’s a girl she must be white and fluffy as snow if it’s a boy it must be a big black strong male🙄 but like I guess the author wouldn’t mean it that way…I just wanna see them make a white as snow boy that isn’t a bottom and then call him “whitey”


    1. With regards to specifically why this author made the ML a black cat, it’s because he’s modeled after the author’s own pet cat. (She used to have a picture of this cat on her profile and often shared bits of her cat’s crazy behavior in her author’s notes.) Also, the literal translation of the chinese term is “Big Black”.

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    2. That’s interesting, because I think in most of the danmei novels I’ve read if either the MC or the ML has an animal form it’s usually white. I’ve definitely seen tons of bottom MCs who can turn into (or are constantly compared to 🙄) fluffy white cats and rabbits, but I can also think of a bunch of MLs with big strong white animal forms: white dog, white tiger, white lion, white tiger, 2 more white tigers. Personally I’d like to see more colors.

      As for the names I think part of it is that pet names in novels usually aren’t super creative. Seems like it’s pretty common to name animals based on the color of their fur in Chinese. 小(xiǎo,little) color, 大(dà,big) color, 阿(ā) color, color 儿(er). Kind of like naming a cat fluffy or a dog spot in English. Personally I would have kept the name in pinyin because “Blacky,” definitely has racial connotations that the original name most likely didn’t.

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  2. Eh? MC has healing powers?! Is it his own, or the system’s? If it is his own, this will be the second time that I will be reading interstellar genre with an MC who has a healing power.


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