Chapter 115 A Second Round

In the car back home, Zhang Yi was willing to compensate the couple a single meal roll, although the stuff he ate at their table was more than that, but it was the thought that counted! Zhang Yi giving them something was already pretty good.

Li Tie and the others were at home waiting for good news. The three bickered with each other as they climbed. After they had left, some people came to see the legendary wind user…but he was gone.

Luo Xun had also left early, so no one knew where they had gone since they were focused on the metal ability users. Zhang Yi’s early departure caused empty regret to flutter in lot of people’s chests.

Early the next morning, Yan Gexin got his confidant to check on Liu Xiangyu’s recent movements. In fact, there was no need to check, an inquiry would lead to learning about her famous hospital visit. A large pile of detailed inspection reports filled the table in front of Yan Gexin, who let out a plea for help.

He took a breath and stared at the pile with wide eyes. “These…are, the cases from when she visited the base hospital?!”

The confidant resisted the urge to smile and nodded. “There are copies of all the inspection reports since Ms. Liu came to base. As for her latest hand injury, we have not been able to get a copy.”

Yan Gexin forcefully waved a hand. “Just get me the reports from the last two months…The base is not willing to chop trees, but she is! How many sheets of paper have been wasted on these useless things every day?”

It was not clear how much paper Liu Xiangyu had wasted, though he was the one who wanted them, only to receive copies. Some of the wasted paper was on him as well.

The first few inspection reports only made him feel pain in his chest. The words ‘confirmed pregnancy’ were bold, like a loud slap to his face.

It was one thing to know your wife was having an affair, another to see the evidence that made him feel a big loss of face.

They had married each other due to similar interests, their parent’s marriage had been similar. Most of the families before the apocalypse were due to shared interests. No feelings other than the need for children. They reluctantly went to bed to create offspring. Afterwards, they did not interfere with each other.

But it was not like they had no feelings of love at all. The first time he and Liu Xiangyu had met under favorable conditions. Six months into the marriage, the pair’s feelings were strong. Neither party had a true lover before the marriage so they thought they could be together forever during the honeymoon period. Wouldn’t they be stronger than those ‘model couples’ whose face and heart were not the same?

Unfortunately once Liu Xiangyu became pregnant, her temper became worse. The mutual understanding, tolerance and effort to show their best was lost. After a few fights with tearing off each other’s masks, there were no sweet feelings left.

So they quickly returned to a ‘standard’ state. Maintained a basic relationship between husband and wife. The babysitter would care for the child while each was with their own lover. They would only travel together when they needed to maintain their so-called family image.

This had a cost however, they could live together with other, but must not make children or otherwise divorce. Unexpectedly, not even a year into the apocalypse, she had become pregnant.

Yan Gexin sneered at the report and spoke to the subordinate waiting at the door. “To the military district.”

Sometimes, even if one wanted to ‘decency’ the other side also had to cooperate. With Liu Xiangyu in her current state, it was clear that if Yan Gexin came the situation would devolve into a mess.

Although he had hardened his heart, but seeing her take out the evidence and shout so shrilly that everyone in the area could hear about the situation. There had been countless people who came to see the drama.

The man she was having an affair with usually did not dare to appear. Yan Gexin angrily let people throw her things out of the barracks and quickly headed to the military office to deal with the divorce agreement.

There was evidence of Yan Gexin wearing a green hat, the base knew the husband and wife’s names. There was no Liu family to protect her, Yan Gexin had some power so the divorce was formalized after an hour. Liu Xiangyu was the one who wasted the most time.

Although Yan Gexin wanted to quietly deal with the matter, he had no available people. The only person at his side was a handyman without an ability. Even if he wanted to block Liu Xiangyu’s mouth, he could not stop all the gossip.

Yan Fei was completely unaware of the matter. He had reported for work in the morning, they had gone to the outer fence to reinforce the structure.

Captain Guo had a gloomy atmosphere hovering over his head.

“What’s wrong with him?” Luo Xun knew he and Yan Fei had left at an non-ideal time.

He dared not ask the captain but pulled the deputy aside to secretly inquire.

The vice-captain quietly looked at Captain Guo before whispering, “Last night that miss…after you left, they stared at each other for a long time. She directly went to her father an actually said…while hugging his arm” The deputy’s expression twisted “We’ll only be parted when mountains have no peaks, when heaven and earth combine.”


“Um…what was her father’s…reaction?”

The vice-captain suppressed the urge to laugh, though his chest quivered. “Captain Zhu know of his daughter’s temper. Anyway the expression was not good, but he only pulled the girl back home. Though he did give a look at the team.”

Could Captain Guo have offended the higher ups? Demotion, fired, or simply turned into base cannon fodder?

Luo Xun’s face twisted while silently giving sympathetic glances to Captain Guo. This had happened because of Zhang Yi, could he let Captain Guo vent on the guilty party? After all, he had been in charge of the couple. For someone else to lead, the two would not know how to act and it would cause trouble.

Captain Guo did not need any advice as he pulled out a bag of tobacco from somewhere. He found a corner to smoke in after arriving at the wall. After he came back his spirit was better – these things were not healthy, but could loosen pressure.

Luo Xun pondered while touching his chin – should he look for some seeds to try and grow some to sell on the market?

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the people cleaned up and were ready to go home. A few of them glanced past the wall and saw a few scattered zombies slowly approaching. There were so many people gathered on the base, the smell must seem like a scrumptious meal to the zombies. Just like how the smell of braised pork would definitely attract people, hoping that someone was at home cooking a meal.

Since the zombie siege, the number of scattered zombies returned to previous levels. In addition, nothing particularly large or rare appeared.

Captain Guo greeted everyone but started to scold when two people were at the wall’s edge. “What are you looking at? Are you going or not?”

A soldier soothed his kicked bottom while pointing at the moat. “Captain, we just saw a fish in the river!”

“Fish? Where?” Captain Guo looked down. The moat was a short distance away from the fence, how could someone see a small fish from this distance?

He looked carefully for a while, even borrowed a telescope but did not see anything. He turned to the two soldiers, “Could it have been a falling stone instead of a fish? Remember what happened a few days ago? How could a big fish show up so soon?”

The two men hunched over, they had only seen a splash and thought there might have been a fish.

Who knew how many zombies were in the moat after the siege. In consideration of safety and to thoroughly clear the river of zombies, the base got a group of water ability users to move the water in order to remove the bodies. Although it was possible for fish to appear, how big would they be? Who could see that from such a distance?

Luo Xun and Yan Fei had already climbed into the truck while waiting for the rest of the people to come back. The car started after Captain Guo got inside and headed back to barracks. Suddenly Luo Xun’s mobile phone began to ring.

Luo Xun grabbed the phone and handed it to Yan Fei. “For you.”

The pair’s phones rarely received calls. They mostly relied on text messages for communication. The phone would only be used in an emergency.

Yan Fei raised an eyebrow at the unknown phone number. With little thought he hung up.

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    1. But I don’t think he does? Based on the dad’s POV from a couple chapters ago, he seems to think of Yan Fei with, at best, the same lukewarm care of a distant relative and, at worst, a pawn to further his own goals.

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