IPMH Chapter 33

After Ji Jiaying finished the phone call, she felt upset as she dialed Pei Wen. “He is fine. We were worried for nothing.” Really, saying her potential partner is too old, but also saying that a younger person would love more, that kind of unreliable concept.

“No way.” Secretary Pei Wen did not believe. He guessed that the director did not feel like calling the boss and casually made up information. One should know Yu Feng’s temper, he could stew about the Tang family for three days.

“Oh you don’t believe me.” Ji Jiaying felt unbearable. “He was not only fine, he had the temerity to deride my partner being older. Tch.”

Secretary Pei Wen shouted loud enough for the whole floor to hear. “Director, you’re seeing someone?”

Suddenly he heard a clicking sound and angrily said. “Goodbye then.”

Ji Jiaying felt crazy with anger after getting pitted by the two men.

On the other hand, Yu Feng had drunk chrysanthemum tea to calm his anger and was not annoyed at the entity that stole his wine. Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief.

In truth, he had thought that the homeowner would refuse his actions, whether it was hiding wine, cooking or cleaning. He clasped his hands and thought about other things to do with himself. If the other side was annoyed or panicked, he would no longer interfere.

But the homeowner’s reaction was unexpected. Well, that was that.

Su Xing went into the kitchen to cook with the pearl rice he bought today. Five dollars a pound, too expensive, the rice shop lady conned him. He only bought ten pounds. This was only because he recently made some money, otherwise Su Xing would buy regular rice for three dollars a pound.

In order to improve the overall taste of the rice, Su Xing grabbed some corn kernels and added them together while cooking. Rice cooked with this method had the aroma of corn without spoiling the taste of the rice.

Su Xing looked at the ingredients in the fridge, grabbed the mushrooms and soaked them in hot water. Then he took out some fresh chicken. With sharp knife skills, he separated the skin, cut the meat into medium pieces. After he added salt while mixing in starch and wine. He put it to the sidel the only step left was adding some oil.

Today Su Xing was making chicken and mushroom stir-fry. The dish was delicate, fragrant and pleasured the taste buds. As a home-cooked dish, chicken with mushroom was also very filling.

This meal should be paired with relatively refreshing vegetable side dishes, such as the chosen fresh bamboo shoots, enoki mushroom, ham and shredded carrot to make cabbage spring rolls. It tasted rich, the dishes complemented each other and it was easy on the stomach.

Su Xing’s knife flashed as he cut and rolled a dozen cabbage spring rolls. He made some cuts and placed them on the cooking plate. After steaming and adding special sauce, the food gave off a refreshing and pleasant aroma.

Su Xing slipped the rolls and chicken into the lunch box along with a green mandarin orange after some thought. He left a message saying the orange is sweet and delicious.

At this moment, Yu Feng saw the mysterious note left at noon. He saw that the other party was not angry but frowned at the part that mentioned buying his favorite ingredients to cook with.

Yu Feng was not someone who could not buy his own food. On the other hand, he had enough money to feed a family for two lifetimes with leftovers. So he would not put food money in his heart.

Just that getting taken care of, for free and gifts were not accepted, made him feel uncomfortable. But he could not directly pay the mystery man now, because talking about money hurt feelings.

Originally, he should have been troubled with Tang family matters, instead he spent the evening thinking about how to get the mystery person’s address and contact number. There was a problem. He could neither command nor ask the question. It’s difficult to make friends.

“….” Yu Feng scratched his head and decided to take a bath first.

Twenty minutes later, Yu Feng was drying his hair while looking at the punctual lunchbox on his table. What a kind friend, he thought admiringly.

The chicken mushroom stirfry and cabbage rolls were very delicious. The other party obviously restrained their desire to make spicy dishes taking into consideration his stomach injury. It had been a long time since he had seen any red peppers!

He missed it, even though he was not good at eating spicy food. Today’s message only had one sentence but the amount of information was pitiful.

Yu Feng looked at the note but also looked at the plump green mandarin orange. He felt the fresh scent surround his body, refreshing his heart and mind. The man stuck out his finger to poke the piece of fruit, unwilling to eat it. He smelled the orange and set it back down.

Suddenly he felt that the orange smelled more enticing than tobacco. That night, he put the orange next to his keyboard. Whenever he felt the itch to smoke, he smelled the orange as an effective alternative.

Late at night, Su Xing saw a response from the homeowner asking whether they were friends now. Could he not be so sudden, his heart could not take it.

Su Xing was suddenly awash with happiness, the corners of his mouth rose into a smile. He immediately found some paper and pen to write that they were of course friends. Su Xing felt that was not sincere enough.

He wrote that he was happy to know the other, that he was a good person. If people say that he’s not good, they don’t know him well enough. So towards people who don’t know you and hurt you, keep a positive attitude.

Yu Feng received the note from the mysterious man in the middle of the night. He read the note countless times and seriously wondered how such an angel lived on earth.

“This is why I do not have hope for those idiots.” Because compared with the kind, angelic mysterious man, Yu Feng was unable to feel charitable towards those who followed him blindly.

Towards the mysterious person who could both cook and appease, Yu Feng felt like a stubborn wild stallion, reined in by the other party. He also did not feel uncomfortable getting advised, and it even soothed his fiery temper.

Whether it was chrysanthemum tea, dinner, oranges, or this treasured small note, all were deeply remembered in his heart. That was why he asked if they were friends.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to accept a stranger as a friend at this age and situation.

“Thank you. Since we are friends, please tell me your address and telephone number. Of course, I will not bother you.”

The next morning, Su Xing saw this message and his face scrunched up. After all, the other side was right. Since they were friends and he already had the homeowner’s address and number, then he should also reveal his contact information.

But Su Xing felt some reluctance. He did not know how to tell the homeowner that they had met in Beijing. If this continued on, it would certainly be considered malicious concealment and the consequences would be more serious.

Su Xing felt tangled since he wanted to make friends, but at the same time did not want to meet face-to-face. There were two concerning issues: first he had a secret to keep from other people. Second, their identities were very different so it was more comfortable to act as pen pals.

Su Xing is not young and had long understood the difference between real and ideal society. The two were as separate as the earth and sky.

Whether it was a relationship between people or something else, as long as reality showed its face, many things became less pure. The homeowner may be a good person, but his world must have its own share of complexities.

So Su Xing replied that their current relationship was very comfortable, don’t you think? After writing that, his heart fell to the ground, like the loss of an important friend. Because he felt that the homeowner would feel sad with such a rejection.

When Su Xing is let down by others, he might laugh it off, but if he failed someone else, it was something tragic he would remember for a long time.

In the morning, Su Xing wore long trousers and cotton gloves to clear up the long plants and blocked ditches in front of the house. After a visual inspection, he estimated the project would take two to three days to complete.

Fortunately, the rainy season had not arrived. Recent rain was light and short, not a threat to his yard.

Back in S-city, Yu Feng had breakfast and saw the mysterious man’s return note, once again a straightforward rejection. However the other party was an angel that comforted his body and mind. So this abominable note was treasured away into the tea box as usual.

Yu Feng, a man straight as steel, suddenly felt that the tea box did not match up the notes. So Yu Feng, who was rich and had no one to help him with money, called someone to order a golden nan wood box.

After that was done, he got things ready for work. He walked towards the door, then walked back to his bedroom to find a green orange with a leaf still attached on his bedside table. Yu Feng picked up the fruit, placed it in his pocket and went out the door in a good mood.

Now the general public was paying attention to Yu Feng’s popular game regardless of personal matters, and few knew that his parents had been murdered by the Tang family’s daughter. He was the only one who knew that his adopted mother had abused him from an early age.

Yu Feng arrived at the company with a cold expression, and immediately asked the public relations department, “Did you find out? Was it the Tang family’s idea, or someone else’s?”

Secretary Pei Wen admired his boss’s calmness, even at a time like this, also considering potential moves by business rivals.

“There is no definite answer, but the Tang family seemed to have come into contact with several suspicious people after the sentencing. Possibly in an effort to dispute the eldest daughter’s sentence, or maybe brewing something else.” The secretary answered.

That something else, of course was to deal with Yu Feng the unfeeling grandson.

“Our public relations group is now preparing for a counterattack, but we need some favorable information from you…” The more Pei Wen spoke, the quieter he got. “Cough, too bad you can’t make the case public, otherwise you could face slap in return.”

“Selling misery is not my style.” Yu Feng looked at his secretary while idly turning the orange in his pocket. “Besides, the people following this matter online are so-called righteous people who are idle and bored. Don’t they know that time is money?”

Secretary Pei Wen was stunned, so Yu Feng clarified. “In other words, our players are busy making gains and not idling on the internet as keyboard warriors.”

Therefore, whether the boss was lauded as good or bad on the internet, it would not directly affect business. In that case, what use was clarifying anything?

The secretary was silent then incredulous. Do you only think about things at that sort of angle?! There were a lot of important things to worry about in life besides money, okay?

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  1. Omfg did the author seriously just casually throw that info out between paragraphs? Like:
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  2. Just wanna say, hey Mr. Secretary, it’s not because of the money, Yu Feng just reached the point where he’s too tired to deal with those trash people, much more now that he found his beloved angel. 😊

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  3. Oh, I’ve noticed that there’s a small translation error on MC’s name, from what I’ve picked up from the raws, it’s “Su Xingchen (苏星辰) ” and not just Su Xing (苏星)。Since I’ve read a chapter where MC introduced himself as Su Xingchen (苏星辰) :), btw, you’re doing great on the translation!Keep up the good work !!加油 !!


    1. Oh, this is kind of late but I think it’s also Yu Fengxing (俞风行) instead of Yu Feng (俞风)。。。? I don’t know how to express these in English 。。。


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